Schoolgirl Lust Ch. 01

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It was early July. The summer had played ball so far, with a couple of really hot weeks. Max had been working really hard on his gardening business and had been starting at dawn most mornings. He had developed a good all over tan as a result and with his job and regular gym visits, was in pretty fine shape. Although he did have one longer job, with some paving to lay, most of his work was hedge trimming and general garden work. He had built up a regular set of clients and things were looking good. After a particularly hard weekend, which had included hacking away at a jungle-like plot, Max decided it would be good to take a couple of days off and go to the coast. It was only 60 miles and it would hopefully be nice and fresh by the sea and he could just chill out for a while.

Having made the decision, he threw a few things into a small suitcase and set off in the late morning. Being a Monday, he left it till the rush hour had died down. The roads were actually pretty quiet and he was soon on the country roads that led to the English East coast. The countryside was flat and unspectacular, but interesting. The land was a patchwork of blue flax, brown wheat and yellow mustard. A few cows were munching grass here and there. The weather was holding out and Max had a good feeling about his break. He would probably do a few walks along the coast and try out some quaint country pubs. Nothing major, just simple relaxing pleasures. He hadn’t booked anywhere, partly with it being a last minute thing, but also because he had figured with the school holidays two weeks away, it wouldn’t be too busy.

He parked up on the end of the esplanade and walked down a side street, where there were a number of small cosy-looking hotels. There was one in particular, Ivy House, which grabbed his attention. He walked up the red, stone steps and rang the bell. A woman in her forties answered and Max asked if she had a single room. Finding that she had, he walked back to fetch his car and parked in the small residents’ car park behind the hotel. The lady showed him up to his room. It was light and airy, with a three quarter bed, TV and a kettle with some coffee and biscuits. The light lemon walls and the Renoir print gave the room a tasteful feel and Max knew he would be happy there for a couple of nights. He bounced on the bed. It was a good mattress – and it had a valance. He thought that was a sign of a good hotel. He didn’t know why, but he did.

Just as he was thinking what to do next, he heard female voices outside. He looked down from his first floor window just as two schoolgirls were walking through the gate. He found himself staring at them as they paused on the path. They had red blazers and short, pleated grey skirts. Both girls were wearing long, white socks and had loosened their school ties. They must have had a sixth sense or something and looked up at Max’s window. He backed away quickly, but they had just caught him. Suddenly he felt a bit pervy, which wasn’t like him, but he was sure they were sixth formers, from their appearance, so it was sort OK. Max was single, having split up from a short relationship two months previously. It was an amicable parting, since the girl he was seeing had moved a couple of czech super models porno/ hundred miles away to take a good job with her company. Max wasn’t interested in long distance relationships, so that was that. His current situation therefore, did make him prone to a spot of lechery here and there and the two girls had just caught his eye. It was still only mid afternoon, so he opted to go for a walk and explore the area. He had only been going for a minute, when more girls, similarly clad to the two he had seen enter the hotel were making their way down the road. They were variously listening to iPods, or chatting to each other, or sharing phone images. All giggling and bubbling in their youthful way. He couldn’t help but look. They all had that sort of innocent look about them, but their uniforms, particularly the short pleated skirts gave them an air of unexplored sexuality. There were no guys among them, so presumably they were from the local Girls’ High School. Max felt a little uncomfortable all of a sudden. He didn’t feel it was right to be ogling school girls, even if they were eighteen. He took a turning off the road towards a small golf course.

There was a warm summer breeze blowing off the sea. Seagulls hung on the wind, or flapped languidly around the cliffs. After a mile or so, there was a little bench by a patch of gorse, where a bird he didn’t recognise was singing a scratchy song. He sat down and watched it, as it caught a dragonfly and then zipped off to feed its young. It was a lovely spot. He could see the Norfolk coast in the distance, shimmering through the haze. To his left was a windswept group of pine trees, as if huddled together for protection from the elements. It was warm and sunny now, but he imagined it could be bleak in November. Max continued his walk, until the path looped round on to the back of the estate where the town, met the countryside. He walked back through quite a posh district, where there were some rather lavish properties, with expensive cars on nearly every drive. Eventually he was back at his road. A small café had opened at the end and while he wasn’t overly hungry, the smell of freshly cooked fries, was too much too ignore. He went in and bought a cone full and sat on the wall outside to eat them. The town hall clock struck five o’clock as he wandered back into the hotel. He went into his room and took a shower. The fries, with the salt had made him thirsty, but on trying to make a coffee, he found that his kettle wasn’t working. He went down stairs and attempted to summon the assistance of the proprietress, whom he had seen earlier. He rang the bell, but there was no one there. He rang it again for longer and to his surprise, one of the girls he had seen earlier appeared. Her long, blonde hair was slightly damp and tussled from a recent shower. She smiled and asked him if she could help.

‘Ah, it’s my kettle, it doesn’t work. I thought maybe the woman could swap it or…’

‘Oh my Mum, no she’s out for the evening. Sorry, I can maybe see if there’s one in another room. Do you want to go back and I’ll bring it. What number are you in?’

‘Room five. Thanks.’

As he turned to leave, another czech tax porno girl appeared. She had mousy hair, and Max realised she was the other girl from before. Both girls now looked more typically their eighteen years and their uniforms had been exchanged for tight leggings and short cropped T shirts. If anything, this was worse. Max turned to the mousy one and couldn’t help but lower his gaze to the bulge of her pubic mound, so evident through her leggings.

‘What’s happening Laura?’ She asked of her friend.

‘It’s this man, his kettle’s bust.’

‘Hi!’ Said the other girl, somewhat coyly Max thought.

‘Hi.’ He said, now lingering his gaze on her pointed tits, which were fighting to burst through her T shirt. He turned away and felt himself blush as a dirty smirk spread across the girl’s face. He went back to his room, his heart beating a little too quickly after seeing the two sixth formers. His mind was doing somersaults with all the lecherous thoughts that were bouncing around. He sat on his bed as there was a knock on the door and the blonde girl stood their with a new kettle. She held it up by the handle, with the cable dangling and coiling slightly, as if she was presenting a prize on a TV show. He smiled and automatically looked down at her lovely mound, which like her friend’s, was teasingly pressed against her skin tight leggings.

‘Oh thanks, that’s great.’

‘That’s OK. Is there anything else we can do for you?’ The girl had a twinkle in her eyes.

‘Erm anything as in…?’ Asked Max, suddenly unable to think clearly, his heart beat quickening a pace.

‘Anything as in whatever!’

‘What had you in mind?’ Inquired Max further, not daring to believe that they might be flirting with him. He couldn’t understand why they had not just left the kettle and gone. He thought that if he let them go now, they would think he was half a man and go, so he pressed his advantage.

‘Maybe, you should come in and check it’s working?’

‘Mmmmmm, OK good thinking.’ The blonde girl turned to her friend and smiled.

‘You coming Becky, let’s make sure it’s in working order eh?’

The mousy one smiled and followed her in the room.

‘I’m Laura by the way and this is my cousin Becky. She lives on the other side of town, but is staying here tonight.’

‘I’m Max.’

Max watched as Laura plugged in the kettle. The point was low on the wall and he had to take a deep breath as she bent down, her peachy ass aiming at him. She stood up and flicked the switch.

‘There you are – working fine.’

Max didn’t want the girls to go now they were there, but felt he needed to make an excuse for them to stay.

‘Ah great…erm, would you like a coffee?’

‘OK thanks’ Said Laura.

‘Me too.’ Said Becky, who was now leaning back on his bed.

‘You ever had a hot coffee blow job?’ Said Becky.

Max couldn’t believe what he had just been asked. Laura looked at him quizzically, expectant of his response.

‘Actually no.’

‘Do you want one?’ Asked Laura.

Max was stunned. His penis already on red alert was quickly uncurling in his pants and before he knew what was happening, Becky defloration porno was unfastening his belt.

‘You don’t mess about do you?’ He observed.

‘No point. We know what we want. You’re not the first man we’ve had here, but you’re the fittest. Eh look at his six pack Laura.’ Becky pulled up his shirt to reveal his tanned, toned abs.

‘Hmmmm, not bad at all. Here you go Becks.’

Laura handed her cousin the coffee and then eased down Max’s boxer shorts. His cock was almost fully up by now and it was an amazing feeling to have it exposed in front of two horny sixth formers.

Becky took a couple of gulps of the coffee as Laura pushed him towards her. Suddenly Max felt Becky’s mouth, steaming from the coffee engulf his dick.

He winced and screwed his eyes up as the intense pleasure of her hot tongue and lips worked their way over his erection.

‘Oh fucking hell! Awww, that’s amazing!’

‘Good yeah!’ Said Laura.

Becky paused and had another drink and then continued to fellate him, at the same time wanking him softly.

Now Laura sat next to Becky and took a few sips of her coffee.

‘Hand him over then.’

Becky took his cock and guided it into Laura’s mouth. Max’s cock was getting close to bursting point as Laura sucked on the end, which had grown incredibly bulbous. Becky stood up and rolled her leggings down. Her round, pert ass was barely covered in a pair of white panties. These she also removed and knelt on the bed away from him.

‘Do you want to fuck Becky while she licks me out?’

‘Oh wow! You into each other like that?’ Asked Max.

‘Hmmm, we’re best friends. We’re kissing and stuff all the time.’

Before Max had time to answer Laura had peeled off her leggings and panties, revealing a beautiful pair of rosy lips and tightly cropped blonde pubic hair. She lay on the bed in front of Becky with her legs open. Max aimed his cock into Becky’s pussy as she began to kiss Laura’s vagina. Max groaned as he felt the tightness of her vulva around his dick. He began to pump his meat into her as Laura moaned and whimpered from the pleasure she was receiving from her cousin. The combination of her sexy noises, the sight of the two girls and the glorious feelings in his dick, meant he was inevitably building to a tremendous climax. He built up his rhythm and speed, as Becky got wetter and wetter. Laura was herself getting ever closer to orgasm as Max squeezed Becky’s butt cheeks together. Both girls were now cooing and whimpering as they each reached the peak of their pleasure. As he gave Becky a few final thrusts, he felt a sear of ecstasy through his groin and pulled out just in time for a load of semen to shoot out and splash across her ass. He pulled on himself as two more loads pumped out, making a pattern of little white beads spread out along her pink ass cheeks.

Max collapsed to his knees and the girls huddled together, Laura massaging his cum into Becky’s ass.

‘Hey, you’re quite the stud aren’t you!’ Said Laura with a big dirty grin on her face.

‘How long you here for?’ Asked Becky.

‘Two nights was what I’d planned.’

‘Ooh is that all?’

‘Yes, I have to get back to my gardens, you see. This is just a quick break.’

‘Oh OK. Well we can come back later if you like, when everyone has gone to bed. Mum’s normally away by ten.’ Added Laura.

‘We will be in our pyjamas, if that’s OK with you?’ She continued.

‘Fuck me.’ Was all Max could say. The girls giggled and began to dress.

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