Sister-in-Law Lust Pt. 04

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Lying there on the bed catching our breath she rolled over and snuggled up to me, throwing a leg across my hips. I pulled my arm out from between us and wrapped it around her as she laid her head on my chest.

“You’re an amazing lover,” she whispered as she let her fingers dance over my chest, “I’ve never had a lover like you before. Seriously. Never.”

“You’re a fantastic lover too Vicki,” I told her, “you give me things Jenny won’t. Jenny will always have my heart but I can’t help lusting after you.”

“You know,” I started, “it’s still early in Vegas.”

“Are you thinking we should text Jenny?” Vicki asked.

“Well you really should let her know I satisfied you again,” I said with a grin.

Vicki grabbed her phone and began to text with Jenny.

‘Dinner, drinks, dancing and fucking, oh the fucking. What a night!’ Vicki wrote.

It didn’t take long until Jenny replied. ‘Don’t wear him out, I still need him for years to cum ;-)’ Jenny wrote.

“He took me slow tonight, I lost track of my orgasms’

‘I LUV it when he does that, sometimes I just have one long orgasm. I assume you’re texting to let me know how thankful you are that I loaned him to you.’

‘Oh yes, forever grateful, you’re the best sister’ Vicki responded

‘And don’t you forget it! Did you ask him about the threesome?’

“Tell her that as long as I get to taste and fuck you both plus feel two sets of lips on my cock I’ll be happy,” I told Vicki.

‘He said fuck and taste us plus both our lips on his cock, beyond that it’s ladies’ choice. What do you think?’

‘I’m ok with that, we’ll have to argue over who gets his cum’

‘Not if it bubbles out of him while our lips are on him’

‘Good idea! Looking forward to this’

‘Sounds good’ typed Vicki

‘Gotta go finger myself again, any good events from today for me to fantasize about?’

‘I let him fuck my throat’ typed Vicki

‘Oh god you nasty slut! You’re going to ruin him for me. He’s going to want me to suck him all the time’

‘I good wife WOULD suck him all the time AND swallow his cum. Now run off and diddle yourself. I’m going to snuggle with your man. G’nite’

She put her phone down and giggled. “Maybe I can get you some oral action from your wife. I assume you’d like that.”

I nodded and hugged her.

“Bryan? Will you sleep with me tonight?” Vicki asked, “I actually mean sleep, here in this bed with me. I want to feel you next to me as I drift off and wake up next to you tomorrow. That’s one of the things I miss about being married, having someone to snuggle.”

I told her I’d like that very much. I went to my bathroom to freshen up and brush my teeth, she did the same in the guest bathroom. We met back in the guest bedroom. I looked down at the sheets. Other than being messed up there was that spot from our first encounter this morning. I would have to wash sheets and the mattress cover tomorrow. She crawled under the sheet, flipped it back and patted the bed, indicating I should join her. I slid next to her and she flipped the sheet over me then we resumed our snuggling position from earlier. I kissed her head and told her good night. She kissed my chest and told me good night as well. It wasn’t long until we drifted off to sleep. Between the sex and the dancing we were both exhausted. I slept through the night.


The next morning I awoke with my cock somewhere warm and wet. I raised my head and saw her lips wrapped around me and slowly sliding up and down the entire length of my cock. I let out a big sigh.

“Good morning sweet cocksucker,” I moaned.

“Good morning my handsome cock owner,” she giggled, “how would you like to have me today?”

“Well apparently I want your mouth first.”

She crawled up my body until she was lying on me face-to-face. “Your cock in my mouth was what I wanted. The question is what do you want. My body is yours, how are you going to use me?”

“There’s only one way you haven’t given yourself to me,” I pointed out.

“Oh dear, you are a bad boy. I don’t know if I can let you go there. That big dick might not fit,” she said. Then in a whisper, “but I’m willing to try.” She kissed me and giggled. “Do you want to plunder me now?”

“Let’s get you clean on the inside and we’ll clean each other on the outside. Then I’ll plunder your last place I’ve not explored.”

I told her to grab her shower kaliteli gaziantep escort supplies and bring them then I took her to the master bath and set up an enema bag. I had her lay on her side on a towel.

“I’ve never done this, had an enema. I’ve also never had a man go where you’re about to go.”

“I’ll be gentle,” I said, “and if at any time you want to stop just say so.”

I put lube all over the enema probe and then I put more lube on her. She moaned slightly as I did that. I slowly inserted the probe and made sure she was comfortable then opened the valve and let the warm water flow into her. She softly moaned.

“Oh my, that’s an interesting feeling!”

“Tell me when you have a full feeling,” I told her.

Once she said she was full I closed the valve and helped her to the toilet.

“Hold in it for a while and let the water do it’s work. I’ll step outside and give you some privacy,” I told her. I kissed her on top of the head and left the room, pulling the door closed behind me. She held it as long as she could and when she finished she wiped and flushed. She called to me and I opened the door, she was still on the toilet.

“I think maybe I need another dose,” she suggested. We repeated the process and this time when she finished she said she was happy with the result.

I turned the shower on and gathered big fluffy towels for us. We stepped into the shower and under the water stream. We stood there holding each other and kissing, enjoying the warm water flowing over us. I turned her back to the spray and stood behind her. I had her lean back and wet her hair then I took some of her shampoo and began to wash it. I started with by gently massaging the shampoo into her scalp and as the suds built I worked it over more of her hair. I made sure to get her entire hairline, above her forehead, around and behind her ears, and along her neck. She sighed several times. When finished with the shampoo I rinsed her hair and then applied her conditioner. We kissed for a few minutes while the conditioner worked and then I helped her rinse it out. More sighs. She told me she enjoyed that immensely, better than any salon visit. Since I was taller than her it wasn’t as easy for her to return the favor so I wet my hair and sat on the shower ledge. She stepped between my legs and tipped my chin back then began massaging shampoo into my hair. That felt fantastic and her tits were inches from my face the whole time. My cock rose. When she finished she took my hand and helped me back under the spray to rinse. More kisses. I let her wash her face then I washed mine.

Now on to the main event. I took a dollop of her shower gel in my hands and applied it to a pouf then began washing her. I used the pouf to give me suds and followed with my hand. I ran the poof and then my hand over her shoulders and down her arms. Reaching her hands I washed between each of her fingers. Back up her arm I raised it and washed her armpit. She let out a slight gasp then a moan, apparently she liked that. I moved to the other side and repeated the process, letting the spray rinse the side I had just finished. Next I did her back, several trips up and down, almost like a massage. I turned her around with her back against my chest and I began at her collar bones then worked down to just below her navel. Her nipples, already a bit turgid, stiffened even more as I ran the pouf and my hand over them. Deep sighs escaped her lips. I turned her under the shower spray, rinsing her well and using my hand again just to be sure.

I added more get to the pouf and had her stand with one foot on the shower ledge. Gently and slowly I washed those fantastic ass cheeks and then her legs. Again, first pouf for suds and then hand for, well for pleasure of course. I sat on the ledge and took each of her feet and washed them; tops, soles, and between the toes. She giggled a bit at that. I reached up with fresh suds and gently washed her pubic area, careful of her lips and entrance. I took her under the spray again and made sure she was rinsed then had her stand facing the spray so water was running down her stomach, I took a rinsed hand and placed it between her legs then gently rinsed her her folds and ran a finger between them just to get her entrance cleaned. It felt a bit slippery from the remnants of my cum. I took her to the ledge gaziantep kaliteli escort once more and had her place a foot there. I soaped up one hand and ran two fingers between her cheeks. She gasped and tensed as I reached her anus. I gently massage it, washing away the lube, and she relaxed and let out a moan. She was bent over with her hands on the shower wall and she dropped her head below her shoulders. A soft ‘yes’ escaped her lips. I took this as encouragement so I gently slid one finger into her to the second knuckle and made circular motions. That elicited a louder response. She was definitely enjoying this and I my cock grew more. I was looking forward to taking her one remaining entrance.

I withdrew my finger and she sighed and told me I didn’t have to stop. I moved her under the spray and rinsed her well. She melted into me and offered her lips again. We kissed passionately as I ran my hands over her freshly cleaned body. She told me she’d never had another person wash her so thoroughly since she was a child. She laid her head against my chest and we just stood there letting the water run over us. After a bit she told me it was my turn. She took the pouf and added gel then started at my shoulders and worked her way down my back. Moving to my front she started with my collar bones and worked her way down, she washed over my nipples and they stood up. She giggled and took a soapy finger to them, rubbing over them repeatedly until the were little rocks, then rubbed her palms over them. Proceeding down my stomach she reached my cock. She put shower gel in both hands and wrapped one around my stiffening cock, the other cupped my balls. She worked them both, ostensively to get them clean, but I think she just wanted to tease me. I sighed deeply and told her she should stop unless she wanted me to drain myself onto her hand. She moved on.

Vicki sat on the ledge and washed my legs then had me put one foot at a time in her hands so she could wash them. Her fingers between my toes felt fantastic, I sighed. Finished there she grinned and soaped one one hand then slid it between my legs and washed my anus in small circular motions. I sighed but told her not to go there because of her nails. We both rinsed well and stood under the water again, our lips meeting. I turned off the water and began drying her, taking another opportunity to touch her all over. She reciprocated. We stepped out of the shower and finished drying. Hanging her towel on a hook she then turned to me and asked if it was time. I took her by the hand and led her to the guest room.

We stood beside the bed for a while just kissing and running our hands over each other’s bodies. Finally she took me in her hands, I rose to full erection.

“It’s time to take me completely,” she whispered, “make me totally yours. After this you will have had me in a way no other man has.”

I turned her and bent her over the mattress then lubed us both up. I put the tip of my cock against her opening.

“You’re in charge here,” I told her, “I’ll stay still and you take me as fast or slow as you want and as deep as you want.”

She rocked back slowly and took the head as she moaned loudly.

“Yessss, give me your cock.”

She started rocking back and forth, taking me deeper each time and moaning louder with each inch she took. I dribbled more lube on us as I watched my shaft disappear into her. Finally she thrust her ass back against me and took it all. I felt my balls against her moist cunt lips. “Uuunnnggghhh!” she screamed.

She began rocking on me again, taking my full length with each stroke.

“My God that feels amazing.” She continued to grunt and groan as she impaled herself on my shaft. I was mesmerized my the sight of my cock disappearing into her ass with each stroke. Eventually she slowed and asked me to grab her hips and take her.

I was more than happy to comply. I’d been watching her asshole swallow my cock and I was ready to fill her colon with jizz. I gripped her hips and began slowly pumping into her, at first matching her pace but gradually increasing the speed until I was pounding into her, she reached back and rubbed her clit. Soon she was moaning and writhing on my cock. “Yes, don’t stop, harder, faster, fuck me hard, fuck my ass, fuck me stud, YES Aaahhh!, oh god Bryan I’m cuuuummmmiinngg!” I felt her gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan sphincter spasming on me and I let loose my load into her. She let out one more scream and collapsed on the bed, panting. My cock bounced in the air. I squeezed the last of my cum onto one cheek of her ass then I went into the bathroom and cleaned my cock. I returned to the bed and lay next to her. She snuggled up to me again. This was becoming her routine and I enjoyed feeling her body next to me.

“My lord that was amazing! I had no idea that could feel so good!” she said with a deep sigh. “Are you satisfied now that you’ve plundered my every hole?”

“I am very satisfied, and a bit honored to have taken your anal virginity. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I was afraid I might hurt you.”

“Oh no, you didn’t hurt me at all. I appreciate you giving me control. You were so gentle you reminded me of Brad when he put that big porn cock of his in me. The feeling of you stretching me reminded me of him stretching me, I felt so full both times.”

“You enjoyed Brad’s porn cock a lot, didn’t you,” I asked.

“At the time it was fantastic! The problem was the aftermath, I didn’t know my uterus could get so sore, I think he bruised me when he was pounding my cunt. At least you I can feel bottoming out in me but you can’t beat against my internals like he did, it’s more comfortable to take a pounding from you.”

I kissed the top of her head and we laid there for a bit before my stomach growled. She giggled, ‘sounds like someone is hungry for more than just me. I could use some food myself.”

We got up and dressed. I put on lounge pants and a t-shirt. She wore a short robe. She helped me strip the bed and get the laundry started.

I started breakfast as she started a pot of coffee. When the coffee finished she poured two cups and sat one on the counter next to me.

“What’s for breakfast?”

“Mandarin stuffed French toast,” I told her.

“Sounds delicious!”

“If you don’t love this dish then something is seriously wrong with you,” I said as I leaned over to kiss her.

We had breakfast on the deck, actually it was more like brunch. The weather was as beautiful as the woman sharing breakfast with me. I had noted the time on the kitchen clock. Jenny was up by now and getting ready to leave for the Vegas airport. Vicki went to get the coffee pot and refilled our cups. When she returned I asked if she like to be taken here on the deck.

“Mmm, please,” she said with a grin.

I reached out my hand and she took it. I pulled her between my legs and untied her robe, letting it fall open. Putting my hands inside her robe I opened it further and leaned in to kiss her navel. She giggled. I began kissing up her stomach towards her gorgeous tits.

“You really enjoy my titties, don’t you,” she asked.

“Enjoy is not strong enough of a word, more like I love to avail myself of your bounteous boobies.” We both laughed.

“Do you also love to avail yourself of my luscious labia?”

“Oh most definitely, and I plan to avail myself of them in a bit while you lay here on this table,” I replied.

I availed myself of her breasts for some time. Kissing, licking, sucking every square inch. She moaned and groaned as I took pleasure in her tits. She ran her fingers through my hair, all around my head, she pulled me close and pushed me away. Finally she begged me to lick her and she pushed me away and pushed the dishes to the side of the table. I helped her onto the table, she laid back and spread her legs.

I pulled up a chair and took hold of her hips, sliding her to the edge of the table. I wasted no time in putting my tongue and lips to work on her. I took her generous lips into my mouth and gently sucked them. This caused her to moan and the grabbed the back of my head. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit up to her clit then sucked it. ‘Aaaaahhhhh!’, she quivered beneath me and clamped my head between her thighs. She relaxed her thighs and I continued licking up and down her slit and she softly moaned. I slipped a finger into her and worked my way back up to her clit. I gently sucked this time as I continued to finger her. After a bit she came again. “Fuck me please, now” she begged breathlessly.

I stood up and without hesitation plunged into her.

“Oh my god fuck me, yes, YeS, YES!!” she screamed. She grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them up. “Give it to me!” she moaned and she began to spasm. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!”, she screamed out as I continued to plunder her and pumped globs of cum into her. “Oh fuck yes,” she groaned as she came down from her orgasm.

“Hard and fast, that’s how Brad fucked you wasn’t it?” I asked with a smile.

“You sir are no Brad, thank goodness, because I’d be sore tonight,” she laughed.

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