Sex Stories – 2016

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Sex Stories: 2016


This is section four of a many-part series of sex stories. These stories are nearly all about fucking my two lovers, my wife Amelie and my girl friend Andromeda, over the past 20 years. Of course there are a few other side stories as well. Enjoy.

Note that I have changed all names to protect the innocent!

Introduction: Loving my women

I really love women. I love having women friends, I love playing and talking with women, and I love fucking women. I have had many men friends as well, but I’ve never been as close with men as with my women friends. And I have no interest in sex with a man. I love to watch porn and I love watching a guy shove his gorgeous big cock up a woman’s pussy; I love watching loose balls swing back and forth as a man’s cock pumps a woman’s cunt. I just don’t have any desire to play with another cock, even though I love to play with my own and I think cocks are beautiful.

Sex is my drug of choice. I am in my seventies now. I fucked my first girl friend, Ariana, freshman year in college. After a number of hot petting and groping sessions, we began to plan a night to lose our virginity to each other. Ariana was assisted in this by her boy-cousin who gave her a belt bag full of condoms. We arrived in the evening at a relatively posh hotel in downtown Boston. I checked in first, then led her surreptitiously upstairs to our room. We both knew, back in 1961, that fucking someone not married to you was prohibited by hotel rules and maybe even by state laws — this was Puritan Massachusetts after all!

We entered the room and began to get comfortable. After some petting, we stripped and got ready to go at each other. Alas, I couldn’t get it up for her.

I had learned about sex from porn books printed in the Netherlands. When I lived in North Africa, I used to go to a used book shop where there were science fiction and sex book to go through. I learned in one book about how a girl grabs a guy by the cock and pulls him into the bushes to get fucked. I also learned how a guy dives face first into a girl’s cunt and gets her off that way.

So when I began to play with my girl friend Ariana and my cock wouldn’t stand up, I just dove right into her cunt and licked her until she came — I’m sure she had an orgasm. She said the pleasure was “vile.” I think her grandfather must have been a minister! She ended up becoming a minister herself.

I had never done such a thing with anyone. Except for what I read in my sex novels, I had no idea about anything, though I did, sort of, know the anatomy of a pussy. The lush slipperiness, the aroma, the sheer juiciness of her love hole must have blown my mind — but I don’t remember. I’m sure, however, that first time pussy-licking must have been a pleasurable experience because, ever since then, I have always wanted to lick my lover’s cunt. I love licking cunt.

My love of cunt-licking has been an obvious turn-on for women as well as for me. Aside from the astonishing smells and tastes and feel — and every pussy has its own smell and taste and feel — I get a big sexual charge and my cock gets bigger and harder when I lick cunt. It’s a win-win. What’s not to love? Women love to get their cunts licked, and a juicy aromatic cunt is the greatest gift in the universe — if you love sex the way I do.

It turns out, in my experience at least, that American women of a certain age (my age plus or minus a few years) didn’t do oral sex. Maybe men didn’t either. I’ve interviewed as many of my friends, both contemporary with me and younger, about cunt-licking and cock-sucking. Within about 5 years after I reached the age of sexual activity, most of the women (and I think men) I meet practiced oral sex routinely. But women my age and most men my age just didn’t. It’s sad to think how powerful Puritan culture distorted so many generations of Americans and their sexual practices. Fortunately, most of the “older” women I fucked learned quickly to appreciate how much fun and pleasure they could get out of my intense drive to lick their cunts. And mostly they took to fellatio as well.

And another thing: As I’ve aged and achieving erections has become more chancy, cunt-licking has been a life saver (and hard-on producer). If at first I can’t get it up or can’t get really hard, a few minutes of pussy-licking often gets my cock hard — hard enough to fuck anyway.

Later on, after that first time when I couldn’t get it up for Ariana, we fucked a lot and I had no trouble getting hard for her. Her cunt was luscious and wet and slippery and very tight. When I fucked her my cock felt like it was in a wet slippery vice. We probably used condoms — I don’t remember. How many times did we do it? I can’t remember? Did she cum when we fucked? Probably, but I don’t remember.

Introduction: Fucking my wife and my girl friend over the years

For bursa eskort bayan many years I have kept written accounts of my sexual adventures. I think they are titillating — they turn me on when I reread them; maybe they will turn you on also. Perhaps, too, they have some instructional value. These stories, collected over at least the past 20 years, are almost all just about fucking. I try to go into great detail with the fucking, the cunt-licking, the finger-fucking. But there is a lot of emotion mixed in. Even though I love the sheer earthiness and physicality of sex, I comment on the feelings before and after, how each of us acted and sensed the events, and where I was in my “cycle.” I’m still trying to understand if there is a monthly cycle for me and to some extent this chronological account I kept of all my fucks is supposed to help me figure it out. Still nothing very specific…

I love my women and I think you’ll see from the stories how much pleasure they bring to my life; and, I believe, how much pleasure I bring to their lives.

This is a chronological list of (mostly) exciting fuck-fests with my lovers Amelie and Andromeda.

Amelie is my wife. She is brilliant, funny, fun-loving and intuitive. And she is sexy and always interested in getting fucked. We have had fun for the forty years that we’ve been married and intend to keep it up indefinitely.

Amelie is relatively tall, for a woman, and well-developed with medium to large breasts, wide hips, a generous ass. She started out as a brunette but of course, now, her hair is a luminous silver which she keeps short. I love short-haired women. Her skin tone is pale but she darkens considerably in the summer when she loves to be outdoors at the beach. She is beautiful in all seasons.

Andromeda has been my friend for 60 years and my girl friend and fuck-buddy for the past 20 years. For nearly 30 years she was married to one of my closest friends, Daniel. I always had fun with her — we raised our children together, went places together, told stories to each other, enjoyed our mutual closeness to Daniel. Once she was divorced from Daniel, Andromeda and I became even closer. Initially I was there as her confidante and supportive friend who knew her intimately and could listen to her talk about the pain caused by her divorce. Of course I tried to not take sides, though I tried to explain some things to her about what a man’s feelings might be in the marriage situation she and Daniel had been in. After all, she had known me throughout my first marriage and then through my divorce and subsequent wedding to Amelie. She is family. She is very smart, interested in self-awareness (though she denies it), and an incredible fuck. I have loved her for a long time and have come to adore her as well.

Andromeda is a redhead. She had long braided hair all the years I knew her, before and during her married years. Once she got divorced from Daniel, she cut her hair short. That got my juices going! Her extremely pale skin is luminous, soft and magical. Her breasts were firm and medium sized when we first began fooling around; with age they have become large and pendulous and sexier than ever because her areolas and nipples are mouth-wateringly luscious. She told me that she was once very proud of her boobs, somehow implying that they were not as gorgeous as they once were in the past. I’ve been trying to convince her that they are more lovely than ever.

But it is her whole body, physique and bearing that is a perfect vehicle for her sexiness. And her ass – there is no description of her ass that can do it justice. It flares from her waist into the most gorgeous curves imaginable; the smooth texture of her skin has had me caressing her ass for hours at a time. I kiss and lick her thighs and knees and ankles and feet and suck on her toes.

I get lost in her crotch: The red hair covering her pussy is lush and, once you part it to reach her sex, the cunt lips and the inside of her cunt are what I call the gates of heaven. I love to lick her almost as much as much as I love to fuck her. She is delectable.

The story of how Andromeda and I became lovers is told in the first segment of these memoirs: Sex Stories – the Early Years.

I told Andromeda, many years ago, that our love-making just made me hotter for my wife. It’s by and large true, though sometimes, if Andromeda and I fuck extra vigorously, I might need a day or two to recover before fucking Amelie. But it’s worth it. Both women are absolutely gorgeous; I consider myself unbelievably lucky to have such amazing lovers and friends. I love and am loved by two of the most beautiful women in the world. They both love to fuck. I intend to enjoy both of them as long as I can.

Nearly all of the sex sessions with my wife Amelie were at home, though at times, when we were traveling there is a reference to a motel, occasionally a tent (if we were camping), once a picnic-table bursa merkez escort (in Texas!) and sometimes at a friend or family’s home.

Andromeda and I fucked at her house. We fucked in every room of her house and several times in the yard or the gazebo. A few times we met in a motel and once or twice back at my own house.

I am in love with the two most beautiful women I have known and they both love to fuck me. Plenty of my sex adventures with Amelie, my wife, are exciting, fun and breath-taking, and some are just out of this world. But we live together, so there are multitudes of Amelie fuck-adventures; sometimes fucking her seems like the most routine sex in the world. Sex with Andromeda is far less frequent and usually extremely memorable.

I have, by and large, transcribed nearly every sex adventure with my lovers that I kept records of. Sometimes they are routine, sometimes the excitement wanes, and sometimes there is fun which builds up and up and goes over the top. It’s all part of what happens in my sexual life. I think it’s helpful to admit that sometimes sex is just sex, other times it is transcendent. And often in the middle somewhere…

My girl friend Andromeda described sex with her ex-husband Daniel in similar terms. Sometimes they just fucked but other times the excitement built up, sometimes over days and they could not keep their hands off each other.

For some of the stories I have embellished the accounts slightly but fundamentally this is how our love making and fucking went for all those years. Some of the early accounts read like shorthand. Think haiku…

I fucked Amelie today; Friday, January 1, 2016

Viagra. Sex videos downstairs. She went upstairs to play with herself and warm up for me. By the time I got upstairs with my cock hard, she was groaning. Actually I softened up a bit so my cock bent easily going up her cunt but as I fucked her I got hotter and harder and she looked like she was going to explode. We both came hard and I shook for a long time after.

Viagra, sex videos and fucking; Friday, January 8, 2016

I was hot and ready but no hard-on. After a bit of watching videos with Amelie, I got very hard and fucked her, yelling, until we both came.

Viagra and loud fucking; Sunday, January 17, 2016

After my shower I was lying around naked, drying off, and Amelie came and lay down with me. I started playing with my cock (I’d already popped Viagra) and playing with her tits and rubbing her crotch. Soon she was naked and playing with herself while I got my cock harder and harder. I showed her how I put on the cock rings. She likes my hard cock.

She came after a bit of toy play and I smeared coconut oil up her cunt and shoved my cock in. She wanted more oil but by then I was pumping her cunt and yelling till we both came.

Even though this particular fuck session was hot and full of cumming, a lot of January consisted of soft-on fucking, no orgasms and low sensation.

Viagra and fucking, no cum for me; Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Amelie was on the phone and I was watching sex videos and getting hard. Finally she got off the phone and I pulled out my cock all oily with cock-rings already in place.

She went in the kitchen and I went after her, pulled down her pants and stuffed her cunt from behind.

After a long time I put her ass on a pillow on the living room floor and pumped her for a while. But I never came. She got sloppier and hotter and came a number of times.

Viagra and hot fucking; Friday, February 5, 2016

I was very hard from the beginning. Amelie noticed it. I kept her cunt stuffed full of cock.

Viagra and fucking; Monday, February 8, 2016

After a shower I took a nap. I had already taken Viagra. After the nap I put on cock rings and watched sex videos on my phone and got hard fast. There was some soreness under my cock’s glans but I figured it wouldn’t matter when I fucked Amelie.

I called downstairs and asked her if she wanted to see what I had for her. She came up and saw that I was splayed out on the bed with my hard-on red and swollen. She always responds.

Soon she had her pants off and was sucking my cock, then kissing me. She got the rest of her clothes off and I dived into her cunt face first and got it sloppy. My cock got a little soft but I could still slide it up her and pump her cunt. I pulled out a bit and flicked her cunt lips with my cock tip and she started squirting and squirming.

My cock got hard when I licked her more so I shoved it up her and really fucked her — faster and faster. Then we slowed and I sucked her cunt some more. I had her hug me as I fucked her and kissed her while pumping.

I reared back and bursa sınırsız escort bayan was yelling as I fucked her and suddenly she got much wetter and looser. She must have cum again then. She said I was getting bigger as I pounded her cunt. Even though the sensation was not as intense, fucking her fast was easy and cumming was easy.

Eventually I just got hot and dumped my cum into her cunt. We shook together for a while.

Later, she said she had cum twice.

Viagra, sex videos and fucking, no cum; Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Amalie asked to be fucked yesterday. I took Viagra in the afternoon today and told her she was getting it.

She said she was going upstairs to get ready. I got hard fast watching sex videos, so I went upstairs. She was groaning and I was hard. I stripped and kissed her and stuffed her face with cock while sucking her tits. I put two fingers up her pussy and wriggled them and she was hot and wet. She kept saying, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I fucked her a long time and she was wild and came over and over and I never came but stayed hard the whole time. Low sensitivity.

First I drenched my face in her cunt juice and then got between her thighs and slipped my cock up her cunt and fucked her fast, then slow. Then I pulled out and rubbed her pussy lips with my cock and she groaned and came. I fucked her some more and she came again. Each time she came her cunt got wetter and sloppier, and the girl-cum was all over my cock and balls.

She wanted me to shove my cock in very deep. When I did she groaned loudly.

Eventually, after many orgasms, her cunt was loose and wide open and I couldn’t feel much. I had her turn on her side so I could fuck her from behind, again without cumming. Finally we stopped and went downstairs.

Hot fucking, no cum; Saturday, February 20, 2016

I fucked Amelie various ways and was hard the whole time but not close to cumming. She was not close either but hot.

Viagra and fucking; low sensitivity; Saturday, February 27, 2016

I got hard fast but there wasn’t a lot of sensitivity in my cock. I fucked Amelie hard and she came three times (she told me the next morning) but again I didn’t feel much. When I came it was intense and I was tired.

Viagra and fucking; Saturday, March 19, 2016

I wanted to fuck Amelie and cum in her cunt and told her that. She wanted it so I stuffed my cock up her. It bent.

I had told her last week when I pulled her legs up and fucked her — I probably hurt her because her hip joint went out a day later — that fucking her with her legs down actually gave me better sensation. My cock has to bend up to get inside her and that gives me better pleasure. It’s not very exciting because I can’t see her cunt with my cock in her but it feels better so…

Fucking and cumming…

Soft-on fucking with my girl friend; July 29, 2016

Andromeda looked beautiful as we began the afternoon meeting. Gracious as always, funny, smart. After the formal meeting we sat on the couch with her project director and went over how to work with Google Drive. After the director left we were talking and I was showing her some new stuff which was taking time. So I turned to her and we kissed — I know how that turns her on. But like a dummy I was not prepared for how horny she was for me. I had not taken my pills. Soon, between doing tasks on the laptop we were groping each other. I had her shirt off and her bra off so I could suck her gorgeous tits — still stunning, still luscious and pale translucent with pale pink nipples, perfectly shaped, soft. God, how I love playing with her tits.

I got up to get a pill out of my pocket. Pretty soon her pants were off and I was between her legs licking her cunt. She kept sighing and exclaiming about how it made her feel — hot and horny — except she never quite says that. Her cunt is salty-sour and intoxicating. Her tits are spectacular. I licked her, then buried my face right up to my eyebrows in her. I just want to be immersed in her. I want to drown in her pussy juice. Her essence is femininity. I told her she is beautiful and she said, as she often does, that she didn’t believe me. But she also says that she likes hearing it.

I got one finger up her twat, then two. She is tight. There is a peculiar lump in her cunt just past the entrance on the upper wall. Is that her G-spot? I got her very hot and squirmy several times, shoving fingers up her and rubbing upward.

I had my pants down and was fairly hard. I sat on the couch and she was totally undressed and on me in a jiffy. She wanted to fuck me! I got my cock up her a bit but it was a soft-on and I only went a little ways in. She said “Oh, I got to be the man,” meaning she had to do the thrusting.

After a while of this I told her that if I could get on top of her my cock might get harder. She was all ears but, as it turned out, my cock didn’t get much harder. I kept burying my face in her cunt and then trying to fuck her, rubbing my cock vigorously, but it never became fully rigid. A rigid cock is the only way to get up her tight pussy.

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