Sink Fun

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The desert heat had not been kind to my car battery, and I found myself stranded in the parking lot of a local grocery store with a trunk full of frozen food and no way to get it home anytime soon. I had the hood up and was digging through the glove compartment hoping I had some sort of roadside assistance that was still active. I almost jumped when I heard a voice behind me. “Looks like you could use a hand,” he said.

I nodded, mumbling something lame about how the wicked heat had just killed my two year old battery. I think I saw him look me over, but I figured I was mistaken. There was no eye contact, and after all, I’m a little guy, 5′ 9″ and 135 pounds soaking wet. And he was, well, solidly built and in his mid 30’s to early 40’s – exactly the type I always fantasize about. But I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be interested in letting me thank him properly. I was confident it didn’t even cross his mind…

After he got my car started, I desperately wanted to ask him out for a beer – or even a cup of coffee. But I lost my nerve. Instead, trying to pass it off as a token of my thanks, I scribbled my email address on the back of an old receipt. “Here,” I said. “If I can ever return the favor, let me know. I’m up for just about anything… My name’s Steve, by the way.”

‘Uh, thanks,” was his only reply as the receipt was jammed into his pocket. “I’ve got to go, I’ve got food in the trunk.”

He left me standing there in the parking lot, wishing I had just screwed up the courage to spend a few more minutes with him. Heck, I hadn’t even gotten his name…

A few days later, my wife was away spending the afternoon with her sister, so I had the place to myself. I grabbed a beer and began checking my email, hoping that my friend from the parking lot would send me a quick email – anything that would let me stay in touch. My heart immediately skipped a beat when I saw an a message from an anonymous sounding email address with the subject, “I jumped your car.” Could it be? I grabbed the mouse, hoping… And, yes, it was!

“Steve – I’ve been thinking that maybe you could return the favor. It isn’t anything big, but I’ve gotten really lazy and haven’t done my dishes in a couple days. How about you come over and take care of them türkçe porno for me. That should make us about even, wouldn’t it?” He then ended with his address and what time he’d be expecting me.

I glanced at the clock and realized he was probably waiting right this moment. Just in case I had read him completely wrong, I went into the bedroom and put on a clean pair of pink cotton panties.

Wearing panties has always been my secret thing. They always make me feel sexy as hell. I don’t wear panties all the time, especially since I’m married and it would be way too easy for my wife to catch me. But I do like having that little secret hiding underneath my clothes from time to time. I tucked my hardening clitty as far back as I could, feeling it trapped between my legs. I love the rush of talking to a hot man while looking like a little girl beneath my jeans!

I ran out to the car and found my way to his house. My hands were shaking as I knocked on the front door. I don’t know why I was so nervous – I was just coming over to do some dishes, after all.

He answered the door, shirtless, causing me to stumble over my hello. He ignored my stammering and simply said, “Sorry, just caught me being lazy and watching a little porn. Hope you don’t mind.” Oh, I didn’t mind at all, but I didn’t say it out loud. I didn’t want to offend him and have him wind up taking a swing at me…

I made my way into the kitchen and filled the sink with bubbles. There really wasn’t too many dishes. Not bad at all. I pulled on a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves and got to scrubbing, but listening closely to the sounds of the porno playing in the next room. Some lucky man was making a woman squeal in pleasure. I wondered if he was getting horny, and if he was going to wait for me to leave before taking care of his needs – or even if he was doing it right now. I sighed inwardly, wishing I had the courage to leave the sink and go check.

“You want to grab me a beer?” he asked, pulling me out of my daydream.

“Sure, no sweat,” I said. I put down the sponge and walked over to the fridge, opened it and bent over to grab one.

“Are those panties?” I immediately turned bright red. My pink cotton panties must have sikiş izle ridden up above my jeans and been seen. I didn’t know what to do. I stood up and turned around, and handed him his beer. “Yeah, sometimes I like to wear panties.” I was waiting for the worst, my face blushing in shame. But he didn’t say or do anything. Instead, he simply went back to the other room. I suddenly felt like I needed to get the dishes finished so I could leave. I rushed back and started working on them as quickly as possible.

Only a few minutes passed when I sensed him behind me. I tensed up, not knowing what to do. “So, you like wearing panties, eh?” he asked as you put his hand underneath my shirt.

“Yeah, I do. You like men in panties?” I asked back.

“Not really, but I’ve been watching porn for a while, and I’m horny as hell. I’ll fuck just about anything right now. You want to finish paying me back?”

I still hadn’t turned around, and he began to slide his hand up my shirt and up to my chest before using both hands to unbuckle my belt. Once the belt was undone, and he had unsnapped my jeans, he started to lower them. I felt something hard and warm against my lower back. I felt it throbbing and angry, but it strangely put me at ease. I was standing there, my back still to him, in my T-shirt and pink panties – his cock rubbing up and down against my ass. “Stay right there,” he commanded.

My hands were shaking again, realizing what was about to happen. Even though I had fantasized about it over and over, never before had I let a man inside me. I briefly thought about pulling my jeans back up and taking off, but almost before the thought had crossed my mind, he was back bearing a bottle of lube and a condom.

He pulled my panties to the side and went about slathering lube on my hungry asshole. His finger kept slipping inside, my ass begging for more. “Wow, you really are a horny little bitch, aren’t you?” he asked. I could only nod yes. I heard the tearing of the condom wrapper and braced myself. After sliding my panties down, he aimed for my center, my very core, and pushed inward. I leaned further over the sink and raised up on my toes to give him better access.

The head of his cock didn’t enter easily – porno 64 but he kept pushing until my body let him inside. It didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting, but it still took my breath away.

My own cock began to swell as he waited for my ass to accept him. I was still wearing the yellow dishwashing gloves, so I started to take them off. “No, bitch, leave them on,” he commanded. “You aren’t getting out of doing my dishes just because you are a horny little slut.” My cock swelled even more. “Yes, sir,” I said.

“My god, you are tight,” he said, his cock head barely inside my body. He pushed forward a little and I felt him slide deeper and deeper with each stroke. After what felt like ages, I felt his stomach hit my back as he finally got all of it in. I felt completely stuffed! Sure, I had used my wife’s vibrator on my ass a few times, but it didn’t fill me like this! His cock was so big, so thick, so hot, so much more than I had even been dreaming about!

He leaned forward and began nibbling on my neck as he started to slide in and out of my ass. I felt myself loosening, and began thrusting back at him with each stroke. Both of us began making little moaning sounds as his thrusts increased in intensity.

We began to lose ourselves in the sheer ecstasy of what we were doing. Soon his strokes became shorter and quicker and I felt my orgasm begin to grow. “Come with me, baby,” I said. He began pounding into my ass even harder and I couldn’t catch my breath.

My orgasm hit me hard. My ass began contracting and milking his shaft for everything it was worth. “Take it, bitch,” he said, as he released into my ass, only the thin walls of the condom stopping his seed from working it’s way deep into my darkest area. He leaned forward onto my back, his breath ragged.

Suddenly he stood upright and pulled out of my ass without warning. “Now finish the damn dishes. I’ll be in the other room so you can come let me know when you are done.”

I just stood there nodding, my panties around my ankles and my cock now shrunken and dripping my cum. “OK,” I said as I pulled up my panties and picked back up with the dishes. It didn’t take me long to finish, and I was hoping for a second round of fun when I had the dishes dried and put away.

Sadly, when I told him I was done, he simply showed me to the door. I sighed, my ass still tingling from the fucking. On the drive home, I could only hope that he’d email me again when he had more dirty dishes. And maybe that time I’d get to learn his name…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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