Simi’s Story Chapter 4

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Author’s note: This is the story of Simran, an Indian Woman who does all sorts of things for her husband’s pleasure. First she exposes herself in front of other women. In the next part the readers will read how she engages in lesbian sex and then group sex, all to please her husband’s urges. In the meanwhile she also satisfies her husband orally and anally. Hope you enjoy it.

The Dressing Room

Let me describe my wife Simran to you. She’s 27, 5’8″ tall. Slim with a figure of 36C-26-38. She’s fair and has very long hair, which comes up to her waist. She keeps her thick mane tied in a tight ponytail, as she knows I like it. Her breasts have not sagged a bit even after three years of marriage. They’re still as tight and perky as the day I married her. She has a slender waist, which makes her butt look all the more big. I’m an ass man and I simply can’t get enough of her round, perfectly formed ass.

This story involves my dear friend Raj and his wife Saakshi.

Raj and I have known each other since college. Though we were from different colleges, we used to study in the same study centre and soon became fast friends. Our common love for music bound us together. We were both part of a rock band once and we shared a good rapport.

Saakshi and Simi first met during Raj’s wedding. I had been married for a year or so when he decided to tie the knot. We had a lot of fun before and after the wedding. Simi was there beside her the entire time during the wedding, helping Saakshi with the rites as well as looking after her needs. At the end of it, they became fast friends. After they got back from their honeymoon, they used to chat a lot over the phone and even used to meet regularly for coffee or walks.

“You know, I had gone shopping with Saakshi today” Simi told me one night, as she was lying on my chest, naked, after a wild round of sex.

“Really…? That’s great.” Though I wasn’t really interested, I pretended to listen as I rubbed my wife’s ample arse with my hand.

“Yeah, it was really exciting…!! We went lingerie shopping today”

“Wow..!! Now that’s exciting. What did you buy?” I said with a rising excitement. Usually when my wife goes to buy new lingerie, I’m in for a treat.

“Oh…nothing, just a pair of bathing suits for that trip we have planned, and 3-4 sets of lingerie. And Oh, I bought Saakshi a G-string”

“Whaaatt..?? Why did you buy her a g string?” I asked.

“She was so shy, she couldn’t buy them herself. You should have seen her, Rahul. She wears all these big panties and such badly fitting bras. I told her its time for a change, next week we are going again to get her some more sets of lingerie more suited to her body.”

“How did you know that?” I asked, surprised.

“Well we had gone to the shop and I asked her what kind of lingerie she likes. She said that would not be available here. I pointed to a skimpy panty and asked her if it was like that. She said, No, the back is fully covered. I was shocked at her sense of style.”

“I told her firmly that as my friend, she can’t even think of wearing such old fashioned underwear anymore. So we started shopping. I chose 3 sets of underwear for her. It was beautiful with all lace and silk. The bras were pretty deep cut and one was transparent to boot. The panties were high cut, with strings at the sides and very minimal coverage at the back.”

I was just imagining the young bride in all the sexy lingerie that my wife was describing and getting excited. Saakshi had a very petite body with medium breasts but a curvy ass. I imagine her to be around 32-24-36.

My wife was continuing talking about her shopping experience. “Each time I had her go in the dressing room and try the escort kağıthane bras on, as it’s very important that they fit properly. Three times I had to go in with her, to help her decide.”

“What..!! Both of you went in the dressing room together??”

“Yeah. It’s not a big deal really. Actually we were trying on a lot of sets and there were only two dressing rooms. One of them was not always available as there were some other customers as well. So we both went in together. Sometimes I asked the sales girl to come inside also”

“So you went naked in front of her..??”

“Yeah, one time we both went in with two sets. She was feeling a bit shy but I just smiled at her and opened my kurta. Then I turned sideways and unsnapped my bra. I looked at her as I took off my bra and took the new one without covering my breasts.”

“So, you exposed your big tits to a newly married, innocent young girl, huh..?? You naughty girl…” With that my hands found her fleshy breasts and began to squeeze them. Her nipples were hard from the excitement as I pinched them between my fingers. She went higher so that they were near my mouth. I licked and sucked on them greedily. She in turn began to pump my semi hard cock.

“She started undressing as well. She took the pallu of her sari down and opened the hooks of her blouse. All this time, she was just staring at my boobs and finally said, ‘Simi your breasts are really nice.’ I said, ‘Thanks, yours are beautiful too.’ She turned her back towards me and started to open her bra. I said ‘here, let me help you’. I reached out to help her take it off and as I touched her back, I felt a tiny shiver like an electric shock run through her body.”

“I don’t know what happened to me. I slowly took her bra off and turned her towards me. As she turned her hand instinctively covered her small fair titties. I handed her the new bra to try on and she reluctantly left her breast to try it on. I saw that her nipples were small and brown. They were all hard with excitement.”

“I helped her put it on and hooked the clasp at the back. Then I called the sales girl. I wanted to know if the fitting was proper.”

“The sales girl was a really young girl of maybe 18-19. She was really cute looking, very fair and slim, with a round face and a sweet smile. She was wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans. I told her to see if the fitting on this bra was right. She matter-of-factly came towards Saakshi and checked the bra. First she checked the straps at the shoulder, then at the back. Then she checked the cups, putting two fingers inside them, then putting her palms underneath Saakshi’s breasts, she cupped them over the flimsy bra and pushed upward, as if she were weighing them with her hands. Saakshi was getting visibly embarrassed at the way the young girl was handling her boobs.”

“Then the girl said ‘The fitting seems to be good madam. Let me just make some adjustments. This will make madam look more alluring.’ She smiled”

“With that, she put one hand inside the right bra cup and pulled up Saakshi’s breast, while adjusting the cup from the outside. Saakshi by this time was very nervous. ‘Is that really necessary?’ she said. ‘Wait madam, just wait and see the effect.’ The sales girl said confidently.”

“I watched the sales girl reach inside the bra, put her palm on Saakshi’s naked skin and pull up her soft tit-flesh. I thought ‘How lucky for her. Wish I were in her position.’ As she adjusted the cup, Saakshi looked at me shyly, blushing like a newly wed on the wedding night, a slight smile on her face. The sales girl said ‘Look at yourself now madam.’ Sure enough, Saakshi’s cleavage had been pushed up and her medium sized breasts looked more full now. She finally smiled escort nişantaşı widely and said ‘I’ll take it.’

My wife’s description of how the sales girl was touching Saakshi’s boobs got me horny as hell. My wife’s soft hand on my cock had made it rock hard again. I put my hand between my wife’s legs to find her, too, wet and ready. I didn’t wait a moment longer but flipped Simran over on her back and bent over her. Guiding my hardness between her legs, I split her lips with my head. Then I slowly slid my penis in to her warm channel. She moaned in pain and pleasure at the welcome intrusion. I supported myself on one hand as I started to gently pump her with long strokes and used my free hand to fondle her breasts, bending my head to suck on her nipples and bite her soft tit-flesh. My wife continued her story.

“The sales girl turned to me and made the same checks as before while Saakshi again turned her back on us and put on her old bra and blouse. ‘Madam, see this is not fitting properly. The strap is biting into your skin. It will be very uncomfortable later. Please wait, I will get you a new one.’ With that she went outside. Saakshi also decided to browse for more and went outside. I was now standing in the trial room wearing just my bra on top.”

“The young sales girl came back after 5 minutes and handed me two bras. I turned away from her and wore the first one. It was a red bra with black lace cups. The lace did nothing to hide the fair skin of my boobs or my light brown nipples, which were quite hard by now. The young girl was looking at me in admiration. She said, ‘See madam, you’re looking so good in this one. Your fair skin can be seen beneath the black cups and its making you look all the more enticing. Sir will surely go mad after seeing you in this. Now wear the other one.’ Hearing this I also became somewhat relaxed and started opening the bra in front of her, facing her. After all, I thought, she had already seen my boobs clearly through the transparent lace. When I opened the garment, my large boobs spilled out of the bra in clear view. I made no effort to cover them and let the young girl ogle at my naked orbs. The girl did not hide her admiration as she handed me the second bra she had brought. She was staring at my twin mounds as she said, ‘Madam, your breasts are so nice and firm. They look very soft too. Your husband is a lucky man that he gets to touch and squeeze them every night.”‘

“All her talk was making me very horny. So I said, ‘Can you help me with this please?’ She said ‘Surely madam. This is a special piece. I have carefully selected it for you.'”

“‘Is it really?’ I said. She silently took the garment and lovingly helped me wear it, putting my arms through the straps and clasped it at the back. It was then that I realized what she meant by ‘special piece’. It didn’t have any cups. It was just supported at the bottom. It was called a shelf bra, I recalled. ‘As if my boobs were hanging from a shelf.’ I thought.”

“The young sales girl was staring in wonder at the reflection in the mirror of my naked boobs, the fair skin contrasting with my light brown areola and protruding brown nipples. My twin peaks were sticking out, pushed up even higher on my chest by the bra. I was getting very horny indeed showing off my bare breasts to this innocent girl.”

“The girl said, ‘Madam, may I make a small request?'”

‘Sure, what is it?’

‘Many customers have come here since I joined and I have helped many of them and in the process seen their assets. But madam, none of them had such large yet firm boobs with such fair skin. May I touch them once? Just to see how they feel.’

“I was stunned at her bold request and didn’t know how to react. Taking my silence osmanbey escort as acquiesce, she put her hand tentatively on my right breast from behind and gently squeezed it. Immediately I was flooded with a warm sensation in my pussy. She then put her other hand on my left boob and pressed both my breasts slowly. She was hugging me from behind and I could feel her small breasts pressing onto my back. I closed my eyes and gave myself up to the sinful pleasure of this young girl pleasing my body and caressing my naked tits. I felt her hot breath on my shoulder as she continued to squeeze my soft boobs lovingly, almost worshipping them. Her fingers found my erect nubs and rubbed them. After a few moments I opened my eyes to find her staring back at me in the mirror.”

When my wife was narrating this part I became very excited. The thought of another female touching her body had me in a fit of excitement and I couldn’t control it. I pulled her legs even higher and started humping her pussy hard and fast like a madman. My rock hard cock plowed into her tiny pussy with brute force. Simran gasped at the force of my thrusts. My thighs thumped against her upturned ass with an obscene slapping sound as I fucked my wife like an animal. She also was taken up in the passion and stopped her narration. She finally finished her story later after I had spilled my juices in her and lay beside her, spent.

“I turned towards her finally. The girl was staring at me in awe and excitement. I noticed she was breathing rapidly. I reached out and touched her then; pressing her small boobs over her T-shirt. She gave a low moan which further fueled my excitement. I pulled at her tight T-shirt until her breasts, clad in a conservative white bra, became visible. She knew what I needed and helped me by reaching at her back and unhooking her bra. It became loose and I pulled her bra up to expose the young sales girl’s small breasts. I squeezed at the firm flesh and rubbed my thumbs on the erect nipples. The girl arched her back, closed her eyes and enjoyed my sinful caressing of her ripe tits. I let go of her after a while. She opened her eyes and looked at me gratefully. She was waiting to see what I would do. I wet my finger with my saliva and proceeded to rub it on the nipple.”

‘Come here….Lick me with your tongue.’

“The girl leaned forward. As she was shorter then me she didn’t have to lean much, and touched my right nipple with her wet tongue. A shiver went through me as I watched the nubile young sales girl lick my nipple slowly. Running her tongue around it and over it, she lapped at my erect nub. Then leaning in a bit more, she took the entire nipple between her lips. She suckled on it with abandon, holding the other breast in her hand and squeezing it gently. I leaned against the wall of the trial room and watched this sweet, innocent girl with pigtails lick and suck on my nipples while playing with my boobs. After a couple of minutes, I gently pulled her head away from my breast and looked at her. ‘It’s getting late. My friend will be worried’, I said. She looked at me and nodded silently.”

“Methodically, she fastened her bra after pulling it down over her small boobs, then she pulled down her T-shirt and smoothened it. She unfastened the hooks at my back and opened the bra. Putting it in the crook of her arm, she turned to open the door. Just then she turned and looked at me. That look conveyed everything. Then with a final squeeze of my breast, she was gone.”

“I quickly put on my kurta and composed myself. Then I too opened the door to step out into the shop floor.”

“‘Didi, what were you doing in there for so long?’ Saakshi demanded. ‘Oh, nothing, the measurements were taking some time.’ I smiled disarmingly.”

“‘So, which one will you take madam ji?’ The young girl asked, smiling shyly at me. Her face was flush with excitement.”

“I looked her straight in the eye as I smiled sweetly and said, ‘Both of them'”

The End.

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