Sisterly Assistance Ch. 04

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After the passionate night at Lucy’s flat, neither of them could deny their lust for each other. But also they a lived a hundred miles apart, and being together was hardly practical. Karl kept in touch with Lucy, unafraid to make the odd reference to their coupling, but also anxious to find out if she had a new lover. Lucy, by turn, wanted to know if Karl had made any progress in his love life. Sarah had been a near miss for Karl, he had been head over heels in lust, but it was something that was not requited.

Over a phone call, Lucy chose her moment carefully, and asked: “So did you see Sarah again?

“Yes, I did. It didn’t turn out quite how I expected.”


“Well, I bumped into her a couple of weeks ago, and she said that we should meet up for a coffee.”

Lucy could almost visualise her brother shrugging at the other end of the phone.

“And you did?”

“Yes, I was very keen to.”


“Well she then started to tell me how happy she now was with Mike.”


“And how he had this big motorbike, and was into rugby.”

“All the things you’re not, in other words!”

“Well, quite! I felt she was rubbing it in though. Why did I have to listen to all the details about Mike in this cafe?”

“Well could have been worse, you could have told her all about us.”

“Luce! Karl paused. “Anyway, at the end of all this drivel about Mike, and how wonderful he is, she mentioned Alison.”


“Her sister.”

“Ok, what about her?”

“Well, Alison is coming up to the end of year exams, she asked if I still did a bit of coaching.”

“Oh, well, it’s a bit of extra money. Is she nice looking?

Karl considered his sister’s bait and took it.

“Yes, but she is a fair bit younger – and still at school of course. And besides, whilst I may have taken advantage on occasion, I’m not that bad!”

“You tell me.”

“So have you started your lessons?”

“Yes, I go over there once a week on a Wednesday evening.”

“Is she a good student?

“Not bad, seems to listen. She does eye me up a bit.”

“Well keep keep her keen, that’s what I say!”

“Any tips?”

“A nice bit of after shave and clean clothes.”

“Lucy! I meant keeping her keen!”

“So did I.” she sniggered at her own joke. “Sorry, no, it’s great you have a bit of extra income. You can find time around your own work?”

“Yes, sure.”

“Oh well, if she doesn’t turn out well, send her to me!” laughed Lucy.

“And what will you teach her, may I ask?”

“Everything you know that’s important.” They laughed, both knowing there was all sorts that could be read into the last statement, and said their goodbyes.

Karl thought little of it, and had tried not to see Alison in a sexual way. But she was sexy in her own way. He didn’t usually go for blondes, but he had to admit to himself that she definitely exuded a certain something.

Alison was a little shorter than Karl, she had long blonde hair, often tied in a plait. She was a little broader than her sister Sarah, but exuded a certain confidence in how she moved and spoke. She had without doubt caught Karl’s attention. As if aware if it, at subsequent lessons he noticed subtle changes in her demeanour, she had made more eye contact (and more eye shadow), and wore a tighter fitting top, and her skirt definitely seem to hug her legs more.

Consequently, he would quite like it if Alison had made it plain she was interested, and comforted himself with the thought that she might. She was the outgoing type, knew what she wanted, from what he knew of her. So perhaps if he checked her out a little more, he could find out if Sarah’s little sister had indeed the hots for him, or was just giving him flirtatious looks. If things developed, that would be quite a nice justice, he thought.

In fact, had he checked his phone for a text the next afternoon, he might have continued to think that way. It was late afternoon on a Wednesday, and Karl sauntered down the street where Sarah and Alison lived. It was a well off neighbourhood. He approached the drive to the large house which was set back in a large garden. He passed a large motorcycle on the drive, and half wondered if it had anything to do with the famous Mike.

He went up to the door and rang, but here was no answer. Then he checked his phone to see a message reading “Can’t make it tonight, something cropped up.” It had only been sent an hour ago.

“So much for giving notice,” he muttered.

He had a collection of books that he was going to drop off, and wondered what his next move should be. It was beginning to rain, so perhaps he could leave the books inside the porch. He tried the door which he found to be unlocked. He opened it cautiously, and placed the bag inside, and as he did so, he heard a crash and some muffled shouts. It sounded a little odd. A break in? Perhaps he should just check before ringing the police? He crept in to see where the noise had come from; across the hall he could here sound of gaziantep vip escort bayan furniture scraping the floor. Maybe he should leave, but something urged him to check. He crept up to the nearest door and peeped through to the kitchen. Peering through a crack in the door, he could see the source of the noise.

There, on the kitchen table he could see Mike, and underneath was … Alison. She was in school uniform still, and her navy skirt was pulled up, whilst Mike was bare from the waist below, panting over her. Shocked, Karl drew back away from the door and silently headed back to the outside. A thought struck him, and he pulled out his phone and quietly walked round the house to the kitchen window. There he could see Mike over Alison, her legs wrapped round him as they fucked on the table. He got closer to the window and sank below, holding the phone up to take photos: one, two, three.

He had very mixed emotions about the whole thing, and when Lucy rang later, he found he was retelling the experience over the phone to Lucy.

“So did you send the photos to Sarah?”

“No, I didn’t see the point. Let her find out.”

“And Alison?”

“What about her?”

“Didn’t you have a thing about her?”

“Well… He paused. “I thought I did. Then… you know, it was seeing her under Mike, and I just felt cold, I just didn’t care.”

“Fair enough. So are you continuing with the lessons?” Trust Lucy to be suddenly practical.

“Well, we are getting to nearer the exam season, though she seems to have other things on her mind.”

“Not just her mind.”

“Right as ever, Luce.”

“So the love life is not that exciting at the moment?”

“No, how about you?”

“Well, I have had some interest.”

Did a twinge of jealousy pass through him at that moment? Karl silently drew his breath.

“Good for you.” He wasn’t entirely sure that he meant it.

“Don’t dwell on it! Perhaps look beyond the toxic Sarah ‘n’ Alison household?”

“I intend to.”

With that, the matter was closed, but Karl could not keep the feeling away that the experience with Sarah and her sister had left him a little scarred.


A week later, Karl was in his room when his phone rang. It was Lucy.

“Mum told me that you were feeling down.”


“So they mentioned about the trip, you guys are going up to the Yorkshire Dales?”

“Oh yes, they want to make it old style, picnic on a blanket by a stream. Sounds all right. I haven’t been up that way for a long time.”

“This coming weekend, right?”

“Yes, why?”

“They asked if I would like to come along. To make it a bit of a family occasion, as we haven’t been together since I moved out.”

Karl closed his bedroom door. “It’ll be great to see you again Luce.”

“Yeah sure.”

“It’ll just probably be for the day though.”

“You’re not staying over?”

Lucy paused for a moment. “Well… I am not sure.”

“- Because of us?”

Karl felt a pang of guilt, mixed with the frisson of excitement from the night with Lucy in Nottingham. He’d not had the best of experiences with Alison and Sarah, and he knew, that as a result, Lucy would be on her guard.

“Karl, you know we have to move on now. It is just not something practical or healthy in the long term.”

“Yeah, I know that.”

“So, look, let’s just take a deep breath, and be just be how we were before.”

“Yes, but you just keep turning me on, Luce.”

“Ok, I will wear some grim walking trousers, wear a hoodie, and look like shit, especially for you, how about that?”

“Thanks Luce.”

“We’ll be with the folks, so it will feel totally different.”

“I reckon.”

“Karl, I know what happened, but I need us to make that space for each other. You understand, we have to carve our separate paths.”

“Yes, I do know that, but things really did happen.”

“Ok, well, we won’t get into that kind of situation. Look, let’s make it a nice day from Mum and Dad, right, and just let those feeling go, eh?”

“You’re right Lucy. I know.”

Lucy went on to describe the food treats she was going to prepare for the picnic, and then ran through the transport logistics. She mulled over calling in at their parents, but decided to go directly from Nottingham. Next came the weather, as the forecast was very promising.

“It’ll be hot,” ventured Karl.

“So I hear. I’ll pack light, in which case.”

“And horrible walking trousers too.”

“Yes, horrible trousers.”


The day dawned bright and warm, and the weather looked like it was living up to its promise to be a hot sunny day. Karl’s parents busied themselves with packing the car and Karl decided to take a rucksack, so he could take the chance to go exploring for himself a little, should he so choose. He put in water bottle and a snack bar and then paused. Were they going up to the little limestone valley, where, if he remembered rightly, he saw gaziantep yabancı escort bayan there was that stream which had that brilliant swimming hole? It was tough to get to, and his parents would not be interested, but he decided to check if it was worth packing some swimming trunks.

“Are we going up to Fell Beck?” he called downstairs.

His father answered. “Yes, that’s it. “Why, did you want to do some walking?”

“Yeah, I’ll take my boots.” And trunks. Karl also found small towel, and pushed both into his rucksack before heading downstairs to join his parents.

Shortly afterward, they headed north, and soon were in the hills. They called in at a small railway station to meet Lucy. Karl got out to greet his sister on the platform, and as he did so, he noticed how warm the day was getting. It would be great to be in the open Dales countryside, high up with cool breezes over the meadows and views over the valleys, the slopes criss crossed by drystone walls. He saw the three carriages of the local train approach, and made his way up the platform. The doors hissed open and a few people got out, the last being Lucy. In a beautiful summer dress.

Karl said nothing, and smiled at Lucy, who wandered up in a slowly, making a mocking gesture of the heat with her hands over her forehead. She carried a woven bag; just as she had said, she would travel lightly.

“Gonna be a scorcher today.”

“Like you are already,” he thought.

“So, where are the folks?” asked Lucy looking around the station.

“In the car, just round the entrance.”

Lucy nodded and walked alongside Karl.

“Good journey?”

“Yeah, all on time.”

They approached their parents’ car, and got in. Lucy hugged her parents from the back and they started of on the final leg of they journey climbing high over a pass before dropping down into a secluded valley.

“Fell Beck, just looking glorious,” remarked their father.

“I’ll tell you now, I am just going to enjoy the view from the picnic,” remarked their mother.

“Me too,” chimed in Lucy.

They parked up by an open grassy verge and unpacked the car, before taking a footpath which descended to the stream. The light was bright, the grass fresh and green from recent summer showers. Buttercups in the lower meadows cast a yellow tint in the grass, and tiny white dots of sheep were scattered over the surrounding hillsides. After about half an hour, they found the favourite spot of Karl and Lucy’s father, and set out the rug and the lunch. It was close to the stream, and had the shade of a single ash tree.

The food was delicious and they all sat lazily on the rug. Lucy reached into her bag and brought out a book and their parents reclined, with the intention of a gentle doze in the dappled shade. Karl was thinking about the swimming hole. It wasn’t too far upstream, but involved a bit of climbing. He eyes wandered over to the others lying on the rug. Lucy was deep in her book, and he watched her as she turned a page; she had one leg raised, and he could see the light flesh of her thigh. Oh, what pleasures were so close by! He could see how her white summer dress complemented the curves of her body; his thoughts were accompanied by the buzzing of the insects, the distant calls of the skylarks and this gave him a dreamy sensation, with the focus of his dreams lying innocently on the rug just a few yards away. He instantly felt guilty and decided to move his attention to the opportunity for a walk and a swim.

Telling the others he was off for a walk and maybe a dip in the stream, Karl picked up his rucksack and marched along the stream bank. Soon, it was too steep by the stream, and so he had to climb higher above some trees and bushes which covered the view of the stream. Remembering the place where to drop down, Karl found what looked like little more than a sheep track, and brushed between the thorny trees and descended down back to the stream where it had formed a large swimming hole. At either side were slabs of limestone, which had been warmed by the sun. There, underneath the cover of the trees, Karl stripped out of his clothes and put on his trunks, before slowly walking into the stream. The water was very cool and so he had to suddenly swim to get used to the chill. He took quick strokes and felt the invigorating water on his skin, and its familiar peaty smell. The pool was a fantastic place to swim and he enjoyed his solitude as he circled around. All he could hear was the faint rustle of leaves in a gentle breeze, and the running water of the stream over the rocks.

After a while, he got out to dry and to warm himself again on the limestone in the sunlight. He had dabbed himself dry when he heard a sound in the bushes above. Someone was making their way down, and he was no longer alone.

“Fuck,” was his first reaction. He’d hoped he would have this wonderful bit of paradise to himself. The footsteps got closer, and then he then caught sight of the intruder slowly gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan negotiating their way in between the thorny bushes, a woman in a white dress – Lucy!

She stepped out on to the limestone slabs, and walked up to him.

“So, this is where you sneaked off to? Nice spot!” she surveyed the stream side and the swimming hole. She tilted her head at him deliberately, looking up and down his still damp torso.

“So, you did go for that dip.”


“Good, was it?”

“Oh yeah,” Karl nodded enthusiastically. He looked at his sister, who now sat down beside him. Her summer dress clung to her figure, and he took a moment to savour her slender, but strong frame. Out of the corner of this eye, he observed her dark hair running over her small firm, rounded breasts, clothed in the tight white cotton of her dress.

“Looks it,” murmured Lucy. She glanced up and down the stream, as if to check if anyone was approaching. Without any warning, she stood up then grasped her dress and pulled it over her head. Her dress dropped on to the limestone slab. Then a second later, her white panties were on the bright rock, and her bra fell alongside. Karl was wide eyed, as Lucy then strode into the water, threw herself forwards and began swimming. It took him a few moments to compose himself.

“Lucy! One minute it is going to be crap trousers, and now you’re parading naked in the bloody river!”

“Yeah, and…? Can’t I go skinny dipping on a hot day?”

“Well, yes but -“

“- You keep an eye on my things.” She swam several strokes splashing around noisily.

Karl turned and then looked at her white dress lying on the rock, with her discarded white knickers and bra beside. He felt an urgent rumble of lust.

“Well, I will have another swim too,” declared Karl, as he imagined if he saw much more of Lucy naked, his trunks would betray his oncoming erection. He hit the water and joined his sister. They swam around the pool, and dived a little, before Lucy made for the edge of the water. She strode out and lay on the rock, naked.


Karl stopped swimming.

“Have you got a towel?”


“Thank God! Can I use it?”


Lucy searched Karl’s rucksack and pulled out his small towel.

“Aww, it’s wet!”

“Yeah, I used it once already.”

She quickly rubbed the damp towel over her skin and then picked up her underwear. She slipped them into her bag and pulled her dress back over her head.

Karl felt it was safe to come out of the water by now, and picked up his towel. It was now quite damp, but it got the worst of the wet off. He sat on the rock, and noticed that it did not feel quite as warm as before, and so looked up to see that dark clouds had moved in, the light of the sun dimmed by high billowing cloud tops. The breeze was also picking up. The change had been quite sudden, so he knew that they should think about getting back. Lucy would not have a raincoat, and neither did he.

“Lucy, we should head back, I think the weather’s turning.”

“Yes, fine by me, I had a great swim.”

Karl realising that he was not likely to get much drier, decided to put off getting his trousers and T-shirt back on, and so just pulled on his boots.

“Let’s go,” he said, and right on cue, they heard a loud peal of thunder.

“Oh that’s ominous!” said Lucy as she pulled on her shoes. “Can we get back in time?”

“It’s getting dark really quickly. Come on!”

“Yes, I’m trying, these bloody laces are playing up,” she fumbled, and then finally tied her shoes. They picked their way back up through the thorns and then the larger trees. Once in the open, they could see the sky was much darker, and thick, heavy, drops of rain were starting to hit the ground, as the wind came in with strong, cool gusts. Karl headed up the slope and Lucy was close behind; they had only made it part way up when, with a sudden roar, the heavens opened.

Karl looked up. “Oh shit.”

They staggered on, uncertainly. The rain was coming down in torrents, blinding their progress. Within a short time little rivulets appeared through the grass. Karl stopped.

“Let’s head back to the trees, whilst the worst of it passes over!” shouted Karl.

“Ok,” Lucy said, somewhat doubtfully.

The rain was roaring down and they were getting soaked; Karl was glad he had chosen to stay in his swimming trunks, but Lucy…

She was drenched, and her white dress was becoming see through. She looked as though she was getting cold. Her nipples were beginning to protrude through the top of her dress, and he could see the a narrow shadow of dark hair between her legs showing through. He grabbed her arm and led her with him back downhill to the trees.

Clambering under the dripping leaves and branches, Karl pulled himself and his sister under the boughs of tree. The rain was relentless and he could feel Lucy was beginning to shiver. He brought her close to him and he felt the wet fabric of her dress on his chest and her hardened nipples on his skin. He clung to her as the water spattered on them from above, and another peal of thunder rolled from upon high. She whimpered, and her arms went around him, he felt a heat below despite the chilling rain. It was all getting a little hazy again, he felt his self control ebbing away. He nuzzled close to his sister, and gently brushed her hair.

“Lucy,” he whispered. She gave no response.

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