Seduced by Auntie’s “Story” Ch. 05

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Bubble Butt

All characters over 18


He found it difficult to keep his eyes off his Aunt Pat during her stay with his parents, and to maintain the impression of normality when his parents were in the house. He also struggled to hide his frequent hard-ons. On the other hand this all added to the high level of excitement that he felt most of the time, the struggle to act normal increased the sexual arousal. At part-way between his eighteenth and nineteenth birthdays he had limited sexual experience.

All that was now rapidly changing. The woman who had seduced him and with whom he had now had sex several times was two-and-a-half times his age, experienced, and broad-minded. More than that — she was, of course, his mother’s sister, and there was no denying that the taboo of what they were doing was a large part of the thrill.

Even when his parents were at home there were stolen, secret moments. His aunt encouraged him to switch his mobile off much of the time and, at a secret signal from her while they were all watching television or such, he would switch it on and discover a saucy text that she had sent earlier. She herself would be sitting talking to his parents while he read the message. Then again there were the fleeting, furtive gropes and fumbles in the kitchen while he and his aunt washed the dishes after meals.

Initially he had been resistant and shy to her advances, but his shyness with her had now almost gone.

All through breakfast time he had been trying to conceal his erection, and had willed the clock to hasten the moment when his parents would both leave for work. His father would be out all day, but his mother was due back around lunchtime so that she could spend some time with her sister. The previous evening he and his aunt had worked out another role-play by text to indulge in that morning. He was thrilled at her genuine enthusiasm for acting out scenarios, and her ability to carry it off in a realistic way that didn’t seem corny or make him feel stupid or over-kinky. A couple of days earlier they ha visited a seedy hotel together with her dressed and acting as a hooker.

At last the moment came for his parents’ departure for work. He tried to sound casual as he said goodbye, but his adrenaline and testosterone were pumping through him. Once the car pulled out of the drive he waited for a few minutes, then headed up to his room. He could hear his aunt moving about upstairs. Every footstep, every opening and closing of a drawer or door quickened his pulse.

He heard her bedroom door open and heard her footsteps on the landing, then descending the stairs. He heard the lounge door open, but there was no sound of it closing.

He made himself wait for a few more minutes, then headed very softly downstairs.

He peered through the crack in the open doorway of the lounge. His Aunt Pat was sitting on the sofa reading a book, with her legs stretched out on the throw before her. They were long and despite her age they were till quite shapely. Her pink cotton sundress made her look very inviting. It was a wrap-over style that he found erotic. How tempting it was to walk in on her and pull it easily open as she lay reclining there, without having to bother with buttons or zip, and without the need to pull her forward to unfasten it from the back!

It hugged her small, firm breasts — its neckline puckered out from them a little — and fitted tightly against her flat belly. He stared at the alluring but subtle rise and fall of her breasts under the pink fabric. Her dress lay in loose, sensual folds across her lap. It reached part way down her thighs, which were pale and lean.

The top of her shallow cleft was visible above its neckline, and one narrow strap had slipped off her shoulder. She had an innocent air. This, and the seediness of spying on her — even though they had both arranged it, it was supposedly without her knowing — made him feel ashamed. That she was his mother’s sister made him feel especially guilty — and especially excited, too.

It was evident from the way her dress hugged each modest orb that his aunt was not wearing a bra underneath, and her nipples showed faintly against the soft-looking cotton. She was playing with her pendant as she read. He looked at her smart hair, her natural, unglossed lips, and the pale skin of her face. He gave his crotch a rub through his jeans.

Still gazing intently at her book, his Aunt Pat began to trace her fingers nonchalantly up and down the pale, slightly lined skin above her cleft and of her neck. She turned the page, and a few moments later her fingers began to trace, slowly and seemingly innocently, across the skin above her neckline. Almost imperceptibly her long, slender fingers began to trace along the neckline. In a whisper too low for her to hear he urged her to slip her fingers inside.

He drew his breath in sharply but softly in admiration. Encouraged by her continued, but feigned oblivion to Anadolu Yakası Escort his spying on her through the crack of the partly-open door, he whispered a little louder. He made sure that she would be able to hear him, but knew that she would pretend not to.

“Reading smut, eh, Auntie Pat? And — yes, I do believe — you are! You’re touching your tits as you do it! At your age, too! You naughty… SLUTTY auntie!”

Her whole hand was now moving innocently and lightly over her small orbs, gliding subtly over the pink cotton of her dress. The wrap-over dress slid open a little bit, partly exposing her breast. The teasing view aroused him intensely and he stared at the portion of bare flesh, then back to the tender movement of her hands. She cupped her orb and kneaded it subtly and tentatively.

He let his gaze wander from her breasts to her slightly-lined neck and face, and to her slender legs and thighs, but soon found his attention drawn back to the movement of her long, lithe fingers. She began to stroke the orb of her modestly sized breast casually, her eyes still resting on her book.

“Oh yeah, Auntie. Get playing with that tit! Go on, fondle it properly, you sexy woman…”

Her fingers ran lightly but briefly up and down her cleft then down to the neckline of her dress again. She turned the page and removed her hand to rest it on the sofa. She raised one knee, causing her hem to ride half way up her pale, lean thigh. She shifted a little more, and the wrap-over of her dress slid open at her pale inner thigh, exposing it quite high. He stared hungrily at it — and at the shadow between her thighs. The throw that covered the sofa was creased.

“Mmm, great legs, Auntie. I’d love to grope and kiss them for you… yeah, and kiss what’s between them…”, he muttered as he tugged on his hard cock.

Still pretending to be unaware of him watching her, his aunt returned her hand to her breast, She stroked it through her dress more purposefully, running round slowly in circles and pausing for a few moments to caress the modest undercurve before resuming its slow circling movements on her orb.

He rubbed his tautening cock.

“Oh yeah you bad aunt… go on… tease that nipple till it goes big and hard and pricks against your sexy dress!”

Still gazing at the page of her book she cupped her breast and squeezed it gently, then rolled it round. He watched her flesh move subtly but deliciously in response, unrestrained by any bra under her dress. His aunt let out a sigh of pleasure.

She flicked her fingertip slowly backwards and forwards. The sight was very alluring, and to his delight he saw her nipple begin to jut against the thin, soft cotton of her dress. She looked away from her book to the tender movements of her fingers as she teased herself — and him. Still she avoided looking towards the door where he knelt largely hidden.

He tugged on his swollen cock through his jeans

“Go on, yes, that’s it, Auntie! Play with that forty-odd year old nipple. Go on, make it go harder! Oh, yeah, yeah, what a lovely sight!”

She began to pinch her nipple through her dress, and to knead her breasts more purposefully. She removed her hand to turn the page of her book again, and then to his immense delight she slid her hand slowly down inside her neckline. He played with his member again as he watched the sensual ballooning movement of her pink dress as she touched herself up inside it.

To watch her doing such an intimate thing aroused him greatly, and the pretence that she was unaware made it seem even more seedy, illicit, dirty. He felt a flush of combined guilt and arousal as he reminded herself that the woman he was watching was his aunt. She gave a soft whimper. He blew his breath out through his puffed cheeks and pursed lips.

She loosened her cotton belt and slowly parted the top of her sun dress. He stared as her breasts came into view, so modestly sized, so high-mounted and relatively firm for her age. One nipple was clearly visible, pinky-brown, and standing taut and proud. She gazed at the page of her book and even moved her head slightly as she read it — or pretended to.

“Oh yes AUNTIE… what gorgeous tits… and that’s one seriously hard nipple, Aunt Pat… I… I’d love to feel it in my mouth and suck it and tug on it… oh you naughty little bitch, AUNTIE…”

She glanced from her book down to her exposed breast. She stroked around it, tracing her fingers slowly and sensually along each side. She looked back at her book again, but cupped her breast inside her breast, scooping it up and down and rolling it round. A low croon escaped her. Again he played with his erection, but only briefly due to his high level of arousal. He tugged off his socks.

“Mmm, nice, you hot, horny Auntie… so coy, so demure on the outside. In the inside a hot horny woman pleasuring herself when she thinks no-one can see — but they can!”

She turned the page and began to roll and Bostancı Escort squeeze her breast harder now. He hurriedly unfastened his shirt and pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor. She pinched her nipple and shook her breast by it and he thrilled to watch her firm, modest tit-flesh quiver and shake erotically. She groaned softly. She put her book down beside her and tugged her dress higher up her lean thighs.

“Oh yeah, Auntie — YEAH, get your hand up between your lovely mature thighs and finger your pussy! Do it, do it!”

She closed her eyes and slid her right hand to her lap. She began to stroke her inner thighs with gentle, light caresses. With her left hand she continued to stroke and fondle her breasts. Her right hand disappeared up inside her dress hem, but the lewd tenting of the pink fabric betrayed the journey her hand was taking. Still staring through the gap in the door, he jerked his trousers off and, with a little difficulty because of his erection, he pushed his underpants down, then kicked both garments off.

“Oh yeah, Auntie Pat, that’s it, that’s it. Rub that mature clit and shove your fingers up your pussy… finger-fuck yourself you hot sexy slut!”

She withdrew her fingers and, with her eyes still closed, raised them to her mouth. Her long tongue poked out and she licked her fingertips, then returned her hand inside her dress again. She began to shuffle her body as she played with herself, crooning and moaning softly.

Unable to restrain himself any longer he strode into the room. His aunt shot upright and gave a sharp gasp of pretended surprise. Her book fell to the floor. She tugged her dress across to cover the tops of her thighs and her bared breasts. The realism of her role-play thrilled him. She stared briefly at his naked, standing-to-attention cock, than looked deliberately away.

“Bloody hell, Mark, you startled me — and… hell, what are you doing coming in here stark naked? You’ve been watching me, you pervert! I think you’d better go and get some clothes on!”

“But I don’t want to. You’ve made me so hard and horny I thought I’d come to join in the fun!”

“Mark! Please! Just… just go! Go and get some clothes on — and calm yourself down!

“The only way to calm down would be to jerk off in the bathroom thinking of my sexy aunt making herself come with her hand up her dress!”

“Really, Mark — please… please don’t talk like that!”

She sneaked a look at his erection. It gave an involuntary salute of excitement. She tried to stifle a laugh, keen to maintain the scenario.

“To be honest, AUNTIE PAT…”

He saw her flinch with guilty excitement at his reminder of their relationship.

“To be honest — I thought you might welcome some assistance. I know that you think about letting me FUCK you as much as I think of FUCKING YOU — Auntie Pat!”

He emphasised the words. It was pathetic, he knew, but it did feel oddly liberating to talk so coarsely to His aunt. He knew that it had the same effect on her, too.

“Mark — watch your tongue! There’s no call for such strong language — OR such crudity! I… I don’t know what to say, what to do with you, acting like this!”

“I can think of something you could do with me, Auntie — you could SCREW with me — like you want to!”

He stepped up to her. She glanced again at his pulsing erection, then looked away again and covered her eyes with her hand.

He picked up her book and looked at it.

“Hmm… looks a real work of literature — I DON’T think!”

He looked at the back cover and read out loud.

“When Esmerelde flees her cruel stepfather to seek her fortune in Paris, she little realises the degradation — and sense of liberation — that lie in store for her. Madame Dupont invites her to come and work in the classy brothel that she runs and that many of the elite of nineteenth century Paris patronise. Esmerelde throws herself into her new-found profession with enthusiasm and here eyes are opened wide as she caters to the particular and kinky preferences of this client and that. Some clients enjoy confiding in her as much as being serviced by her. But the client whose favourite she becomes is hiding a secret that could endanger the life of anyone in whom he confides…”

“Hmm. Is it an exciting book, Auntie?”

“Y-yes. I like it.” she said, shamming embarrassment. Still looking away from him she began to chew the backs of her fingers as if apprehensive or racked by indecision.

“I can see that. The spine’s quite cracked and some of the pages are a bit loose. A well-thumbed and GRUBBY copy I would say, Auntie! Even some of the print has smudged where your sweaty hand has clutched it. Or maybe the moisture on the page wasn’t perspiration — maybe it came from here…!”

He pushed his hand up between her legs. She gave a cry of genuine surprise as his fingers brushed her pussy through the dank cotton of her panties and withdrew. She looked wide-eyed at Erenköy Escort his face, then his cock, then looked away and put her hand over her eyes again.

He sniffed his moist fingertips.

“In fact I would say that’s pretty likely, wouldn’t you, Auntie? Well, I’ve offered you something better than your fingers — and I don’t mean MY fingers, either — I mean this…”

He grabbed her hand and rubbed the backs of her fingers against his hard cock.

“What do you say, Auntie? Wouldn’t you like to feel this inside you rather than your own fingers? Hmmm?”

His aunt looked at him and with a slow erotic move that sent a shudder of arousal through him, she parted the lower part of her robe to bare the tops of her pale thighs, but still left her pussy just covered. Then she looked away again in feigned doubt and coyness.

He swept open the lower part of her wrap-over dress, enjoying the feel of its warmth and softness to his touch. His hand was quivering with suppressed excitement. He slid the pink dress further open and gazed down at her flimsy cotton panties. They were white but there was an obvious damp patch at her crotch. She half-heartedly pulled her dress back over her crotch but he pushed her hand and her dress away again.

He dragged her panties to one side. She gave a low gasp in fake shock at his boldness as he stared at her exposed pussy.

For a woman her age to shave herself there seemed to him very naughty and very sexual, and he tried to imagine her doing so. He wondered whether she would let him watch one day. Her pussy lips pouted and he gazed at the folds of soft-looking skin and at their slight moistness.

“Mmmm, Auntie, that looks so nice. And rude. Now — I wonder why Auntie shaves her pussy — hmm?”

He reached down to the top of her dress and pulled it open to bare her small, high-mounted breasts. Her nipples stood out proudly and jauntily. He looked at her face. She avoided making eye contact and was still chewing the backs of her fingers. He swept the dress open, and for a few moments simply stared at his aunt’s exposed body, naked except for a narrow strip of the pink dress below her belt and her brief, white cotton panties with the damp patch on the front.

He stroked her crotch through the warm soft cotton with one hand and with the other he caressed and squeezed her breasts, loving their firmness and the feel of her hard nipples.

“Mmmm, Auntie Pat, I love your tits. I’ve wanted to see them naked for ages. Let your nephew kiss them and suck them for you, hmmm?”

He stooped over her and pressed his lips against her naked orbs, He swept his lips back and forth over her taut nipples and teased them gently with his tongue. Then he sucked her firm flesh into his mouth and fed on them hard and noisily.

She gave a whimper of delight. He ran the edge of his finger along her slit through the moist cotton of her panties. She groaned. He grabbed her hand and led it to his pulsing cock.

“Let me feel your bare pussy, Auntie Pat…”

She gasped softly as he eased his fingers inside her panties and stroked her swollen lips.

“Stand up, Auntie. I’m going to pull your knickers down for you. Then I think we should fuck, don’t you? You’ve got lovely slender fingers to pleasure yourself — but I’ve got a thick hard cock to pleasure you MORE, Auntie…”

She stood up, looking down at her crotch. He knelt before her, squeezing her backside inside her dress through the soft cotton of her panties. He inhaled her sexy aroma and dragged her knickers slowly down her lean thighs and longish legs, staring at her smooth, hairless crotch.

“Mmm, what a nice, shaved snatch you have, Auntie…”

He played with her puffy outer lips, then rubbed her slit. He wanted to eat her, but he was desperate for relief after the prolonged spectacle he had enjoyed. He yanked her knickers to her ankles and she stepped out of them. He could not resist stroking her shaved mound and puffy lips for a few moments. She crooned with pleasure.

“Lie back on the sofa, Auntie. Lie on your back. I’m going to bang your mature twat… Lie back — and imagine you’re Esmerelde!””

She lay back with her backside resting on the arm of the sofa and her feet resting on the floor. He held her bare thighs and eased himself into her.

“Clasp me with your lovely thighs, AUNTIE…”

She locked her thighs round him and began to push against him as he thrust slowly into her. He took one small, firm breast in his mouth and began to suck greedily and noisily on it, then began to grind harder and deeper into her.

“Oh yes, that’s nice, sooooh nice. Does Auntie like the feel of her nephew’s cock banging her?”

“Yes. Yes, Mark, Auntie loves it.”

“Has Auntie been dreaming he would do this? Hmmm?”

“Ye-yes, Mark. Ever since she walked into the house when I came to stay.”

“Enjoy then, Auntie… oh yeah! Yeahhhh!”

He knew that his repeated use of the term ‘Auntie’ aroused her. She thrust her pelvis hard against him in time with his own thrusts, clutching his hips, grunting and murmuring as his pace quickened.

“Oh yeah, Auntie Pat… I’m going to cum deep inside you… I’m going to shoot it up deep inside my sexy naughty aunt…”

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