Sex Shop Fulfilment Ch. 01

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1970 seemed to Sid the year that the excitement had ended. The mini skirt had turned to the dull maxi skirt, free love replaced by Mary Whitehouse and even the cars looked dull and unimaginative in design.

They were like blue or silver cigarette cases on wheels.

The sixties had been great, full of taboo breaking sex, brilliant music, and rebellion against The Old Etonian establishment. At least this is what he had read about. The problem for Sid is that had never happened to him, he had never even seen it. At 22 he already had slightly receding thinning blond hair, at 6 foot 2, he stooped as he walked, wondering if anyone noticed him. It seemed they didn’t. He had a boring, meaningless job, and he lived in a dull, tidy flat.

But: he did have porn. Magazines, books, even some audio tapes. How he loved to read about gay and lesbian sex, to look at pictures, to pay his tribute in gasping, desperate, lonely orgasm. He wanted cunt, cock, breasts, anything to pour his spunk onto or into.

Then the cold reality, alone, missing so much. The bitter feeling of missing out, it was almost like bereavement. “How much life have I got, and already so much wasted?”

The Sex Shop.

Sid the dull often walked along the dull street, where the drab first floor flat gave shelter from the grey weather. But under the flat there was something that seemed far from dull: a sex shop book shop.

Not that he really knew, never having gone in there, and the windows were boarded up with cardboard from the inside. He had seen this beautiful doll like girl come in and out of there quite a lot. Black bahis siteleri with a sweet face, she had tiny hands and neat pert breasts under her clinging sweater. If you can be a wicked angel, she looked the part.

He often wondered what the shop was like, and even more what she would be like to talk with. That was what he dreamed off with her, to have a conversation, for him not to be put down, or looked on as boring.

The shop did not close till 11pm, so one night Sid decided to go down and walk into the shop, maybe just look at books and say hi! Maybe the doll like beauty would smile, say hello and kiss him. No, just go in and look, just put a toe in the water, just a start!

He walked down the stairs, out into the cold, round to the front door, and then……….stopped, unable to move backwards or forwards. For several minutes, but it felt like years, he stood in the cold and the dark, a mass of fear and indecision.

Finally he retreated to his lonely flat, tears and frustration his only companions, lonely, horny, but so down because he could do nothing about it.

Months passed, his drab world offering nothing but work and dullness. Several times he got close to going to the shop, sometimes by the door, or on the stairs, or just having the thought of going.

One evening he stood outside the door, when it opened, a man came up behind as a customer also left. The man behind him said,

“After you.”

In a second, without thinking, he was in the shop.

The wicked angel smiled at him, pointed at the bookshelves, and breathed:

“Don’t look so worried, relax and canlı bahis enjoy yourself, see what we’ve got, I’ve been waiting for you to come in for ages.”

She laughed and smiled; laughed and smiled at Sid! He had never felt so happy, so at home.

“I like these spanking books, and magazines, and lesbian mags too, do you.”

Sid blushed at the wicked angel’s comments. He was not sure whether to run or just come in his underpants.

The other man had left, there were just the two of them in the shop.

“I’m Anna, and you need help baby, she went to the door locked it, and then walked towards Sid. He stood frozen in disbelieve as she pulled open his flies and loosened his hardening cock, already wet with pre cum. She stood back undid her top and eased her pert, impudent breast for Sid to devour with his eyes. Laughing, and seeing he was desperate to come, she swallowed his cock, even the warm touch of her mouth was enough to send pulse after pulse of spunk down her throat. She swallowed it all. Sid was amazed. There was not a drop of spunk anywhere.

Anna went back to the door, reopened the shop.

Wiping her mouth she looked at him with beautiful evil eyes:

“The punters will smell your spunk!”

Sid made for the door, not speaking.

“Come back tomorrow, then tell me your name. We will watch a film together in the booths; I will make sure we have time!”

Sid blurted “Yes”, then turned and walked out, his mind a whirl of confusion and awe.

Sid could not sleep, he wanked all night, coming three times, but his cock stayed hard.

Somehow he got through güvenilir bahis the next tedious day’s work, came home on the dull grey bus, had his ordinary tea, and took his usual shower.

He dressed in his grey casual clothes, and at 8 he walked into the shop again. Fear was still there, but more so a new sense of being alive in the seedy wonderland.

Sid noticed there were two black girls behind the counter.

“Hi” Anna once more breathed to him, this is my sister, she will mind the shop while we have fun.

She took his hand and led him to a white walled long thin room, with a screen at one end. There were no chairs or couches, just a platic, sticky floor. Anna slowly undressed, revealing those small, but mind blowing boobs, the nipples erect. Her legs were neat and pretty, a beautiful shade of dark, her pussy was shaved, the clit visible, a sign of dampness on the lips.

She undressed the silent lamb that was Sid. Fondled his cock, which further hardened, and she pulled them both down onto the dirty floor. A film started on the screen, a blonde girl with a pretty/pretty face was pinned down by four butch dykes, as on of the pissed into her mouth, then came violently and messily.

Each dyke took turns to do this, but then they all licked her piss and cum soaked pussy to writhing ecstasy.

Anna and Sid began to kiss, instinct taking over from his shyness, their tongues deep in each others’ mouths, battling with passion. He felt his prick push against her wetness, then in! Deep into her sucking cunt. No thought of condoms or the future, just fucking, animal fucking.

Anna came first in blissful cries, his cock christened with her juices, followed by Sid pumping deep inside her. It felt his whole soul flooded into her, that they were one person in love.

To Be Continued…

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