School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 11

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It was an outrageous and exuberant exclamation, all the better for the deliciously slutty sound of girlish glee that announced its delivery. Diamond Gazongas screaming in orgasm was a sound that had made the most experienced porn-shoot crew shoot a collective load in their trousers more than once. It was said that when shooting her films it actually became something of an occupational hazard. One company had gone as far as to hiring a crew made up entirely of ex-porn stars, to assure a staff capable of filming Diamond’s exploits with a greater control over their johnsons. Of course, it had simply descended into a massive twelve-on-one orgy famous for camerawork as erratic as that currently being captured by Sanddy, whose grip on the persona of plucky gonzo-journalist was increasingly coming unstuck as she watched the perverse display of the mega-cocked science teacher pounding the world-class pornstarlet through the floorboards.

‘Seriously, Diamond, I’m not sure you want that-‘ Sanddy began.

‘Again, Sanddy,’ Charles said reassuringly, ‘it’s perfectly possible for the human body to break through wood. Once my old fellow broke through one of the tables in our science lab from underneath the desk just as I was sitting there and Dr Sinclair was running through some photos she had taken from a conference she’d recently attended, and I felt no ill-effects at all!’

That didn’t necessarily set Sanddy’s mind to rest, but it did present her with a rather thrilling mental image. ‘Shame about the table, though, sir…’ She finally said.

With a final thrust, Charles finished Diamond off, the stroke with his jack-hammer cock sending her gorgeous, slender legs off into squiggly, ruptured jelly-like quivers as he held each by the ankles, her pussy pulsating and then exploding in a fierce spurt of forceful, high-pressure ejaculate that sprayed upwards like a fountain shooting up into the sky. Sanddy had enough presence of mind to focus in on the wild spraying juices that arced out of the young teen’s honeypot as it thrummed against the enormous dick that was impaling it. Diamond’s screams of enjoyment were really quite something.

Behind, the foursome fucking on the table were no longer syncopated in a blurred, whirring frenzy of thrusts, but the pace had slowed somewhat so that it resembled the winding down motion of an old steam train, Robert and Ian both sawing their giant dicks into the respective rectal passages of the Hart sisters with slow, sensual strokes as the monster-knockered blonde fitness sluts came down from their joint squirting orgasms. By now the bodies of the four were covered in a mixture of dappled sweat and gleaming, gelatinous female ejaculate, and all were breathing heavily. Laura and Candi flopped together when both men withdrew their enormous erections from the hugely stretched orifices, almost as if the many inches of mega-meat had been holding them up, and they collapsed like puppets with their strings cut.

Sanddy turned back around, having been satisfied that Diamond’s explosive and convulsive pussy squirting multiple orgasm has subsided somewhat, and also, despite Charles’s rather loose talk, that Diamond’s head hadn’t actually been smashed through the floor boards. It hadn’t, though her forehead was a little sandy. This meant that Sanddy was now training her camera back on the rather groggy Hart sisters, both of whom had been subjected to an awesome anal reaming by the pair of studs that were standing over them, their still-stiff dicks sticking out from their bodies at right angles, each intermittently projecting thick spurts of gluey precum over the succulent bodies of the stacked blonde whores. Each time one impacted against their flesh, the sisters laughed warmly and played with the sticky fluid where it landed. Finally Candi heaved herself off the desk and ended up on her haunches in front of it, with Ian stepping up swiftly to smack his dick loudly across the upper curves of her gloriously round and firm monster-sized tits, the long, glistening, vein-corrugated tube sticking out past her pair of protruding knockers and the bell-end sticking out stalk-like over the other side, drooling precum down to the floor.

‘You ready for another facial, whore?’ Ian asked the gorgeous blonde teenager, his heavy dick resting across her heaving, moisture-glistening titties.

That made Sanddy clap her hands excitedly. Even Diamond looked up from where she had sat upright, shaking sand out of her hair.

‘I’m ready for three if you studs can provide it,’ Candi replied greedily, looking up at Ian and drooling slobber over her lower lip onto the humongous, veiny, rock-hard shaft that sat on top of her knockers.

Instantly, a large blob of precum jetted into Candi’s face, making her squeal with surprise and delight, the stacked teen cocksmoker turning slowly as the treacly fluid dripped slowly from her nose and chin to face the culprit, Robert, who was groaning darkly and appearing to nurse his pulsating, seventeen inch man-hammer with his right Yalova Escort hand.

‘I think that means he’s up for it,’ speculated Ian.

Candi narrowed her eyes into a scalding expression of unadulterated horniness as she smouldered and pouted at Robert, before once again another bolt of glutinous precum was projected a good few feet across the room to end up smacking into her face, this hot horseload of viscous fluid catching her slightly higher up, plastering her from forehead to the bridge of her nose. It too slid down the blonde teenager’s devastatingly beautiful face, mixing with Robert’s precum, until it too began to rope in sloppy laces from her chin and jawline where the bubbling, oozing fluid settled on the upper surface of Ian’s bloated dick with the consistency of caramel melting over a biscuit.

‘I think that means Charles wants to go first,’ Ian surmised, looking that the science teacher as he lumbered over to where Candi was on her haunches, his prodigious, foot and a half long monster schlong leading the way in front of him.

Charles simply stood in front of Candi, placed his hands on his hips, angle his groin outwards, and presented his enormous cum cannon to the birthday girl, doing nothing more than flexing his pc muscle every couple of seconds so that the gleaming, veiny rod that projected from between his legs settled on the slutty blonde’s upturned face before being kicked upwards into the air about a foot in height, the slippery, soft, glistening head descending to smack against a different part of her face on its downwards stroke. A couple of dozen times, the monstrous member, flicking upwards again and again by the awesome power of Charles’s pelvic muscles, collected with Candi’s face with a soft slap as the rigid, vein-crowded tube got caught by gravity.

‘I knew you had a fucking monstercock the second I met you,’ Candi was saying, the adorable teen gazing up at the science teacher through the succession of soft splats of the humongous, brawny spunk-missile connecting again and again with her face, treacly ropes of precum stretched between the drooling hole and her cheeks, lips, forehead and chin. ‘I fucking knew it right away.’

Charles simply could not reply, and instead simply gritted his teeth, thick precum bubbling out of the cumslit of his baseball bat-sized horsecock and coursing downwards onto the whorish teen’s scaldingly sensuous face. As this was happening, Sanddy and Diamond appeared at Charles’s side.

‘You know what would really impress Candi sir-‘ began Sanddy.

‘A no-hands cumshot-‘ Diamond continued.

‘Which would leave your hands free –‘

‘To finger our pussies!’ Diamond finished.

Laughing at each other, both sluts leaned forwards to dive their tongue into each other’s mouths, each grabbing at one of Charles’s wrists and leading them towards their glistening, pink cunts. The pair of mega-jugged stacked teenage minxes began flaunting their lithe, naked forms lasciviously as they wound themselves either side of the beleaguered Charles, their gleaming, slender-muscled and sexily slinky frames sliding against his skin.

Ian, enjoying his colleague’s sudden inundation with hot, bronzed, teenage flesh, decided to withdraw momentarily, and used his own pc muscle to send a pulse through his throbbing, brawny fucktube that kicked it up off Candi’s bulging pair of rock-hard, spherical funbags, where it fenced briefly as it contacted with Charles’s own protruding, see-sawing dong, a thick rope of precum observable only for an instant as it stretched between the bulging schlongs as they pistoned through the air.

‘Think I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of these two whores, Charles,’ was Ian’s parting shot as he detached himself from the foursome, Charles in the middle in front of the kneeling Candi, with Sanddy and Diamond sandwiching him at either side, each of his hands now entrenched up to four fingers in their slippery, foaming, velvety and pink vaginas.

‘Capable cunts, more like,’ added Laura, who had appeared at Ian’s side.

‘Don’t take that fucking horsecock too far from me, Ian,’ pleaded Diamond with Ian as the teacher swung his cock around away from the pair, the boobed pornstar reaching out a hand longingly to caress the ginormous fucktube, catching it just underneath the glans and expertly working a bolt of precum out of the pulsating pillar of manmeat that ripped out of the head at alarming pace and squirted over Sanddy’s prodigious chest. Ian couldn’t resist leaning in and fondling both Diamond and Sanddy’s gleaming, rockhard boobs with a hand apiece, both teen sluts sighing as their teachers groped their stacked tits and fingered their hot pussies simultaneously.

‘Let’s withdraw to a safe distance,’ suggested Laura, grabbing Ian’s shaft and leading him away behind the moaning, squirming trio of bodies that were all in front of her slutty blonde sister on the floor, who was sticking her tits up and out and arching her back as teacher’s big dick hovered in the air Yalova Escort Bayan in front of her, pointing directly at her face, Sanddy and Diamond both occasionally drooling saliva onto the thick schlong, most of which dribbled off the brawny, muscular underside, some of which came to rest in bubbly accumulations on the surface, where Charles’s fat dorsal vein made it appear to throb up and down.

‘Three studs queuing up to drench my sister’s slutty face with cum, how filthy,’ Laura remarked, fisting Ian’s cock determinedly while watching the display.

‘I can’t get over what a hot slut she is,’ said Ian, ‘you nearly had me jizzing on her when she arrived.’

‘Mmmm, that would have been interesting…’

‘I didn’t tell you about the car…’ Ian said.

‘Don’t tell me you fucked her car, Ian. That I won’t believe!’

‘Well you did incite me somewhat,’ Ian protested.

‘Oh Ian, it’s a convertible!’

‘I couldn’t hold back!’

‘Well it’s a good job you did until the right second tonight.’

‘The car might benefit from a bit of a hose down.’

‘Let’s start with hosing Candi down, stud.’

Robert stood a few paces behind the foursome, where things were really hotting up watching the way that the steamy session was developing as the three sultry teenage ultra-whores, one of whom was his beloved girlfriend, used their raw sexual enthusiasm to drive the mega-hung science teacher completely wild. If what they were doing as a trio of smoulderingly gorgeous and maddeningly beautiful, stacked adolescent sluts with dreamy bodies was going to drive the experienced Charles Woodcock-Splatterwell to surrender his load involuntarily, he didn’t fancy his own chances of holding out much longer. As he reflected on this, he saw the hot porn chick Diamond sinuously lick her tongue up the side of Charles’s face and twist it into his ear.

Robert gritted his teeth, grimacing as the three sluts turned up the heat, Diamond and Sanddy winding salaciously against each side of the teacher’s naked body, their perfect bodies gleaming in the light. Sanddy still had the video camera even in her left hand, and the feed to the plasma screen was displaying the captivating image of the newly-turned-eighteen blonde slut on her haunches in front of Charles, sluttily waggling her tongue at him as her eyes were narrowed nastily, with the science teacher’s humongous, throbbing flesh piston dominating the foreground of the shot, veins popping out angrily in a mazy pattern on the sleek, glistening clublike length.

With the thought that it might be a good idea to hold out as long as possible when it came time to drench the gorgeous babe that he’d already forcefully had a hand — not to mention a clublike cock — in destroying her tight asshole earlier, Robert resolved not to touch his cock, even though his instinct was to grab hold of his almost painfully hard length with both hands and jack it concertedly at the lewd display unfolding in front of him. He wanted to last out a little bit, and show all the girls in the room what he was made of. He held his arms deliberately down by his sides, his fingers clenching as the gleaming bodies of the pair of sexpots writhed in front of him. Fighting back the urgent, impending throbbing of his turgid, vein-knotted length, its bulging and spasming made blatant by the regular ballooning and constricting of the muscle-corded schlong, the flesh of it gleaming in the lights above, Robert could only attempt to clamp down with his internal pc muscle, trying to bite back the surge in his groin. All this did was make the rock hard member jutting from his loins pivot up and down wildly, the heavy tubesteak almost catching him on his own torso at times and leaving a damp sticky patch just above his solar plexus.

‘Not blocking the view am I?’

The honeyed voice announced the appearance of Laura Hart, whose succulent figure slid into view. A pair of tits like bowling balls were suddenly just in front of Robert just as his monster length of meat was angling downwards, causing a satisfying thump as it smacked between them dead in the centre of the bombshell blonde’s cleavage, catching the naked slut in the hollow of her chest.

Miss Hart didn’t waste any time, as, smiling, she took Robert’s monstrous cum cannon and angled it downwards between his legs, spreading her stance slightly and then letting it go with a naughty ‘Oops…’ so that the whole thing sprang upwards wildly when she released the massive length and pistoned into her pussy, his glossy crown smacking between her moist lips with a whipcrack snap of blurred motion. The stacked, hardbodied blonde teacher gasped, pressed her right hand against her pubic mound where her arched fingers trapped her glistening clit and convulsed as a succession of sprays of girlcum jetted outwards in a gleaming jet that spattered into the damp sand between her feet.

‘Definitely not blocking the view at all Miss Hart,’ Robert managed as the horny blonde slut’s quick, intense climax dissipated, Escort Yalova the incredibly buxom fitness vixen now straddling Robert’s flesh piston.

Miss Hart licked her lips and smiled, ‘even with you own girlfriend going head-to-head with Diamond Gazongas behind me? There’s not many young men that can say that, now, is there?’ With this, Laura let Robert’s rigid cock slip out from between her legs, and the heavy organ sprang free.

‘Your girlfriend’s every bit the slut that Diamond is, Robert,’ said Ian, appearing to Robert’s right, ‘believe me.’

It was then that Ian manipulated the muscles in his groin to swing his giant dick towards Robert in a wide arc, which, on its downwards sweep, connected with the student’s bulbous, throbbing cock, Ian pressing the monster bell end that capped his own, prodigious, arm-thick megacock against the pre-cum glazed, gleaming tip of Robert’s own glossy purple dickend that sprouted from the end of his rod that spongy veins were crisscrossing over the surface, ripening its bloated tumescence. Robert watched Ian’s hefty cumtube swing through the air and then instantly felt the immense weight and warmth of the massive, heaving instrument upon his own muscular fuckrod as the glossy, purple-hued head smacked noisily and sloppily against his own bell-end, the gaping slit dilated, gooey precum spewing messily from the meaty head, and felt the twin contours of the underside of the bulging crown contacting first on the smooth hood of his cockend as it settled on his protruding dick, Robert finding that he had to clench his pc muscle to support the massive, brawny club of flesh that the teacher had lain on it and left it resting atop the end of his own stiff rod, dead wieight.

Ian grunted and flexed his dick, sending it kicking upwards momentarily. It caught about a foot of air as it pivoted upwards, all the while connected to the bloated end of Robert’s dick by a stretchy, elastic rope of precum, before gravity caught the heavy cumstaff and it dropped back downwards and collided with a splat against the tip of Robert’s dick again, once again the brawny length weighing the other one down, sending a very real and forcible downwards pressure on Robert’s lengthy shaft and his groin.

‘Too hot,’ said Miss Hart, placing her hands on her hips and tossing her head back as she admired the show before spitting a wad of slobber at the twin rods, which caught onto the shiny purple hood of Robert’s crown before sliding off lazily and roping downwards onto Ian’s equally curved bell end.

For a long moment the two mammoth lengths of gleaming, muscular, hulking, throbbing schlongs laid on top of each other, pulsing steadily as blood flooded through the tissues and veins of the immense meat rods, neither man moving as the awesome clublike shafts of veined flesh, almost at a right angle and resting tip to tip simply throbbed, Ian’s bigger, heavier fuckpiece weighing down on the monstrous schlong that was underneath, supporting it. Robert responded, grunting, groaning, and jacking his pc muscle as much as he could, and the internal pumping had the effect of heaving up his huge schlong slowly as well as the fat one laid on top of it at the same time. Robert’s action succeeded in levering up his own massive seventeen and a half inch fucktube, where it stuck out from his muscled groin at a right angle, up slowly to a gradually more acute angle, the fist-sized head tipping up and bringing the monstrous, glistening, veiny pole of manmeat that was resting on top of it up with it. Laura, standing in front of the pair of studs and raptly watching the display, caught Ian’s eye and winked at him before spitting another frothy wad of slobber over the pair of immense penises.

Robert simply grunted and continued to flex his pc muscle, beads of sweat sticking out on his forehead as he used his powerful, pulsing hunk of dickbrawn to lift up the bigger, heavier, eighteen-inch column of brawny meat that had been slapped onto the end of his own dick by the teacher.

Ian himself grunted darkly and started to employ his own internal muscles to send his own dick into applying a downwards counter-pressure to the one that was lifting it up, sending a corresponding tensile pressure that saw the pair of nestling prongs begin to vibrate against each other with obvious force.

‘Fucking studs,’ moaned Miss Hart at the display, as Ian and Robert each reached out an arm to grab one of her gigantic tits, each man caressing the round, curvaceous mounds of rock, hard, gleaming flesh, their gleaming cocks locked against each other, ‘so much fucking meat.’

Miss Hart pouted, lips parted as she saw Ian’s monstercock slide slowly down Robert’s ascending length, the throbbing corpus spongisium on the underside of the huge barrel of meat that she knew so well gliding over the gleaming pillar of the student’s oversized member towards Robert’s groin and cutting a definitive line through the slathered layer of glutinous precum that covered it, until it slipped off as it journeyed downwards towards the brawny root and hung in the air, attached to Robert’s cock by thick and gelatinous ropes of gluey, bubbly precum. Both massive dongs bobbed in the air, thick sluices of silvery precum spouting from their tips.

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