Show Me Yours Ch. 01

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Damn it’s hot! You don’t remember the last time it was this hot in Missouri, the humidity is sky high and the temperatures are in the high 90s. You can’t even step outside without getting drenched in sweat. It’s been hot for 2 weeks now and the weatherman says there is no relief in sight, in fact he says this weekend there is a chance it could hit 100 degrees!

You have been wearing next nothing around the house and in the yard, a little tank top and a pair of baggy shorts – no panties just to try and keep cool. You have also been running the air conditioner non-stop all week.

It’s Thursday night, your mom just left to take the kids to her new condo for the weekend, John is at work and you know you need to cut the grass, you have been putting it off hoping for a cooler day, so you jump on the riding mower and begin the long, hot task. There is plenty of daylight left when you get finished, you know John will be getting home soon, and he will want something to eat.

You figure you have just enough time to take a shower and fix him something to eat before Van Escort he gets home. You think you will fix him something special, wear something very sexy and maybe you can persuade him to fuck you tonight since the kids are gone. You never know. You put the mower up and start walking towards the house anticipating the cool air condition and an ice-cold Corona, but when you walk through the front door you notice the house is very hot and stuffy.

After checking the thermostat you decide that something must be wrong with the unit. You check the fuse box, turn the whole system off, and then back on – no luck. John will have to look at it when he gets home. You decide to take the shower anyway; a nice cool shower should help cool you down. It does. You decide not turn the stove on and cook dinner so you call John and ask him to pick something up on the way home and tell him about the air conditioner. He agrees to pick up a pizza and try to fix the A/C when he gets home.

John doesn’t have any better luck with the A/C than you did so he calls a repairman. Van Escort Bayan The repairman says he is so booked up he won’t be able to get to it until Sunday night. Lot’s of folks killing them there coolers with this dang heat – he says.

John moans as he pops the top off of a Corona and sits down to eat the pizza. He says this is going to be one fucking hot weekend. You say, I hope so. He looks at you with a surprised look on his face and asks you what you mean. You tell him, it could get hotter if he pulls his cock out and lets you suck it. He smiles and gets up off of his chair, walks around the table and unzips his pants, pulls them down and lets you grab a hold of his now hardening shaft.

You are so horny, you have been for weeks, and you really get into to sucking him, going up and down kissing and sucking his balls. You can take his whole cock in your mouth and run your tongue over his ball at the same time. You can tell he won’t be lasting much longer so you pull off of his cock just long enough to remove your top and reveal Escort Van you nicely tanned tits.

You continue sucking him until your feel his hips begin to buck and his balls begin to tighten, you pull him out of your mouth and begin stroking his cock until he comes all over your tits. You begin rubbing his cum into your tits; he is just looking down at you with a huge grin on his face combined with shock.

He asks you what you want, you say “you better get down on your knees and lick my soaking wet pussy right now.” To your surprise he does, he licks you and licks you, you wish he knew what he was doing, but it is better than nothing so you slide your hand down and start rubbing your clit to help him out. You wish he knew where your clit was so he could lick it and flick it with his tongue. You finally cum all over his face, you both are very sweaty and head off for the shower to cool down.

When you are in the shower he mentions how good the cool water feels, this gives you an idea. You say, why don’t we grab the tent and go to Blue Springs and camp out and then canoe down the Meremac River all weekend? You decide to leave Friday after work. You drive in to stay with your mom in her new condo for the night to escape the heat. You anticipate the weekend at the river all day at work on Friday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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