Secret Crush Pt. 02: Lorena

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(Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are 18 years old or older. If you are looking for the most realistic erotica, this might not be for you, but Kaitlyn and I had fun writing it.)

“Oh fuck, Savannah!” Nick moaned as he rapidly stroked his cock to the memory of the hottest girl in school masturbating with him. Only now he wasn’t standing in his high school restroom wanking it, but lying on his bed in his bedroom with his huge dick pointing at the ceiling.

Nick couldn’t believe how quickly his life was changing ever since the release of his app, SecretCrush. It had made him the world’s youngest self-made multi-millionaire seemingly overnight. But SecretCrush had done so much more. The app allows you to confess your feelings to your crush anonymously, which Nick had done. His crush also happened to be the most popular girl in school, and it seemed from their virtual rendezvous that she reciprocated those feelings.

Only, after he and Savannah had finished cumming all over their respective bathroom stalls, Nick got scared. He hadn’t spoken to Savannah since. How could a skinny nerd like him end up with a girl like her? Not only that, but he was a virgin. Nick had no idea how to please a girl like Savannah.

Nick’s dick flexed in his grip as he recalled the image of Savannah Groves’ legs spread wide, tits out, and fingers plunged deep into her swollen pussy. He remembered the things they said to each other, how dirty she talked, which only made him stroke faster.


Nick looked up at the sound of the exclamation, releasing his dick from his grasp in surprise. It was his step-mother, Lorena, standing at the door with a basket of laundry.

Lorena was a petite Mexican woman who met Nick’s father shortly before he and Nick’s biological mother split up. You see, divorces tend to happen when your wife walks in on you balls deep in the help’s pussy. Nick was only a toddler when it happened. And 9 months later, his half-sister Liliana was born.

Sure, Nick would be the first to admit that at times he was a little bitter toward the woman that had come between his parents, but he realized quickly that his father was equally to blame and got over it.

Besides, Lorena was hot. Like, smoking hot.

Now in her mid-thirties, Lorena could probably pass as Nick’s older sister rather than his step-mom. She was barely over five feet tall, just over 100 pounds with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. Nick’s father had paid the best plastic surgeon around to give Lorena some new boobs after she had been begging for so long. Personally, Nick thought it was a shame, because Lorena’s body looked gorgeous before the silicone. But he couldn’t deny that the new curves added a certain desirability to an already almost irresistible woman.

In addition to her breasts, Lorena had a true Latin ass that Nick could only assume was what made his father stray in the first place. She was standing in the doorway in a short t-shirt and a tight pair of jean shorts that clung to her like a glove.

Growing up, Nick had often fantasized about Lorena. Just the week prior, Nick had snuck into the master bedroom when no one was home and went through Lorena’s skimpy and sexy underwear, which consisted primarily of little thongs and g-strings. Nick believed he had nutted in almost every pair of panties that his step-mother owned.

The thing is that Lorena knew. On more than one occasion, Lorena had noticed a cum stain on her panties, stains she knew did not come from her husband, as he almost always came inside of her during sex. Nick’s father had a vasectomy shortly after Lorena first got pregnant with Liliana, a decision she wishes he had consulted her about as she had always wanted a large family. at least it meant that she did not have to worry about birth control anymore.

Though she deduced that it was her step-son ruining her panties with spunk, Lorena did not say or do anything to put a stop to it for several reasons. First, she thought it would make things awkward or get Nick in trouble, which she didn’t want. Second, and though she would never admit it, Lorena secretly loved the attention. Nick’s father had been neglecting Lorena sexually for some time now, and the periodic stains on her panties made her feel sexy and desired.

That evening, Lorena was gathering laundry to run a cycle when she opened her step-son’s door without thinking. There on his bed was Nick, naked, and masturbating with his eyes squeezed shut.

Lorena simply wasn’t prepared to see the largest dick she had ever laid eyes upon. The shape of her step-son’s cock was like his father’s–straight and circumcised with a large bulbous head. But that was where the similarities ended. Nick’s penis was both larger and thicker than his father’s, and though she shouted in surprise at the first sight of it, she was instantly turned on.

“Lorena!” rus escort Nick exclaimed in response, trying but failing to cover his engorged cock with his hands.

Lorena was frozen at first, but quickly recovered.

“Nicholas!” She said in her accented English. “Th-this had got to stop. Where have you hidden my panties now?” She asked moving closer to her naked step-son with her hand outstretched expecting him to produce a piece of her lingerie on demand.

But nothing came.

Nick was, of course, mortified that Lorena apparently knew of his escapades in her panty drawer, but he felt he needed to explain.

“Lorena, I’m sorry! Something happened with a girl at school and I–and I…” Nick lost his train of thought when he finally saw the outfit his sexy Latina step-mother was wearing, how it clung to every accentuated curve of her delicious body, like saran wrap.

Lorena noticed his glassed over eyes as Nick stared at her body, and she felt butterflies briefly dancing in her stomach before attempting to gain his attention once more.

“You see, Nickolas! This is what I mean. You have got to stop looking at me like that!”

Nick snapped back to reality.

“Im so sorry, Lorena! I promise, I don’t have your underwear, er, anymore anyway,” Nick admitted. “There is just a lot going on right now. With my app, a-and with this girl a-and…”

But now Lorena had stopped listening. Nick’s cock hadn’t even shrunk a millimeter since she entered, and it was absolutely hypnotizing.

“Uhhh, Lorena?” Nick’s voice brought her back to reality, forcing Lorena to tear her gaze away from her step-son’s prick.

Recovering, she spoke, “ahem. Nicholas, it’s ok. Really it is. I get that sometimes you just have to scratch that itch.”

“Oh, uhh, yeah. Next time I’ll make sure to lock my door.” Nick said.

“Uhm, Nicholas, were you thinking about that girl when you were, er, masturbating?” She asked.

Nick nodded.

“I’m guessing that means you fu–” Lorena stopped herself before she spoke too crudely. “I’m guessing that means you’re not a virgin anymore?”

“Well…no actually,” Nick replied with hesitation. “I am still a–a virgin.”

“Oh and you’re nervous?” Lorena asked eyeing his gargantuan meat as she sat down next to him. Nick had completely abandoned trying to hide his throbbing cock by now.

Nick nodded again.

Lorena bit her lip. She could feel how wet she was getting. Then she had an idea. “So you admitted to stealing my panties, Nicholas. Does that mean that you masturbate thinking about…me sometimes?”

Nick nodded again.

For a few moments neither one of them spoke, as they stared into each other’s eyes. Then Lorena slowly reached over with her hand, wrapped her tiny fingers around as much of her step-son’s hard rod as she could, and began slowly stroking it. “Is that good, Nicholas?” she asked.

Nick’s mouth hung open in shock, moaning, but unwilling to say anything out of fear that Lorena would stop jacking him off.

Lorena couldn’t remember the last time she had her husband’s cock in her hands. Had it been weeks? Months? She didn’t even know. But she did know that she was enjoying the feeling of her step-son’s cock in her hands and how enthusiastically he was responding to her touch. She reached over with her other hand and lightly grazed Nick’s balls with her fingernails while her other hand continued to slowly masturbate him.

Emboldened by Lorena’s advances, Nick reached over and pulled his step-mom’s shirt up, exposing her large 34DD fake breasts. Lorena didn’t resist and soon her shirt was on the floor next to Nick’s bed.

“Do you like my breasts, Nicholas?” She asked as her step-son stared.

Nick nodded again, slowly leaning forward to take Lorena’s left breast into his mouth. He had always wanted to do this, and was instantly rewarded with a sultry long moan from his Latina step-mother before moving to the other breast.

Lorena couldn’t take it anymore. She pushed Nick backwards onto the bed. “I know you’re a virgin Nicholas, but have you ever had your cock sucked?”

Nick shook his head. “No.” He said under his breath.

“Well then, why don’t I show you what it’s like so you can tell all the women who come after me just how you like it. And I give very good blowjobs, I’m told.”

Nick could see why. In an instant, Lorena was lowering her head onto her step-son’s giant third leg, swallowing about a third of it until her lips were stretch as far as they could go. “Holy fuck, Lorena!” Nick moaned, watching a sizable portion of his cock repeatedly disappear into her mouth.

“Call me mom when I’m sucking your cock, Nicholas, I think I deserve that much.” Lorena said when she came up for air. She had been trying for the better part of a decade to get her step-son to call her “mom.” After escort rus all, she had practically raised him. Nick mumbled “Yes, mom” as his mother happily returned her attention to throating his cock even deeper, gagging and, bobbing up and down, while her free hand massaged Nick’s balls.

“FUCK!” She pulled her head off gasping after feeling Nick’s penis enter her throat. “You’re dick is so fucking big!”

Nick’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as Lorena swallowed his cock once more. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced and he did not know how much longer he could hold out, feeling his balls begin to churn.

“Oh God, Lor– I mean, Mom. I think you’re gonna make me cum!”

Lorena quickly pulled her mouth off her 18 year old step-son’s cock with a smile, and Nick felt the imminent need to cum dissipate.

“Mommy is not done teaching you yet, mijo,” Lorena smiled mischievously, standing up and turning around, then slowly shimmying her tight shorts off her big bubble butt to reveal she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Nick was in complete awe of his step-mom’s big Latina ass.

Lorena smirked as she took Nick’s place on the bed and spread her legs to reveal her pussy–a prominent mound with a neatly trimmed bush perched just above her clit.

“Have you ever tasted a woman, Nicholas?” Lorena asked as she motioned for her step-son to crawl between her legs. Nick shook his head as his face inched closer to her vulva.

“Then let mommy be your first, baby,” she said, running her fingers through the hair on the back of Nick’s head. “This,” she said, pointing to the little button at the top of her vagina, “is the clitoris. You’re going to become well acquainted with it, but first, I want you to kiss me.”

Nick felt a bit of force against the back of his head as Lorena pulled his face to hers. Their lips met gently at first, then with more strength, until Lorena broke their connection.

“Good,” she groaned out of breath. “It’s important that you kiss these lips,” she said pointing at her mouth, “before you kiss these ones,” now pointing between her legs.

Her directions continued. “Now slowly kiss my skin down my neck to my breasts…ooohh yesss, that’s good. Now gently circle my nipple with your tongue before sucking on them a bit…good now the other one…Oooh fuck yes….good, good…now keep kissing down to my hips…mmm, that’s perfect, dear. Keep going! Mommy is soooooooooo wet!”

Just as Nick reached his step-mother’s sex, she gave him other instructions.

“Now slowly kiss my inner thighs, Nicholas, one after the other…oh yes, your girlfriend will love that….ooohhh.”

Nick had taken to sucking on her inner thighs, leaving little red hickies as he moved closer to Lorena’s cunt.

“Now kiss this part,” she said pointing to the mons just above her clitoris, “mmmm. Very good, Nicholas. I think you’re ready to use eat my pussy.”

Nick looked up intently and waited for instructions.

“Stick your tongue out, and make it wide and flat, like this,” she demonstrated. “Sì, good, now start down here,” she said pointing to the bottom of her vulva, “and slowly move up until your tongue passes over my clit.”

Nick did as he was told, starting just above Lorena’s asshole, and moved his head upwards, intently keeping his tongue nice and flat.

“Asi, yesss, just like that, Nicholas, siiiiii,” Lorena groaned as her step-son’s tongue gently passed over her clit. She watched in lust as he began repeating the movements.

After a good fifteen minutes of this, Lorena was close.

“Oooohh, Nicholas, that is so good. Now, I need you to suck mommy’s clit.”

Nick smiled as his wet lips formed a small O and placed them over Lorena’s engorged clitoris and began sucking.

“Gently, Nicholas, gently! Ooooohhh, que bueno. You are going to make me cum, baby! Make mommy cum, asi, just like that!” Lorena begged.

The words coming out of his step-mother’s mouth were driving Nick wild and he started fingering Lorena–one finger at first, then two–while he continued the gentle sucking on her clit.

Lorena’s hips began to buck against Nick’s face and her legs began to quiver as her orgasm arrived.

“Si. SI. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NICHOLAS, OH NICHOLAS, MOMMY’S CUMMIIIIINNNNG!!” Lorena roared, humping her step-son’s face with abandon and exploding into his mouth.

Nick drank up his step-mother’s juices, still hard as steel.

After her orgasm subsided, Lorena laid there on the bed, legs shaking, and chest rising dramatically when her eyes locked with Nick.

“Get up here. Right. Now.” Lorena said, hungry for more.

She commanded and Nick obeyed. He hovered above her, cock flexing in the air as they began to make out once more. Tasting herself on Nick’s tongue, only drove Lorena more wild. She flipped Nick onto rus escort bayan his back, straddled him, grabbed his cock, and pointed it at her wanting opening.

“Do you want to be inside of mommy, Nicholas?” Lorena teased, letting the head of Nick’s cock brush against her sopping pussy lips. “I’ve never had one this big.”

Nick and his Latina step-mother moaned in unison as Lorena’s pussy slowly swallowed inch after inch of Nick’s virginity.

“Oh my God,” Nick moaned.

“Oooohhh, it’s so big, Nicholas!” Lorena groaned as she slid the last few inches inside of her. “Ooooohhh, you’re not a virgin anymore,” she purred. “How does it feel, unh!?”

“It feels–UNH,” Nick started as he watched his step-mother begin to bounce on his cock. “R-really fucking good, m-mom.”

“Si, ohhh FUCK! MIJO–where did you get all of this cock!?” Lorena said, mouth agape as she slid down Nick’s erection again.

“Your pussy feels amazing too, Mom,” Nick said, his eyes now glued to Lorena’s tits as she fucked him.

Lorena looked down, smiling, and leaned back so her hands rested on Nick’s calfs and began gyrating her hips, putting her pussy on full display. “You can use your hands, Nicholas,” Lorena said, “I don’t bruise easily.”

Nick needed no further invitation and ravenously began to fondle Lorena’s breasts.

“Oooo, Mijo! You are so much bigger than your father!” Lorena groaned, grinding her hips against Nick’s.

“Is that OK?” Nick worried.

“More than OK, Nicholas,” Lorena answered, pausing and then shifting forward so she was in a crouching position above Nick with about half of his dick in her. “It’s time for you to fuck me, Papi. Cogéme. Fuck me!”

With all his might, Nick readily accepted this new calling, gripped his partner’s hips, and began fucking his cock in and out of Lorena’s tight Latin pussy.

“Oooohhh! Que rico, Mijo! You are fucking mommy so good, Nicholas. So so so good! I love it! I love your cock!”

“Mom….” Nicholas managed through his ragged breaths.

“I thought I would only need this once, Mijo, but your cock….ay dios mio, your cock is perrrrfect! Promise me this won’t be the last time, Nicholas! Promise I can have this cock again!”

Nick continued to piston his manhood in and out of Lorena’s fuckhole. “I-I promise!”

Lorena’s moans escalated to a higher octave as she drew closer to eruption. “Make mommy cum, mijo! Make mommy cum! Que rico! Just like that! Si! Si! I’m gonna….me vengo! I’m cumming! Cogéme! FUCK ME NICHOLAS! OOOOHHH!”

Nick could feel the muscles in Lorena’s pussy grip him as she came, causing her juices to drool down Nick’s shaft and pool in a syrupy white mess as Nick continued to impale her through her second orgasm of the night. Lorena’s orgasm also had the effect of triggering Nick’s own climax.

“I’m gonna cum too, Mom. It feels too good, I can’t stop it!” Nick said, digging his fingers into Lorena’s hips as he thrusted.

“Do it, Nicholas! Dame tu leche!” Lorena begged, in a daze. Only after she told him to do it, did she fully begin to process what her step-son cumming would entail when they were fucking without protection.

“Nicholas wait…oooohhh, asi, like that…wait, no, you can’t cum inside of me, Nicholas! You’ll get me pregnant!” Lorena pleaded desperately, trying to free herself from Nick’s grip, not knowing if Nick was even processing what she was saying.

Nick had, in fact, heard Lorena, but he didn’t want to pull out of her until the absolute last second. Nick wanted to remember the feeling of a pussy engulfing his cock for as long as humanly possible. Indeed, only a moment before his orgasm hit did Nick lift Lorena’s hips all the way from his dick, and then sandwiching it between Lorena’s ass cheeks as he began to spill his seed. The first shot streaked the whole length of her back, and splattered on Lorena’s shoulder blade.

“Si! Cum for mommy, mijo! Give me your milk! I can feel it, oh I can feel it squirting on my back, twitching on my ass!” She hollered.

Once they had both calmed down, Lorena collapsed on top of Nick, breathing heavily. Nick could see the mess he made of Lorena’s backside with his semen, but to him at least, it was a work of art he wished he could memorize.

Nick’s step-mother lifted her head to look at him. “You are definitely not a virgin anymore!” She joked, then moved to get up, grabbing her clothes.

“Lorena…Mom. Thank you for teaching me. That was incredible!” Nick said nervously.

Lorena smiled. She hadn’t cum like that in over a decade, and did not want to wait another ten years before getting fucked like that again.

“That was pretty good….for a FIRST lesson.” She said, raising an eyebrow to see if Nick had caught on. He had.

“Oh mierda! Your father is going to be home soon with your sister! I have to shower all of your mess off of me before they get home.” With that, Lorena kissed Nick on the cheek, then hurried to her room, cum running down her back and legs. A minute later, Nick heard the shower turn on.

He couldn’t believe what had just happened. It took him a moment to process. He had just lost his virginity to his step-mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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