Shehla’s Story Ch. 01

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I would like to tell my readers that those searching for quick, fast and furious action will probably be better off looking elsewhere but I hope that those who want to read a good story will find this one rewarding.

Conversations that took place in Hindi are recorded in italics followed immediately with an English translation. Those familiar with Hindi may find it rewarding to read the original. Others can skip those parts.

Your vote and constructive feedback is appreciated.



It was close to midnight when Kapil finally reached home. Kalpana was up, waiting for him in the living room. One glance at him told her that something had happened between him and Shehla.

“Ghar aa gaye beta? Bahut der laga di!”

“Are you home, son? You are late!” His mother called out from her bedroom.

“Ji Amma. Ek purana dost mil gaya. Uske saath gupshup karte karte kaise samay beet gaya pata hi nahi chala.”

“Yes Mother. I met an old friend on the way and we didn’t realize how quickly time passed while we chatted!” He silently signalled Kalpana to wait for him in the bedroom…

“Jao, pehle naha dho kar aao!”

“Go take a shower first!” Kalpana ordered, with an edge to her voice. She’d smelt Shehla’s scent on Kapil the moment he had shut the bedroom door behind him. Soon, he stood before her, drying himself off after a quick shower. The expression on his face was that of a naughty schoolboy caught red-handed while pulling a prank. He tried to appear contrite but couldn’t really hide a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

“Bolo, kya hua?”

“Tell me, what happened?”

“Wohi hua jo manzoor e khuda tha!”

“Whatever God willed, happened!” Kapil replied, paraphrasing a well-known Urdu saying.

“Paheliyan mat bujhao. Saaf saaf bolo. Mai sab sunna chahti hoon!”

“Don’t talk in riddles. Tell me frankly. I want to hear everything!” Kalpana barely kept her temper in check. One look at her and Kapil knew she meant business. She rarely lost her temper with him, but when she did, she had to be handled with kid gloves, as he had learnt the hard way…

“Han, han. Sab batata hoon. Lekin tum sab bilkul shanti se suno. Baukhlao mat!”

“Yes, yes. I’ll tell you everything. But please listen without getting excited. And don’t get angry!” The smirk was wiped off his face. Kalpana listened in sullen silence as Kapil slowly recounted all that had happened between him and Shehla that evening.

“Kya tumhe pata nahi tha ke uski ma aur beti ghar par nahi hain?”

“Didn’t you know that her mother and daughter were not at home?”

“Bilkul nahi. Mujhe yeh kaise pata chalta?’

“Absolutely not. How could I know?”

“H’m!” Kalpana remembered that Kapil wasn’t present when Shehla had told her that her mother and daughter had gone visiting her aunt.

“Tumne zabardasti ki uske saath?”

“Did you force her?”

“Arre nahi Kalpana! Tumhe maloom hai mai aisa aadmi nahi hoon!”

“No Kalpana! You know I am not that sort of a man!”

“Usne tumko uksaya?”

“Did she lead you on?”

“Nnn… Nahi. Jaan boojhkar nahi. Lekin sab mahol hi aisa kuchh ban gaya tha ke hum dono ek doosre ki taraf kheenche chale aaye! Apne aap ko rok nahi paye!”

“Nnn… No. Not deliberately. But the whole situation was such that we both were attracted to each other. We couldn’t stop ourselves!”

“Kuchh condom wagairah istemal kiya?”

“Did you at least use a condom?”

“Arre nahi, Kalpana. Yeh sab achanak se ho gaya. Aisa kuchh plan nahi banaya tha, naahi koi taiyari ki thi.”

“Oh no, Kalpana. All of this happened so suddenly. I hadn’t planned it nor had I prepared for it.”

Kalpana rolled her eyes in disgust. She digested all that she’d heard and reacted after a while:

“Khoob bhoga tumne usse!”

“You really had your way with her!”

“Han. Lekin hum donon ne ek saath jo bhoga hai uske saamne kuchh bhi nahi!”

“Yes. But it was nothing, compared to what we have enjoyed together!” He meant it.

Kapil realized how attractive and sexy Kalpana was looking at that moment. Something in her manner reminded him of their early days together. He extended his arms towards her and she melted into his embrace.

On her part, Kalpana remembered guiltily how much she too had enjoyed the first time “Sir” had fucked her even though she knew it was wrong. Her residual anger was swept aside by her growing arousal as she felt her hubby’s hardness against her belly. She raised her face to welcome his lips as he possessively claimed her mouth. Husband and wife enjoyed an intense bout of lovemaking. The novelty of the situation had refreshed and rejuvenated them after Kapil’s encounter with Shehla…

“Ab aage kya karne ka socha hai tumne?”

“What are you going to do now?” Kalpana queried as they lay side by side, enjoying their post-coital intimacy. She was reassured that she wasn’t going to lose Van Escort her hubby to Shehla.

“Tum hi batao Kalpana. Mai kya karoon?”

“You tell me Kalpana. What should I do?” He lobbed the ball back in her court.

“Na baba na! Mein kaise bataa sakti hoon? Mujhe jo kehna tha kissi doosri aurat ke baare mein woh toh mein keh chuki hoon. Ab tum aur tumhari woh hi jaano aage kya karna hai.”

“No, no! How can I tell you? I’ve already said what I had to say about your involvement with another woman. Now, it is up to you and her to decide what you want to do.” She stood by her earlier decision to give him a hall pass.


“Lekin yeh mat bhoolo. Tumhare aur uske beech koi pyar mohabbat waali baat ko mein katai bardasht nahi karoongi! Tum sirf merey ho aur merey hi rahoge!”

“But don’t forget. I’ll never tolerate any love or affection between you and her! You are mine and will remain mine!”

“Han. Pata hai!”

“Yes. I know!”

“Merey khyal se mujhe ek baar us se milkar baat cheet kar leni chahiye!”

“I think I need to meet her and have a chat.” Kapil muttered, almost to himself.

“H’m!” Kalpana responded. They soon fell asleep.



As was her habit, Shehla woke up early on Sunday morning, rubbed sleep out of her eyes and remembered the happenings of the previous evening. She couldn’t even begin to count the number of things that had gone horribly wrong:

First of all, she’d betrayed the trust of her best friend by seducing her husband. Even though Kapil had told her not to worry about it, it weighed heavily on her conscience. Then, they’d had unprotected sex. She blamed herself for that lapse.

“What about STDs?” She asked herself. She knew that she was clean, since she had gotten her tests done, firstly as part of the visa application process before going to the Gulf, and then again after returning to India. “But what about Jiju?” She wondered. “He is a responsible man and he is after all Kalpana Didi’s husband. He must be clean too!” She hoped.

“And what about pregnancy?” She did a quick calculation and realized that she was probably in her fertile period. “Oh god, Jiju must have planted his seed in me already!” She was apprehensive and made a mental note to visit a gynaecologist on Monday.

Then, she hadn’t even been presentable for sex. She cringed when she remembered how Kapil had felt her stubbly pubic hair. “Oh god, I wish I had at least shaved. What must Jiju think of me?” She asked herself, blushing in shame.

On top of all the things that had been screwed up, she was sore between her legs after the hard reaming that Jiju’scock had administered on the inside and the bruising of the outer pudendum caused by her own bristly pubic hair driven into her delicate skin by Jiju’s energetic thrusts…

And yet, notwithstanding all of this, Shehla was supremely happy, contented and cheerful. The aching, throbbing void deep within her had suddenly vanished and she felt lightness pervade her being. She felt as if she could stretch her arms out and float up, reaching the clouds. She knew that she would have to confront all of her problems soon, but at that moment, they could not eclipse her sunny mood.

She changed the sheets on her bed and threw the soiled linen and her own used clothes in the washing machine. She hesitated a bit and retrieved her torn slip. She inhaled the scent of their lovemaking on the garment, then put it in a plastic bag and stuffed it deep inside her wardrobe where only she would be able to find it. She opened the windows to let air in and sprayed air freshener, to drive away any remnant smells of their lovemaking. She enjoyed a quiet cup of tea and then had a leisurely shower, carefully shaving her legs, armpits and her pussy, something she’d neglected to do for a while.

She made a mental note about what she was going to tell her mother and daughter when they returned in the evening. Even more importantly, she knew she had to prepare for a conversation with her hubby. But that would have to wait for a while, she decided as she opened her laptop and logged into the newly created email account. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw a couple of messages in the drafts folder.

“Hello S(aali)! This is a test message. Delete it after reading. J(eeju)”. The first message was terse.

“Hi S! Are you OK? I’m good, top of the world! I have talked to K. All is well. We need to talk. Let’s meet in the coffee shop of XX hotel at 11 AM sharp today. Please reply “No” before 9:30 AM if you can’t make it. J.” The second message was equally prosaic, but still sent her heart racing. He had named a large hotel close to Santacruz airport as the rendezvous.

It was half past eight o’clock as she glanced at her watch. It should take her about an hour to reach the hotel and another hour to return home. She knew her mother and daughter would as usual be returning only in Van Escort Bayan the evening. So she should be able to spend at least four hours with Kapil, perhaps even five, she quickly calculated.

“Be there at 11 AM. S!” She replied, before logging out. The thought of saying “No” didn’t even cross her mind. Although she was relieved that Kapil had already talked to Kalpana, she was curious and apprehensive as to what exactly had transpired between them. Her heart beat a little faster in anticipation of their meeting…


Shehla took a taxi and arrived at the coffee shop five minutes before 11 AM. Kapil rose and waved as soon as he spotted her. He had reached half an hour ahead, not wanting any glitches to mar their meeting. He took in her visage as she walked towards him. Her thin kameez and wisps of hair peeping out of her headscarf shimmered in the backlight. Her face glowed in a thin sheen of sweat and wore a nervous smile. He noticed dampness under her arms as she adjusted the dupatta around her shoulders. She was visibly tense and jumpy. Kapil felt a stirring in his loins as he eyed her, their encounter on the previous evening quickly playing out before his mind’s eye…

Shehla had dressed as she would for a business meeting, in a smart salwar suit; nothing provocative. She’d worn her usual light makeup. Her hair was done in a chignon and covered by a headscarf. At the last minute she’d decided to wear an expensive perfume, something she wouldn’t normally use for a business meeting. She’d also carried an extra pair of panties and a pack of panty liners in her bag, just in case… On the way she had kept her mind studiedly blank, avoiding any thoughts about Kapil. However, her heart somersaulted as soon as she spotted Kapil waving at her.

“Aao, Shehla, baitho! Kaisi ho?”

“Have a seat, Shehla! How are you doing?” He greeted her.

“Theek hoon.”

“I’m OK.” She was non-committal.

Her heartbeat settled down in a while. His presence and the sound of his voice felt oddly comforting and she smiled at him across the table. She noticed his surreptitious glance at her bosom, well concealed as it was under her securely wrapped dupatta. Her nipples stiffened as she imagined his fingers slowly teasing them. Kapil’s observant eye didn’t miss the faint blush appearing on her cheeks.

“Would you like some coffee? Something to eat?”

“No, thank you.”

“Please have something. Give me company while I have my coffee.”

“OK. I’ll have a fresh lime soda!” She agreed after a little persuasion.

“Look Shehla, I didn’t plan whatever happened between us yesterday.” Kapil broached the subject delicately, after ordering the beverages.

“H’m!” She nodded.

“Neither did you, right?”

“No!” She whispered, lowering her eyes after a quick glance at him. Of course she hadn’t planned it! It was just that her body had sent out signals without conscious intent on her part…

“Yet, it happened. It was fated!”


“But to be perfectly honest, I have no regrets.”


“In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it! What about you?”

Shehla blushed scarlet as her memories of the previous evening came alive, causing a surge of arousal to course through her body. She burst into tears, feeling guilty, fearful, anxious and ashamed. She gratefully accepted Kapil’s handkerchief since her own little handkerchief was totally inadequate for the task at hand. Kapil waited for her to regain her composure.

A couple of guests at nearby tables looked at them curiously. Shehla excused herself and retired to the ladies room. When she returned ten minutes later, her slightly puffy eyes were the only sign of her recent outburst.

“Kapil, I don’t know what to say! I am so totally confused…”

“I understand!”

“You… you said you’d talked to Kalpana Didi…”

“Yes, I did talk to her!”

“How… what… what did you say? How is she? She must be totally angry with me!” Tears once again welled up in her eyes.

“Shh… Don’t cry, Shehla. It’s not your fault. Kalpana knows that.”

“Didi knows? How?”

“I told her. I explained how it happened… That you didn’t do anything to…”

“H’m!” Shehla relaxed a bit.

“Wasn’t she upset with you?” She asked after a while.

“Of course she was, in the beginning. But she soon simmered down.”

“How? You mean she didn’t mind what… what happened between us?” Shehla was incredulous.

“Shehla, let me just say that Kalpana and I have an agreement…” Kapil replied rather mysteriously. Shehla took a while to digest this.

“We have agreed a while ago that she wouldn’t mind my having a short term relationship outside our marriage.” Kapil explained.

“Oh?” Shehla was suddenly wary. Her arousal was extinguished and she became wary.

Her hubby Samir too had suggested a short term relationship for her. But that was for extraordinary, painful reasons Escort Van that she didn’t want to dwell on. Shehla wondered what compelling reasons would have impelled Kalpana Didi to grant her hubby such a license. But she thought it prudent not to probe further.

“But there’s a condition.” Kapil cleared his throat.


“There must be no emotional entanglement. It has to be strictly to… to satisfy bodily urges. Nothing more.” Kapil stated in a matter of fact manner, looking into her eyes.

A sudden suspicion arose in Shehla’s mind. Could Kalpana have actually set her up for Kapil to have his fun? She was stunned and humiliated. Her temper flared, her face went white and her lips trembled.

“You and Kalpana planned the whole thing! You just used me for your pleasure! Didn’t you? Tell me honestly!” Her voice shook and her eyes glittered in anger.

“No, no Shehla! It’s not what you think. There was no plan, believe me. You know very well how things just happened!” Kapil whispered, shaken by her rage.

“Excuse me!” Shehla got up, her hands trembling. Kapil’s gaze followed her as she stalked off.

“The game is up!” He thought regretfully. But then he realised that she had gone to the ladies room, not towards the exit. He fervently hoped that she would return…

Shehla shut herself in a toilet cubicle, closed her eyes and wept, letting her tears wash away her enormous emotional burden. Her mind ran through all her conversations with Kalpana over the last few weeks.

Had she made the biggest mistake of her life by sharing her problems with Kalpana? Could Didi be this cold blooded, conniving, and scheming woman setting her up to be her hubby’s plaything? Was she the victim of a conspiracy hatched by Kalpana and her hubby? Her tears continued to flow as her mind went round and round, until she reached a stage of total emotional exhaustion, unable to cry anymore.

Then she remembered Kalpana’s genuine warmth and the understanding, sympathy, and comfort she had provided when it was most needed. She could not recollect a single false note in Kalpana’s behaviour.

And what about Jiju? She asked herself. Being an attractive young woman, she had a well-honed instinct for figuring out men’s intentions. While there had certainly been a spark of interest in Kapil’s eyes, she acknowledged that there had not been even a hint of misbehaviour on his part. He had in fact been a perfect gentleman! With a twinge of guilt she remembered her own response to his manliness and realised that in fact it was she who could well be accused of trying to steal Didi’s hubby! Realisation slowly dawned that her suspicions about Kalpana’s and Kapil’s intentions were unfounded.

She then remembered her conversation with her hubby Samir. It was he who had in fact had suggested a short term liaison to her, for extraordinary reasons that only she and her hubby knew about. As memories of the sexual encounter with Kapil came flooding back, her pussy once again responded by releasing a gush of lubricious fluid, soiling her panties. She realised that she was already hooked on the intense pleasure she had experienced with Jiju.

Her heart told her to trust Kalpana Didi. Her mind told her that she wouldn’t be betraying her hubby if she pursued her liaison with Jiju. And her body desperately craved what she had already tasted in Jiju’s arms… She made her decision. Her mind cleared and her guilt, nervousness and doubts were swept away. When she returned to the table almost three quarters of an hour later, her face shone with her newfound clarity.

“Sorry Jiju. Did I keep you waiting for long?”

“No, no. It’s alright!” Kapil responded. He noted that she’d once again addressed him as Jiju. His heart skipped a beat and he wondered what was going to happen next. He was apprehensive about another emotional outburst in the coffee shop.

“Look Shehla, would it be better to continue our conversation in private? I have booked a room. We can go there if you wish.” Kapil suggested. He knew that this was a make or break moment. If she said no, that would perhaps be the end of the affair. He waited with bated breath.

The moment of truth was upon her. She was under no illusions as to what their conversation in private would lead to. The previous evening’s encounter had been unplanned, a happenstance. This one would be with her full knowledge and consent. There would be no excuses and no rationalisations…

“Chaliye, Jiju!”

“Let’s go, Jiju!” Shehla whispered, taking a deep breath. Kapil’s heart jumped in his mouth and his cock lurched awake…

“Mein aage chalta hoon. Tum paanch minute ke baad aana.”

“I’ll go ahead. You follow after five minutes.” Kapil wrote down the room number for her. He thought she mightn’t want to be seen going with him.

“Nahi, Jiju. Mujhe apne saath le chaliye!”

“No, Jiju. Please take me with you!” Shehla suddenly felt insecure about going alone. The previous evening’s events had already established a bond of intimacy between them and Shehla slipped her hand in Kapil’s, while they waited for the elevator to arrive. She needed the comfort of his touch…

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