Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 07

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It’s Friday afternoon and the athlete bus has already pulled into the gym parking lot. The rain drizzle hits the front window of a 4-door, black Mazda, sports car. The windshield wipers sweep back and forth. Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “gents” magazine “sex kitten of the month” (38-24-36). She sits in the driver seat looking at the bus. Her sandy-blonde hair is groomed back into a bun. She wears a white silk, V-neck tank top. Her huge tits jiggle freely underneath.

Neal (19 yrs.) stands at 5’7″ and weighs 149 lbs. He jumps off of the bus holding a sport bag over his head. The rain falls down as he jogs toward the gym. He is wearing over-sized college sweats.

She whispers, “Neal doesn’t think I’m real. Not after tonight.”

Inside the gym locker room. Neal’s wrestling match is over and he stands naked on the weight machine. His right leg thigh is wrapped. He’s obsessed with weight who keeps stepping on and off that machine.

Neal later stands in front of his locker who bends over unwrapping his leg. His iPhone rings from inside his sport bag. The right hand reaches over and pulls out that phone. He stands erect and puts the phone to his ear.

Neal: Yeah.

Kerri: Are you naked? I saw you go into the locker room.

Neal: Yeah, I’m gonna take a shower.

Kerri: Wish Niğde Escort I could join you.

Neal: I bet you do. C’mon, who is this? Marcy?!

Kerri: It’s Kerri.

Neal: The sex kitten? Yeah right. Stop lying to me.

Kerri: You saw my nude photo lay-out right?

Neal: C’mon, are those tits real?

Kerri: See for yourself. I’m waiting for you in the parking lot.

Neal: Yeah right…, Sure you are. (laughs).

He shoves his iPhone inside the sport bag. His hand grabs a towel who then strides toward the shower.

Inside the parking lot and it has stopped raining. Neal walks toward the athlete bus wearing his large sweats. He’s also talking on his phone. He suddenly stops in his tracks and then looks across the parking lot. Kerri waves at him while sitting in her car.

He says, “No fucking way.”

Neal throws his sport bag over his shoulder and runs toward her car.

It is dark in the off-campus parking lot. Kerri’s sport car sits alone and the windows are all fogged up. Neal’s iPhone sits on top of his sport bag in the passenger seat. It plays “Heavy Metal” music.

Kerri and Neal are naked in the back seat which is covered with black fur. She sits behind the passenger seat with her legs spread open. Her left knee pushes against the Niğde Escort Bayan back-seat fur. His face is buried in-between those legs. His left-middle-finger is deep inside of her wet cunt. His tongue licks up and down the folds of her pussy lips. All of her fingers pinch her nipples.

She responds, “Uh.. Uhhh.. Mmm.. Mmmm.. Uh-Uh-Uh.. Uhhhh.. Mmm.. Uh-Uhhhh.!!”

His tongue keeps going up and down her wet lips. She arches her back and jerks her head back and forth.

She moans, “Uhh-Uhhhh.. Lick it all.. Mmmm.. Lick it that way.. Uhhh-Uhhh.. Like that Neal..!!”

His middle finger digs deep inside. His tongue finds the top fold on the right side. He licks down and out.

She replies, “Uhhhhh.. Ahhhhh.. Oh, yeah.. Oh, yeah.. Do that again.. Uhhhh.. Ahhhhh..!!”

He keeps that down-and-out licking motion. She jerks her head back and forth.

“Uh-Uh-UHHHHH.! AHHHHH.! UHHHHHH.!! I came Neal.!” she screams.

He pulls out his left finger and his hand searches for her left tit. He pushes her fingers away and grips the large areole. She breathes hard.

His tongue moves up and starts pushing down on the center of her clitoris.

She moans, “Oh Neal.. Make me cum again.. Uhhh-Ahhhh.. Uhhh.. Mmmm.. Neal.!!”

He concentrates on that clitoris.

“Uh-AHHHHHH.! Escort Niğde UHHHHHH.! UHHH.! AHHHH.!” she screams in another orgasm.

He lifts his head up and says, “You’re so fucking wet baby.”

10 minutes later. Neal leans back on the black fur behind the passenger seat. His legs are spread open. Kerri is sucking on his 5-inch cock. Her left palm cups his balls. His left hand pushes down on her blonde head.

Her lips slide down his shaft touching his black-crotch-hair. She slides back up and kisses his cock-tip.

She whispers, “I love watching you wrestle Neal.”

He breathes, “Y-You do?”

Her lips clamp over his cock-head and her tongue licks hard.

He moans, “Ohhh…! Fuck.! You like… Watching me?!”

“Mmmm.. Mmm..” she mumbles.

“Damn.! Go all the way down.. Uh-Again.!!” he says.

Her lips move down his shaft and she touches his black hair again.

He replies, “Yeah-Yeah.. Take my Dick.. Take it all.!!”

His feet kick the back of the passenger seat.

She pulls off of his cock and takes both of his balls into her mouth. Her tongue moves them around. Her right hand strokes his shaft up and down.

“Fuck.! Use me up.! Use me up.!!” he yells.

Her mouth pulls off of his balls and she says, “I wanna see you squirt Neal.”

He breathes hard, “Oh-okay… Okay.. It’s cumming.”

Her right hand begins strokes his shaft hard and fast. His feet kick the seat.

Neal explodes, “Ooaaaaaahhh.!!”

He squirts into the air.

She says, “There you go baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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