Sex Starved Zombie Women Ch. 04

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“Through here is the laboratory where we have been doing the most important, and most top-secret tests. This will undoubtedly be your most important work, now you have been promoted, Dr Alexandria.” Dr Johnson said, gesturing her to follow him into the glass-walled room ahead.

“And the tests have been going well?” Dr Alexandria asked, her voice balanced between talking and shouting, the biohazard suit she was wearing proving a difficult and annoying barrier.

“Yes, very well.” He said, smiling within the biohazard suit.

“The results have been incredible,” he boasted. “A total change in the sexual urges of the rabbits.”

“But rabbits fuck all the time Dr Johnson, what can be so special about these rabbits.” She asked, her thick Russian accent evident even through the biohazard suit.

“Yes, but even by rabbit standards, these changes are shockingly evident. Look here, Dr Alexandria.” He gestured to the cage over in the corner of the room where two of the specimens were held.

“What is there to see. They’re fucking like rabbits, it’s what they do, they’re rabbits for god sake.” She said, seemingly annoyed at the waste of her time.

“Yes, but they haven’t stopped all day, even rabbits rest up. The well-known phrase simply comes from the fact that they have so many kittens. But you see, they only do the business up to two or three times a day. This pair as you can see is still at it. Dr Johnson to Dr Morgan.” He asked, clicking on his radio.

“Dr Morgan receiving.” The response came back.

“What’s the shag score on…” he looked at the number below their cage, “XY8-7B so far today? He asked.

“Seventy-five sir. Seems to be getting hornier and hornier every day if that were possible.” He said laughing over the radio.

“Seventy-five times?” Dr Alexandria repeated, the shock obvious in her voice.

“Yes ma’am. You wouldn’t want to go on a date with one of these little furry critters, that’s for sure.”

“Well it does get very cold in Moscow and these furry little devils, if they are that randy, might be the perfect way to warm up the cold nights.” Dr Alexandria added, her voice stone serious. “Of course they’d have to be a hell of a lot bigger. This male is a randy little fellow, isn’t he? As soon as they stopped, he just went straight back after her for more!” She noted in surprise.

“Ah Dr Alexandria, now that is the really interesting thing. That’s not the male. That’s the male.” He said pointing to the other rabbit.

“You mean…” she started, contemplating the reality.

“Yes, Dr Alexandria, these females are the only ones that have become infected with the virus and it has turned them into sex hungry little monsters.” He added.

“Oh but they’re so cute, you shouldn’t call them monsters.” She said rebuking him.

“Watch closely Dr Alexandria, and you might change your mind on that point.” He said, his voice now full of grave concern. “Dr Morgan. How long has this male been in this cage with this female? And how many times has he been able to sustain her attacks?” He asked.

“Attacks!” Dr Alexandria asked, her voice now full of surprise and questioning.

“This one has survived the longest so far sir. We’re coming up for over thirty-five minutes now, and that last time will make it nine times for this male alone, that’s a new record!” He said impressed by the males’ sexual abilities.

“So he should be getting pretty tired right about now huh! And his little lady friend must be getting pretty disappointed too.” He said.

“Is that blood on his stomach?” Dr Alexandria asked, as the pair separated, after finishing their previous entanglement, revealing a worrying blood trail on the bottom of the cage, that she realised, was coming the male.

“I’m afraid it is. Of course, you know all about the infamous Black Widow spider don’t you?” He quizzed.

“Yes of course, after mating the female eats the male and he makes the ultimate sacrifice for his passion.” She said nonchalantly.

“Yes, well, this relationship is a little different from that, but all the more horrifying!” Dr Johnson admitted sombrely.

“Oh, I think it’s about to happen now.” He said pointing to the females continued advances on the male. “As you can see, the male has given her his all, he has nothing left to give her. Her insatiable desire is extraordinary and unlimited, beyond the capacities of even the wildest and hungriest of males, and at the moment this is the hungriest male we have on record.”

“Yes, now she seems agitated as he is unable to respond. He denies her. He is no longer able to fulfil her sexual needs.” She said, watching the couple eagerly, waiting to see what would happen next.

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed as the female rabbit used its sharp long teeth to bite into the males’ stomach close to his sexual organ, clearly a warning message that if he didn’t start to respond his penis could be next.

“The blood you saw before was her first warning, or maybe even one of kahramanmaraş escort bayan a few. But this time could be her last. This could be the males final chance to satisfy her. If he does not, there will be consequences.” He warned, his voice now dark and grave.

“He cannot respond, he has nothing left. This poor little creature has given her what she wanted nine times already, in the space of just thirty-five minutes. Surely he can’t satisfy her hungry needs anymore. What will she do if she is not satisfied Dr Johnson?” She asked. Now, finally showing some sense of humanity behind her cold Russian exterior.

“Watch Dr Alexandria, and you will see,” he whispered. Now his voice a dark empty ominous mirror of her natural tone.

As she watched, the male rabbit, no longer capable of returning her sexual advances, instead backed away from her. She bit him again in his stomach, now closer to his penis than before, as she did so he let out a gruesome and painful squeal. Still, he shied away from her, unable to respond.

Again she raced after him, chasing him around the cage until again she captured him. Cornered, he had nowhere left to run. A crazed, dark look in her eyes, the female went straight for the males’ genitals ripping them from his body. Turning away, instead of the shock and horror that should have prevailed in Dr Alexandria she seemed somehow pleased!

“Finally, the female of the species has the balls,” she smiled. “And they look better in her mouth than they usually do when they’re in a human females mouth,” she laughed.


“Mr Ezra sir, the experiments are going excellently, we’re finally getting closer to something that could become a very valuable commodity, revolutionary sir.” Dr Johnson said staring directly into his computer screen at the business-suited man behind his desk on the other side of the video call.

“Johnson, it doesn’t seem like you are getting any closer to anything valuable to me at all. How many other species have you tried to mutate the virus to so far?” The man in the suit asked impatiently.

“One-hundred-fifty-six, but…”

“And how many have succeeded?” The suited man snapped back.

“So far none, but…”

“Then what the hell are a bunch of sex-hungry rabbits gonna do for my business empire, Johnson? If this virus of yours will only infect rabbits it’s totally useless to me or anyone. Have you tried it on humans yet?” He shot back.

“No, but…”

“Get this thing working in humans and then we have something that will start to gain value, Johnson. Until then it’s worthless. Less than worthless, right now its a drain on my funds, funds that could be used on something else more worthwhile, and right now anything else would be more worthwhile than a bunch of shagging rabbits. Johnson, haven’t you ever heard the phrase fuck like rabbits? You want me to sell a virus that makes rabbits basically fuck like rabbits? I’ll be the laughing stock of the global business community you fool. Billions would be wiped off my company overnight.” He said angrily.

“Yes, but….”

“No buts Johnson, test this thing on a human now and see if it takes. If it does, you’re still in with a shot, if it doesn’t, you’re history.” With that, the video call cut out.

“Shit!” Dr Johnson said smashing his fist on his desk as Swift Ezra disappeared from his screen.


“Hey Dad, how was work yesterday? You seem all tensed up. Are you ok.” The pretty young girl in a shortish skirt said.

“Yes Charlotte, it’s nothing for you to worry about, just finish your breakfast and get to school like a good girl. You wouldn’t wanna flunk when you’re so close to graduation, would you? Your mom would kill me if you did.” Dr Johnson admitted, his eyes wandering down to his daughters’ legs in the far too revealing skirt she was wearing. He knew she was a full-on science geek and had little to no experience with guys, and now she was eighteen, and all too probably still a virgin. The idea of her virgin pussy hidden beneath that tiny little skirt just made the blood boil in his cock.

“Dad, you forgot, I’m coming with you today. Don’t you remember? I have work experience at your laboratory, I’m gonna be a great scientist like my dad.” She smiled as she finished off the last of her cereal and OJ.

“Today?” He said taken aback. “I thought that was next week. Too much is going on at the lab right now hun for me to be able to show you around.”

“It’s ok dad, you just have to drive me there, and you always go there right! But after that, I doubt that I will see you again for the rest of the week. The work experience don’t spend any time with the head scientist. I’ll probably be teamed up with some kid straight out of school. No-one will even know I’m their bosses daughter. Don’t worry dad, I won’t tell anyone.” She assured him.

“Ok, well I guess. But yeah honey, this week is going to kapalı gaziantep escort bayan be super stressful for me, so whatever you do, stay out of my way. Work daddy and daddy daddy are two completely different kinds of daddy! Do you remember the old Hulk TV show where Dr Banner would become the Incredible Hulk and go all green and pissy? Well, that’ll be me at work this week. So in the words of the Hulk, stay away.” He said standing top and grabbing his briefcase ready to go. “Well, what are you waiting for? We’re going.”


“Hi! I’m Jaime, I’ve been here for about nine months now. I came here straight out of school so I’m still doing the basics of course. But hey, I get paid to learn instead of having to pay to go to college.” He laughed. “I guess it’s kind of a win-win for me huh.”

“I’m Charlotte, I’m gonna be the work experience for the week.” She smiled. Jaime was a pretty tall and muscular guy and he seemed pretty non-nerdy, which in the science world, was a rarity.

“Cool. Most people are surprised when they find out I work in science. I guess they think I should be in a rock band or something cos my hair is pretty long.” He laughed again.

“Haha, or a fitness instructor or something.” She said a little shyly. “I mean you work out, right?” She said embarrassed realising she’d probably sounded like she was hitting on him.

“Oh yeah! For sure. Whenever a beautiful young work experience girl comes to the lab, I work out pretty hard. If you know what I mean.” He said winking at her. Embarrassed she couldn’t help but blush.

“Um, I…” She stuttered, not knowing what to say.

“I’m just kidding. Sure I work out. Gotta keep the abs and muscles as hard as my….” He said winking again. Now she blushed even more, her face turning a deeper shade of pink.

“Well, before we get started I’d better give you a heads up on the ones to watch out for here. The crazies as we like to call ’em. Be on your best behaviour around them or you could end up in a world of hurt. At the top level, of course, is the big boss, Dr Johnson. You don’t wanna get on his bad side, he’s a real mean fuck when he gets pissed. And right now, word is, the top-secret lab stuff is basically going to shit, so he’s on the warpath. Number two, Dr Alexandria, she’s a crazy bitch from none other than Moscow, Russia. Rumour has it she hasn’t had sex in her entire life, either that, or she only likes women, so hey, I guess you might get a little lucky with her.” He said, winking again.

“Ok!” Charlotte mustered.

“Since she’s been here, which is over two years now, she has broken a guys nose for looking at her wrong. And another guys jaw for hitting on her. So she’s basically a psychopath.”


“Dr Tanaka your progress with this virus is a long way from my expectations. You know we need to have this thing doing something to humans by now, or at least some other animal other than rabbits, so we can prove it’s worth the funding. But nothing. Just stupid rabbits.” Dr Johnson sounded at the small slim Asian lady in the tight confines of his office.

“You yourself wanted me to keep this thing moving at the current pace because of its unknown effects. We still don’t know what this thing is capable of…” Dr Tanaka began before Dr Johnson slapped her hard across the face.

Unfazed, she simply continued, “This is a totally new and unknown virus, it could be far more dangerous than…” she continued before being roughly slapped around the other side of her face by the doctor.

“Are you being disobedient Dr Tanaka?” He asked.

“No Dr Johnson, I’m simply repeating your own instructions.” She whispered. Now Dr Johnson grabbed her around her throat clearly angry beyond control.

“Apologise Dr Tanaka.” He demanded.

Her eyes betrayed that her mind was a mass of questions. She simply did as she was told.

“I’m sorry Dr. Johnson,” she said. A slight bow as the words left her lips.

“You have been a very lazy young lady haven’t you Dr Tanaka. Maybe I was mistaken to employ you.” He said as if he were speaking to his daughter when she was a child.

“Yes, Dr Johnson.” She said, her face now apologetic. “What should I do to make you feel I still have value and worth to you, even though I have been such a great disappointment to you.” She said, her face and eyes lowered, ashamed to meet his.

“There is nothing.” Dr Johnson whispered.

A single tear forming in her left eye, she lifted her right hand and thumbed the salty liquid away. Falling to her knees, she begged the doctor for forgiveness.

Now at his knees, the doctor unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it from his trousers as the female doctor looked up knowing what he wanted as both punishment and apology.

Standing up, she unbuttoned her white doctors’ uniform, slipping it over her shoulders she let it drop to the floor revealing herself to be kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan completely naked underneath, except for her black heeled shoes. Turning, she slowly bent over Dr Johnsons’ desk, her head now turned towards him.

“Punish me, Dr Johnson,” she whispered to him.


“Ok, Dr Tanaka. She’s from Japan, not sure which part. But she is one hell of a bitch too. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. If Tanaka and Alexandria had a smackdown, to be honest, I don’t know who would win. And hell, that’s saying something. Tanaka is a tiny slim thing, maybe five-five or even less, I guess about the same size as you kid. And Alexandria is a six-foot giant.”

“So how could it be so close?” Charlotte asked puzzled.

“Japanese women and Russian women have a certain similar something. I can’t quite explain it, but hell, America and Japan didn’t go at it in World War Two for nothing, and we didn’t take on Russia in the Cold War after, for nothing either. Trust me, you should watch her. Watch them both, or they’ll eat you alive. And in Alexandria’s case, as I said, on account of the high probability that she’s a lesbian, she may well eat you alive. If you know what I mean.” Jaime said, now laughing again and winking at her once again.

“So what makes you so sure Dr Tanaka isn’t a lesbian too?” She asked curiously.

“Oh hell. Dr Tanaka is far from being a lesbian. Word is she is the bosses secret shag partner.” He whispered.

“Are you kidding? Which boss?”

“The big boss, Dr Johnson. Word is she went for him the moment she got here. And word is, whatever she wants she gets, and she gets it good from what some guys have heard coming from the bosses office.” He said now laughing again.

As Charlotte discovered there was a very high probability that her dad was having an affair with one of his staff, she suddenly came over uneasy. Work experience at her dads’ laboratory wasn’t going to be the fun experience she had been expecting after all. In reality, it was looking like it had already turned into a class from hell, and it could only get worse from here onwards!


The belt whipped across Tanaka’s naked ass as Johnson reigned down hard on her with it. The redness evident every time he struck her with it. Her tiny breasts shaking as the pain registered within her. Again and again, he thrashed her, the thick, black leather belt reigning down on her, her eyes full of water as he continued his abuse. He would never, ever do this to his own daughter, of course, his wife would divorce him for sure if he even so much as looked at her with lust in his eyes. Yet, as he thrashed Dr Tanaka, he couldn’t help but wonder at how good it would be to undress his own daughter like this and thrash her naked ass as he had fantasised so many times.

“How are we going to turn this mess around Dr Tanaka?” Johnson demanded. Another thrashing registering on her face as she listened to his question.

“We need to start testing humans immediately.” She said, gasping for air.

“And how are we going to test a virus we still know close to nothing about?” He demanded, now ceasing his abuse, returning his belt into the loops in his trousers.

“We need to find a host who we can test it on without anyone asking any questions, and without the host even knowing they’re being used in the experiment.” She deduced, turning towards him, gasping for breath, the stinging sensation painfully registering throughout her body.

“It sounds promising,” Johnson admitted, stepping closer to her, pushing her up onto his table, forcing her to lower herself down onto her red raw ass. Screaming with pain as she sat down his newly passive nature was replaced again by his brutal anger.

“But we have no-one, it would be impossible to do such a thing. If this virus doesn’t take effect we lose. If the virus does take effect the hosts’ temperament will be so altered we’ll be uncovered in the fallout.” He said, now unzipping his trousers and pulling them down, together with his underwear, to reveal his stiff, hard, erect cock.

“Dr Alexandria.” She whispered into his ear as he forced his cock inside her as she sat, open-legged on his table. “Dr Alexandria has no friends here. Only enemies, and a lot of them. Nobody would care what happened to her. If she were transformed into a sex-hungry monster like those rabbits nobody would care. Every man in this facility hates her. If she had the virus and it could truly turn her from the man-hating bitch she is, into a man-hungry sex monster, every man in this facility would be queuing up to fuck her brains out and appease her. And that would give them every reason to keep quiet about it to the outside world.” She smiled, her hands moving downwards to his naked ass. Clutched onto his ass cheeks, she began pushing them closer to her as he slowly began to fuck her wet vagina atop his desk.

“Dr Tanaka,” he said, deeply kissing her passionately, “I knew your astonishing mind would be at its best, most devious, when you were under pressure.” He concluded, now ploughing into her as hard as his thighs could power him.


“Give me all the data on the experiment.” Dr Elena Alexandria demanded.

“But I don’t think you’re…” the skinny moustached man behind the desk of the records office mumbled, obviously scared of the imposing Russian woman.

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