Shanti’s Tryst with Adventures Ch. 02

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“You’re so beautiful,” Ratan said to Rani on the other side of the door. “So beautiful …” he kept repeating as he pulled her down on the sofa beside him. He let his hands rove over her slender body, stopping at the pert upturned breasts whose nipples were clearly outlined against the soft material of Rani’s dress, then circling her hips with his arms, he gripped her buttocks, pulling her closer to him.

Rani’s breathing came heavily and her face tilted back on the sofa wore an expression of the pain of waiting for the lovemaking that was to come. Ratan undid the buttons at the front of her blouse and saree was strewn on the sofa already removed while he put his hands inside. He could feel her trembling slightly, and when he touched her breasts, she uttered a low groan. He reached behind her and undid her bra so that the rounded orbs were free for his fervent touch. With one hand, he toyed with her nipples and weighted the soft mounds in his palms enjoying the luxurious silky feeling of Rani’s skin against his hand. With his other hand, he fumbled at his zipper and gradually released his throbbing member from his trousers.

Rani heard the sound of the zipper and knew what he had done. She reached down and boldly grabbed hold of his giant cock. “Oh, my, that feels good,” she said. “You’re quite a big boy, aren’t you?”

“It’ll get even bigger when it gets where it wants to be!” Ratan said, placing his hand over hers and moving it up and down over the bulging tip of his penis. She felt the stickiness of the pearls of liquid that exuded from his excited member and with expertise, began to stroke and caress it. She felt wildly aroused by the feel of his blunt member in her small hand and could begin to imagine the wonderful feel of it sunk deep between her legs.

Ratan returned to her breasts with both hands now. First he touched them softly, and then more roughly as Rani’s hand on his cock began to send maddening thrills throughout his system. He kissed her wetly on the mouth and then let his mouth slide down her chin, then her throat, covering her with tiny kisses wherever it passed. Then he was inside her blouse, pushing the limp bra cups up and sucking noisily at her nipples. He sucked and bit at them, pulling the tender flesh with his teeth, then surrounding and soothing the tortured flesh with the flat wet smoothness of his tongue.

What he was doing hurt Rani briefly from time to time, but then he would do something else that would completely unsettle her so that she could hardly bear the pleasure. She had heard of people who could cum like that, just by having their breasts sucked. No one had ever done it to her quite this way before, and she was sure that if Ratan continued, she would have an orgasm. Her hand continued working in a steady up-and-down motion at his enormous cock, pulling the loose foreskin up, then sliding it back, releasing the glistening head to the air. She shifted her buttocks back and forth on the sofa, feeling an insane tingle between her legs.

Ratan put one hand down to her quivering thigh and slowly stroked the full roundness of it, digging his thick fingers into the silky petticoat flesh, then smoothing the area he had just probed with a gentle circular motion. He let his hand travel up to the warmth high under her rumpled petticoat, where his fingers stretched out to meet her moist pulsating vulva.

Rani gave a tiny shriek of pleasure as he pushed under her panties and entwined his fingers in the dampness of her waiting pussy. Ratan’s cock jumped about wildly in her hand as though it had a life of its own. He felt as though his lungs were going to burst any minute from the effort of his harsh broken breathing, but on he went, jiggling his fingers about in her crotch among the secret joys of her cunt.

Rani began to call out his name hoarsely. “Oh, Ratan … Ratan …do it to me … yes, do it to me!” She screwed herself down so that his fingers could push far, far up into her satiny vagina, squealing when he reached her cervix. She kicked off her designer slippers and tried desperately to get her blouse and petticoat off, while jerking spasmodically at Ratan’s convulsing prick. She was jumping around all over his hand, wiggling herself back and forth and up and down, completely out of her head with passion. She began to babble, muttering snatches of words and sentences in an incoherent wail.

“Oh yeah … oh Ratan! Oh baby, baby … honey do it … oh fuck me now … now … oh Ratan, Rize Escort baby! It’s sooooo gooood.”

He tugged at his pants, trying to remove them.

“Come on … let’s get everything off!” he said, panting. They both stood up hastily and removed all their clothing, letting them fall to make an obscene pile in front of the sofa. Then they collapsed into each other’s arms on the sofa and he was at her from all over, grasping at her buttocks, letting his hands cover every inch of her shapely naked body. They were both hot and flushed and moisture formed wherever their bodies touched.

She reached down and touched the fullness of his balls, cupping them in the palm of her hand, then once her hand was at his penis, pulling at it and teasing it and urging it to enter her.

“Oh, Ratan, fuck me, fuck me!” she cried, letting her head roll from side to side. She felt as though someone had drugged her, so great was her desire for him. If she could just have that beautiful cock plunged into her to the hilt…

Suddenly Ratan got up from the couch and knelt down on the floor in front of Rani. He separated her knees with his hands and gazed hungrily at the sight of her parted sex before him. The brownish interior of her pussy peaked out temptingly from between the surrounding soft blonde hair, and her smooth, trembling thighs extended limply on either side of Ratan’s body. He bent down and after taking a deep breath, pushed his face into the opened crevice. Rani gave a gasp of delight and entwined her fingers

in Ratan’s hair, pulling his face forward even farther into the moisture of her loins. She ground her hips up slowly into his face, wriggling like a snake so that his tongue could sink deeper into her clasping orifice. She melted as she felt the cool wet of his mouth meet the fire of her pussy. His tongue darted in and out, then smoothly up and down, in her cunt, probing every dark corner.

“Oh Ratan … you’re sucking me … suck me good, honey, suck me good!” she gasped.

Ratan groaned and continued his oral exploration of her twitching sex, unaware that his own wife was a scant few feet away…

* * *

Behind the bedroom door, Ram stood tensely, with his ear glued to the wood. He could not take more of it, he knew. The lewd sounds were exciting him beyond all measure. Just the idea of his wife out there getting it from Ratan made his cock jump jerkily to a full erection. He would have to do something about it pretty soon. He still held Shanti fast, although she had made no motion to move or get away from the door. She seemed to be listening intently too, but there were tears streaming down her cheeks, and every now and then she emitted a soft sob of pained emotion. Ram looked down at her, and pulled her even closer to him, forcing his hands up under her salwar, so that he could feel her smooth, cushiony behind.

Shanti realized what he was doing, but she knew there was nothing she could do to stop him. He was much too strong for her – that had already been proven – and she could hardly scream under the circumstances. She felt his impudent hands pushing down beneath the salwar and the elastic of her panties and grabbing the bare flesh of her bottom. He held one plump cheek in each hand, pulling her tightly against him so that his cock shoved rudely into her stomach.

“Doesn’t that do something to you, slut?” Ram whispered to her, slipping his tongue wetly into her ear as he did so. Shanti didn’t bother to answer him. Yes, it was doing something to her all right. It was almost killing her to have to listen to the obscenities going on in the next room. Her husband was making love to that horrible woman. She was every bit as horrible as Ram. They were well-matched. Shanti just wanted to disappear. She thought briefly about jumping out of the window … and that would be one way to solve everything. But she knew that she could never do that. There was really nothing she could do but suffer.

And now this monster had hold of her again. His rough hands pawed at her behind. The feel of them sickened her even more than the lewd sounds of sex emanating from the next room.

Ram pulled her down to the floor with him, right up against the door, where the loud wet sound of Ratan’s tongue in Rani’s cunt and Rani’s cries permeated the thin wood. Ram stretched his body flat out on Shanti’s and holding her pinned helplessly beneath his weight, slipped her panties down. Then with one deft move, he unzipped Rize Escort Bayan his fly and freed his cock, letting it spring out like a jack in the box. It stood hard and proud projecting through the open fly surrounded by tufts of his pubic hair that were visible around the edge of its thick base.

Shanti groaned softly beneath him, “Oh dear God, no. Don’t let this happen again. Not again. Please not again!”

She felt the blunt end of his thick cudgel pressing against her defenseless vagina. All the hurt and humiliation she had felt were nothing compared to this final debasement. She let her body go limp, no longer caring what happened to her. Her life and her second marriage were ruined; she thought nothing else really mattered.She turned her head to the side, hoping to escape the sound of her husband’s pleasure and closed her eyes tightly. Ram could hardly wait to fuck her again. What had gone before he considered just a taste of the Tamil slut whose history he was not aware of – her escapades of the past would make his cock suck vacuum but as of now he was not in the know-how and at this moment, he really wanted to make Shanti squirm beneath him. There was just something about her maddening young innocence that made him want to fuck her. He looked down at her tightly screwed-up face, her beautiful body beneath his body, trapped, waiting helplessly for him to do whatever he wanted to her. And then he thought of the two of them out there, Rani and Ratan. That was some little bitch he had for a wife, but he had to give her credit. She really had the right attitude about things, letting him have as many quail as he wanted as long as she got what she wanted. And she sure had some appetite he had to admit. Her needs even seemed to surpass his own. Before he was through, he could make this one like that too -maybe. He heard Rani crying out for Ratan to fuck her, and without waiting any further, Ram thrust into Shanti’s still moist passage, skewering her to the floor like an impaled butterfly.

“Oooomph …” Shanti responded, the wind temporarily knocked out of her. And then, “Oooooomph!” again as he plunged again deep into her cunt. He spread into her pussy mechanically, with long even strokes, his handsome face reddening with each blow. Shanti lay quietly at first unfeeling, but then, against her will, something caught fire deep in her belly and the smooth hard cock began to arouse her once more. She began to push her hips back up to meet the maddening onslaught of Ram’s lust-hardened prick. There was nothing more to lose, she knew that. She had lost her husband,

her dignity, and her self-respect … she might as well act like the slut she had suddenly become. A tide of desire went rippling through her and suddenly she thrust her hands up into Ram’s thick hair and pulled his head down to meet hers. She pushed her tongue deep into his mouth and held on to his hair while her rekindled body strained and pushed under him. She felt the hardness of the floor underneath her involuntarily grinding buttocks, but it did not take away the wonderful feel of Ram’s swollen member touching her inflamed genitals.

She felt the cold wood smacked against the nakedness of her gyrating bottom. Her loins felt warm like butter left on a stove to melt. She was ground down to the floor with each glancing blow of Ram’s penis. Her entire being was filled with the prick that was beating against the smooth sensitive walls of her cunt. Ram’s balls slapped rhythmically against her wet buttocks and finally the sounds of their own lovemaking drowned out the lustful noises of their spouses.

“Aaahhh! Yes, sweet bitch … shake those hips, give it to me baby, give it to me!” Ram bent her backwards so that she was almost bent over double. The pleasure was too intense for Shanti to deny, and all her pent-up anger and hurt combined in a great release of tension as her sex juices flowed freely around Ram’s surging prick. He dug his fingers into her firm breasts, and holding onto them he continued rocking her thrashing body back and forth. She felt her kurti clinging to her skin moistly from their combined sweat, and she knew it would be crushed, especially where it was bunched up around her waist, but she could not even begin to worry about it. She was only aware of the long cock inside her. Her mouth hung open and she felt as if she were no longer a human being, but a twisting turning object, totally mindless. She was nearing an orgasm, and that Escort Rize was all that mattered. It was going to be incredible, better than anything else she had ever known.

Ram watched her contorted face avidly, waiting for the moment when she would want to cum and would scream out for him to make her do it.

“Tell me when you’re cumming!” he called out … massaging her breasts wildly and pressing with his thumbs as far as he could into the delicate spongy flesh.

“Oh Ram … yes … yes … now … now! Now!” And with that Ram rammed harder and released a gush of hot, boiling sperm deep into her wildly twitching cunt.

“Oh, ohoohooohh … Shanti wailed as the culminating orgasm spiraled round and round inside her pussy and rapidly spread its delicious sensations to the rest of her body.

“Man … you sure fuck good, honey … you sure fuck good!” Ram grunted.

* * *

Rani lifted Ratan’s glistening face up from between her legs.

“Oh Ratan,” she cried. “Please fuck now … fuck me now!”

Ratan looked up at Rani’s sex-tormented features … her brownish dark hair hung down in her eyes and her mouth was slack and full. He stood on his knees and deftly parted the lips of her soft, fleece-covered cunt with his fingers. He saw Rani’s belly quiver at the touch. Then he touched his penis to the opening of her vagina. She was small and he knew that he would have to push his way into her, because of the dimensions of his cock. He placed his palms against the flat sides of her thighs and slowly pushed them even wider apart. Then he began to press into the moist flesh of her pussy. He met resistance at first, then the ring-like muscles gave with a slight pop and admitted his enormous cock, slowly but surely into her very depths.

“Oh, Ratan … fuck me good … fuck me good.” Rani’s legs splayed out wide on either side of his muscular torso … her body slumped down on the couch, pointed breasts shaking as she jerked and slid her further down in an attempt to accommodate even more of Ratan’s cock. The thick head buried itself in the tight folds of vagina … sinking steadily deeper and deeper, creating an increased pleasure for both of them with each centimeter it sank. A long low moan escaped from Rani’s lips as she felt her inner passage stretching to surround the huge cudgel being implanted in her loins. It was maddening, somehow indecent to feel Ratan plowing her like that, down on his knees in front of her, while she lay naked in the company’s hotel suite. But, it was wonderful. It gave her a sense of wickedness that heightened her excitement. This was certainly by far the best of Ram’s clients … and the most interesting from several points of view. She must make sure that he got the account so that she could see a lot more of him. She knew that it would take more than once for her to get enough of this one.

Ratan rammed his penis into her with all his might now … touching the end of her narrow cunt. He felt her jump and then groan with pain as he hit her again and again with the full force of his loins. It was quite a bonus to be fucking Ram Saran’s lady, and to have her look like a bathing beauty and screw like a professional.

“Aaahh!” she cried out … and then again … “Aaahh! OH it’s too good. It’s too good … oh God … oh God … I’m cumming already … I’m cumming … ohhhh!”

Her legs and thighs shook uncontrollably and her arms thrashed out from side to side. Her belly rose and fell rapidly as Ratan grabbed her around the waist and pulled her crotch forward with a strong rapid motion, impaling her pussy on his lust-crazed cock. He ground her hips down on his member, using the lower half of her body like an object made only for his gratification. As the bulbous head of his cock struck brutally and he felt her jerking spasmodically around his cock, he felt his own orgasm start and gave her three fast hard blows. On the third he flooded her pussy with his cum and gave a great cry of joy and relief, while Rani jerked and flailed about in her final spasms.

The heat of their passion slowly subsided and Ratan fell forward onto Rani’s spent body. They lay there for a few moments and Ratan’s prick gradually deflating, until it slipped softly from her exhausted cunt.

In the other room Ram and Shanti lay limply on the floor. Neither couple had heard the final spasms of the other, so overcome with their own emotions.

Ram lay sprawled out on Shanti’s voluptuous shape, while she lay almost unconscious beneath him. As he began to get his breathing under control again he listened carefully to see if he could hear what was going on in the living room. But there was no sound at all.

Both couples had reached simultaneous orgasms.

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