Senior Year: A Year to Remember

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The halls of La Costa High School always buzzed with activity during passing period. Stressed out teachers pushed through the students, a stack of ungraded term papers in their other hand. Other students were in the bathroom, buying pot from Craig, the school drug dealer. Peter Lee was sitting on one of the hallway benches, halfway through Chapter 15 of Advanced Statistics. A pair of perky breasts in his peripheral vision distracted him from the intensely interesting chapter on Two-Way ANOVA.

“Hey there, Petey!” Lana said as she slapped Peter hard on the back. “We’re going to be late to class!”

Peter looked Lana Stevenson up and down as he had done so many times previously. Lana pretended not to notice, letting his eyes linger down her long legs before she hit him again. She looked ravishing. She brushed a strand of her straight black hair away from her face, revealing the most god damnned gorgeous brown eyes that Peter had seen in his short eighteen years on this planet.

“Come on!” she said, smiling widely. She reached for Peter’s arm, her other arm gripping her fresh new binder tightly to her sweater covered chest, pushing her magnificent breasts closer together.

“Alright, alright. Lead the way,” Peter replied, letting her grab his arm and pull him to his feet. She pulled him close to her as they made their way to their first Biology class of the semester.

He remembered, right then, the first time he had seen Lana naked. She had teased him that whole night, at one point “accidentally” letting her legs spread a bit too wide as she sat on the library steps. The view of her white panties hugging her sex was almost enough to make him jizz in his pants. Her parents were away on business that night. They were sitting on the edge of the bed and he had put his hand on hers and kissed her—his lips assertive but his touch tender. She had tried to pull away as he slid his hand up her leg, so he stopped kissing her immediately and began to check his phone and moved to sit at her desk. He remembered the confusion on her face as she searched for anger on his face only to find his visage full of icy coolness. Not even five minutes had passed before she was sitting on his lap, her tongue pushing past his lips with more vigor than before. She had grabbed his hand then, and guided it under her skirt, opening her silky thighs to accommodate his probing fingers.

“Shit!” Lana said, knocking Peter out of his pleasant reminiscence. “Watch where you’re going Pete!” Lana’s binder lay on the ground, a few papers and pens laying around it. She grumbled as she dropped his arm and bent over to pick up her stuff, giving Peter a perfect view of her perfect heart shaped ass. Peter felt a tightness in his pants as she got on her knees to pick up the last of her papers, her ass raising towards him and the hem of her skirt moving upward ever so slightly. The last time he had seen her in this position was in the middle of her bed, her skirt in a heap on her bedroom floor.

He slid her damp cotton panties off, the fabric clinging to her sticky pussy lips. He remembered the pride he had felt when she told him he was the first guy to ever see her naked. Her tight her pussy hugged his dick as he pushed through her hymen. He had asked himself how he, Peter Lee, a nerdy Asian with a propensity for video games, was deflowering the most popular girl in school. To top it all off, she had let him fuck her without a condom, allowing him to feel every wet crevice of her virgin pussy. Lana had whispered for him to shoot inside her- a request which he fulfilled over and over and over again. The sense of accomplishment he felt as he watched his cum drip out of her freshly fucked pussy was akin to a conqueror surveying the spoils of his war, the wails of his enemies echoing in the distance.

“Yeah, don’t help or anything,” Lana spat, a scowl growing across her otherwise perfect face. Peter shook himself out of his stupor and helped Lana pick up the rest of her things. They ran to class, finding two seats in the back row just as the bell rang to mark the beginning of the period. An unfamiliar voice rang out as Peter focused on the petite young teacher standing at the front of class.

“Glad you could join us! Uh…what were your names?”

“Peter. Peter Lee.”

“…and I’m Lana Stevenson.”

All eyes were on them. That was nothing new for Lana. She was the gorgeous head cheerleader. Not many people noticed Peter, the tall mysterious Asian guy, though arguably they would have noticed him if they knew he was the guy who was fucking the head cheerleader.

“Great. I’m Miss Navarro, your new AP Biology teacher. I trust that you two will be coming on time from now on?”

“Oh, yes. We’ll be coming alright,” Peter replied, giving a sideways glance at Lana. The class roared. Lana shot a look of fury at him. “…err uh, we’ll be coming to class that is. On time. From now on,” Peter corrected, trying his best to look innocent.

To his surprise, a smile crept across Kartal Escort Miss Navarro’s face, framing her strikingly full lips across the flawless skin of her face. It was at that precise moment when Peter realized how frighteningly beautiful his new teacher was. She looked to be in her late 20s, no taller than 5’2, slightly tanned skin, and had a petite but athletic frame.

“Asian”, Peter thought, as he studied her perfectly symmetrical face, dwelling on her stunning almond shaped eyes that were just a tad narrower.

“Unfortunately, as most of you know, Professor Colton’s wife was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease so he is taking a leave of absence and I am filling in for him,” she said, making her way closer to Peter. She stopped in the middle of the aisle, five feet away from Peter and Lana.

“Professor Colton told me a lot about you, Peter. Brilliant polymath, already passed the AP Calculus BC and Physics BC exam with a 5…the first in the school’s history to do so,” she said, giving Peter the cutest wink he had ever seen. Peter blushed. “Nevertheless, even brilliant people need to be on time, Mr. Lee. Why don’t you see me after class,” she said, giving Peter a once over before walking back to her desk. Peter gulped and looked at Lana, who had suddenly found the wall very interesting.

“Anyway, the rest of you, get your books out and turn to chapter 12, the Cell Cycle. Please start reading the chapter as I get some things ready.”

The bell rang and the classroom began to disperse for lunch break. Lana shoved her things into her bag and got up to leave, without even glancing over at Peter.

“Lana…where are you going? Aren’t you going to stay…” Peter asked.

“Miss Navarro only asked you to stay. I need to get something to eat,” Lana replied as she walked towards the door.

“Can you pick me up something?” Peter asked.

“Why don’t you just eat some cum?” Lana whispered. “That’s what you want everyone to see anyway!” She stormed out the door.

“Oh come on, that doesn’t even make any sense,” Peter said to himself, scratching the back of his head. Peter made his way to the front of the classroom where Miss Navarro was busy strapping her bag into her pull along roller. Peter’s eyes widened as they followed the curves of her body, her tight skirt revealing the contours of her magnificent ass. Peter noticed the unmistakable ghost of her thong line bisecting her bottom and he bit his lip as he imagined what would possess a teacher to wear such a thing in the middle of a class of 30 or so hormone fueled males. She turned around to look at Peter, catching him staring for a millisecond before he looked away.

“Oh right, Mr. Lee,” she said, standing up and walking towards him. “The late one,” she smiled at him. He couldn’t help but smile back. It was infectious. Her eyes examined him, burning through his high school façade, trying to get at the root of who this “Peter” actually was.

“I’m really sorry, Miss Navarro,” Peter started. She stopped him with her hand.

“No, no, don’t worry about that. And please, call me Elaine. I think I like that name better than Miss Navarro now that I hear it being said. Miss Navarro was my mom.” She smiled and patted Peter on the back and gestured to the chair. “Please, have a seat. I just wanted to talk to you one-on-one before we get too far into this semester.”

A little confused, Peter sat down on a chair and got one more glimpse at his teachers tight ass before she turned to sit on the edge of her desk. She examined him once again.

“Hmph. I really have to say you are not what I expected,” she said curtly, crossing her legs.

“What, tall? Good looking? Did you think I was some scrawny, eye glass wearing Asian stereotype?” Peter responded nonchalantly.

“No…I,” she stuttered, her face reddening.

“I know, I know, Miss Navarro…Elaine. I’m just kidding. If it isn’t clear yet, I like to joke around. Call it my defense mechanism,” Peter said, his own smile and flush crossing across his face.

“Oh…hah…right,” she managed. “…anyway, Professor Colton told me to ask you for help with the plan for the class…told me that your insight helped raise his average score by almost a standard deviation. I mean, I went to school for this, and I have to say that’s kind of amazing,” she said. Peter could hear almost admiration in her voice, and his heart rate quickened.

“Oh that? It’s simple really. So all I suggested was that we do a little bit of cardio, jumping jacks or whatever, before our lesson plan, to help stimulate BDNF release to help with our neural plasticity…then after that it’s simply a matter of continual low stakes testing…” Peter began. She raised her hand to slow him down.

“Woah, hold on, slow it down. BDNF?” she asked.

“Brain derived neurotrophic factor. It’s been shown to stimulate declarative learning by enhancing synaptic formation in the hippocampus… ” Peter said, stopping himself as he Yakacık Escort saw the confusion spreading across her face. “Here let me show you. I have this book…”

Peter grabbed the book from his bag and made his way to his teacher’s desk. He sat next to her on her desk and placed the small text book on her lap, opened to a chapter on memory formation. She began reading the first paragraph. That is when the scent of her perfume hit Peter. Floral, sweet, intoxicating…her scent was all these things. He savored it and took the opportunity to take this closer look at his distracted teacher, his eyes scanning every line of her petite frame, slowing his gaze as it neared her perky breasts. He let his arm brush against hers, causing her to look up at him quickly.

“Oops, I’m sorry,” Peter said. “I grew up in the city, I forget some people need their space,” he added.

“No, it’s fine, I just got…startled is all,” she smiled at him and continued reading the chapter, letting her arm graze against his again.

Peter felt his blood heating up as he nudged his arm ever so closer to hers, his hand dangerously close to hers. He imagined what his teacher would look like bent over her desk, her tight skirt pulled up to her waist. He felt his dick getting harder as he visualized tracing his fingers down the length of her lacy black thong. Next, he pictured his hand right by the warmth of her crotch, slowly moving the damp cloth to the side to give him a perfect view of her tight pussy. He wondered how tight her pussy was…how warm. What he wouldn’t give to have her legs wrapped around him, his dick shooting his seed into her fertile pussy. All these things he pondered, watching with excitement as her hand drifted down towards his leg, dangerously close to the throbbing hardon that had appeared in his pants.

“This is really interesting stuff…new research…” she said, stopping abruptly mid-sentence. Her eyes were fixated on the bulge growing beneath his trousers.

“Fuck…” Peter thought. He began to panic. “She fucking saw my boner. Maybe she didn’t see it…just try to bend over and cover it with something…”

Rather than the expected revulsion, however, a Cheshire grin made its way across her face. She feigned a cough and sat up from the edge of the desk.

“Well…Mr. Lee. This helps a lot. I’ll probably be asking for your help throughout this semester. That is, if it’s okay with you,” she said, handing the book to Peter. That’s when he noticed it. The god damn rock on her finger. Huge, at least 2 carats. She coughed again, and Peter noticed her eyes darting towards his crotch for a millisecond. Peter looked down, suddenly extremely aware of his throbbing member. He tried to salvage his dignity and covered his boner from view with the textbook in his hand. He hunched over, relieving a bit of the pressure in his pants.

“Oh sure, uh…no problem. Just let me know if you need any head—urgh—help. Let me know if you need any…help this semester,” Peter managed. Freudian slips were nothing new to Peter, but this was just bad fucking timing. Again, rather than disgust, she smiled at his mistake.

“Great,” Miss Navarro said. They stood there for a second in silence, Peter still hunched kyphotically over his textbook. “Uh,” she continued, “you can go now Mr. Lee.”

“Oh, right. Okay. Bye Miss Navarro, er…Elaine.” Peter ran out of the classroom and into the bright noon sun.

“Fuck, oh fuck…yeah…Elaine…yeah mm I’m gonna cum inside you…” Peter moaned, his hand a blur as it went up and down his cock. A knock on the bathroom door almost startled the jizz out of him.

“Hey Peter…are you almost done in there? Dinner’s almost ready,” his mother shouted through the door. Peter grimaced.

“Aw geez…ma…come on…I’m trying to take a shit here!” he screamed.

“PETER! Language!” she responded.

“Sorry. I’ll be out in a few, mom.” Peter looked down at his softening cock and sighed as he reached for the toilet paper. A few minutes later, Peter took his seat at the kitchen table and began eating his dinner.

“Don’t forget to eat your vegetables, Peter. You don’t eat them at all, that’s why you’re on the toilet for so long,” his mom said.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me honey,” his father interjected. “We’re gonna need to buy some more hand lotion. We keep running out for some reason.” He grinned at his son. Peter’s face reddened and he did not meet his father’s gaze.

“That’s weird. I thought I had just picked some up last week. Anyway…Peter. Have you gotten to meet a Miss Navarro at school yet?” his mom asked. Peter’s eyes shot up.

“Why? Yeah…she’s my new Bio teacher,” Peter replied.

“Oh really? That’s great. She’s my coworkers daughter. She was telling me all about how today was her first day and all that. Oh, and I guess I should be calling her soon-to-be Mrs. Fisher now that she’s engaged,” his mom said.

“Oh, Elaine finally got engaged?” his father asked. Kadıköy Escort “Good for her. She’s a really lucky woman…that Ray is one hell of a catch.”

His mother rolled her eyes. “Oh, so just because he’s rich he’s one hell of a catch?”

“The woman’s a teacher, honey. Someone’s got to put bread on the table. I mean, who is going to pay the bills when she has a baby? Fucking Santa Claus? That Roy is a winner, that is all I’m trying to say,” his father replied.

“I’ve got to get going,” Peter interjected, stuffing the last of his food into his mouth. “Can’t keep Lana waiting to do homework…you know the girl needs my help.” He got up from his seat and handed his plate to his mother, who took it to the sink in the kitchen. Just as he was putting on his jacket to leave, Peter felt his dad’s large hand on his shoulder. He leaned over conspiratorially.

“Hey, son. Before you leave. I have to ask you something,” his father whispered.

“What is it dad?” Peter replied, zipping up his jacket.

“You’re using protection with this Lana girl right? I don’t want any grandkids yet,” his dad continued, looking around for Peter’s mom.

“Dad! What the fuck…We’re not…”Peter stuttered, clearly caught off guard by his dad’s question. He felt his dad’s palm tighten around his shoulder.

“Don’t lie to me son. Don’t you sit there and fucking lie to me. I’ll drop you off at school only wearing my underwear and call out to your god damn friends if you piss me off,” his dad growled. “And if you don’t believe me, then try me. Because I would LOVE to embarrass you again like I did when you were in the fourth grade.” Peter knew his dad was serious.

“Yes, dad. Okay? God…so awkward,” Peter whimpered, trying to break free of his dad’s vice grip.

“Good job, son. Good fucking job. That girl is smoking hot. I am proud of you. Pound it.” His father put his fist up, waiting for his son to reciprocate.

“Dad…”Peter whined.

“Honey, do you think I can take Peter to school tomorrow?” his dad called into the kitchen. Peter pounded his dad’s fist with his.

“Geez, fine. God…my father is a god damn psychopath…” Peter grumbled. He shook free of his dad’s grip and made his way to the door.

“…and don’t you forget it, son. You have some safe fun tonight, okay? And pick up some lotion on the way back.” His father fixed his glasses and resumed reading the newspaper.

The door slammed behind Peter. “God damn psychopath.”

Peter arrived at Lana’s house 10 minutes later, the cool night air chilling the sweat on his back. Lana’s house was only a few blocks away, but entirely uphill on his bicycle. He rang the doorbell, expecting Lana to answer the door. The large mahogany door swung open. To his surprise, it was Veronica who stood there instead of Lana. Veronica was Lana’s older sister, finishing up her third year at University majoring in Classical Studies. She was every bit Lana’s equal physically (if not slightly superior), but with an acerbic wit to match her ravishing proportions.

“…and you are?” she asked.

“Peter. Peter Lee. I’m here to see Lana.”

“Oh, you’re Peter,” she replied, eyeing Peter up and down, her lips flattening into a condescending smirk. “Not exactly what I was expecting.” She had that academic drawl that you sometimes hear from people who were born and bred in the Hamptons. She cocked an eyebrow and awaited his response.

“Much better looking?” Peter said, not missing a beat. The corners of her lip lifted, if only for a millisecond, before returning to their unimpressed starting position.

“Lana, your friend Peter is here,” she said, waving her sister over. “Hurry, before he cracks another joke.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t want me to melt the Ice Queen’s heart, now would we?” Peter added. Lana rolled her eyes and walked back into the dining room, Peter’s eyes firmly fixed on her tight bottom as she did so. He had seen Veronica only in pictures, but it was only after seeing her in person did he realize how a few years could change the shape of a girl into a woman. Lana got him hard, but Veronica’s ass was something to be worshipped.

“Ahem,” Lana coughed. She stood in the doorway, her arms crossed rigidly across her chest.

“Hi, Lana. Ready for our study date?” Peter smiled a toothy grin.

“Shh…you weren’t supposed to come today!” She whispered as she tried to push him back outside. “He’s here…and…”

“Yo…what…is that Peter?” a voice called from deeper inside the house.

Adam walked out of the kitchen, Lana’s father following close behind. Adam was Lana’s official “boyfriend” and was the quarterback and team captain for the school’s football team. He made his way over to the doorway as Lana’s father took a seat at the dining table.

“It is! My man, Peter! Bump it,” Adam said, lifting his fist up.

“What is it with everyone wanting to bump my damn fist?” Peter asked. He bumped Adam’s fist, which made Adam way too excited.

“As I was saying, we were just about to have dinner. Maybe we can do this a different…” Lana began, only to be interrupted by her father.

“Lana, is that Peter? Tell him to come join us for dinner!” Lana’s father bellowed. Lana looked incensed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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