Sex and the school gril 3

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After Ann left I started to think about my life, way was I looking forward to Ann’s gang bang and other things, like my past sexual experience. I decided that I must be living my sexual desirers thru Ann. Because my first encounter was with another boy, that we experimented with our self’s and learned how to do ever thing two boys could possibly do to with or to each other. In high school girls where fun and dating and sex was grate, but the problem was I never felt secure with any of the girls. With Ann I didn’t have to feel secure and I don’t knew way that is and don’t care, I think. After high school I went to work right away at Miller & Miller manufacturing and I was working fifty to sixty hours a week plus I went to technical school for maintenance and machine operator technician. After graduation I moved into the maintenance department and was working seventy two to eighty four hours a week, yes the money was grate but I had no time for my self. So that was why I was ready to be part of all of Ann sexual desirers , plus she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life.

In the morning she called and said her mother was letting her off at noon be at the cabin at 12:30 and the boys would arrive about three o’clock so we could have some time alone together. That would give me some time to explore the lot and the cabin as I never had time before. One of the doors that was locked, I got the keys and opened it went down to the basement where I found a washer and dryer. After to day the bed sheets would diffiently need to be laundered. Out side there was a path that went down to the river and a boat dock but no boat.

Then it was time to get ready for Ann and her guests so I ran in to town and got some sodas and had breakfast and left Ann a five dollar tip. Then I filled my truck with gas and went back to the cabin.

I heard Ann Camaro park outside and when she walked thru the door I pinned her back against the door and kissed her and worked my way down to where I could get under the hem of her dress. Ann was giggling because she new what I was going to do and I did it, ate her pussy until she came all over my face. After she showered and I washed her hair and gave her a enema then made love to her in the shower As we waited for the boys arrive she told me about losing her cherry to another girl and that they had sex regularly and I told her about experiment with a boy.

About two o’clock I started to lube her sex ass and my cock to have it in her as when the boys got here, it was tight but we finally got it in all the way just in time to. the one boy, Tyrone and his cousins came in and started striping right away. Tyrone’s oldest cousin jumped right on and didn’t care that I had my cock up Ann’s ass. He had a bigger cock than Tyrone with a bit bornova escort more girth also, my sperm from earlier was all the lube that was needed. He was in her and humping away like he haven’t had sex in a year or more, shit he didn’t last but five minuets he rolled of and got up and shoved hi softening cock in Ann’s mouth. As he was doing that his brother climbed on, his cock was not as big but it was still more than Tyrone has, this was putting Ann on her third orgasm already, he was grabbing and mauling her teats Ann wrapped legs around him trying to pull him in deeper, he came real fast also. That was when the other boys walked in, not three but four and they stripped of their cloths as fast as they could.

When boy number two was done he put his cock in Ann’s mouth also. One of the boys that just came in was big and bossy and pushed the others out of the way to go next. His cock was real big even bigger then mine, all of nine inches with at lessee five and half inch girth. this fucker new how to use his cock he humped, pumped and rammed hi cock in to Ann making her have orgasm after orgasm. I could feel his cock rubbing on mine, it was the most awesome feeling seeing Ann get fucked like this and having that monster cock bumping mine. When this asshole started to cum his cock jerked around like an ell out of water, and again he put his cock in her mouth. With number tree done I asked Ann if she needed a brake, she said hell no keep doing it to me!!!

Numbers four and five where average size cocks and they where poor at fucking but Ann sill had two orgasm with each of them, when they got done the just rolled of and went to wash up. Then it was Tyron’s turn and he even with his small cock made Ann have two orgasms but when he got done he tried to put his cock in my mouth and Ann yelled to do it. I opened my mouth and felt his sperm covered cock sliding in my mouth which brought back old memories. Now the last guy turn and he did the same thing as Tyrone only instead of Cumming in Ann’s pussy he came in my mouth.

The four that came together left thank god I didn’t want that guy with the monster cock going again but Tyrone and his cousins wanted to stay for some more. Man was I in for It now they pulled Ann of me and had her stand up and forced me to get on my knee’s and lick all the cum that was dripping out of Ann’s pussy. One of the boys put his cock in Ann’s pussy then pulled it out and forced in my mouth, you can guess how sperm covered it was he did this six or seven times as Ann thought that was funny. Before the left they all fucked Ann in the mouth.

Ann now wanted me to make tender sweet love to her, so I started on her toes and worked my way up, yes I ate her pussy out until she climaxed. We fell asleep in each others arms. .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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