Sexual Awakenings Ch. 05

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“Oh god!” My boyfriend grunted as he climaxed.

I was catching my breath from one of many orgasms I’d already had that night. However, it was very evident that this would be our last romp for the night. I barely registered him rolling off of me and collapsing next to me.

Not that I was complaining. It was the night, or the morning after, of our senior prom. Brandon and I were in our hotel room and it was something o’clock in the early morning. He smiled lazily at me and when I smiled back I realized how dry my throat was.

“I need some water.” I said as I rolled away and sat upright. “How about you?”

He mumbled something unintelligible and when I looked back at him his eyes were already closed. I managed to suppress a giggle as I stood up and located a bottle of water in my overnight bag. That was when I saw them. The ripped underwear of his.

I remembered I had been on his lap and really wanted to get his dick out of them. I ended up ripping the two side flaps and created a huge hole from the waistband down to the middle of his thighs. They were useless. Yet for some reason I picked them up and wondered if I should throw them out or not. Just then Brandon mumbled something else about me coming back to bed.

I was very tired myself. Before I went back to the bed I took a drink of water and decided that I would keep his underwear. I tucked it deep in my bag and walked back to bed. It occurred to me that I had never slept with a man before.

Sure I’d done a fair share of close cuddling on a couch and I’ve shared a bed before but never through the night. And I’ve certainly never done any nude cuddling. I looked over Brandon’s naked and still form.

He was laying on his side and faced me. His hairless chest was the only part of him that moved as he breathed in and out. His penis had already reverted to its smaller size. I took a quick walk around to the other side of the bed and quietly chuckled at the numerous red marks that my nails had left on his back. I had also left quite a few on his cute butt, though I didn’t remember being that aggressive.

I decided to see just how much life was left in my boyfriend. I climbed on the bed , lightly pushed him to roll onto his back, and swung my left leg over his waist. He stirred, but only slightly. So I lowered my chest to his shoulder and let my bare breasts brush his skin. This time he mumbled something about feeling good. One last test and if he failed it I’d simply go to sleep myself.

His penis, still wet from our love-making, felt warm in my hand. I rubbed and squeezed it with a firm grip. No reaction. Poor guy must truly be exhausted.

I dismounted him and laid down next to him. He rolled back onto his side. We faced each other and I let my hand glide along his ribs and left arm.

“Mmm, Emily.” He exhaled.

“Yes Brandon?”

“Are we going to sleep now?” He asked in a low voice.

“Yes we are. We wore each other out.” I reminded him.


He was quiet for a long minute and I thought he had fallen asleep.

“Heyyy, are we still naked?”

“Yes,” I answered him, “as naked as we can be.”

“Wanna cuddle?” His question made me happy.

Up until two months ago we had only been good friends. Then I let him take my virginity and since then we’d been friends that also had sex. Tonight I asked him to date me until I left for college in a few weeks. I know that to other people that might sound strange but, as it turned out, I would end up needing him quite a bit over the next few weeks. This was also the first time he’d used the word cuddle and it gave me a warm feeling inside.

I turned over and pressed my back against his chest. He was very warm, like he had an internal heater inside of him. He shifted his own body and I quietly gasped when I felt his member slide between my butt cheeks. His left arm came across mine and his hand found my breast.

“Mmm, you feel really good Em.” Brandon whispered in my ear. “You fit the mold.” He joked.

“Haha, I bet I do, but it’s time to go to sleep,” I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand, “it’s after three in the morning.”

“I’ve never slept like this Em.” He admitted. “Feels so good.”

“Same here. Now go to sleep honey.” I told him.

“Ok,” he paused, “love ya Em.”

My eyes shot wide open.

‘Did he really just say that to me?’ My mind raced through possible scenarios.

‘He was tired, we had just had a night full of sex, we had been friends for over five years, we were sleeping together, and it was prom night. Maybe he didn’t really mean it. Maybe he meant it in a friendly way.’ I asked myself.

‘If he did mean it would he remember he actually said it? Then I’d have pressure to say it back. And I was leaving for college in six weeks!’ My heart raced in my chest.

I tried to force my mind to relax. I needed sleep and maybe the morning sun would help me to think clearly. Thankfully I was able to focus on the sound of Brandon breathing in my ear. The rhythm Ordu Escort of his breaths was calming and relaxing. I felt really comfortable in his arms. Safe and loved.

Perhaps I did love him too. One thing I knew for sure, I’d have to talk to someone about it, and quickly. A minute or so later and I passed out.

Chapter One – The morning after

Much later on I awoke when Brandon stirred himself awake. I yawned and stretched my arms. That’s when I looked down and remembered my nakedness.

“Ahh!” I yelled and crossed my arms over my boobs.

Brandon practically jumped off the bed and had a wild look in his eyes. “What?! What’s wrong?” He shouted.

“I’m naked!” I looked at him and was surprised to see him fully erect. “And so are you! Very naked.”

He looked down and then back at me. “So? We’ve seen each other in the buff a few times already.” He reminded me.

“Well yeah but…” The night’s events flooded my mind and made me feel more embarrassed. The things I’d said and did…

Brandon had walked around to my side of the bed. His damned erection disrupted my chain of thought. As I glanced at it I felt a familiar heat grow inside of me.

“Relax Em. You look beautiful and have nothing to be ashamed of.” His hand caressed the side of my face.

“Beautiful?” I repeated back to him, forgetting my embarrassment of waking up naked. I knew I wasn’t my best. Messed up hair, morning breath, and the like.

“Stunning, gorgeous, sexy even.” He laid it on thick and I let him.

Thick, like his dick, that bobbed in the air inches in front of my face.

“How are you already aroused? You just woke up.” I pointed out to him.

He actually grabbed his shaft in his hand. It was pointed straight at my mouth. Goddamn, he was making me horny!

“This? Almost every morning I wake up with a hard-on.” He informed me. “It’s called morning wood.”

“Well, put it away, or something.” I glanced at the clock, it read seven thirty. My dad would be home around nine. “I got a hour and a half to get dressed and get home.”

“Well that’s plenty of time Em. One last time before we go?” He grinned at me.

I could feel the color rise in my face. My own body betrayed me. I desired him but I feared my father finding out. My thighs inadvertently rubbed together to hide my growing arousal. I wondered if Brandon had noticed or not. I got my answer when he placed a hand on each of my thighs.

“Remember being in the limo yesterday?” He said.

I remembered it alright. And my inner fire grew.

“I wanted you to spread your legs and you denied me twice before you gave in.”

He wasn’t even sexually touching me but my breathing grew deep. I gripped the edge of the mattress and watched his eyes glance up at my bare chest. Our eyes met and he smiled a Cheshire smile. He knew he had me.

“And when you did spread your legs,” he pushed my thighs apart, “do you remember what I did next?”

“Mm-mm.” I moaned through closed lips.

He was done talking. I watched his head move between my legs. I felt his hot breath on my pussy. I gasped when his tongue flicked the object of his desire.

I had awoken in shock. Disbelief followed as I remembered the previous night. Arousal and a burning desire quickly replaced all of that and I let myself fall back onto the mattress. His head stayed between my legs and I subconsciously wrapped my hands around the back of his head. Not that I needed to, he was perfectly willing to keep going.

His tongue sent electric shocks through me. It thrashed around the edges and pushed itself inside. His lips kissed me and caused shudders through my spine. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy it. Something about having my man service me was very arousing

I felt sweat form on my upper chest and passion grow inside of me. I wanted his dick. In my hand, or my mouth, or, oh god, inside of me. I heard myself groan as he pleased me. He must’ve known what I really wanted but he didn’t give it to me.

His tongue stayed on my clit. I writhed on the bed as pleasure flowed through me. But I wanted his dick.

“God Brandon just get up here already.” I took a deep breath and remembered he liked it when I used the f word. “I want you to fuck me.”

I had pushed him but he didn’t give in. I felt his fingers penetrate my throbbing lips and thrust in and out of me. He was having fun with me now. I knew he wouldn’t stop and decided to give in to my lust.

“Ahhh!” I moaned.

My hips bucked against his face. I dug my nails into the back of his head and groaned when he kissed my clit.

“Ohhh shit!” I cursed.

His tongue felt like it moved even faster and the electricity I had felt earlier now shot through my entire body. I clamped my thighs around his head and arched my back off the bed.

“Damn you!” I yelled at him.

I should be on my way home. I should be dressed. I shouldn’t be buck naked with his mouth on my pussy. His damn tongue when I wanted his damn dick! And Ordu Escort Bayan then it hit me.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned. “Ohhhh gooddddd!”

A flood of pleasure coursed through my body. His tongue and fingers never stopped moving and neither did my hips. His other hand slid under my butt and molested it, roughly.

“Ohhhhh shit! Shit! Goddamned shit!” I cursed again.

My body went rigid as my orgasm broke over me. Brandon had made me cum from his mouth and I hoped he knew it wouldn’t be enough for me. I gasped in air and felt him stand up. Yes, he knew I wanted more of him.

Even as I came down off my high I scooted my body back until I was completely on the king-sized bed. My eyes were closed but I felt the mattress move under his weight as he followed after me. I felt his hands graze my legs and stomach. I wanted to tell him to just take me already but I was still gasping for air. He kissed my stomach and I giggled as he moved up to my boobs.

“What’s funny?” He asked.

I opened my eyes and looked into his. His beautiful brown eyes.

“Nothing’s funny babe. It just tickled a little. Keep going though.”

“Oh I was just killing time while you caught your breath.” He moved his right leg between the two of mine.

My eyes were glued to his huge shaft while he brought his left leg next to his right one.

“This is one hell of a good morning.” He quipped.

“Yeah it is.” I replied but didn’t look away.

“Oh wait. You need to go don’t you?” He said.

I sat up and threw my hands around his waist. I found his cute bubble butt and pulled it towards me. I sunk my nails into his soft flesh and smiled when he groaned in reaction.

“Oh god Em.”

“That’s right Brandon. And I’m not letting go till you make love to me.”

“Are you sure?” He looked at me with his best attempt at questioning me.

“Quit teasing me.” I dug my nails even further. “You know what I want.”

His hands flew to my shoulders and he pushed me back onto the mattress. My hands flew from his butt and down to the bed. I gasped at his show of strength and stared at him.

“I already gave you what you wanted. But this,” he took hold of his throbbing member again, “this is for me.” He said in a forceful tone.

I was even more turned on now. He was going to take me. He was going to make love to me and invade my body until he came. And I wanted him to.

“Take me.” I lifted my hips in the air and my butt off the bed.

His brown eyes sparked at my willingness. He lowered himself over me and used his left arm to brace himself. I kept eye contact with him as he maneuvered his dick to my pussy. When the smooth tip slid down between my lips I gasped.

“I like your reactions when I touch you.” Brandon commented.

“I like your dick.” I admitted.

His smile grew wider. He pushed his hips against mine and he penetrated my wet pussy.

“Oh god.” I exhaled.

“Almost there.” He grunted.

“God you’re huge.” I complimented him. “Oh shit!” His hips met mine and he buried his manhood inside of me.

“Hmm, have I ever told you what a nice pussy you have?”

“I think you may have done so a few times last night.” I took in a deep breath and adjusted to his penetration. “You also said you loved how tight it is.”

He didn’t answer. At least, not verbally. He lowered his body onto mine, his chest pressed against my breasts, and I felt his right hand slide under my butt. I tried to hold back, just to see if I could control my own urge, but I moaned out loud when he gave it a firm squeeze.

“I also love your round ass.” He said, as if he needed to remind me.

I was about to remind him that I had a deadline to meet. Just as I opened my mouth he drew his hips back and thrusted deep into me. I groaned again while he quickly found his rhythm.

His thick dick rapidly slid in and out of me. I had made it easy on him of course. Or maybe it was the other way around. He was the one that had just orally pleased me. Still, as good as it felt to have him inside of me, I had too many things going on in my head to fully concentrate. Which is a shame because it was probably at least decent, if not good, sex.

Besides getting home before my dad did, which wasn’t exactly an arousing thought, or wondering why my mom had knowingly covered for me to have this night out with Brandon, I wondered if he had meant what he said last night.

We had made love a few times in a short span and were riding a sexual high as we fell asleep. He had to have also been exhausted as well. I decided that I wouldn’t mention it but I’d try to subliminally get him to say it again.

“God I love your dick!” I squealed.

“Yeah?” He said through heavy breaths.

“Oh god yes! The same way you said you loved my ass, my boobs, basically my whole body!”

“Damn right I do!” His breaths were forced now.

He couldn’t last much longer. His thrusts were faster, stronger, now. As selfish as it was I wanted it to be over. Not Escort Ordu for any reason other than time. So I bit him in the shoulder, hard.

“Ohhh god!” He groaned.

I filed the fact that he liked it in my mind and sank my teeth even deeper. He made a final, deep thrust.

“Mm, hmm, oh fffffuck!”

I felt his dick momentarily swell even larger and grinned as he enjoyed his orgasm. His hips bucked a few times and then he was still. Well, his body was still but I could feel his penis pulse inside of me. For a long second I lay still as well, forgetting my own urgency, until he propped himself above me.

I stared into his eyes and felt an inner warmth again. This warmth was a bit higher in my chest than where it had been earlier. I knew I’d need to think about my feelings for him when I had clothes on and he wasn’t inside of me. Still, even then, I knew I at least cared deeply about him.

“Well come on Em!” He unceremoniously withdrew from me and stood up. “We need to get you home!”

I mockingly stuck my tongue at him and went to find my underwear and clothes. I quickly got dressed while he cleaned up and located all of his stuff.

“Hey, where’s my boxers? The ones you ripped?” He asked as he looked around the room.

“Oh I threw them out.” I lied to him. “Didn’t you bring a spare pair?”

“I did. Just didn’t want to leave anything behind.”

“We won’t.” I assured him as I threw my own clothes in my bag. “Now hurry up and get me home before my dad kills you.”

That seemed to motivate him. I was home with ten minutes to spare and went right to sleep. I spent most of Saturday relaxing and napping in my full-sized bed, but it felt oddly small and lonely considering the king-sized I had enjoyed Friday night.

Chapter Two – Monday

Monday morning I woke up and immediately regretted it. I should’ve stayed asleep but my alarm wouldn’t shut up.

I was in my last week and a half of senior classes. We had already taken all of our finals so there was nothing left to do but be in class to fulfill the school’s attendance requirement. If Sunday hadn’t been such a waste of a day I might have just gone back to bed. But I knew I needed to get out of the house that I hadn’t left since Brandon brought me home.

‘Brandon. I should’ve called him yesterday. Talked to him about prom. Why hadn’t he called me. Did he remember saying he loved me and now it felt awkward between us? Great, now I feel awkward.’ I thought to myself.

I managed to push my thoughts away and slowly put on my uniform. Definitely one of the detriments of going to a private school, but the upsides outweigh the downsides. As I ate breakfast my mind wandered back to my boyfriend. I decided to let him take the lead regarding his feelings and go from there.

My mom came down the stairs and I realized this was the first time seeing her since Friday night. She had gone to some retreat early Saturday morning and gotten back late last night.

“Good morning dear! How are you?” She asked.

“Fine.” My typical Monday morning answer.

“Fine? Hopefully you were more than fine two mornings ago.” She quipped.

As smart as I thought I was I actually had to count back two mornings to figure out what day she had meant. I must’ve been more tired than I thought. Still, as pleasant memories came to mind, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

“Oh I was Mom. Cloud nine is more like it.”

I found it oddly comforting that my mom and I could talk about me being sexually active. It seemed like it made our relationship even better.

“So? Tell me all about it!” She seemed really excited.

But I was running late already.

“Sorry mom.” I jumped off the stool and pecked her cheek. “I’m running late. Maybe after school?” I made my way towards the front door.

“Sure Emily, see you then!” She called out after me.

I got in my sedan and made the drive to school with minutes to spare. As I got out and grabbed my purse I glanced over the student lot. I was crestfallen to see that Brandon’s truck wasn’t there. Perhaps he was running behind like I had been.

When the bell rang for homeroom and he still wasn’t there I became worried. The morning classes were a blur and a waste of time, all of our time. It wasn’t until lunch period that I got an answer. I sat down to eat with my best friend Ashley and, to my surprise, Nicholas, who happened to be a buddy of Brandon’s.

“Hey Nick.” I warmly greeted him.

“Oh yeah Em, Nick’s going to be sitting with us now.” Ashley informed me. “We kinda hooked up at his party.”

“Kinda?” Nick raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Ok we totally hooked up at his party! Is that better?” She grinned across the table at Nick.

He took a swig of water before answering. “Totally better.”

“Yeah you guys are totally cute.” I interjected. “So where’s Brandon?” I asked Nick.

“Oh you don’t know? He’s out sick. Came down with something viral or something.” He saw shock in my eyes. “Oh but it’s not contagious. I was just over there yesterday afternoon.” He reassured me. “You should call him later on, but don’t stop by, he’s even uglier than normal right now.”

“Nice,” I turned to face Ashley, “your boyfriend has a charming sense of humor to him.”

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