Secret Lessons Ch. 02

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Group Sex

This story takes place in the first person of the father that agrees to teach his 18 year old daughter, Lisa, how to get better with handjobs and blowjobs in exchange for access to her body.

You have short red hair and green eyes. You stay in good shape, but not exactly athletic. You are 6′ tall and have a wife that is willing to do anything you desire in bed. Your sex life is fantastic despite the amount of time you have been married. Your greatest attribute is you dick is 8″ long and comes with a massive girth, which drives your wife crazy.

Lisa has long blond hair and blue eyes, just like her mother. Her nose and mouth are a match to you, giving no doubt that she is your daughter. She is 5′ 7″ tall and petite with small breasts and dark nipples that stand out against her pale skin.

The second chapter has a daughter showing her tits to her father for the first time, giving her father a handjob and cum swallowing.

Chapter 2

Lunch time slowly rolls around and you want something far better than food. Despite working from home, you still have a timetable to keep if you want to continue the ability to do so. Now you have an hour, which is plenty of time for a lesson with your daughter. There is a lot to teach, so no better time like the present.

You leave your office and walk to your daughter’s room. You open the door without bothering to knock, which startles her. She looks at you with her blue eyes that are peaking out from between the strands of blond hair. You smile and say, “Time for a lesson, Lisa.”

She nods and you turn to walk into the living room. The windows are still closed from this morning and the drapes securely closed. She makes her way to the spot where she had given you the crappy handjob and blowjob several hours earlier. She is about to get on her knees, but you stop her by saying, “First lesson is to use lubricant while giving a handjob. Now go into my bedroom and get the lotion from off the top of the nightstand.” You did not need to move it, since it is always there.

She nods and says, İstanbul Escort “Yes, daddy.” She quickly rushes into your room and brings out the bottle of lotion. She again walks to the same spot, but waits before getting on her knees as she looks at you and waits for your command. She asks, “Daddy, don’t you need time to recover?”

You know exactly what she means, so you say, “Most men my age need at least a day, but I turn around a lot quicker. Plenty of times when I am ready to go three or four times a day.”

She smiles and nods as she says, “Lucky me, daddy. That means a lot more lessons. Should I get on my knees now?”

You start to remove all of your clothes as you say, “Not just yet. Take off your shirt and bra so I can see your tits, Lisa.”

She hesitates for a brief moment before removing her shirt and tossing it aside. You can tell from the bra she is wearing that she is pretty small in that area. She stops and asks, “Are you sure you want to see my tits? They are embarrassing. Way too small.”

You say, “Yes, Lisa, I want to see your tits. Don’t worry about them being small. Everyone develops at a different rate.”

She nods and removes her bra revealing her tits to you for the first time. You are a little relieved to find she is a little larger than you expected, about a B cup. It may not be much, but better than being flat chested. Her nipples stand out clearly against her pale skin as they are much darker and you wish your wife were like that.

You smile as you ogle her tits and say, “They are wonderful looking tits, Lisa. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

She looks at you with shock as she says, “Really, daddy, but mommy’s are much bigger than me. Don’t you like bigger tits?”

You shake your head as you say, “It’s true, your mother’s are much bigger and are fun in their own way. However, I like yours just as much and plan on having a lot of fun with them.”

She smiles as you reach out and feel her tits for the first time, which sends a thrill up your spine. Lisa lets Anadolu Yakası Escort out a soft moan as you softly work your hands against her flesh. Your fingers find her nipples and you feel another thrill work its way up. The soft moan from Lisa gets a little louder.

After a few moments of enjoying her tits, you release your grip and say, “Get on your knees, Lisa.”

Your daughter does so without any sign of hesitation. You say, “Put lotion directly on the shaft.” You feel the coolness of the lotion, but it doesn’t do anything to dampen your erection. Once you are satisfied she has enough, you say, “Put the lotion down and softly use your hands to rub the lotion up and down.”

This time there is no clumsy groping and squeezing as her hands make contact. You enjoy the sensation as she slowly starts to work the lotion up and down your cock. You let out a soft moan and say, “Very good. Grip the shaft at the top with one hand and place the other lower down.” She grips it and you guide her hands so they are better positioned.

Before you have her start the motion, you say, “Look at me and smile while you jack me off, Lisa. It should look like you enjoy touching it as much as I enjoy feeling you touch it.” She looks up at you and smiles upon your command. You reach down and start to move her hands up and down your shaft slowly, then release and allow her to continue.

The sensation is far better than anything you felt earlier that day and you let out a soft moan of pleasure. After a few moments of enjoying the feeling of your daughter’s hands working your shaft, you say, “Stick your tongue out and lick the tip of my head.” The feeling is even better as you feel her tongue make contact and she begins to lick.

You say, “Now take the head inside your mouth and keep pressure against the head with your lips.” The sensation is amazing as her lips put pressure on the head. After a moment, you say, “Now I am going to move my dick in and out of your mouth. Keep doing exactly what you are doing.”

You reach Üsküdar Escort out and softly grab the back of her head and slowly push your dick in further. You let is set there a moment while enjoying the feeling of her hands working the shaft. You pull back a little, then slowly push your dick in further. You know her mouth cannot take much more before you cause her to gag.

Before doing just that, you say, “I’m going to push it in a little further. You are going to gag, but don’t worry.” She nods as best she can with the massive girth forcing her lips to stretch wider than they ever have. You slowly push until you feel her throat seize tightly on the head and she tries to cough. She doesn’t pull her head back and you are able to enjoy the sensation.

After a brief moment, you pull back and say, “I’m going to cum soon. I want you to keep as much as you can in your mouth.” She nods around your cock as you reach down and force her hands to work your shaft faster and harder.

You let out a loud moan as you cum in her mouth, causing her to gag as it hits the back of her throat. Again, she does not fight it, but continues to keep you right where you are. You don’t have anywhere near as much cum as when you gave her the facial, but it is still too much as you feel the cum force its way out of her mouth. You finish twitching and withdraw your cock from her mouth and look at the amount that escaped. It is dripping down her chin and onto her tits.

You say, “Show me the cum in your mouth.” She opens her mouth and shows that there is quite a bit. Then say, “Now close your mouth and swallow it.” She closes her mouth and swallows your cum easily. Then opens her mouth to show it is all gone. You say, “Now lay on your back and rub the cum that dripped down into your tits and nipples.” She lays down and starts to rub the cum as ordered. With her tits as small as they are, it covered them completely.

Once satisfied, you look down at her and say, “Much better, Lisa. You adjusted quickly and leaned a lot for one session. There is still a lot to learn, but we’ll make a master of you yet.”

She smiles as you get dressed and head back to the office. You have no idea how long she remains in the room and you really don’t care. She has a lot of potential and you are going to take advantage of the situation.

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