Sister’s Panties

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Growing up in a house with my mom, dad, and an older sister, Linda, I was always treated like I was special. Mom let me have my way most of the time and Linda was always there for me to talk to. I was eighteen and just out of high school. My one fond memory was that I would jack-off using my sister’s panties as a thought invoking means to make me very hard and emptying my cock juice into. I was always pulling out, “big boy,” whenever I got the chance.

I was having one of my, “panties fresh from the hamper,” sessions, holding them up to my nose, breathing deeply, and stroking quickly, when my sister opened my bedroom door. Like I said, I was eighteen and my cock was eight inches of steel, Linda was nineteen, and very nice to look at. She stood in the doorway, saying nothing, but staring at the sight before her. My pants and underwear were completely off me and like I said, I had a pair of sis’s panties up to my nose and holding, “big boy”.

After seeing Linda was not going to go away, I started to stroke my cock. Finally sis left and closed the door behind her. Linda didn’t say anything about this to me or my family, so I just let it pass. A couple of days later, I was getting ready for bed and when I pulled down my sheets, there was a pair of Linda’s panties. I also found a note from her, “Have fun.” I stripped down and was starting to do into my usual routine when I heard a knock on my bedroom door

. “Can I come in?” It was Linda; I pulled up the sheet and covered myself.

“Sure, come on in.” I answered. Slowly the door opened, Linda came in, closing the door behind her.

“Can I watch?” she asked. I looked at Linda, and then I pulled off the sheet, exposing myself to her wide eyed stare.

“Sure, if you want.” Linda didn’t move, just a slight nodding of her head was enough for me to start where I left off. I slowly stroked myself while sniffing the aroma of the panties she had given me for this occasion. Linda’s stare was intent on taking in every detail of my masturbation. I made a show of it, savoring every second of my captive audience’s attention.

Linda gaziantep yavuzeli escort bayan was getting worked up a little too. She was moaning right along with me as I approached an orgasm. I said, “I’m coming sis,” and she leaned very close to my cock just as I shot a wad of cum out, landing on her nose. Linda stayed in that positions letting me empty my load all over her face. She waited till the last drop came out, then reached down and took her panties from my hand. Sis stood there, letting me get a good look at her cum covered face before wiping off the cum with her panties. I started to get hard again, but she turned and left, taking the panties with her.

Linda was bringing me panties every night and we would do the same routine. After a week of this, she changed, from standing to sitting on my bed, till I would explode on her face. Sometimes she would even rub the cum all over her face, then we would just look at each other, till she wiped it off. I found this so sexy that I waited for her and didn’t even think about starting till she would knock on the door. We never spoke while she watched. I knew this was too deep a desire for us both to ruin with words.

After doing this routine for about a month, Linda changed it again. Now she would knock on my door, come in, and remove the panties she was wearing. It was heaven getting these warm and fragrant presents from her. I would even get a flash of her cunt sometimes, and a wet spot on the panties was always savored. I would lick and suck at the wet spot till I could no longer hold back on my mission. Linda seemed to enjoy my extra attention to the slightly soiled material. She even bought some very sexy black panties that I was very fond of.

All this took place for just over a year, and not once did Linda ever touch me. I wanted her to suck me, but I never asked her to or made a move on her. I took this for what it was, nothing more than a very hot arousal, for us both. Linda never invited me to watch her. I would have jumped at the gaziantep yeni escort bayan chance to see her in action.

When Linda got a job in another state she moved out of the house, leaving me alone. I was left in a void. I couldn’t get in the mood and when I tried to it just wasn’t the same. I kept in contact with Linda throughout the years, both of us moving about the country with our careers. Finally after almost ten years of bouncing around, we ended up in the same state, only a county away.

I would call Linda or we would have dinner together several times a week. I always referred to our get-togethers as dates. Linda had kept her fine looks and never married. I kept in shape and also never married. We both were very secure in our lives and enjoyed the same things. We would laugh and tease each other, enjoying our time together. Linda and I never talked about our little ritual of the past and we didn’t ask the other any questions about it either.

One night Linda and I went dancing after dinner, and I brought her home quite late. It was a Friday and she asked me if I wanted to stay. I was happy she asked me to stay, as I really didn’t want the night to end and hoped that we might share more time together. Linda was in a very bubbly mood all night, even being playful with me by hugging and kissing me more than usual. I felt playful myself and had given her a few slaps on her ass. While slow dancing, Linda had pulled me close and whispered, “I love you,” to me. I just squeezed her and said that I loved her too.

We sat around and talked awhile, laughing about some of the things we did as kids. After I yawned a couple of times, Linda said, “Bedtime,” and showed me to the spare room. I removed my clothes, as I sleep in the nude, when sis knocked on my door. I said, “Come in,” and Linda, dressed in only a pair of panties, her breasts a treasure to look at, walked up to the bed and pulled off the panties, saying,

“I don’t think we’ll be needing these.” She said as she pulled back the sheet gaziantep zayıf escort bayan and lay down beside me. I was all over her with kisses, sis returning everyone back to me.

As we explored each others body, I wished we could have done this years ago, but I was still glad it finally happened. Linda knew what my cock looked like, but she had never felt it, and now she was going after it like she was possessed. We were frantic fucking, trying to make up for lost time. I pounded her cunt fury that I never had before, cumming far into her cunt. Linda was a hot fuck and also very willing. We managed to get a little sleep and after a quick shower and breakfast, cuddled again on her bed.

“You know what I would like? “Linda whispered. “I want you to cum on my face, like the old days.”

I told her, “Sure, but instead of your panties, I want your cunt in my face while I jack- off.” She swung her leg over my head and straddled my face, bending down with her face only inches from my cockhead. I grabbed my cock and pumped it with one hand, while pulling her ass down to my face with my other hand. I made sure sis could hear my deep breaths, while I was teasing her clit with my lips.

I pulled my mouth from her cunt just long to say I was coming, then I buried my face in her warm wetness and sucked like a madman, spewing forth my hot juice on to my sisters face. Finally spent, I laid there, sis rising off my face. She turned around and let me get a good look at her cum covered face. Sis was beautiful. I told her so. She smiled, opened her mouth and licked the cum from her lips. She then used her fingers to scoop up the gooey strings hanging from her chin. With a few more scrapes, she had her face cleaned up and sucked her fingers until she was satisfied no more was left.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long!” Linda shouted. “I could barely stop myself when you would shoot a wonderful load on my face, and I hoped you would tell me to lick myself clean. But you never did and I couldn’t bring myself to just do it.”

“Sis, I wanted you to suck me since the first time you came in with your panties. I’ve been thinking about this every day, wondering why we never did more before you left. Linda, I want to makeup for all that loss time.

That happened six months ago and I am happy to say Linda and I moved in together, and have been doing our best to makeup for lost time. I even wake up with sis sucking my cock; she said it’s easier to get all the cum that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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