Shy Girls

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Big Tits

My father had asked me to drop some stuff of at a friend’s place. (My father’s friend, not mine.)

“There’ll be no-one home,” he told me. “Mike’s taken his family camping for the weekend. Just dump the gear in the garage and lock it after you. Mike said he’s left the side door unlocked.”

It was a fine sunny afternoon. I drove around and parked in the driveway and grabbed the gear I was to leave behind. Music was playing in the background but I ignored it, assuming it was coming from a neighbour’s place. I learned my mistake when I reached the backyard.

There was a radio blaring away in the middle of the yard. Right next to the radio were a couple of bikini clad forms, lying on their tummies, enjoying the sunshine. It was easy to guess that one of the young ladies was Annette, Mike’s daughter. That mean the other was probably Kay, Annette’s best friend.

I’d always considered the two girls an odd couple. Not as a couple, as they were both very much alike, but odd in the fact that they both seemed excessively shy and modest. Ridiculously modest in my opinion as they both had excellent figures, but it takes all types. I assumed that Annette had decided that at eighteen she was quite old enough to stay home by herself rather than go camping. I don’t blame her. Given a choice of staying home or going out and offering myself as a virginal sacrifice to mosquitos, I’d stay home, too.

(Ah, I think I should clear up one point here. By virginal sacrifice I was referring to Annette, not myself. Just setting the record straight.)

Like I said, the girls were very similar. They were both unfashionably tall (though considerably shorter than me), both blonde, both at eighteen, younger than me by a year. Even their birthdays were on the same date, a fact that probably helped seal their friendship.

Right now they were both oblivious to my presence in the yard. I shrugged, opened the garage, and took in the stuff I was leaving. Coming out I automatically locked the door behind me and was ready to depart, still completely unnoticed by two daydreaming dollies.

I tossed a last look at them and turned to leave, them never knowing I’d been and gone, and then I stopped as something kicked itself to the forefront of my mind. I turned and looked again.

Yes, both girls were stretched out in bikinis, enjoying the sun. However, while no bikini meant no tan lines, neither girl was that daring. Undoing your top, on the other hand, meant that you had no tan lines on your back and if, heaven forbid, someone came along you could do up the top before you revealed anything. Assuming that you had the top on hand, that is.

I walked over to where the girls lay, crouching down between them.

“Hi, girls,” I said quite loudly.

There were two startled shrieks and two heads lifted up sharply from where they were pressed against the ground. This lessened the pressure of their chests against the ground, meaning that when I took hold of two bikini bras and stood up the bras slipped out from under the girls quite easily.

Hands were frantically crushed against the sides of their breasts, with two young ladies desperate that I not get a forbidden look.

“Francis,” Annette said in a near scream. “What the hell are you playing at? Give us back our tops.”

“Oh, come on, Ann, call me Frank. You know I hate the name Francis. It reminds me too much of Francis the talking mule.”

“It fits you,” snapped Kay. “You’re a jackass and probably impotent, Francis. Give us our tops.”

“You want your tops? Nothing simpler. Just roll over, sit up, and ask me nicely, and they’re yours.”

“They’re already ours. Just put them down and go away.”

“I don’t think so. I have you at a disadvantage and it would be a shame to casually give it up. Come on, time to flash those boobies.”

“Not in this lifetime,” was Ann’s reply. “We can just lie here and wait. You’ll have to go away sooner or later.”

“Um, later, actually, as my time is my own for the rest of the day. But if you don’t roll over and sit up there will be penalties.”

“Really? What sort of penalties?”

“That’s a secret. You’ll find out when it’s time for a penalty to be administered.”

“You’re bluffing. There’s nothing you can do.”

“You think?”

“We know.”

Confident little things for a couple of shy girls who’d been caught topless, weren’t they?

“OK. Penalty one.”

I knelt down between the girls, smiling at then as they turned their heads to glare at me. I winked at Kay.

“Are you going to roll over and sit up?”

The only answer I received was an evil eye so I shrugged. I also reached over, took hold of her bikini pants and drew them down off her bottom. She squealed, started to kick her legs, realised what she’d be showing if she did and went still. This allowed me to take her pants right off, leaving her lying there naked.

I turned to face Ann, who was blushing and holding on to her pants as tight as she could.

“Ah, Ann,” I said, speaking mildly as I placed my hands next to her on her pants, “it would be the height şişli escort of bad manners to refuse to let me pull these down when Kay is already naked. Where’s your sisterly solidarity.”

Poor Ann was torn between modesty and friendship. Friendship, I am pleased to say, won, and despite some insulting remarks I drew off Ann’s pants as well.

“So, are you going to sit up and ask me for your bikinis?”

Thank god Cyclops is just a comic book character. I was given the laser treatment by two sets of eyes. Ah, well, moving right along.

My hands settled on two neat little bottoms, stroking them, ignoring two outraged shrieks.

Kay found her voice first.

“You rotten swine, leave us alone. What do you think you’re doing?”

This was followed by Ann’s more anguished comment.

“Oh god, are you going to rape us?”

“Rape you?” I said indignantly. “Don’t be stupid. Of course I’m not going to rape you. Knowing you probably don’t know much about male anatomy I would like to point out that I only have one penis, so I can’t rape you both at once. If I try to rape just one of you the other would be off and running for help while I was distracted.”

“Besides,” I added thoughtfully, “can you imagine how ridiculous I would look chasing a naked girl down the street while I’ve already got one wrapped around me? Ridiculous and greedy.”

Kay gave a snort of strangled laughter but Ann just continued glaring.

“Then what do you intend doing?”

“Short term, I’m enjoying the feel of a couple of lovely bottoms,” I said. “Long term, you will both roll over and ask for your bikinis just to get rid of me, revealing all your charms.”

With that little snort of laughter Kay had relaxed slightly. I took unconscionable advantage of this, with a pair of fingers dipping into the gap at the top of her thighs, a gap that hadn’t been there while she was all uptight. I was watching her face while I did so and the shock on it almost made me laugh.

Shocked or not, Kay did not tighten up again. If anything she relaxed a little more, her legs parting slightly to give me better access. So with one hand caressing a bottom and pussy it seemed that the other hand was being left out, only having a bottom to fondle. I started pressing my hand between Ann’s legs, not hard, but firmly enough to give the message that I wanted entry. She hesitated and then relaxed just a little, letting my hand wander to places it shouldn’t.

Neither girl was admitting to the other that my hands were touching more than just a bottom. Instead they were giving me reason why I should back off, reasons that I just ignored.

Finally Kay bit the bullet and asked the big question.

“If we roll over on our backs so you can see us what will you do?”

“Well for a start I’ll be most disappointed,” I told her.

“What? Why? It’s what you’re asking us to do!”

“I know, and if you do it I’ll have to give your bikinis back and you’d probably put them on. My fun will grind to a halt.”

“Not going to happen,” muttered Ann. “No way am I rolling over for this animal.”

She then gasped as the animal slipped a finger between her lips and explored.

“What happens if we continue to refuse to roll over?”

“Good question. I guess I’d have to bring in a new penalty.”

“Which would be what?”

“Probably testing your virginity using my patented virginity tester?”

“You have a patented virginity tester?” scoffed Ann. “No need to use it anyway as we both are.”

“I only have your word for that. I would need to test to be certain and yes, I have a patented virginity tester. I keep it in my trousers. Only problem is that if I use it properly the girl automatically fails the test.”

“Why would we fail the test?” asked Ann, confused.

“Because, you idiot, he’s referring to his penis and once he’s stuck that little thing in you, you’ll no longer be a virgin.”

That comment was met by two protests.

“That would be rape and he said he wasn’t going to do that,” came from Ann.

“Little thing?” I exclaimed, mortally offended. “Bite your tongue.”

“Ann has a point,” Kay said, grandly ignoring my complaint. “You did say you had no intention of raping us.”

“And I stand by my word.”

“Then how can you use your patented virginity tester without breaking your word?”

“Rape is sex without consent, yes?”

“Yes, and we’re not giving it.”

“But you are. If you refuse to roll over knowing what I’m going to do if you don’t, then you’re agreeing. Of course if you do roll over I’ll know that you’re serious about the no sex rule.”

“That’s, that’s, . . .” Kay’s voice trailed away, not quite knowing how to describe what my comment was.

“As a matter of fact, there’s only one reason why I haven’t already started the virginity testing.”

“And what would that be?”

“I’m trying to decide if one or both of you would panic and run when I start. If I take Ann, would you bolt? Conversely, if I took you first, would Ann bolt? You can see the difficulty I have.”

“What’s to stop both of us jumping to our feet and running inside right now?”

“Nothing, but you’d have to stand up and that means that you’d finish up standing in front of me naked. That would mean I win.”

“So if we just stay here and you have sex with us, we win?”

“That’s right,” I said cheerfully, “and may I say I’m hoping you win a resounding victory.”

“This is ridiculous. Your logic is all twisted.”

Up until now I had managed to keep the girls off balance, having things very much my own way. Unfortunately, they were now starting to think things through. I pushed a little harder, trying to keep them confused. Hands on Kay’s hips I lifted slightly, coaxing her to lift her bottom into the air. This gave me far better access to her pussy, access I promptly put to good use, fingering her and massaging.

It was either not enough or too much too soon. Kay revolted.

“What the hell? You can see everything when I’m like this. Why should I care about rolling over?”

“You’re right,” echoed Ann. “He’s scamming us, the rotten swine.”

Both girls finally rolled over, taking a kneeling position, legs folded under them, arms crossed over their breasts, glaring at me.

“I wish you hadn’t done that,” I groused.

“Oh, ha, ha, ha,” scoffed Ann. “Our bikinis, please.”

Reluctantly I reached for and then passed over the bikinis. Never let it be said that I wasn’t a man of my word.

“Thank you,” came the icy comment. “Feel free to go away now.”

“I’ve a better idea. How about Kay get back on her hands and knees so I can finish what I started?”

“What are you talking about?” Kay demanded.

I unzipped and showed them what I was talking about.

“Just look at me,” I said. “Look how swollen I am. I need relief. It would be most unfair to send me out into the world suffering like this.”

Ann didn’t seem impressed but Kay was certainly eyeing me.

“What makes you think we give a fuck about your suffering,” scorned Ann.

I snapped my fingers and pointed at her.

“That’s precisely what I’m asking you to do,” I said. “Give a fuck. Or asking Kay, anyway.”

“Me? Why me? Why not Ann?”

“Nah,” I said scornfully. “She’d be scared rigid if she thought she had to do it first. She needs someone with more guts to show her that it’s OK. You do have a slightly more adventurous spirit than her.”

Besides, Kay was already wet and aroused, whether she was willing to admit it or not.

Neither girl had, to my amusement, tried to put their bikinis back on. They must have got used to being naked in front of me. Still, I wouldn’t count on that lasting for long.

I moved over to Kay, putting a hand on her back and pressing lightly. She looked up at me, bemusement on her face, already starting to move into the position I wanted.

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to let you have sex with me?” she asked. “I mean, right here, with Ann watching?”

“Yes, I do,” I said softly, settling onto my knees behind her, still urging her onto all fours. “I want you and you know I want you.”

“But, Ann. . .” she mumbled.

“Ann needs to see so she knows what’s coming. I want both of you. She’ll watch you demonstrate and then she’ll show you what she’s learnt.”

“The hell I will,” came a muttered comment. “Don’t do it, Kay. He can’t make you.”

It appeared that I could. Kay was in position and I was behind her, also moving into position. Then I was in position and my cock was brushing back and forth along Kay’s mound, stirring her arousal back to life. She was breathing hard and I was pleased to see Ann was breathing just as hard. Ann had also, I noticed, subtly changed her position to give her a better view of what was happening.

“Ann, why don’t you spread Kay’s lips a little and steer me into position?” I suggested, and with a hypnotised look on her face she did so, one hand moving Kay’s lips apart and the other hand taking my erection between two fingers and pressing the head into the space she created. After that she hastily snatched her hands away, looking horrified at what she’d done.

I didn’t try to follow up my advantage by pushing straight home. I wrapped my arms around Kay, instead, taking control of her breasts and starting to stroke them. After a moment or two Kay was moving restlessly, starting to push back against me. I let her, adding a subtle pressure of my own but letting her think that she was doing the pushing.

She abruptly stopped when my cock pressed up against her hymen.

“No,” I whispered, “don’t stop. Keep going, there’s a girl.”

Kay hesitated a moment longer and I heard her take a deep breath. I felt the pressure increasing and added my own, breaking smoothly through and into her passage, my cock moving triumphantly forward.

Kay had given a muffled squeak when I took her but that was all. Now that I was pressing firmly home she started to become more verbal, starting with a prolonged, “Yesssss,” as I slotted home. With that I started paying serious attention to what I was doing, drawing slowly back and pushing firmly home again.

Slowly but surely I increased the tempo of our performance until we were coming together at quite a reasonable speed. At the same time I was stroking and teasing her breasts, using the same tempo but as a counterpoint, squeezing her breasts as I pulled out, releasing them as I thrust back in.

Kay’s verbal antics after that first yes had deteriorated to her saying “Oh,” or “Ah,” each time I drove in, her entire attention seeming to be focused on what was happening to her. A couple of times Ann spoke to her, wanting to know what it was like. I trust that an answer of, “Ah,” satisfied her because that’s all she got.

I was bouncing against Kay’s bottom and she was bouncing said bottom with a good deal of enthusiasm. Her excitement was rising in leaps and bounds and I managed to keep the tempo at a point where her excitement continued to grow. I did have one tiny problem myself. I was getting over-excited. I did not want to blow my stack while in Kay. After all, I had to be able to satisfy Ann as well.

Kay had reached a point where she was ready to go. Instead of running my endgame I cheated. I dropped my hand down from her breast to her mound, busy fingers seeking a certain spot, namely her clitoris. A couple of rough strokes in that area and Kay lost it, giving a small scream as she climaxed. More trouble for me as I almost had to tie by testicles into knots to prevent myself becoming drained and useless.

Kay slowly shuddered her way back to awareness, while I withdrew and encouraged her to lie on her back, which she did, looking slightly stunned but happy. I turned and smiled at Ann who was looking slightly stunned and horrified.

I reached for Ann while she knelt there, shaking her head. It was a simple matter to coax her into lying down next to Kay. She’d been too afraid of being forced onto all fours and taken the same way as Kay that she actually cooperated in doing something different. I was between her thighs, cock pressing lightly against her before she caught on to her predicament.

“Just a moment,” she said quickly. “I’m not sure about this. I’m not sure at all.”

“That’s OK,” I murmured reassuringly. “That’s why we’re like this. Prop yourself up on your elbows and you can see what’s happening to you.”

For some reason, that seemed to calm her. She did the prop, looking along her body to where my cock was lightly touching hers. Why it seemed better to her to watch what was happening I had no idea but if that’s what she wanted that’s what she got. Also, that way I got what I wanted.

I eased her lips apart and pressed forward. Ann’s eyes seemed to grow larger and her lips parted, possibly in anticipation of screaming.

“It’s too big,” she muttered, and it seemed to me that my cock promptly swelled some more, flattered at the praise. At least, I assumed it was praise.

“You’ll find it gets smaller as you watch,” I told her, and pressed in more firmly. The external part of my cock may have gotten smaller as I thrust in but from the look on her face the part that was inside her was growing out of control. I took her virginity quite smoothly, having her give a small shriek, but then forgetting the pain in the sensations raised by a rampart cock taking control of her.

Even though my cock was fully inside her, Ann was still nervous about what was happening. I took it dead slow, giving her time to come to terms with it. I pulled slowly back, returning just as slowly, pausing for a moment before repeating. After a few long slow thrusts I decided it was time to get some cooperation.

“Push up to meet me,” I suggested. “There’s a girl.”

My next slow movement found her lifting her hips slowly, coming up to meet me as suggested. I smiled at her, nodding my approval, getting a tentative smile in return. We continued like this for a short while, slowly adjusting to each other’s body. (As a side benefit, my frantic need to ejaculate continued to die down. I’d have hated to ruin this by coming too soon.)

Ann was breathing harder and a certain urgency seemed to be developing in her movements to meet me. Satisfied that she had got with the program I started to increase the pace, finding her quite capable of keeping up with me.

Now things were becoming interesting. I established a nice rhythm that I felt I could keep up for a while and my hands sought and found her breasts, starting to play with them. I’d held off on breast-work to this point, wanting her to get used to the main event without distraction. Now I was able to go full out.

Ann was making ah sounds as I took her.

“So, how are you finding it, Ann,” I heard Kay ask, a laugh in her voice.

“Yeah, that’s what I said,” she added, when she only got an ‘ah’ for an answer.

I took Ann along quite smartly. Although I’d have longed to make it a prolonged session it just wasn’t going to be physically possible for me to do so. I was already starting to feel the effects of my time with Kay returning. I was now taking Ann quite vigorously, and she was responding with everything she had. Her legs had wrapped around when I’d started the acceleration and now she was clinging tightly to me, bucking furiously under me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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