Sensualist Ch. 10b

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Beach Party – Fellated by Hostess – Sex on the Beach – Ronnie tells Alice a Story – Ronnie and Alice bring each other needed release – Eavesdropping on Sordid Story – Fucking Morgan

It turned out that Alice couldn’t make it to Hilton Head. Alice told me her mother had flatly refused to allow her to go off on such short notice. But Alice had not given up on joining me at the ocean, and confided to me that she intended to keep badgering her parents to let her go. “After all, I’m a high school graduate and soon to be freshman at Georgia State. I should be able to off on my own if I want too.” She finished with a whine in her voice.

I didn’t think much of her chances of joining me, and we had a quick fuck in the backseat after which she pleaded with me to “Get hard again and put it up my ass.”

I left her a block from her house, begging for another fuck-“Anyplace at all!”


The following morning I set out for Hilton Head. In point of time it’s less than an hour. But I got lost, driving there on my own for the first time. Now if you’ve never been to that part of the country, Hilton Head is an island of the same name in the low country of South Carolina. It has about 12 miles of beachfront on the Atlantic Ocean. Over 2 million visitors flock there each year to play golf and or tennis and several fine uncrowded beaches.

What I like about the island is that the town enforces an ordinance which minimizes the impact of development and governs the style of buildings and how they are situated amongst existing trees. As a result, one can enjoy an unusual amount of tree cover relative to the amount of development. There are several communities as well as upscale hotels; in other words, there’s something for everyone.

I pulled into our driveway and got out of the car and stretched. A lush curtain of banana trees, birds of paradise and canna plants hid the wall on one side of the driveway baffling the pool equipment.

Looking directly at the front of the house, rice paper plants almost obscured the entrance to the front door. The oleanders were in full bloom all around me and the air was filled with a variety of pungent fragrances. I imagine if people were to stay away from the Island for twenty years or so, it would revert to a jungle-like condition, covering everything man-made with greenery. That was both a pleasant and unpleasant thought at the same time.

I unloaded my bags from the car, brought them inside and made myself a drink-gin and tonic from the liquor cabinet (left unlocked) and after checking that nothing unusual had occurred during the families absence, sat down to relax.

Less than an hour later, I had showered, shaved and wanting to make a good impression, paid special attention to my clothing and changed into light weight slacks, new Tee-shirt.and loafers without socks then headed out to see what was going on at the beach.

There was loud music blaring from the house two doors from mine. I paused to listen to the music, and as luck would have it, ran into Milton Bradley, who had been sweet on my sister, Maureen a couple of summers before. After asking about her, he happened to mention the party going on and invited me in.

Needless to say, I accepted.

By my second beer, (with three being my absolute limit) I had met a couple of cute prospects, but forgot all about them when a well put together blonde sat down across the room.

She was probably ten years older than me and not as pretty as the other girls but she had a body that electrified me. First there were the melons she carried as breasts, and then there were those gorgeous legs-legs that adjoined a magnificent ass. And while one wouldn’t say she was thin, I doubted that she carried any extra weight other than those big boobs on her chest.

Instant hardon.

Perhaps some background is in order. The blonde’s name was Virginia, and she and her husband, Rodney were hosting the party. Rodney, or Rod as he preferred being called, was a nice enough lug, and commanded plenty of respect, unlike his namesake Rodney Dangerfield. Rod was the heir to the Garner millions, but here on Hilton Head you wouldn’t know it. I mean his home was smaller than mine, or I should say, my families.

They had arrived the day before and after stocking up on the necessary goodies had called everyone they knew, told them to bring a friend or two and thrown the party.

It appeared that the party had been underway for a couple hours when I arrived. No one challenged me and I enter in and out of a couple conversations before spying the hostess with the mostess.

As I made my way over to Virginia, I heard her shout, “Here goes number five!” A moment later, she downed a shot of bourbon. I had yet to learn who she was, and of course had no idea she was married, or who her husband was, nor did I care. I was eighteen and thought I had brass balls.

I was about five feet away from her and saw that she was feeling the effects of the shots she had downed, when she turned toward me with a devilish grin and Niğde Escort walked toward me, and then past me to a tall, handsome guy who was also somewhat inebriated and asked him to go upstairs with her.

When he mumbled, “Maybe later,” all my senses went on full alert. Who was he? Besides being out of his mind, that is. It took me a full minute to put them together as husband and wife. By then I had followed Virginia at a discrete distance as she left the room and stepped outside to the patio.

It was a clear and cloudless night with a huge, bright full moon hanging in the sky. The moonbeams sparkled off the ocean in the distance. When she reached the railing, Virginia noticed my shadow off to the side, but as she told me later, she was too horny to concern herself with one of her husband’s Georgie’s drunken friends.

“Hello,” I said.

She turned quickly at the strange voice. “Hello yourself,” she said. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“We haven’t, I’m a friend of Milt Bradley. He, um, invited me in. I hope I’m not intruding.”

Virginia smiled at me, and I nearly melted. Well, not exactly, my erection was sticking out like a telephone pole being put in a hole. “Milton’s nice… are you?”

I nodded, having lost my voice momentarily.

When I found it I managed, “It’s a lovely night.”

“Yes, it is,” she replied somewhat forlornly. “If only…”

“If only? I said wanting to keep the conversation going where ever it led.

Virginia tilted her head back, and parted her lips for a kiss. I brought my mouth to hers and gently brushed my lips over hers.

She gave a soft moan and sent her tongue into my mouth. My hands went to her breasts as we continued the kiss.

Admittedly I was clumsy in my groping at her breasts and when she broke the kiss and attempted to move away I almost ripped her expensive dress trying to get a hand inside to touch her flesh.

“Don’t…” She said, but pulled me back and kissed me again.

Breaking off the kiss again, she gasped, “I love the way you touch me. Your fingertips feel like they’re on fire.”

Her words set me on fire. I tugged at the dress, got it down past her shoulders and dipped my hand inside the lacey cups of her bra. I was caressing the underside of her breast when I heard the tear-I had torn her bra apart. The round curves and

softness of her large breasts were now totally exposed to the night air.

“I’m so sorry…” I said.

“Don’t be, it’s been a while since anyone’s torn anything off me. I kind of missed it,” she said slurring her words slightly.

“I want it, sugar, and if you play your cards right, you’re gonna want it too.”

“You’re a very desirable woman, “I said my voice much huskier than usual. I pinched her already hardened nipples while my lips moved back to hers in a long, sloppy kiss.

Virginia moaned her hunger into my open mouth. I dropped my hands and seized the undulating cheeks of her firm ass. Breaking our kiss, she pressed her hands against my chest, and stepped back a bit.

My heart skipped a beat when she reached out to open my slacks. With lust in her eyes, Virginia quickly unzipped the fly and pushed slacks and underwear down to my ankles. Dropping to her knees in front of me, Virginia teasingly licked and kissed her way slowly up my thighs. I found myself holding my breath and gritting my teeth when her lips parted, and she encircled the crown of my cock with them.

Her saliva was making my dick glow in the moonlight. I found myself mesmerized by the sight of her luscious, red lips sliding up and down on my thick cock while she fondled my balls with one hand and tickled my asshole with the other.

She changed tactics slightly, stretching her jaw to accommodate my prick and brought her lips around the glans so that a seal was formed around it. I felt her fill her mouth with saliva and then swish it around the head.

I remember moaning at the sheer pleasure she brought to me as her tongue moved slowly from side to the side, along the bottom of my shaft. I’ve noticed that the consistency of one’s flesh changes once it has been inside the warmth and wetness of another’s mouth for a minute. The shaft elongates. The cock straightens, and it rises.

She’s crouched in front of me at this point, her thighs nudge my legs apart, and, how she managed this I don’t know, but she apparently balanced herself on her toes (ballet?) and wedged herself in the small space this created. Then she took more of my cock down her throat, nodding her head repeatedly as she did.

She looked up and met my eyes and held them as she sucked away on me. I watched, entranced as she rotated her face around my shaft while taking me even deeper.

I felt her blonde hair caresses my thighs as she nodded her head over me, making a series of slurping noises. Glancing down I see bubbles in the saliva leaking from the corner of her mouth and dropping off to land on the slopes of her fabulous tits.

Taking me from her mouth for a moment, Virginia looks at Niğde Escort Bayan my glistening cock and laughs wantonly. “You’ve a beautiful cock, neighbor,” she said, still laughing, and then swallowed me again and this time I felt her teeth scraping along my flesh as I glided to the deeper recesses of her throat.

The lady could certainly suck cock.

Suddenly she switched off, and pouting her lips, focused on paying attention to my cockhead, using her tongue to press my knob up against the roof of her mouth. Her cheek had a big bulge to it and I knew that I was the cause and my level of pleasure increased immeasurably.

Virginia’s eyes were wide and constantly looking up at me, and when a particularly long strand of saliva dangled from my dick, she quickly spat me from her mouth and used her mouth to capture the errant strand and spread it’s wetness over my balls.

My God, this woman was good!

She started sliding her mouth over my shaft as if it was a harmonica, and then she recaptured it and alternated between sucking furiously and nipping at my balls.

I should mention that I was not totally unresponsive during her fellating exhibition. I had encouraged her throughout with various responses, all of which extolled her immense talent as a fellatrix. Moreover, I had my hands in her hair throughout most of the act, pulling hard occasionally to let her know how well she was doing. There was also quite a bit of breast play, particularly with attention to her nipples, which I played with to the point of tormenting them, before moving a hand, and fingers to her dripping cunt.

I am amazed that I haven’t cum in her mouth by this point. Perhaps it’s the alcohol, but I just didn’t unload just then.

I recall that she rolled her head at about this time with my dick halfway down her gullet and the spit ran freely along the shaft and trickled down along my groin.

She let it collect at the base of my dick then like a vacuum, she sucked it all back into her mouth and swallowed.

I realize she wanted me to cum, and I tried, but couldn’t. I’d never had this problem before and I didn’t know what to do and let her continue, hoping she succeeded where I can’t.

I got this kind of hitch in my throat and my breathing was ragged. I briefly wonder if these are sympathy pains then dismiss the thought as being irrational.

I am fucking my dick in and out of Virginia’s mouth, always keeping the front third inside while bobbing over the middle. It’s obvious she wants me to get off so we can do other things and she sucks even harder, making her tongue softer and leveling it against the underside as a tactile counterpoint to the force her lips are applying to the shaft.

Her tits are slapping against my thighs and I sigh. A moment later I feel it.

“I-I’m cumming!” I groan, and her lips tighten around my corona and the strongest suction yet begins.

My orgasm catapults out of me in a single burst. There are aftershocks, but these add only a little more semen to the initial jet. Virginia holds my semen in her mouth and I feel her spiting back on my cockhead, drawing it back into her mouth and spitting it out again, causing yet another series of sensations to race through my body and I vow to make her pleasure as great as mine has been.

Virginia finally swallowed the remaining residue and seemingly exhausted, clung to my knees until I helped her to her feet.

We didn’t kiss.

After a short silence, she looked at me and said, “I guess I won’t get that fuck I was looking for.”

“Let’s walk on the beach first,” I said. “I promise I’ll satisfy you one way or another tonight.”

She laughed and I reached out to wipe a small deposit of sperm from the corner of her mouth. She took the finger into her mouth when I offered it to her.

“You have a slightly salty taste, but there’s some sweetness in it as well,” Virginia said with a lewd grin. “You must eat right,” she added a moment later.

We carried our shoes as we strolled along the sandy beach. My cuffs got wet when a wave caught me after getting to close to the water’s edge. The ocean breeze helped cool us off to some extent, but sexual tension remained high between us.

“So,” I began, “you’re married.”

“Oh, yes. In fact, when you first approached me I thought you were Rod-my husband. I had told him I was feeling… horny, so he was well aware of it. But he apparently chose his drunken buddies over me.”

“I’m delighted to have followed you outside.”

She laughed and turned to me. “I am too, but this is a onetime thing… I don’t think I know your name.”

“Clark, Donald Clark, I live two doors down. We were introduced…”

“Yes, I seem to remember that, but…”

“Yeah, doing shots seems to play games with one’s memory.”

She changed the subject, saying, “Smell the breeze?”

“The breeze?”

“Yes, can you smell it?”

“I don’t think the breeze has a scent.”

“Sure it does, can’t you detect the salt in it?”

“Well, yeah…”

“I’m Escort Niğde sure I can, and there must be other odors in it. Perhaps just below our normal capabilities to detect, but a dog can, for example…”

We listened to the mild splash of the surf. I turned away from the houses and faint strains of the music still blaring from Virginia’s party and stared out into the dark with her.

“Are you a decent swimmer?” I asked.

Yes of course, I love the ocean. I’ve done everything in it.”


She smiled as her shoulder brushed mine. “Yes, everything.”

A couple passed us walking hand in hand, and disappeared into the dark.

We began walking, in the opposite direction of the couple, moving into the heavy shadows behind some hurricane damaged buildings. I stopped and Virginia halted alongside me.

“Want to go for a swim?”

“I don’t think so,” she replied a little uneasy.

“But you can swim, can’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m wearing a very expensive dress, and .. .”

“I’m going,” I said. I want to swim in your ocean where you’ve done everything.”

I dropped my shoes and waded into the surf as she watched. I kept going out, not shedding my shirt or pants. As I reached the waist high water, I called out for her to join me. She was bent over laughing at my antics.

I laughed too, but then I turned and began to swim, using strong and even strokes. Virginia watched, hand to her mouth, as I struggled out of my pants and tossed them aside. She continued to watch as the current carried them north. She moved toward me, and entered the surf, drawn by my foolhardiness.

Calmly, she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. She balled it up and tossed it back on the beach. She waded out, to her knees clad only in black panties and up to her waist.

I watched as a shiver ran through her from the cold slap of water against her pubis, watched her duck her head beneath the curl of the next wave.

When she resurfaced, swimming now, she looked around almost panicking in an effort to find me.

I called to her from where I treaded water some fifty yards away. There was a path of moonlight seemingly connecting us and she began to swim toward me.

When she’d closed to within twenty yards of me, I turned and resumed swimming, taking her further out into the Atlantic.

She followed, gaining on me as she went. That surprised me as I thought I was a good swimmer, had been on the state relay championship team, and fully intended to make the University swim team after starting classes.

Eventually, she caught up and seized my ankle, held on against my flutter kick, and hauled me to a stop. We both looked back at the shore, as we rode up and down on the waves, losing sight of land, then seeing the vague lights of the buildings a hundred yards or so removed from the water’s edge.

“It’s beautiful out here, isn’t it?” Virginia said.

“I didn’t think you were such a good swimmer,” I said.

“Just how old are you?” Virginia said as my hand caressed her breast.

“Going on nineteen,” I lied.

“Nineteen,” she sputtered. “Why-why you’re a fucking freshman!”

“So?” I replied having no better answer than another question.

“I think the cold water has sobered me up,” she said coolly, and then she swiveled around, started a breast-stoke toward shore. I swam alongside her.

“Have you ever done this before? A midnight swim?” I said breathing hard.

“No,” she said, “have you?” We had stopped swimming and were just treading water.

“No,” I smiled at her. “I’ve been saving the experience for this evening.”

She didn’t respond to that; but remained silent, feeling me stirring the water beside her.

“Can people make love in this water? Out here?”

“Yes, I suppose so.” Then, almost to her self she said, “The ones who are ready to make love,” and resumed swimming.

I swam alongside her; she glanced over at me several times but kept swimming toward shore.

On reaching the shore, Virginia made straight for her balled up dress and put it on. I had to jog down the beach to retrieve my pants, which had fortunately washed ashore. I donned them and tucked my transparent shirt inside them.

“It’s a beautiful night, Virginia.”

“Yes, with the moon and all,” she answered.

“Let’s make love here… right here,” I said quietly.

She stood there looking at me. After a long moment she slowly peeled the dress off again.

“It’s so clammy,” she said as I stared at her hardened nipples.

She gave me the benefit of a smile and said, “Go on, I know you want to play with them.”

I took off my shirt and let my pants fall to the sand, took her in my arms and kissed her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, kissing me back, and with her silky legs around my waist she locked her ankles together and I cupped her asscheeks in the palms of my hands. Then with one swift and powerful thrust, my entire cock pierced and buried itself inside her pussy.

Virginia broke the kiss and cried out: “Oh, God, YES!”

I gave her several rapid thrusts and she groaned and whispered, “You’re so big. I-I’ve never been filled like this…” Every nerve in her body appeared to be tingling. She later told me it was as if a barrage of fireworks had gone off inside her.

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