Sitting for Liz and Cassie Ch. 03

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As pleasant as it is cuddled up between them, it’s also hot! The temperature is well over thirty outside and, even though the air conditioning is on, lying between two warm bodies is a bit uncomfortable. I wake from my dozing and look over at the clock beside the bed.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaim as I jump out of bed, “I have to be at basketball training in ten minutes.”

I grab my clothes off the floor, throw my tee shirt over my head, and pull my shorts up. I give them both a little kiss and run out the door with my bra and undies in my hand. For the second time in a day, I sneak back to our house with no underclothes on.

I change into my basketball gear, jump onto my bike and head off to training. Mum has left me the keys to her car, but it will take longer to back it out of the driveway than it will to ride the five minutes to the school hall where we practice.

I get there a minute or two late, and the other girls are doing their stretches when I walk in the door. Our coach says sarcastically, “Oh, nice of you to join us, Sally. Come on, hurry up.”

“Um, sorry. I was engrossed in studying and didn’t realise the time,” I reply. The other girls smile. I get down on the floor and start stretching.

After we’ve done our stretches we start with a few minutes of warm up running around the hall. I’m running next to Sue who, at the top of her voice, lets out, “Wow, you stink!” She comes over closer and sniffs me. “Um, strawberry is it? And something else that I can’t quite place.”

“Er, yeah. My new body wash is strawberry scented,” I mutter, embarrassed. I move away from her and try to avoid getting too close to anybody for the rest of the session.

After training, I ride home and jump in the shower. I dry off, put on my wrap, and get back to the books. At about four o’clock, I hear my phone beep. It’s a text from Liz: “going for pizza for tea. pls join us. 530 OOOXXX:).”

“sounds great,” I text back.

I set my phone’s alarm for 5:15 and go back to my maths revision. When the alarm goes off, I get dressed into a tank top and short summery skirt. The tank is quite good support, so I skip my bra. Right on 5:30 I hear the toot of a horn out the front. I lock the door and run over to the car which is sitting in their driveway. Liz is driving and Cassie is beside her in the front. Little Liam is in his car seat in the back. I jump into the seat beside him. He turns to me and his eyes light up. I give him a little kiss and play with his hands.

“How was your day with your daddy?” I ask him.

Liz replies, “They had a great time at the local pool. But he’s pretty tired. So we thought we’d have an early dinner and he can get to bed.”

“Sounds good. Thanks for inviting me.”

Liz drives us to a pizza restaurant that I haven’t been to before. Our family always go to the one nearest home, but this one is about ten minutes drive away. When we get there, I unbuckle Liam from his seat and lift him out of the car. We decide to sit outside under an umbrella as it’s a beautiful warm evening. There are a few tables occupied inside, but we’re the only ones sitting out.

A waiter comes out and greets us as we sit. “Good evening, ladies,” he says with a slight accent, “and hello Liam.”

“Hey Marco,” says Liz, “this is Sally.”

“Welcome, Sally. I’ll get Liam a high chair. Drinks for anybody?”

Cassie holds up a bottle of wine and shows it to him. “Ok, I’ll get you some glasses.”

He leaves three menus on the table, goes back inside and comes back out with the chair. I put Liam into it and Cassie gives him his juice bottle. We all sit and read the menu.

Liz says, “I don’t know why we bother looking at the menu. We always end up ordering the same thing anyway.”

“Yeah, what do you get?” I ask.

“A large pizza – half marinara and half mexicana,” she replies.

“That sounds good to me too.”

“Ok, we’ll get a large and a small. We give Liam his baby food while we eat ours.”

“I’ll just go to the Ladies. Back in a minute.” I walk through the restaurant and follow the sign out the back to the toilets.

As I’m walking back to the table, I see a waitress walking ahead of me with three wine glasses in her hands. As she approaches them, I hear her say to Cassie,”Excuse me miss, I can see from all the way back there that you aren’t wearing any underw…” Then she notices me and says “Oops, sorry!”

Liz and Cassie both smile and Liz says, “It’s ok, Sue. This is our friend, Sally.” Then to me, she adds, “Sally, this is Sue.”

“Hi Sue,” I say. She’s in her early twenties with long blonde hair, big boobs, and a big arse. She’s wearing a black skirt and a white tee shirt that shows off her cleavage.

“Friend, huh? Hi, Sally”, Sue says sarcastically.

“Yes, friend. I think she’s jealous!” says Cassie.

Liz explains to me, “Sue has been back to our place many times. She loves playing with Cass and I.”

“Ok, I understand,” I say knowingly.

Then Sue turns to Liam and gives him a little kiss on the bursa escort forehead. “How are you, little man?”

He gives her a big smile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smile when he meets somebody. Sue opens our wine and pours it into the three glasses.

“Looks like you have a new hunky waiter,” says Liz, nodding her head in the direction of the boy inside the restaurant.

“Yeah, Peter,” says Sue. “He’s only been here a couple of weeks. But you keep your hands off him – he’s only seventeen and he’s mine. I remember what you did with Jono, the previous waiter. You gave him an eighteenth birthday present that he’ll never forget.”

“I did not give him a birthday present,” Liz says in mock indignation, “I gave him two!” Then with a big smile, she turns to me and says, “He was on a ten minute break. It took about thirty seconds to lead him out the back and get his pants down. It took another thirty seconds for him to spew his first load down my throat – I hardly got him into my mouth before he came.

“Oh, gross!” butts in Cassie.

“Then, after I’d taken the edge off him, he pounded me from behind for the next nine minutes while I leaned over the washbasin before I got his second load.”

Sue laughs, “Well I took him home the next night and fucked him about five times. About a month later, when he left to go on the next leg of his round the world trip, he could screw for hours. He filled all my holes with his cum about a hundred times each.”.

I can’t believe that we’re having this conversation so casually.

“Hey, so, it’s Saturday. Are you guys having your usual session tonight?” asks Sue.

“Yeah, do you want to come along?” answers Liz.

“I’d love to. But I don’t get off here until midnight, and I have to be up early. So I think I’ll have to give it a miss tonight – pity. Anyway, I’ve gotta go back to work,’ she says as she walks back inside.

I don’t know what session they’re talking about, but I can guess it’s something to do with sex – everything these guys do seems to be sexual! “What’s this ‘session’?” I ask.

Liz replies, “You’ll just have to wait and see.” I give her an exaggerated pout.

I think for a few seconds and my mouth curls up into a little smile. Liz asks, “Whatcha thinking about?”

“Oh, I don’t know – just thinking about the last few days. I always imagined I’d finish uni and get a job. Somewhere along the way, I’d meet Mister Right, we’d get married in a white wedding, have 2.4 kids, and live happily ever after. Now I’m not so sure. I certainly never had any intention of saving my virginity for my wedding night, but I didn’t expect I’d lose it like I did the other night. And what am I going to tell my friend, Jenny – we don’t have any secrets?”

“Nothing that’s happened with us affects any of that. You’re still a virgin as far as men goes. And, you never know, Jenny might be very interested in what you tell her … if you know what I mean.”

At that moment, Peter, the young waiter brings out our pizzas. Liz gives him a big smile and says “Thanks.” Then she leans over to me and says in a stage whisper, “Nice arse, eh?”

He obviously hears what she says because he mumbles something and hurries back inside. We all laugh – even Liam joins in.

Cassie gets his baby food out of the bag and starts feeding him while we all munch on the pizzas. After we’re finished the food and wine, Liz goes inside and pays the bill while Cassie and I get into the car and strap Liam into his seat. A few minutes later we’re back home.

“Would you like to come in?” asks Liz.

“Oh, yes, please do,” adds Cassie.

I already had every intention of going in. I want to find out what this ‘session’ is. And I’m feeling a bit horny after all the talk. Knowing them, I’m sure that will be addressed if I go in there. I say, “I’ll be there in just a second. I need to text mum and dad and tell them that everything’s ok.”

“I think everything’s going to be more than ok,” says Cassie enigmatically. I can only imagine!

I send off the message. Within a minute dad texts back saying that they’re having fun. He adds, “Have fun too! Be good.” I think that what I’m doing probably doesn’t meet his definition of good. But bad luck – I’m eighteen, I can do what I want.

I head into their house and let myself in the front door. Liz asks, “Everything ok?”

“Yep, sure,” I reply, “They’ll be home tomorrow evening.”

“Cassie’s putting Liam to bed.”

I head down to Liam’s bedroom and give him a kiss goodnight. Then I go back to the living room where Liz is opening another bottle of wine and dimming the lights down low. She’s turned on the TV and put a couple of beanbags on the floor facing it.

“So, what’s this all about?” I ask, curious.

“Well, you’ve heard of Netflix and chill, haven’t you?”

“Sure. I might be naive, but I’m not completely stupid.”

“Well this is our version of that – Netflix and jill. Sometimes it’s just us, and sometimes we have others join in. We get our bursa escort bayan toy collection out, then we sit and watch porn and jill off. It’s incredibly erotic. And we love watching one another cum.”

“Oh,” I say somewhat confused. Even though I’ve had sex with both of them and they’ve seen me naked, the thought of masturbating in front of somebody else seems bit strange. It’s just such a personal thing.

Liz continues, “Can you please go into the bedroom. In the bottom drawer you’ll find a brown wooden box. Bring it out here.”

“Ok,” I say and go off to the back of the house.

I’m on my way back with the box when I hear the front door close and a loud female voice say, “Hi girls!” Then she continues with a very excited, “Wait until you see what I bought today. It’s called a Jessica Rabbit Triple, and it’s got … oh.” She sees me come into the room and suddenly stops what she’s saying. “Oh, aren’t we having our game tonight?”, she asks with a dejected look on her face.

Liz answers, “Yes, we are. This is Sally. We’ve been entertaining her for the last couple of days. Sally, this is Jackie. We’re hoping that Sally will join us tonight.”

“Ooh, yummy!” is all that Jackie says as her eyes give me the once over.

She’s quite tall and fairly solid built. She’s got huge boobs and is wearing a tight, blue tank top and a bright red mini skirt. It’s a bit small for her and it makes her look quite slutty.

I’m not sure about all this, but I think that, after what’s happened to me the last few days, it can’t be too bad. And it does sound like fun. “Sure, I’m in,” I say.

“Great,” says Liz.

I hear a little clap of hands from behind me and turn around to see Cassie standing in the doorway. “Yay!” she says, “I was really hoping you’d say that.”

She goes over to Jackie and gives her a big passionate kiss. At the same time, her hands slip under the back of Jackie’s skirt and caress her bum cheeks.

“Mmm, let’s get started,” says Jackie. She takes a bright fluorescent pink package out of the bag she’s carrying. “As I was saying, I bought this new rabbit vibrator. It’s a triple: one for your cunt, one for your clit, and one for up your arse. I can’t wait to try it. I bought it this afternoon, but I forced myself to wait. Come on, I can’t wait any longer!” I quickly realise that Jackie has a dirty mouth – just like Cassie.

She takes her bag and goes into the living room and I pick up the wooden box and follow her. She sits in one of the beanbags and starts opening the packaging on her new toy like an excited kid on Christmas day.

I place the box on the coffee table and open it. Inside are an array of sex toys – about twenty in all. Some of them I recognise: a long, thin silver vibrator, a smaller black bullet with a wire and a control box, and number of rubbery dildos in various sizes. I’ve seen most of these toys on the Internet often enough, but I’ve never actually touched any of them before. There are also some things that I’m not familiar with: a set of three silver balls each about two centimetres in diameter, and a white, plastic egg shape that feels like it has something rolling around inside it. I study each one in turn, fascinated. And there’s a leather harness of some kind – it looks like a pair of shorts with the bum cheeks cut out.

I hear a purring noise from next to me and I look down at Jackie. She’s got her legs spread wide apart and is running the tip of her pink toy up and down the gusset of her red undies over her labia. “Mmm, that’s good!” she says. Then she yells out, “Come on girls, get out here!”

Liz and Cassie arrive into the room. Cassie is completely naked, and Liz is just wearing a thin dressing gown. She hasn’t done up the front of the gown and we can see that she’s naked under it. “You two look a bit overdressed,” she says, “Come on – we’re all friends here.”

Jackie strips her top over her head, reaches behind her back, and releases her bra. Her enormous boobs spill out, sitting high on her chest. They hang down a little, but, for their size, they’re very firm. Her aleolae and nipples are enormous. Then she unzips the side of her skirt, lifts her bum off the chair, and pushes her skirt and knickers down. Now she’s naked too. She continues rubbing the vibrator over her lips except there’s no clothing in the way now. I can hear slurping sounds as she runs it through her soaking wet labia.

Liz asks, “So, what kind of porn tonight? Amateur stuff or a movie? Lessie, hetero, gay male?”

Cassie replies, “I vote for a hetero movie. And a raw porn one, not one of those slow ones with a story.” I look over at her, a bit confused. She just laughs and says, “I know it’s strange, but I actually love watching men in porn. I don’t want to touch them or them to touch me, but I really get off on watching a big, hard cock in action.” She continues to amaze me!

Jackie doesn’t say anything – she too busy with her pink toy. And I don’t have a clue what I want to watch, so I just bursa merkez escort stay silent. Liz says, “Ok, NetflixXXX it is.” She’s holding three remote controls and starts pushing buttons on them. I see the familiar Netflix logo appear, but when she presses an extra button, the logo is replaced by a similar one that says NetflixXXX instead.

I ask, “What’s that?”

She replies, “It’s not very well known, but Netflix has an extra service that does porn. You pay another dollar a month and can watch as many adult movies as you like. And some of them are pretty hard core.”

She browses around for a while and settles on one called “Schoolgirls Start With A Bang.” I’m not sure if that’s a subtle reference to me or not, but I don’t say anything. It certainly doesn’t waste any time getting into the porn. Before the opening credits are even started, there are two young, big boobed, blonde women sucking two men with enormous penises. Jackie yells out, “Ooh, that looks like fun,” while she slides the tip of her vibrator over her clit.

I stand and watch the movie for a few minutes. The blondes are wearing school uniforms, but they look way too old to still be at school. It’s very crude – the camera work is very amateurish and there isn’t any plot. But it is quite exciting to watch. I can feel my body responding – my nipples are erect and I can feel some squelching between my legs. I’m tempted to get my clothes off and join Jackie on the other beanbag. But I feel a bit self conscious so I stay where I am.

I inspect one of the big rubber dildos and think how impossibly big it is. It must be a foot long and two inches in diameter. I’m trying to imagine how it would feel stuffing that thing inside myself when Cassie calls out, “Don’t you even think about it! I’ve tried it, but it’s too big for me. Liz and Jackie can only just handle it.”

I put it back in the box and carry everything over to where they’re all sitting. I ask, “Sorry, I don’t want to sound dumb, but I don’t know what half these things are. What are the shorts for? And what are the egg, and the balls?”

Jackie replies, “Well let’s demonstrate for Sally, shall we. Liz, come over here.”

Liz steps in front of Jackie and, while Jackie holds the shorts, she steps into them. Jackie pulls them up to her waist and fastens a Velcro strip around her to hold them. She turns towards me and I can see that they have an attachment on the front, directly over her clit. Jackie takes one of the smaller dildos and fits it into the attachment so that it stands out like an erect penis. I can see that it’s moulded into the shape of a circumcised cock with a head on the end and ridges running around its body.

Jackie takes the tip into her mouth and slides her lips down the shaft a few centimetres. I can see her mouth bulge as she runs her tongue around it. After a few seconds of this, she pulls her head back and says excitedly, “I’m ready – get it in me!”

Liz drops to her knees between Jackie’s legs, aims the dildo at her vagina, and slides it deep into her. In one slow push, she slides the whole device into Jackie’s pussy. I can see that the base of the dildo is pressing directly onto Liz’s clit. Their boobs mash together and they kiss passionately as Liz thrusts her hips backwards and forwards sliding the toy in and out of Jackie. It’s very exciting to watch and I can feel myself getting hotter. They’re starting to pant and push their bodies at each other. I can see that they’re both getting close to cumming. All of a sudden Liz stops and lifts her body up and off Jackie.

Jackie screams in disappointment, “Ooh, that’s not fair. Please finish me off.”

“No, not yet,” pants Liz, “We don’t want to cum too early. There’s lots more of the night to go yet.”

She turns to me and explains, “Jackie gets completely wiped out once she’s cum. She’ll probably just fall asleep. So we need to make sure we don’t peak too early. I usually only cum once, but occasionally I have a second one. Cassie, on the other hand, can cum about five times.”

Cassie replies, “I feel like I’m going to get my period tomorrow, and that makes me extra horny. So it might be more like ten tonight.”

Jackie adds, “You can set your clock by her!”

I’m still watching the movie. They two blondes are now being fucked from behind by the two guys. I can see their enormous cocks sliding in and out of the pussies. Thinking about the dildos and the actors, I say a bit dreamily, “They aren’t all that big, are they?”

I hear a stifled laugh from Jackie. Liz answers, “Don’t be mean, Jackie. She’s never seen a real one.”

Jackie replies, “Oh , sorry, I thought you were joking. You’ve really never seen one?”

“Well occasionally I’ve seen my dad’s and my brother’s – our family is pretty casual about nudity. But I’ve never seen one that was hard. And my dad’s and brother’s certainly didn’t look anything like those ones,” I answer, nodding in the direction of the TV.

Jackie gets out her phone and presses a few buttons. “Here, come and have a look at Sean’s.” She scrolls between a few photos which show close up pictures of an erect penis. “That’s about an average size.” For some reason, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that she carries around dick pics of her husband! She types a few things on her phone and puts it away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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