Sister Love Ch. 03

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It was around 5:45pm, as I returned home from the office, being a Friday afternoon, I decided to leave early so I could some time with my sister Tammy. I arrived home, and taking off my jacket as I walked up to the front door, I paused only to set my briefcase down, while I fished out my keys that were in my purse, and wondered why they always seemed to at the bottom of my bag. Finally grasping the keys and finding the right one, I turned the lock and push the door open. I picked up my briefcase and stepped inside, closing the door behind me and enjoying the rush of cool air.

I put my briefcase next to the coffee table, where I saw a note, picking it up and unfolding it.

Hi there sis, gone away with some friends

for the weekend, catch you later.

P.S. I miss your beautiful pussy.

“Oh well, looks like I’ve got the house to myself” I said to myself.

I went into the kitchen, unbuttoning the top two buttons of my blouse, and went to the fridge and pulled out a half bottle of wine, opened it and poured me a glass and returned back to the lounge, and settled back in my recliner. I picked up the remote the TV, flipping through the channels. Time seemed to pass slowly and I was dozing off, when suddenly a knock sounded at the front door. I got up out of the chair and answered it. It was Mum, and she was crying.

“Mum, what are you doing here. Shit, come inside. What’s the matter?” I said pulling her in and cradled her in my arms.

“Roger …. Roger …” she said between her sobs.

“Mum, calm down! Here sit on the couch, I’ll pour you a drink,” I said as I went to my liquor cabinet, and poured her a glass of bourbon, and handed it her. She downed it with one gulp and handed it back it me, for another one, which I happily did. I handed the glass back to her and did the same with that one. I refilled it for a third time, and I poured myself a glass. I walked back to her and handed her a glass, and she her crying was beginning to slow to a steady snob.

“Now what has Roger done?” I asked her.

“I found him, in bed with another woman, in our bed,”

“What! That fucken bastard! So what did you bangbross porno do?” I replied,

“I didn’t do anything, I just left and I didn’t know what to do, so I came here!” she said.

“You did the right thing Mum, you are welcome here for as long as you want to stay here!” I said to her.

Mom was trying not to cry, but she was trying not to cry but she couldn’t hold back the tears. I felt so bad for her. There wasn’t much I could do or say, but all I could do was just be there for her. Mom’s glass of bourbon led to a fourth and then a fifth. Soon she was on a pretty good buzz. By the time I poured myself a second glass, Mum was on her sixth. I wanted her to slow down, but she said that tonight she didn’t give a shit. I was glad that she wasn’t driving anywhere, and I poured her seventh glass.

Mom finally slowed her drinking, as she was drunk as a skunk, and soon I had a nice little buzz going myself. It wasn’t long till we were both getting drowsy. I knew I should help Mom to get bed, but before I knew it, I had nodded off. I awoke with a start about 3 in the morning. I was still on the couch and the TV was still on. I must have been really out of it. It took me a couple of minutes just to figure out where I was. When I got my bearings I realized that Mom was sleeping too and she had her head in my lap. I brushed back the hair from her brow and looked at her pretty face. I just couldn’t understand why guys would treat such a pretty woman like my Mum so badly.

I stared at Mom for a few moments as my brain was clearing and I realized that when I had removed my hand from her brow I had inadvertently laid it upon her breast. I know I should have moved it instantly but I got to admit, it felt nice so I allowed my hand to stay where it was. I had never so much as thought about another girl before but from the moment I realized I was touching her breast I was totally wet. I didn’t care if it was my Mother.

I figured Mom had been so out of it, that she’d never know so I decided to explore a little bit. She was wearing a tee shirt and a baggy old pair of sweat pants. I snuck my hand under the tee shirt and let bangbus porno my hand slide across her belly and up to her breast. Her skin felt so nice, not rough like the boys I’ve known, but soft and smooth. She had a thin bra on, so I cupped her boob in the palm of my hand and I could feel that her nipples were stiff. I just knew that before I stopped this little game I absolutely had to touch those nipples without the bra.

I crept my fingers under the bra and could feel the nipples, but I wanted an unobstructed feel. I got brave and unclasped the front of her bra and allowed it to fall to the sides. I admired her, for a lady of her age she sure had a nice set of tits. I can only hope mine will look that good when I am her age. I was wishing I could lick her nips but in the position we were in I just couldn’t.

I decided to take this a little further since the whole situation was making me so horny that my panties were soaked. I slowly slid my hand down her belly and stopped at the waistline of her sweats. I stopped there for a few moments. Debating with myself as to whether I should stop or proceed. Part of me knew how wrong this was and the other part of me just couldn’t stop. A thousand reasons to stop were racing through my head but as if it had a mind of it’s own proceeded to untie her sweat pants.

I got then open and slowly slid my hand in her pants. Her panties felt so sexy and I could feel so much heat coming from her mound. I allowed my hand to cover her mound and rubbed it. Mom let out some soft moans and spread her legs slightly. I slid my hand under the elastic band of her panties and slowly slid my hand between her legs. I was both surprised and delighted to fond out that Mom was completely shaved; just like me.

I had only intended to touch her for a moment but I could not stop myself. I rubbed the outside of her pussy and the feel the wetness was driving me crazy. I slid a finger into her slit and started to fuck her with it. Mom was still sleeping, but her pelvis was pushing back hard against my hand. She might have though that it was all in a dream, but she was certainly enjoying it. At that point I got beurette tour porno really brave; I started to remove her clothes. It wasn’t as difficult as you might think; she put up no resistance. I think her drunken mind was enthralled in some deep lustful dream. She almost seemed to help me. In no time at all she was completely naked.

I wasn’t about to stop there; I quickly shed my clothes as well and crawled between her legs. I wasted no time at that point; I began licking her drenched pussy as soon as I could. It tasted so fucking good! I knew, I was new at eating pussy. I buried my face in her snatch and ate at her pussy, and pretty soon, I had cum coming out, which I loved.

Just about the time I knew she was having an orgasm I heard her speak. “Get your fucking pussy up here so I can eat it! I’ve wanted to taste you for so long! I’ve fantasized about this for so long baby!”

That drove me wild. I had no idea that she’d been thinking such things but I was very glad she had been. I changed my position and straddled her face and buried my face back into her pussy. I loved licking it. I have never tasted anything so sweet before. Her juices were like nectar to me. I licked those wonderful lips and found her clit.

I knew that it wouldn’t take her long to climax. The way her mouth was making my pussy feel I also knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum either. Her mouth was absolutely wonderful. Just about the time I thought that nothing could feel as good, Mom slid a finger into my ass. That felt so good that I just had to do the same for her.

We both started to orgasm at the same time and all the while Mom was saying such nasty things. I had no idea she had such a potty mouth but I loved it. She was saying things like “oh God, I love how your pussy tastes!” and “Lick my cunt baby! Make Momma feel good, make Momma cum!” The dirtier she talked the faster I licked and we both exploded into each other’s face. After our climaxes had subsided, we melted into each other’s arms and kissed. It was a kiss like no other I had ever had. Such love. Such tenderness. I could taste myself on her lips and she could taste herself on me. I knew then and there that society might condemn us for this but this was only a beginning, we would be lovers always.

We looked at each other in a foxy smile and we walked to my bedroom and we crawled into my bed, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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