Security and the Good Girl

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It was my good friend, Kara’s boyfriend’s birthday and a big group of us were heading out for a night on the town. I didn’t really know her boyfriend, Levi, very well but I was in dire need of a night out. Before running out the door for my taxi, I gave myself a once over. I’d gone for a short black skirt, with a black scoop neck top that showed off my ample cleavage. I also had black, silk stockings on as it was a bit cold with black ankle boots. I looked pretty, damned good if I didn’t say so myself.

I pulled up out the front of the pub and was greeted by my friends, all waiting to go inside as there was a bit of a line. As we waiting I was thankful for choosing stockings tonight to provide a bit of protection from the cold, even if it wasn’t much. As we got to the front of the line, I was scrambling in my purse for my ID when I heard a deep, manly voice call my name, “Courtney?” I looked up to the voices source and I mean looked right up! It was one of the tall security guards, staring down at me. I stared for a bit but at first no bells went off, until finally “Shane?!?” He laughed at my surprise. I knew Shane from high school, he was a year below me and we were often involved in Drama productions together. In 4 years, boy, had he changed! I always remembered him as being tall but not so…buff! He had shaken off the awkward, lanky and greasy teenager he was and was now, sexy, no other way to put it. I found myself just staring at him muscular arms, as he continued to laugh at my dumbfound-ness. “Sorry,” I stammered, “I just did not recognise you!” And I got up on my tippy-toes and gave him a hug. He gave a sensational hug, it must of been his strong arms wrapped around my waist, but new sensations for Shane were definitely stirring.

“Surely, I haven’t changed that much?” He asked.

“You certainly have and then some! What have you been doing with yourself?”

“This and that, working security here on Thursday and Saturday nights, obviously!”

“Obviously. Wow, it is so good to see you.” I starred a bit more, “well I better be getting back to the group.” I could hear them yelling at me to get inside.

“Go on, I’ll see you later.” I began making me way inside, “Courtney?” I turned back, “looking good.” I flashed him a huge smile and kept walking with perhaps a little more swagger than before.

The night wore on and the liquor flowed, as Shane rotated posts, I stopped to talk (and flirt) whenever the chance presented itself. As the alcohol started to take affect we hit the dance floor, us girls were dancing sexily (usually with each other) the boys danced near by trying to get in on it. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Shane had once again been rotated and was now standing next to the dance floor, watching on. Watching me. I continued to dance and allowed one of Levi’s friends to get closer as I did so. His hands roamed on my hips, as my hands went sensually through my hair, his lips lightly touching my neck. erotik film izle Then I felt a firm hand on my shoulder, and hot breath in my ear,

“I think you need to come with me.” whispered Shane as his arm steered me away from my dance partner, who looked confused but not about to mess with the six foot five plus security guard.

Shane steered me down a corridor and around a corner, next to a door that said kitchen, which had closed hours ago. He backed me up against the wall, he slid his hands down and let them rest firmly on my waist.

“I always thought you were a good girl in high school?” he whispered, his mouth cocked in a sexy smirk.

“I was a good girl, I am a good girl.” I said innocently.

“A good girl doesn’t dance like that. A good girl doesn’t tease a guy like you have been.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about…”

“I can see what you’ve been doing, teasing and flirting with me. Dancing with that guy as you make eyes with me, I’ve began to think that perhaps you’re a bad girl.” He lowered his face to my neck and started kissing it wildly.

“And what do u intend to do about it?” He kissed me on the mouth, hard and full of passion, sucking my tongue into his mouth. I wanted him so bad. His mouth dropped and he pulled one of my breasts out of my top and started sucking and biting on my nipple, I was lost in my own pleasure. His other hand snaked its way down my stomach, through my skirts waist band and down the front of my tights, where he pulled my underwear to the side and he found what he was looking for. He ran his hands across my pussy, “mmmm, hairless, you are full of surprised.” he whispered into my ear, before he began kissing me again. His fingers entered my roughly causing me to cry out in our kiss but he didn’t relent on either. His kiss was strong and his fingers sawed in and out quickly, as his thumb found my clit.

He stopped kissing me and began whispering in my ear again, “Are you going to cum for me Courtney?” I moaned loudly and ground my pussy against his hand, “cum for me Courtney, cum for me, you little tease. This is what you wanted isn’t it? For me to make you cum, do it, Courtney, cum! You little naughty, slut getting finger-fucked in a corridor of a pub, come on Courtney, cum for me!” His words and his deep, husky voice sent me over the edge. My body started the shake and my eyes went back into my head, the orgasm was so strong I thought I was going to pass out.

“So you are still a good girl.” Shane exclaimed as he pulled his hands free. He offered me his fingers, which I licked clean, tasting myself, “and you’re also very, very naughty. You asked me what I was going to do about it, your teasing. I knock off a three, you better still be here.”

“Well, I wouldn’t not do what I was told, would I?” He smiled his sexy smile and walked away, leaving me in the corridor to regain my senses and fix myself up.

I rejoined my friends who had just film izle bought their third round of shots and hadn’t seemed to notice my absence. I took my shots with gusto, trying to regain my senses. I hardly saw Shane over the next few hours, as he was working the door or striding through the place on a mission, looking very tough and sexy. The thought of my soon to come punishment was making me soak my panties. I danced and drank trying to keep my mind off Shane and what was to come, which was working to some extent, I didn’t even notice the time. We were at the bar doing another round of shots, when I felt a familiar firm hand on my shoulder, “I think I should give you a lift home.” I tuned around looking up at him chewing on my bottom lip, “I think that’d be a good idea.” Protests flew at me from all my friends but I feigned a little sickness from the shots and was able to get out with relative ease.

As we headed out the door onto the street, Shane gripped my hand, like it was a natural thing to do. It felt good and those sensations from the hug earlier came flooding back. He lead me to one of those multi-level car-park and we entered into one of the elevators. He pushed me up against a wall once again and, once again, kissed me passionately, he was driving me insane. The elevator stopped and the doors opened, he took my hand once again and lead me to his car. He lead me around to the passenger side and went to open the door for me , when I decided it was my turn to take control. I lent on the door, he was opening for me and faced him. He looked at my confused and bemused, “I think it’s time I repaid you a little favour from earlier.” I suggested, as I reached for his belt. We stared into each others eyes as I expertly undid his belt and fly. I slowly hooked my thumbs under his underwear and pulled down, as a lowered myself onto my knees, not once breaking eye contact until I was face to face with his huge, fat 9 inch cock. I licked my lips and then kissed the end of it and licked it up and down, feeling it harden in my hand. I took as much of him into my mouth as I could into my mouth, as I jacked him off at the base. He put his hand on the back of my head and began to force more of himself into my mouth. His grunting got louder and his thrusting rougher but I didn’t want him to stop, I wanted more.

That’s when I felt his hand leave my head an grab my arm roughly pulling me up and pushing me against his car.

“Enough fooling around, I need to be in you!”

“Yes, yes!” I begged, He tugged off my skirt and through it to the side, he ripped my tights and roughly pushed my underwear aside. Lifting my legs up around him, placing my heels on the car next to us and my back up against his car door, I was wedged in place and he entered me in one quick thrust. I bit his shoulder as to stop myself screaming in pleasure. He grunted into my ear as he pounded my pussy relentlessly.

“Fuck, your pussy is so unbelievable tight! I knew seks filmi izle since the moment I saw you in the line tonight, this pussy was going to be mine!” He fucked me so hard and fast, I lost count of my orgasms. “Where do you want it, baby? Where do you want me to come?”

“In my mouth! I want you to come in my mouth! Please!” He dropped my legs and I once again dropped to my knees, taking the head of his cock into my mouth and jacking him off. He shot load, after load into my mouth, groaning loudly. Surprisingly when he finished unloading, he was still quite hard. I stood up, wiping my mouth.

“Wow! Where to now Security?” I asked. He gripped my arm hard.

“Oh no! I’m no ready to go anywhere yet, I still have to punish you for all your teasing tonight”

“Here? And what is it going to be?” He pushed me to the front of the car and laid me stomach down on the bonnet, “ohhh are you going to spank me?” I felt my ripped tights and underwear being pulled over my ass and his hand come in contact with my ass cheek with a loud smack!

“Yeah, I am! First!” I couldn’t even think of what was to come next, I was lost in my orgasms he was creating from the spanking.

I felt him spreading my ass cheeks and his hands spreading my pussy juices over my ass.

“No,” I gasped, “I’ve never had it up there before, please don’t”

“Ah, this is your punishment and you said before you were a good girl.” I could feel this penis pressed up in my crack. “Tell me your a good girl!”

“I’m a good girl!”

“A good girl who deserves to be punished?”

“I deserve to be punished.”

“Tell me you want it, tell me you want me up your ass.” He pushed two fingers into my virgin hole, creating sensations I had never felt before, “come on baby, tell me! Tell me you want me to violate your sexy little ass!”

“I want it! I want you to take me up the ass! Do it! Please! Do me up the ass!” With that he thrust his cock up my ass. I screamed out in pain and also in pleasure. He didn’t move letting me adjust to the new feelings, “fuck me! Hard!” Then he let loose, ramming me from behind with unbridled passion. With him doing me from behind and my clit being ground into the bonnet of the car, I was moaning and crying out in unknown pleasure, “you like that? You like being fucked up the ass?” he grunted at me.

“I fucking love it!” I screamed, “I love having your huge cock stuffed up my ass!” With that I felt his cock grow inside me and he let his load out into my bowels and the sensation made me cum one last time.

“Fuuuuck!” He groaned as him came, resting his body weight on top of me. We laid there for a minute gathering our senses, “do you know I wanted to do that to you all through high school. Besides the fact, I looked like I geek, you look like too much of a good girl”

“I guess we’ve both changed a lot since high school.” With that he pulled out of me and pulled up his pants and went and picked up my skirt.

“How about I take you home for real this time and we can explore just how much each of us has changed in high school.” He opened the passenger side door for me and slid in, already anticipating what more was to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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