Sister in Law

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Chris and Marie live in Essex. Marie is a very sexy hairdresser and trained physiotherapist, with her own unisex salon and massage parlour. Chris and Marie are members of the local swinging group in their home town.

Chris is Operations Manager for a large home improvements company with outlets all over England. His job means he has to travel frequently, to all areas in which the company does business.

Penny is Marie’s sister and lives in Devon, where she works as a librarian for the local authority.

Penny’s husband, Paul, works in oil and gas technology. His company has sent him to South America on a twelve month project, broken into four twelve week stints each followed by a week back home on vacation, before returning to South America. The project is hard on Penny and Paul, but the remuneration is so good that they would have been foolish to turn it down.

It is hardest on Penny, because she doesn’t have many friends outside of her place of work. She gets very lonely during each three month period separated from her husband. Marie and Penny speak on the telephone at least three times a week, to help keep Penny’s spirits up.

In the tenth week, of the third quarter of Paul’s placement, Penny is feeling particularly down. Marie was trying to think what she could do to help her sister, when she remembered that Chris had to go to the West Country for a management meeting, in the coming week. She would see if Chris could visit her sister whilst he was there, to help cheer her up.

That evening, she was talking to Chris about Penny, and asked him if next week’s visit to the West Country would take him anywhere near the seaside town where Paul and Penny lived.

Chris said that he was planning to spend a couple of nights in a hotel about an hour’s drive from Penny’s house, and he would be happy to pop over to see if he could cheer her up a bit. Marie thought a bit and said, “If you could make time, would you take Penny out for dinner to give her a bit of a treat?”

It didn’t take Chris long to decide, that he could make time to take his very attractive sister-in-law out for dinner. That would be much nicer than dining alone in a hotel, and probably spending too much time in the bar afterwards.

The only downside, if there was one, was that, although Penny was as pretty and shapely as Marie, she was very staid in her ways. For example, he and Marie had joked in the past, that Penny’s idea of a sexual adventure would be to have sex with the light on. Penny had no idea that her sister and brother-in-law indulged in sex outside of their marriage.

Marie, telephoned her sister, and told her that Chris was visiting the West Country for two days during the following week, and he had suggested that he take Penny out to dinner one night. It would be a break from routine, and give her a bit of male company for the evening.

Penny was fond of her brother-in-law and welcomed the suggestion. She went on to suggest that, as she only lived an hour away from the hotel that Chris would have used, he should stay with her for the two nights, and he wouldn’t have to drive back late in the evening after dinner. Chris said he thought it was a very good idea, and he would love to stay with Penny, if it wasn’t too much trouble. So it was arranged.

That night, while they were in bed making love, Marie said to Chris, “I don’t mind if you romance Penny, and even fuck her while you’re away. She hasn’t had sex for more than two months, so I’m not surprised that she is feeling down. I feel down after a couple of days if I don’t get it.”

“You know that is never going to happen with Penny,” said Chris, “the world would come to an end if she had sex with anyone but her husband.”

“Well, I think you should try to seduce her anyway. It makes a girl feel good to be lusted after.”

“Well, I wouldn’t get your hopes up,” said Chris as he slid into his wife’s wet and willing pussy.

On the first day of Chris’ visit to Devon, he finished work early and drove to Penny’s place, stopping to buy a nice bouquet of flowers for her on the way. On his arrival Penny was pleased to see him and thrilled with the flowers.

She kissed him on the cheek and said she would put the flowers in water, and she would let Marie know that he had arrived safely, whilst he put his travel bag in the spare room, and showered and changed ready to go out.

Half an hour later, Chris was ready to go out. Penny had made a reservation for them at a favourite restaurant, and she had arranged for a taxi to take them there, so neither had to drive after a glass or two of wine.

Penny looked lovely she’d had her blonde hair done after finishing work early, had made up her face beautifully. She’d dressed in a lovely royal blue cocktail dress, that showed off her shapely figure but, unfortunately, covered her shoulders and breasts, and stopped only just short of her knees. She is far too gorgeous to hide it all away, thought Chris. But that was Penny!

Chris and Penny, had a lovely dinner with a couple of bottles Yalova Escort of good wine. The conversation flowed freely. They’d always got on well together and shared a good sense of humour. Penny had relaxed completely, from the slightly uptight state that she’d been in when Chris first arrived.

After coffee, they called a cab for the ride home. Sitting in the back of the warm taxi, Chris was tempted to put his arm around Penny, and hold her close. But, knowing how straightlaced she was, he didn’t want to spoil her evening with unwanted advances. He was very fond of her, as she was of him, and he didn’t want to lose that. Shame though, he would dearly love to fuck her, and as she relaxed during dinner, he could imagine how nice that could be. He contented himself with sitting as close to her as seemed proper, and breathing in her delicious scent.

They arrived at Penny’s house after the short ride and made their way to the lounge. “Would you like a whisky or a brandy,” she asked him. He said he would love a brandy, and asked if she was going to join him. “I don’t drink spirits,” she said, “but I’ve got an opened bottle of wine in the fridge, and I think I’ll have a glass of that, although I’ve had quite a lot already.”

She went out of the room and returned with a large brandy and a ‘large’ glass of wine for herself. They both sat on the sofa and chatted idly for a few minutes, whilst they had their drinks.

“Time for bed I think,” said Penny, “Thank’s for a lovely evening, Chris. I haven’t had so much fun for a long time.” Then she kissed him on the lips! Chris responded and the kiss deepened, then she drew back suddenly, “Sorry,” she said, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Don’t be sorry,” said Chris, “I’ve often wondered what it would be like to kiss you properly, and I rather enjoyed it.”

Penny blushed deeply. “I know I’m very straight laced,” she said, “but I can’t help it. I wished I could get over it.” With that she rushed out of the room.

Chris followed into the kitchen. He took the two glasses from her and put them down. He turned to her, and taking her face in his hands, he kissed her lightly on the lips and said, “Don’t put yourself down, you’re a lovely warm and beautiful woman, I love you to bits and I would never do anything to hurt you. So perhaps it’s time to call it a night.”

“Thank you,” she said, tears brimming in her eyes. “I’ll just rinse these glasses if you want to go to bed, see you in the morning.”

Chris said, “goodnight.” He thought to himself, “that seemed rather final, I must be losing my touch.

Marie will be disappointed when I tell her.”

He brushed his teeth and made his way to the spare room. He closed the door and undressed for bed. He usually slept naked, but tonight it didn’t seem appropriate, so he kept his boxers on.

He had turned his light out, and was settling down, when he heard Penny go to the bathroom, then go to her bedroom.

A few minutes later, just as he was falling asleep, he heard his bedroom door handle click. The door opened and light from the landing flooded in for a moment, then the door closed again. He heard soft footsteps on the carpeted floor, then the duvet was pulled back, and Penny slipped into bed next to him. She lay down, he put his arm round her, pulling her to him, then kissed her. In a low, shaky voice, she said, “Please, be gentle with me.”

He kissed her softly on the lips, and ran his hand from her cheek, down her neck and shoulder until he felt her breasts with their, rock hard, nipples. She was naked. He cupped her breasts in the palm of his hand and squeezed them gently, then he teased her nipples.

She gave a little moan of pleasure, and he moved his head down to suck on each nipple, whilst his hand roamed down her smooth, flat tummy, to cup her mound. Her pussy was warm and dry, he knew that he would have to arouse her thoroughly, before he attempted to enter her, or the experience for Penny would be a disaster.

Penny put her hand behind her and laid her hand on his belly, she hesitantly slid it down until it was over his cock. Chris reached down to his boxers and pushed them down his legs, he removed them with one foot, then he was naked too. She held his cock gently, then more tightly, at eight inches he was bigger and thicker than her husband, this made her feel aroused and frightened at the same time.

Chris turned her to him and kissed her again on the lips. As she responded, he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Penny opened her mouth instinctively, and accepted his tongue onto her own. They sucked and licked each other, hugging each other tightly.

She felt his cock against her thigh, and she wanted his hardness inside her. She felt her pussy growing wet, with the anticipation of him thrusting into her. Her feelings were now much more of desire, than fear of it hurting when he stretched her.

Chris caressed her beautifully soft breasts, with their big hard nipples. He sucked hard on them, and teased them with his tongue Yalova Escort Bayan and teeth. Penny groaned as she felt little electric shocks down her belly, and deep inside her wet pussy. She didn’t remember ever getting this wet before!

Chris moved down the bed, eased her legs gently apart, and lowered his head so he could lick her pussy lips. Her ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, and circled her clitoris with it. He sucked on her clitoris, gently at first but gradually harder.

Penny was moaning and gasping. What was happening to her, she was usually just submissive and accepted her husband’s love making without a sound. She enjoyed it, and thought Paul did as well, but she never felt like she did now. It was as if her pussy was now governing her mind and demanding that she respond to the feelings of pure lust that were overwhelming her.

For the first time in her life Penny felt an orgasm developing deep inside herself. She began to plead with Chris. “Please fuck me, please fuck me now.” Chris responded by burying his tongue deep in her pussy, and tasting her arousal.

Penny came! She had a wonderful orgasm. She cried out in her ecstasy and bucked her pussy up hard on Chris’s mouth. “Oh God,” she cried, “Oh God, I can’t stand it! Don’t stop, fuck me, please, please fuck me!” and she bit his shoulder, hard.

This was the moment that Chris had been waiting for, the moment that was going to change his sister-in-law’s attitude to sex forever!

He pushed her legs further apart, and pushed her knees up so that her pussy was opened, then he began to rub his cock, dripping with pre-cum, up and down her slit, lubricating himself with her juices.

The head of his cock slid into her. She gasped, “Yes give it to me!” she shouted. “Patience, sweetheart,” he said, “we have lots of time, let’s go slowly.” He actually wanted to ram into her, but he knew that this would probably destroy the experience for her. He so much wanted to make it a loving experience, that she would want to repeat again and again.

Chris had about three inches of his thick cock inside his gorgeous sister-in-law’s pussy. He held it there for a minute, even though Penny was desperately trying to pull him further in. Then he drew back a little, before slowly easing himself back into her further, until he was three quarters of the way in. Her pussy was tight, but he slid in quite easily as she was so aroused.

Penny suddenly found herself on the crest of another orgasm, bigger than the first. Her ecstasy was so intense, it was almost too painful to bear. She screamed and cried and writhed, as her orgasm seemed to go on forever. She locked her legs around his body pulling him in tighter. She was gasping for breath as she came. Then, as Chris pushed his cock all the way inside, she felt such a feeling of fullness that she had never known could happen.

Her body had control over her mind, and it knew that this was the moment that she wanted his cum deep in her belly. She wanted his seed more than anything, she wanted him to make her pregnant in that moment!

As Penny was still in the throes of her massive orgasm, Chris felt his own orgasm was imminent. He was now fully buried inside her, and his thrusting became more urgent. “Oh, I’m Cumming!” he hissed, and thrust in as hard as he could go. He felt the moment of release arrive, and the spurts of cum, as each thrust reached into her depths.

“Yes,” screamed Penny “Yes, give me all your cum. Fill me with it!” She could feel it warm and slick inside her, and she knew that he had put his cum much deeper in her than she’d had before!

They lay, exhausted, still joined by the umbilical cord of his softening cock, inside her sated pussy.

She didn’t feel any sorrow or guilt, that she had let the dam of her frustrated lust burst, and she was so glad in her heart that she’d let Chris be the one to help her to do it!

“That was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me,” she said. Then, as normal thinking resumed, she said, “Oh my goodness, we didn’t use any protection. I’m not on the pill, and Paul usually uses a condom!”

“I forgot all about it in the heat of the moment,” said Chris. “Is it a bad time for you?”

“Yes, about as bad as it gets,” she replied.

“We’ll have to hope our luck holds,” he said, “no point in worrying about it now.” With that he pulled her close to him and kissed her lovingly. She responded, and in no time at all they were fucking again. Twice more that night and morning they enjoyed each other.

After work the next day, Chris returned to Penny’s. She was slightly subdued, but he didn’t pursue the matter. They enjoyed the dinner that Penny had prepared, with a nice bottle of wine that Chris had brought in with him.

As they relaxed afterwards Chris asked Penny, “are you going to come to my bed tonight?” She looked him in the eyes without a smile and said “No darling. I am going to take you to mine!” Then she gave him a beaming smile and moved round to kiss Escort Yalova him deeply.

That night they made love as befitted two people very fond of each other, they knew they would probably never do this again, but tonight they would make the most of it!

When Chris got back home the following day, Marie met him at the door with a kiss. “You fucked her, didn’t you?” she said.

“How did you know,” he replied, “did she tell you?”

“Not in so many words,” said Marie, “but she is so happy and full of life, that I knew you’d had her. Come along quickly and let’s eat, then we can go to bed. You can tell me all about it. and I can tell you about the new client who came to the massage parlour, and how he performed.” She said with a giggle!

Later, in bed, Chris told Marie all about his time with Penny. He said, “Penny was gorgeous, and is no longer the prim and proper girl that we knew. But there is a potential problem. Because neither of us actually thought it was going to happen, when it did happen, we weren’t properly prepared. We didn’t use a condom and Penny isn’t on the pill.”

“Oh dear,” said Marie, “But don’t worry, everything will probably be alright. Now let me tell you about my new massage client. He is a lovely American guy, he is over here to take up a sports teaching post at the university, he is big and fit, and he is black.” Chris raised an eyebrow. “And, yes, you guessed it, he has a lovely,ten inches, of big black cock and he knows how to use it!” She giggled.

“So, it didn’t take you long to get aquainted then,” said Chris with a smile.

“No” she said. “He opted for a full body massage and that’s what I gave him. He fucked me on the massage table and he is going to be a regular. I’ve promised to introduce him to the swingers club as soon as I can, the girls are going to love him.”

Ten days after Chris’s return from Devon, Penny phoned her sister. She hesitantly told Marie about having sex with Chris, she apologised and said that she never wanted to hurt her sister, but had no regrets about having her sexual world turned upside down by Chris. If they had not slept together, she would always have been a frustrated puritan.

Marie told Penny that Chris had already told her about making love to her, and that she approved whole heartedly. She was so pleased that had sister had found the pleasure and fulfilment that sex could give.

Penny sighed with relief, “I’m so glad that you’re not mad with me,” she said, “but there is more. Marie, I think I’m pregnant and I got pregnant with Chris!”

“Oh, dear,” Marie said, “how do you feel about having a child?”

“I love the idea of being a mum,” said Penny.

“Right,” said Marie. “Don’t panic, there must be something we can do, and I don’t mean a termination. When is Paul back from South America?”

“He’s back next Sunday, for a week,” said Penny.

“Is he usually frustrated and ready for sex when he gets home?” said Marie. “I know I would be.”

“Yes, we usually have sex every night he is home. Not sex like I want it now, but we do have it.” said Penny.

“Well, you’ve got to make sure you do, and you’ve got to make sure that he doesn’t use a condom, or you must sabotage it somehow. OK?”

“You devious minx. I did think of something like that,” said Penny. “So, the idea is that I tell him a couple of weeks after he goes back to South America, that I am pregnant and let him think the baby is his. But supposing it doesn’t look like him?”

“Look,” said Marie. Paul and Chris are not dissimilar. They are both brown eye’d, dark haired, good looking and white. No one’s kids look exactly like them anyway, there’s always the influence of the other partner. It will work!”

“I think you’re right,” said Penny, “and Paul will never work out the dates, and see that they are a couple of week’s early. I can just say the baby came a bit early anyway.”

“Don’t tell Chris,” said Marie, “the fewer people that know the better. If we don’t tell Chris he might suspect that the baby could be his, but he will never really know.”

“I’m so glad you’re not mad at me for sleeping with Chris,” said Penny, “I don’t know why you are still talking to me.”

Marie was quiet for a few seconds, then she said, “Penny, darling, I am going to tell you something that may change your opinion of me and Chris! You must keep it to yourself, and never even tell Paul. Chris and I are swingers, do you know what that means? We have an open marriage and have sex with other people. We belong to a swingers’ club and regularly swap partners with friends. I love it, so does Chris. We love each other and when we have sex together we make love, when we have sex with others, we fuck! So, if I am happy about Chris having sex with our friends, why would I not be happy for him to have sex with my darling sister. Although, from the way Chris described it to me, you two didn’t just have sex, you made love, but then Chris does love you!”

Penny whispered down the phone, “I don’t know what to say. I’m glad you told me, but I am glad you didn’t tell me before I became more liberated, or I wouldn’t have understood how you could have sex outside your marriage. I understand a lot more now, although I am not sure if I could do it myself. I think I would like to try though, with the right people!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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