Selling Houses Ch. 07

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Out of the blue, Cindy received an invitation to a cocktail party from Fiona and Max Alexander. She didn’t know why, but there she was again, standing in front of the full-length mirror. As usual, her shaved cunt looked phenomenal if she did say so herself. Reaching down, she watched herself touch it in the mirror, her fingertip slipping between her smooth outer lips to stroke her increasingly aroused clit. Fuck, that felt so good, she thought as she rubbed herself. Leaning forward, she slipped two fingers up inside herself. Fuck, yes. Her cunt was dripping with excitement as she watched herself finger fucking her cunt. Straightening up, she withdrew her fingers and put them in her mouth. She hummed with pleasure. There was no taste on earth like wet cunt. She hoped she would get an opportunity to taste Fiona’s again. Just the thought of it made her cunt throb.

The cocktail party was as boring as she expected, but it was a good vehicle to meet contacts. Needing to pee. Cindy went to the toilet. Her cunt wiped, she stood up and pulled her panties up, the door opened and Fiona, came inside, half drunk and carrying a glass of champagne in one hand.

“I was hoping to get you alone.” she said.” Before Cindy could react, Fiona was pressed up against her.

“Stay the night.” she said, breathing hard and slipping her hand up Cindy’ skirt, her fingers eagerly seeking out her panties. Locating them, her fingertips pressed into Cindy’s cunt through the sheer material. Instantly aroused, Cindy pushed her hips forward against Fiona’s fingers. Pulling her to her, Fiona kissed Cindy hard on the mouth. Caught up in the moment, Cindy returned the kiss, her own hand reaching up under Fiona’s dress and slipping inside her panties. Clinging together with their legs apart; both women fingered each other until they both came, thrusting their cunts hard against the others fingers.

“Yes, I’ll stay, Cindy said.” Sliding two fingers up inside Fiona’s drenched hole.

Satisfied for the moment, but both wanting more, they reluctantly parted and left the bathroom. Cindy’s heart was beating hard. All she could think about was rubbing her shaved cunt against Fiona’s. Grinding their pussies together until they both came. Eventually, the party crowd thinned to just the three of them.

“Come on.” Fiona said. Taking Cindy’s hand and leading her into a bedroom. Both women stripped slowly, relishing the sight of the others body. Pressed together, they fell on the bed. Hungry for cunt. Cindy parted Fiona’s legs and lunged between them, her mouth wide open and her tongue extended, eager to lick Fiona’s wet parted slit. Rubbing her checks on Fiona’s soft inner thighs. Cindy lapped at her wet cunt, her tongue delving deep between the parted lips. Behind them, Max was reefing off his clothes, desperate to pull his cock as he watched them. Naked. He climbed onto the bed. His hand sliding up along Cindy’s ass crack as she lapped hard at his wife’s hard aroused clit.

“Oh god, yes. That’s it. Fiona cried out, her cunt about to explode. Cock in hand, Max moved in behind Cindy and pushed it inside her slippery wet cunt. Cindy groaned with pleasure and licked Fiona even harder, Fiona came, her cunt gushing hard. Caught up in the excitement of Fiona cumming and the hard cock thrusting inside her, Cindy pushed back hard, ramming her cunt onto Max, forcing him deep.

“Fuck me!” she yelled, rubbing her face between Fiona’s saturated legs again. Mad with lust, Max rammed his cock in and out of her flooded cunt, fucking her as hard as he could. With a huge groan, he slammed himself against her ass, driving as himself deep as he could and froze, his cock erupting in massive squirts, deep in her body. Cindy could feel his cock jerking inside her as he pumped her full of cum and it felt so fucking good.

“My turn.” Fiona said, climbing up and pushing Cindy onto her back. Prizing apart her legs, she bent and started licking her cum filled cunt. His cock spent, Max, lifted his wife’s leg and pushed two fingers deep inside her. Finger fucked from behind and aroused beyond belief, Fiona sucked Cindy’s clit hard and put her own fingers inside the wet slippery cunt she was eating.

“Fuck!” Cindy yelled. Her hips bucking wildly as her cunt came hard on the fingers inside it. Done, they all collapsed in a tangled heap of tangled flesh on the bed.

“Aren’t you glad you stayed.” Fiona asked, slowly sliding a finger between Cindy’s slippery outer lips.

“Yes.” Cindy said, pushing her cunt up to the finger rubbing it as she pulled Max’s soft cock, wishing it hard so it could fuck her again.

“Why don’t we all go out on the balcony and have a drink Max suggested. Agreeing; both women made their way out totally naked, while Max poured drinks for them.

“I love your shaved cunt.” Fiona said, running her fingers between Cindy’s legs as they sat at the outdoor table. Fuck, it was all it took. Cindy moved her chair next to Fiona’s. Kissing her hard, she reached down and started to rub Fiona’s cunt. Aroused görükle escort and wanting her, Fiona sunk her own fingertips between Cindy’s lips. Their mouths locked together; they rubbed each other’s cunts until they both came again.

“I feel like I have missed something.” Max said, noting them both lolled back in their chairs panting hard. Cindy’s stomach was still jerking in spasms with the contractions inside her.

“You may have.” Fiona smiled, running her hand over Cindy’s tits and cunt. Still aroused, Cindy got up and walked over to where he was sat and put one foot up on the table.

“Would you like to lick this?” she asked, showing him her wet parted slit. Putting down his drink, Max buried his face between her legs, hungrily licking at her wet cunt. Leaning against the back of her chair, Fiona opened her legs wide and touched herself watching them. Wanting cock, Cindy reached down and took hold of Max, her hand sliding up and down his increasingly rigid shaft.

“Fuck him!” Fiona gasped, frantically rubbing her cunt. Doing as she was asked, Cindy straddled Max. Holding his cock upright, he let her sink her wet dripping opening onto him. Fuck he felt good as he slipped into her cunt. Her hands on his shoulders, Cindy started to ride him. Driving her cunt up and down on the thick hard shaft of his cock.

“Cum in my cunt.” She whispered into his ear. That did it. Max thrust up hard and with a loud groan, he came again inside. her. Cindy turned and looked at Fiona smiling. Fiona was cumming too, her hand a blur as she throttled her cunt. In the throes of orgasm, she thrust three fingers hard up inside herself.

“I wish I had tits like yours.” Fiona said, afterwards as they sat around the table naked enjoying a cold drink. Admittedly, hers were small and pert with long hard nipples, but Cindy preferred Fiona’s. Full and hanging, they were real breasts. They thought they should let Max decide and then decided against it. There was no point, he loved them all.

“I want to fuck.” Fiona said, getting out of her chair and moving around to her husband. Reaching down, she took hold of his cock and started pulling it. Groaning, he reached up and started rubbing her cunt, Cindy watched them getting more and more aroused. His cock finally sufficiently hard, Fiona straddled him just like Cindy had done before and started to rub the swollen head of his cock against her wet parted slit.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned. Rubbing his cock hard over her clit. Suddenly, her cunt gushed all over him. Cindy nearly came on the spot watching. Without realising it, her hand was down between her legs, stroking herself slowly. Ready to fuck, Fiona pressed Max’s cock to her opening and, sitting down on it and she forced every inch of him up inside her eager wet cunt. Randy as fuck and not wanting to be left out, Cindy climbed onto the table in front of them. Spreading her legs wide, she gave Max a good look at her parted cunt as his wife rode his cock. Looking over her shoulder, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her parted lips and the pink wet opening between them. Smiling and looking him straight in the eye, Cindy, rubbed her swollen clit and then slid two fingers inside herself.

“Fuck!” Max yelled out as his wife bounced hard on his cock. That along with the sight of Cindy’s cunt pushed him over the edge. Gasping, he thrust his cock up hard into Fiona’s cunt as he came. Feeling him come inside her, she rammed her cunt down on him, milking every drop of cum out of him that she could. Finished, she pulled her cunt off his cock and they both watched as his cum leaked out of her cunt. Even Cindy watched, fixated by the thick stream of cum running out of her friend’s gaping opening into Max’s lap. Not done, she let them both watch as she rubbed her cunt and came, bucking hard on the table in front of them. It was such a rush being able to do it in front of them as they watched her.

“You looked so good spread out on the table.” Fiona said, climbing off Max to knead Cindy’s tits and tug on her hard nipples.

“Yes.” Max agreed. Sliding his hands up and down the insides of her open thighs. Bending forward, he kissed her parted wet cunt and then started to lick it.

“We aren’t done yet.” Fiona said smiling.

Cindy didn’t know what she meant until they were side by side, bent over the bed back in the bedroom, holding hands with their asses covered in lube. Behind them, pulling his once again hard cock, Max picked an ass and pushed his cock inside it. Cindy watched Fiona gasp in pain and then moan in pleasure as Max fucked her ass. She couldn’t wait to feel the same. Suddenly, she felt the head of a cock pressed against her own ass.

” Fuck!” she screamed as his hard cock forced open her tight ass and slipped inside. God, it was good though. Burying her face on the covers and squeezing Fiona’s hand tight, she pushed her ass back, desperate for every inch of him inside her. Gripping her hips, Max rammed his cock into her ass, relishing the feel of that tight hole squeezing eskort bayan his hard shaft.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, her cunt squirting hard as her ass exploded in orgasm. Frantic, Max reefed his cock out of her ass and plunged it into her dripping cunt. Cindy cried out, her whole body jerking in orgasm and he gasped as his cock erupted inside her once again.

“Fuck me.” She panted, lying on the bed next to Fiona. That was so fucking good.

“Do me again” she pleaded. Max was done but Fiona had a solution. Lubricating up a huge dildo, she passed it to Max. Cindy gasped as the huge toy slid inside her ass. Fuck it felt huge. Pain soon turned to pleasure and she started to fuck it, pushing back with every deep thrust. Not wanting to be left out, Fiona slid her hand under her and began to rub Cindy’s cunt.

Oh fuck! Shit! ´ Cindy yelled, her cunt thrusting hard up and down on the bed and gushing all over Fiona’s fingers as she came. Never before had her ass and cunt cum at the same time. Fuck it felt wonderful.

The rest of the night turned into a blur of fucking, sucking, fingering and licking interspersed with bouts of naked drinking out on the balcony. Cindy didn’t even remember going to bed. When she woke the next morning, she was alone in bed. Slipping on her bra and panties, she walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where Max and Fiona were drinking coffee.

“It’s Saturday and we were hoping you’d like to spend it here with us.” Fiona said, unable to take her eyes off the front of Cindy’s panties. It wasn’t surprising. Somehow, they had pulled up into her slit making the perfect cameltoe.

“Coffee first.” Cindy groaned, nursing a bit of a hangover. Not only that, her cunt was a little sore from the previous night’s antics. It felt like it had been licked, fingered and fucked within an inch of its life. How the hell was Fiona so chipper, she wondered. Her cunt had taken a beating too, but she looked fresh as a daisy. With two cups of coffee under her belt, Cindy felt perked up enough to agree to stay, much to the pleasure of her hosts.

“We thought we might get a few friends over for a little alfresco party.” Fiona told her.

“What? Like a BBQ outdoors?” Cindy asked.

“No dear.” Fiona said. “Our alfresco is a naked party.” Fiona said. Smiling. Cindy thought about it for a few seconds and then said she liked the idea. The thought of a stranger fuck with no strings attached was quite appealing. She assumed there would be fucking and was pretty sure that by the time the evening came around, even her sore little cunt would be up for some naked cock on offer.

In the late afternoon, the guests started arriving. The couples were welcomed at the door and quickly proceeded to divest themselves of all clothing. Cindy hadn’t seen so many bare cocks and cunts all gathered in on place at one time. As the couples mixed and stood around talking, it wasn’t uncommon for some of the men to have hard cocks. In fact, they seemed to be revered, with some of the women reaching down to give them a little stroke to see if they were attractive enough to summon into a bedroom to stick them up their cunts. She couldn’t help but notice couples stealing off inside, only to reappear again with the man’s cock limp and the woman smiling or not. Deep into the evening, with the party in full swing, a half-drunk Fiona came up to her.

“Found anything you like?” she asked. Cindy nodded. She had stroked a few hard cocks and had her eye on one or two. She was just waiting for her moment.

“As our special guest.” Fiona said. “How would you like to head the Conga line?”

“What, dance around grabbing each other’s hips?” Cindy asked.

“No.” Fiona said, smiling. “You lay on a table and the men make a Conga line around you.” Cindy was shocked at first, but thinking about it and with her cunt already wet and aroused from stroking hard cocks, she was warming to the idea.

“Rules are.” Fiona slurred. “No cumming in the cunt and you can pull off as many as you like at one time and you don’t have to swallow.” That just flooded Cindy’s cunt.

“And all us women get to stand around and watch jealously.” Fiona added.

“I’m in.” Cindy said, apprehensive but excited about what she just agreed to.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” Fiona shouted to the guests holding Cindy’s hand up in the air. “Our special guest Cindy wants to Conga.” Immediately, a cheer came up from the crowd. They were still clapping and whistling as Fiona led Cindy to a table and laid her on it on her back. The women formed a circle around the table, jostling for the best viewing point, while the men formed three lines, two at Cindy’s head and one down at the end where her legs were now spread open.

“Let’s Conga.” Fiona cried out, and the first man, moved between Cindy’s legs, rubbed her wet cunt and then with his cock in his hand, pushed it unceremoniously inside her. Cindy cried out, but the pleasure in her cunt caught her on fire and frantically altıparmak escort she reached out with both hands for hard cock. Straight away she was gripping two as the cock between her legs started thrusting inside her. Aroused. She pulled the cocks in her hand and half sat up to suck the end of each one. The thrusting between her legs grew frantic and suddenly, it pulled out and she felt cum squirt all over her belly. She hardly had time to process it all, when the next cock was ramming itself inside her cunt. Excited, she hungrily sucked and pulled the cocks in her hand until they came all over her tits and face. Before two more could come within her grasp the ramming cock between her legs was on the verge of cumming. Desperately, she thrust her hips up to meet it, willing it to cum. With a loud yell from its owner, she felt it slip out of her cunt and more thick strands of cum cover her. A cheer went up from the surrounding women, a lot of whom were rubbing at their cunts or the woman’s cunt next to them in excitement.

By the time the third cock entered her, Cindy was frantically pulling at every cock she could get hold of. The latest one up her cunt sent the built-up excitement rush through her body and bucking hard, she started squirting with every thrust of the hard cock inside her.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out, her whole body thrashing and shivering on the table. She couldn’t stop cumming. Realising Cindy was done, Fiona went to the head of the queue and taking hold of the man’s cock, offered up her cunt instead. Full of lust and arousal brought on by the sight of Cindy cumming and with his cock rigid in anticipation of his turn, he accepted her offer to satisfy his throbbing cock and bent her over a nearby table. All the other women watched as he pushed his hard rigid cock into her parted cunt from behind. Not jealous but wanting cock themselves, the women dispersed and pounced on the hardest piece of meat they could find. Some raced off to a bedroom, the others just did it on chairs, the tables or the floor.

Back on the table, Cindy lay covered in thick cum with her legs still open. She had no idea what made her do it. Maybe she was trying to block out recent events with David. It hadn’t worked. As the third lust crazed man pushed himself inside her cunt, she swore when she looked up at him, his face turned into David’s. There seemed no escape. Of course not, she burst out laughing in front of the partygoers. He was the devil and there was no escape.

Still shaking from her endless orgasm, Cindy climbed weakly off the table. A towel was proffered and she wiped herself off gladly. A few women gathered around her, full of admiration and questions. They had always secretly wanted their faces, stomach and cunts cunt covered in cum from multiple cocks like that but none had been game to Conga. Cindy couldn’t blame them. Being gang fucked and cum all over wasn’t for the faint hearted. That said, she was glad she had done it. Fresh from having a tall man with a very long thick cock up her cunt, Fiona wrapped Cindy in a towel and steered her inside.

“Why don’t you take it easy.” Fiona said, hoping to closet Cindy away for herself and maybe even Max.

“Take it easy, be fucked.” Cindy said, recovering from her gang fuck and feeling hornier than ever. “I want to fuck!” she said with a glint of passion and lust in her eye.

“Well, there’s plenty of cock out there.” Fiona said. “Just promise me you’ll let me watch and maybe join in.”

“We’ll see.” Cindy said, wiping her cunt with the towel and standing up. “Do you like watching women swallowing cum?” she asked with a devilish smile. With that, Cindy walked outside to find her next prey.

“Oh god.” Cindy groaned, waking in bed with a massive hangover. Images of the conga line and rubbing her cunt against Fiona’s mouth at the end of the night came flooding back. Fuck! Did she really do all that? Deciding the safest place to avoid any embarrassment was to stay in bed, she pulled the covers up over herself. Suddenly the bedroom door opened.

“Good morning.” Fiona said cheerfully. “We had a big night, didn’t we?”

“Don’t remind me.” Cindy said, retreating under the covers even further.

“Oh, it wasn’t all that bad.” Fiona said, starting to take off her clothes.

“What are you doing?” Cindy asked.

“Just giving my girl a little support.” Fiona said, slipping off her panties, pulling back the covers and sliding in next to Cindy. Replacing the covers over them both, Fiona, cuddled up to her. Cindy had to admit, it felt good.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about.” Fiona reassured her as she gently stroked Cindy’s arms and legs. “We’ve all, done the Conga.” She continued, her hand slipping down between Cindy’s legs. Pushing the nights events out of her mind and aroused by the light touch of fingers on her cunt, Cindy rolled onto her side facing Fiona and pulling her close, kissed her hard on the mouth. Starting to breathe heavily, Fiona, buried a finger between Cindy’s cunt lips. Cindy reciprocated, her own hand running down between Fiona’s legs. Locked together, both women slowly and sensually explored each other’s bodies as they kissed, their fingers slowly arousing each other’s cunt until they were both cumming, thrusting hard against each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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