Selling Houses Ch. 04

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With banners out and the ‘For Sale’ sign erected. Cindy and Bill greeted the potential buyers and sticky beakers from the street. Suddenly, all of them could hear the V12 roar from a block away. Seconds later, an Aston Martin DB9 roared into the driveway, stopped and David got out.

“David, what are you doing here?” Cindy asked.

“I’ve come to sell your house for you.” he replied.

“I want to be your boyfriend.” Bill joked. unable to take his eyes off the car.

“Blow me and let me cum in your mouth and it’s yours.” David said with a wicked grin.

“Watch and learn.” he said to Cindy as he walked past her towards the growing crowd.

“Welcome.” he said to all of them with arms outreached and bowing like some Shakespearian actor, “My name id David and I’m going to take you on a tour of the amazing home my dearest friends Cindy and William has created for you. If you would just like to follow me.” As one. the crowd followed him to the front door. Curious. Cindy joined the rear. David’s delivery was seamless, he could access a room in seconds and sprout its praises without breaking stride in his monologue. Reaching the end of the tout, he turners to them.

Irene Richardson lived just across the road and was there just for something to do. With her two children away at school and her husband working away, she was starved for attention. David appeared to her like a knight in shining armour. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and she hung on his every word. Fuck, she wanted to make him an offer, but wasn’t anything to do with the house.

“That’s the end of our tour folks, I’m sure you will all agree. Cindy and William have created something special here. If you want to make your way to the front of the house. offers will be open for the next hour and the top offer will secure this wonderful home.” The crowd did as he asked and made their way out to the front leaving David, Bill and Irene.

“I will be with you soon.” David said to her and she left obeyed as if in a dream.

Cindy was busy collecting bids on the house when David and Bill appear from the side. She watched David hand Bill the keys to his car.

“You didn’t?” she said, shocked, her month open. “Not for a car?”

“it’s not just a car.” Bill said. “It’s automotive perfection,”

“That so called car is worth half of what your house is.” David told her. How did the sale go?” he asked.

“Fantastic,” she told him. The best offer was 475k. way above what her and Bill expected.

“Thank you, David.” she said to himself. Cindy felt awful and thanked him sincerely for both of them.

“That’s OK.” he told them. “This lovely lady Mrs. Richardson has invited me across the road for some afternoon tea by the pool.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll work it out in the end.” he whispered to Cindy before making his way across the road, arm in arm with a very eager Mrs Richardson and his hand on her ass. “Enjoy the car Bill'” he called back waving with his hand.

As Cindy and Bill took down the banners and the For Sale sign, across the road Irene was lent back against her outdoor table, her legs wide apart and her panties around one ankle. With her skirt pulled up, David wasx thrusting two fingers hard you inside her wet dripping cunt.

“Fuck me!” Louise Richardson cried out in desperation. Slipping his fingers out of her, David loosened his belt. unzipped his pants and pushed them down. Irene looked at his stiff hard cock longingly as he took it in his hand and pressed it between her open legs. Finding her saturated opening, David pushed hi cock inside her.

“Oh God yes, fuck me!” she cried out as he started thrusting every inch of his cock into her, not even caring if the neighbours heard.

“Cum in my cunt.” she wailed, rubbing hard at her throbbing clit.

“Not your cunt, I want your ass.” David told her, pulling out and turning her around. Excited beyond belief and willing to do anything to please him, Irene prized her ass cheeks apart with both hands as he slid his finger up her wet cunt and smeared, her wetness over her asshole. Gripping his cock again, he pressed the head to her tight ass and pushed forward.

“Oh fuck!” she cried as his cock invaded her tight ass in one hard thrust. Once inside though, pain soon turned into pleasure as he started fucking her, slamming himself against her ass. forcing every inch of his hard cock into her. Bent over with her legs quivering, she came. her cunt squirting hard onto the patio floor between her open legs. David let out a roar, cumming hard in her cunt. Pulling out, he watched his cum run out of her gaping ass.

“When did you say your husband was returning?” he asked, sliding his fingers back inside her cunt from behind.

“Not until tomorrow night.” she got out as best she could, with her cunt in hard contractions from the fingers pushing hard in and out of her. “Oh fuck!” she cried, her cunt suddenly gushing over his hand and splashing the tiles between her parted feet.

“Don’t you need a break?” she panted, her chest heaving from her latest hard orgasm.

“Not bursa eskort if you don’t.” he said smiling and rubbing his dripping wet fingers over the hard clit between her parted lips.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out again, pushing back on them as she started to cum again. As David thrust his fingers hard up inside Louise’s cunt once again, across the road, Cindy and Bill had finished packing up and had locked up the house.

“Can I give you a lift in my lovely new car?” he asked, staring at it lovingly.

“I can’t believe you actually.”

“I didn’t.” Bill said cutting her short. “I was going to, but as soon as I agreed to suck him off, he just tossed me the keys and said it was mine. It was almost as if all he wanted to know was how much of a temptation it would take for me to suck another man’s cock.”

“Really.” Cindy said, relieved but also a little confused. The whole morning had been surreal. David had blown in like a whirlwind, sold her house, gotten Bill to agree to suck his cock and know he was across the road fucking some random woman that was captivated with him. Shaking her head as if to clear it, she told Bill she would make her own way home and he should come around later so they could celebrate. She watched as he roared off down the road in his new Aston. “What a fucking weird day.” she said to herself as she climbed into her own car and turned on the ignition.

As Cindy drove away, upstairs, Louise Richardson couldn’t believe it. David was lapping at her wet cunt hungrily, his cock as rigid as the moment they had arrived at her house. Even though her stomach ached from the constant contractions, she wanted more. She couldn’t help it. All she could think of was that hard cock of his in every one of her orifices. Done with licking her cunt, and with his rigid cock in his hand, David pushed it deep inside her. Louise cried out at the feeling of it filling her so completely and then the thrusting started. Hard and fast he fucked her mercilessly, slamming himself between her open legs.

The endless orgasm became too much for her but her pleading with him to stop had no effect, it just drove him on to fuck her even harder. Louise was screaming when he finally came inside her with a loud grunt and thrust of his cock. When pulled out his spent cock, she was like a rag doll on the bed, panting and unable to move. With a devilish grin, he told her he was done for the moment and would get them both a drink. She was thankful for the respite; her ravaged cunt was still contracting uncontrollably as he slipped off the bed and made his way downstairs. He was like a fucking machine. She had never experienced anything like it in her whole life. Worst of all, as much as the sex hurt her, she wanted more. He was like a drug.

Bill needn’t have knocked at Cindy’s door when he got there, she had heard him coming in his new toy a block away.

“How do you want to celebrate.” he asked.

“I thought we could fuck on a bed covered in money.” she said with a smile. “But I didn’t have time to get to the bank,”

“Just as well, the way you squirt, we’d spent half the night tumble drying all the notes.” he said and they both laughed. “C’mon, lets go out for a drink in the Aston and then we can come back here and fuck if you like.”

“you’re such a little boy wanting to show off your new toy aren’t you.?” she laughed endearingly.

“Damn right, get on your glad rags and we’re out of here.” he told her. Still smiling, Cindy walked into the bedroom to change, being careful to leave the door ajar.

“No peeking.” she called out over her shoulder as she started to strip.

“I promise.” he said smiling, as he leant against the door jamb of her open doorway watching her. Standing within her back to the door, his eyes were glued to her naked ass as she bent over to pull on her panties, her lovely shaved cunt exposed between her thighs for just a few seconds. Who was the idiot that suggested going out for drinks he thought, staring at her perfect pink vertical slit, his cock starting to grow in his pants. Pulling on her bra, Cindy made sure she turned just a little. Just enough to give him a perfect profile view of her pert round breast and it’s firm pointy nipple. That should do him, she thought to herself smiling.

When they pulled up the Aston outside the fancy hotel, the parking valet rushed to the car and opened the door for her. He must have thought they were someone important she thought to herself. Getting out of the low slung GT was a challenge and as she put one leg outside the car, Cindy was sure she was giving the valet a good look under her skirt. For a second, she wished she had done a Britney. The sight of her panties between parted thighs he would remember all night. The sight of no panties would have had him frantically pulling his cock in the toilet on his next break. She liked the thought of that. Some random stranger making themself cum at the sight of her shaved cunt.

Later in the bard though, she was pleased with her decision to wear some. Ensconced in a booth in bursa escort bayan the elegant bar, it wasn’t long before she could feel Bill’s hand creeping up the inside of her thigh. Her panties were a barrier to what his fingertips sought out. Let him work for it. She could feel them trying to burrow inside the elastic while he tried to make small talk. Smiling, she reached down between her legs under the table and pulled them aside.

“There you go little boy with your fancy car.” she said with a grin. No sooner had she said it, his fingertips were caressing her slightly parted wet slit and seeking out her now aroused clit.

“Take your time, there’s no rush.” she whispered, her thighs parting a little wider, her hand reaching across under the table to lightly rub the growing bulge in his pants. If he could have made them invisible to all the others in the bar, he would have fucked her right there and then. Cindy knew it. Beneath her stroking fingers, she could feel him growing harder and harder inside his pants.

“I told you we should have stayed at home.” she said as he slipped a finger up inside her wet opening.

“Drink up.” he told her, downing his glass.

“Are you alright to drive?” she asked.

“Yes, I’ve only had the one drink.” he told her.

“No, I meant with this.” she smiled as she squeezed his rigid cock through his pants.

Bill and Cindy burst into her apartment, ripping off their clothes as he kick the door shut behind them. Breathing hard, his hand was down inside the front of her panties even before she could take them off. Cupping her cunt with his hand, he pushed her back towards the couch as she fumbled with his pants; desperate to release the hard cock trapped inside. Laying her half across the couch, he tore off her panties and pushed his own pants down. Her legs were already opened wide when her fell to his knees between them. Like a starving man, he lapped and sucked at her parted cunt, licking between her glistening lips and sucking on her hard swollen clit. Both her hands were on his head, pressing his face onto her aroused cunt.

“Lick it!” she cried out, writhing under him. Precum oozed out of Bill’s rigid cock as he lapped hard and fast between her legs, trying to keep his mouth glued to her bucking hips.

“Oh fuck!.” she cried, thrusting her cunt up hard, her legs shaking uncontrollably as she came hard, her cunt gushing into his mouth. Incensed, he rammed two fingers into her and fucked her hard with them. Cindy screamed, cumming again, her cunt squirting a jet of wetness over them both with each thrust of his fingers inside her. Wild eyed, Bill tore his fingers out of her and pressed his face between her legs, into that wonderful wetness covering her cunt and dripping off the insides of her thighs.

Her sexual animal released by the drink at the bar and the few she had beforehand, Cindy slipped off the couch and pushing Bill, backwards, straddled him.

“I want this inside me.” she said, reaching back and gripping his hard cock. Stroking him, she raised herself up and pressed the swollen head to her dripping opening.

“Fuck me!” she cried out, thrusting her cunt hard down onto him. Wanting her cunt badly, Bill thrust upwards, trying to fuck her like she wanted.

“Faster!” she cried out to herself, ramming her cunt hard down on his cock, forcing every hard inch of it deep inside her. Bill lay there, trying to block out his excitement as Cindy rammed her cunt hard up and down on his cock.

“Fuck!’ she screamed out, reefing her cunt up off him, rubbing it frantically. With a loud gasp and quivering legs, she started to squirt on him, leaning back, her cunt spraying all over his stomach. He didn’t even have time to process what had just happened before, she was on him again, her cunt thrusting hard down onto his rigid quivering shaft. Feeling he was about to cum, Cindy lifted off his cock and then pressed her parted lips against his shaft, rubbing his cock between her cunt and his stomach. The feel of her wet cunt sliding along his cock was too much for Bill and with a loud moan. his cock erupted, spewing thick strands of cum all over his belly. Still aroused, Cindy slid backwards and bending forward. started to lick up his cum before sliding her mouth over his cock. She reached down and rubbed frantically at her clit as her mouth kept him hard. It only took moments before her cunt was gushing in orgasm. As her body jerked, she felt her mouth being filled with cum. She had just made them both cum again. That was her last memory of the night.

“Listen to this.” Bill said. reading the paper at the kitchen table the next morning. “Police had to restrain a distraught naked woman in a street. A neighbour who witnessed it said she was clawing at her genitals crying out to get the evil out of her. Apparently, she has been hospitalised for her own safety. Fuck! it was the street our house was in. Fucking lucky it was after the sale.” he said. Cindy agreed, but an unsettling feel came over her. Brushing it off, she continued görükle escort cooking their breakfast.

“What would you like to do today?” Bill asked.

“Presuming it has something to do with your newly acquire penis extension, why don’t you drive us to the beach.” she said. Bill agreed, and after Cindy picked out her skimpiest bikini and a short stop at his house to collect his swimming shorts, they were on the road. The surf was up as they waded into the water. So much so, Cindy was spending her whole time trying to keep her costume on. Bill looked on with pleasure as the powerful waves pushed her top up revealing her lovely pert breasts. Just once, a wave had stripped her bottoms off her. Fuck, her little Asian cunt looked good in the water.

Done with trying to keep her clothes on, Cindy suggested they make the short walk up to the local bar. After a couple of hours of icy cools drinks, they decide neither were fit to drive and Bill used his phone to book a room for them. Picking up an Indian takeaway they made their way to the hotel.

“Sorry Bill, I’m fucked.” Cindy said after her day in the sun and serf as they lounged on the couch. Not wanting to disappoint him, she rubbed her hand over his shorts. He was hard in seconds. Hooking her fingers inside the top, he lifted himself off the couch and she pulled them down. As he sat back down, she gripped his hard shaft and began rubbing it. Fuck, he was hard she thought as she stroked him.

“You want this up my cunt.” she said seductively as her hand slid up and down his rigid shaft.

“Fuck yes.” he sighed, leaning back and pushing his hips up.

“Do you want to cum inside me?” she whispered, her hand pulling him faster.

“Yes, don’t stop!” he cried out, desperate to cum.

“Fuck me, cum in my cunt!” she urged him on, her hand pulling him faster.

“Oh fuck!” Bill moaned, his hips thrusting upwards as his cock came. thick spurts of cum shooting into the air.and running down the outsides of her fingers.

“Night.” she said and kissed him. She left Bill for the bedroom with his cock out and still twitching. Replaying what had just happened in his mind, Bill reached down for his cock. He wanted to cum again. As Cindy was climbing between the crisp sheets of their bed, Bill was pulling his cock hard, imaging her squirting on him. If she hadn’t been asleep almost the second she crawled into bed, she would have heard him cumming in the room next door.

When Cindy got home, there was a message on her answering machine summoning her to David’s penthouse apartment. When she got there. she found him up on the roof sunbathing in nothing but shorts and a pair of dark goggles.

“There you are.” he said, taking a sip of his drink. “How was your weekend. Is Bill still showing off his car?” Cindy sat at the outdoor table. “Have a drink.” he told her. Feeling hungover, it was a welcome invitation and Cindy tossed a handful of ice from the bucket into a glass and poured over a liberal amount of vodka.

“What am I doing here David?” she asked, wanting to cut to the chase.

“Your friend Frank is about to have a bad day.” he said.

“How so?” she asked.

“It seems that talk got out about him fucking his real estate agent and Mrs. Frank, liking shopping more than him is divorcing him.”

“Apart from being the aforementioned fuckee, what has it to do with me?”

“Frank is going to want to hide his assets to minimise his payout. That’s where you come in. He has a software / media company that I want to buy and you are going to buy it for me.”

“What’s in it for me?” she asked.

“Your name out of the papers for starters.” he said.

“Can’t you buy it yourself?” she asked.

“I like to keep arms distant from all my dealings.” he told her. “The name of the company is on a piece of paper on the table and you have 700M to buy it. The money is already in your account. Now off you go and tell me when it’s done.” Downing her drink, Cindy picked up the paper and left.

“Hello Frank.” she said down the phone later that day. “I heard you may need some assistance with your finances now your wife has sued for diverse.”

“How the fuck did you know about that? The papers were only served 30 minutes ago.” he replied.

“Never mind how I know.” Cindy said uncomfortably. “let’s meet.” She knew she was about to take advantage of him and it didn’t sit well with her. They agreed to meet in one of his apartments later that day.

“Here’s the deal.” she told frank as they sat sipping scotch. “I have bean asked to purchase you media company. Don’t bother asking who by. I am authorised to offer you 400M for the company with another 295M put into an account of your voice anywhere in the world. As far as your wife is concerned, you sold it for 400M.”

“Make it 700M.” he said. “And we have a deal.”

“You throw in the two apartments you own in the building for 700m>” she countered.

“Done.” he said. “Now can we fuck?’ he asked.

“Get that nice big cock out.” she replied. standing up and starting to take off her clothes. By the time she was down to her panties, Frank had undone his belt and pushed down his pants, revealing his huge stiff cock. Wet just at the sight of it, Cindy walked over and reaching out, started stroking it, her fingers gliding up and down the thick rigid curved shaft.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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