Size Cream – A Small Penis Product

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The germination of “Size Cream” came from Literotica Reader Kyle.


Having a tiny penis was Shorty’s Achilles Heel.

‘Micro Penis,’ an ex-girlfriend labeled it one time.

‘Size DOES Matter,’ was drummed into his head repeatedly from almost every ex he dated.

So when he saw the experimental new product called “Size Cream” being developed by the local college pharmaceutical department, he immediately volunteered to be a tester. He’d take his puny penis problems into his own hands, once and for all.

By volunteering to use the product before it was FDA approved, he would receive several free tubes of Size Cream in exchange for providing weekly product feedback and daily measurement charting. And, of course, he had to sign a release waiver. He wasn’t worried about the potential listed side effects. He couldn’t wait any longer to get the benefits from having a large cock.

In his first response to the company, he was elated to share that he had grown ⅛ of an inch. His only feedback was that he thought the potential product slogan needed refinement.

“Grow inches with Size Cream to see your partner’s eyes Scream.”

Shorty didn’t like their using of the word scream in relation with sexual intercourse.

Within just days, his penis was noticeably longer; he didn’t even need a ruler for proof. But he fastidiously charted his daily growth and promptly submitted his results.


He couldn’t wait to show his sort of girlfriend Lola. Lola was a very cute brunette with a perfectly shaped ass and smallish 34b breasts. She had incredible sex appeal and was constantly hit on by men who could be overheard murmuring, ‘that’s the type of girl I’d love to fuck.’

With Size Cream, Shorty would finally get his turn. He’d get to fuck her properly and then maybe HE would break up with her. Maybe this time he’d get to be the one to break up with a girl FIRST over penis size. Like he’d boast he needed to break up because HE was too big for HER.

Lola giggled when he dropped his pants. She could see that Shorty’s penis had truly grown, but with its current size still under four inches–at its hardest–she felt compelled to educate him on the futility of such a small penis. Especially, given how arrogant he was acting about it.

She dropped her pants, too. She stayed standing erect.

“Fuck me, while standing, from behind,” Lola said in a tone that almost sounded like she was ordering him to do so, her dimples framing her near perfect smile.

Shorty’s excited new and larger 3 and 3/4 inch penis was dripping with so much man-made lubricant, he was able to slide right into Lola’s snatch. He thought she felt kind of tight around him. The last time he was given the opportunity to attempt to fuck her, the walls of her vagina were barely in any contact with his little penis. But that also could’ve been because he was getting sloppy seconds.


Everything was going perfect, in Shorty’s mind, with this standing-fuck-from-behind intercourse until Lola got so moist that his hard little penis started regularly slipping out of her pussy. He’d jab a stroke or two before he’d completely slide out on the third stroke. Soon, every other thrust found Shorty ‘enjoying’ the frottage groove of Lola’s upper thighs.

Lola liked to call this outercourse.

With his new size arrogance, Shorty thought he could ask for access to Lola’s ass. At almost four inches, he knew he could stay inside her tight butt.

“Seeing how I’m so much bigger, maybe I can just finish off in your ass?”

“Sorry, dear. You know my tight butt is reserved for Clarence. But I suppose we could ask him?”

Lola reached over for her phone as if she was about to text Clarence.

“Oh no. Don’t do that. Never mind.”

Shorty was afraid of Clarence. Asking him for permission for butt sex would be a bad idea.

Lola knew Shorty’s penis was too short–even at its new length–to stay embedded up her vagina for a proper stand up fuck. And that he’d feel inferior when he failed again to cum inside her. But with his arrogant approach today, she felt he needed to be reminded of his proper place. Outercourse. He had this humiliation coming.

And he did cum. Rubbing against Lola’s thighs. Shorty spent more strokes between her upper thighs than inserted in her actual pussy. This was because his little penis wasn’t long or big enough to properly fuck Lola and stay embedded inside her tight vagina.


She knew this would be the outcome and giggled to herself when reminding him of their previous agreement.

He got on his knees and licked his mess off her thighs before they both pulled their pants back on.

Each time Shorty has been lucky enough to get a shot at fucking Lola–even if it was sloppy seconds–he had yet to succeed at cumming inside her. He always slips out. Even in the missionary position, where he ends up squirting his load onto Lola’s shaved pubic mound. He continually bahis siteleri slips out–each time–where he eventually cums wherever his penis is at the moment.

From his very first attempt–where Lola expressed her disappointment–to today. In that first time–in her anger–and each time thereafter, she blurted out:


And he did. Out of embarrassment and without question. It was his penance. He went down on her collecting each stream of his warm sperm from her soft, smooth mons pubis before swallowing all his ejaculate. Then he proceeded to please her orally. He’d lick her pussy–working his tongue in circles around her clitoris–until she’d orgasm.

That’s when he became aware of sloppy seconds. Lola liked her hole tongued deep as foreplay before her clit was the focus. Shorty often found a lot of man fluids deep inside her vagina.

Every subsequent fuck attempt ended the same. Shorty would fail. He would slip out of Lola’s wet pussy during missionary sex and eat the load he squirted onto Lola’s shaved mound or he’d find his little penis rubbing in her butt crack because he was unable to stay inside her doggy style.

Lola’s butt crack was heaven. It felt really good. He could pretend he was fucking Lola in this position, but when he orgasmed he’d have to lick his cum puddle from the small of her back.

Lola had made it very clear that the consequence for his size failures was his oral duty. Although he didn’t argue, Shorty did feel like Lola was a little hypocritical, with her having him eat Clarence’s cum, too. He didn’t see why he should have to do that.

Eating Clarence’s cum happened often. Shorty knew when Lola fucked Clarence because the fucker left proof for Shorty to find. He was ready to change the narrative. Flip the script. Be the guy with the bigger tool. The man in control.


So he ignored the strong warning on the label: DO NOT exceed the recommended daily dosage. And he applied Size Cream in double and triple doses. He desperately wanted a larger penis and didn’t really believe the side effect would or could ever happen to him.

Days later, he measured in at 4.5 inches! He was convinced he could properly fuck Lola and leave sloppy seconds for Clarence.

He arrived at her place right after work and dropped his pants to impress her with his larger tool. She played along retrieving a ruler to support his claim he was growing. Lola encouraged him to lay down. She straddled her skinny fit body over him lifting her skirt, pulling her panties aside while sliding down onto his hard shaft. Seeing her perfectly fuckable naked figure had him as horny as ever. He recognized that they haven’t ever fucked like this before.

And good for Shorty. It worked. He stayed inside her for the entire experience. She worked his shaft riding him like she was riding a pony.

Lola even had an orgasm. It was awesome. Shorty was so proud of himself.

“Did you cum?” Lola asked, wanting to see his response.

He stalled. He wasn’t sure. The problem was, his penis was numb. The whole time they fucked, Shorty couldn’t feel a thing. He didn’t experience any sexual pleasure, other than watching Lola’s orgasm, which turned on his brain.

“Did you cum or not?” Lola asked more forcefully.

“Uh, I don’t know.”

Shorty didn’t want Lola to know his penis was numb. If he came, he certainly didn’t feel it. This was not good, he thought. He made a mental note that he’d better start following the recommended dosage. One side effect listed was numbness. FUCK.


“What do you mean you don’t know? You’re teasing!”

Lola slid up and straddled Shorty’s face towering over him while spreading her vaginal lips wide.


Right when Lola said ‘look’ the floodgates opened and gravity took over. Large clumps of fresh sperm cascaded onto Shorty’s face. This wasn’t hours-old sticky, gooey Clarence cum. This was thick, warm chunks of brand-spanking-new ejaculate. This time it was Shorty’s. Shorty’s cloudy, white sperm was coating his own face.

Lola knew he had an orgasm; she felt his contractions. She thought that maybe he was being coy because he WANTED to eat his cum from her pussy.

Shorty was busy swallowing his cum globs while thinking about how this was NOT supposed to happen this way. His first successful Lola fuck should have ended in triumph.

In his frustration, he completely abandoned the notion of following the Size Cream dosage recommendations. Surely the numbness was only temporary. He was experiencing growth and his size had momentum. He quickly decided he just needed to go for maximum size and cross his fingers that the numbness would subside. He generously rubbed Size Cream over his shaft morning, afternoon and night.


Days later Shorty measured in 5 1/4 inches. His testicles were still small, but arguably his dick wasn’t little anymore. In his mind, breaking the five inch barrier qualified him to call his penis a dick. canlı bahis siteleri And with his tiny balls dangling below, his newly up-sized dick looked even larger than it actually was.

And this dick was going to start fucking any chick he could find.

He broke up with Lola claiming he was ‘too big’ for her tight little fuckable hole. And then he screwed one of her girlfriends in spite as payback for her dalliances with Clarence.

This would turn out to be a big mistake. Huge.

His dick was growing from massive applications of Size Cream. First to six then seven and now seven and 1/4 inches. Shorty was the proud owner of a seven inch cock.

He went on a fucking bending. A bender of fucking.

He must have fucked thirteen chicks over one weekend. Even hanging out at seedy locations and attending an orgy.

But he had other huge problems. First, he’d been permanently numb for weeks. He had absolutely no feeling in his cock. None.


When he was fucking with his new huge cock, he realized that the only pleasure anyone was receiving was the woman. Shorty wasn’t getting any sexual gratification. None. He was feeling emasculated. He wasn’t using women; they were using him, as their fuck toy. It was like he was being bottomed as the top. His fuck tool was always numb.

His second problem was his difficulty achieving orgasm. All the chicks he was bedding would each confirm his complete lack of sperm production. They thought it was because of his tiny testicles. Regardless of the why, he wasn’t reaching orgasm and shooting out any cum anymore.

One day, he rubbed his cock for so long–to see if cum would ejaculate–he had sore spots the next day. (He had to try as this was the only way he would know if he came–to see it with his own eyes.)

His third sizable problem was his lack of erections. There seemed to be a correlation to his growing size and his inability to get hard. With each inch he grew, he also found himself softer and more limp. He went from semi-hard erections–that looked like his dick was frowning–at six inches to a slab of limp cock meat at seven. The only reason he was successful penetrating chicks at seven and 1/4 inches–and being used as a fuck toy–was because with a dick that long (and some lube) his fuck tool could stay embeded–in a chicks vagina–even though it was soft.

One woman told him that he felt like a hot dog and she was hoping for a cucumber.


Shorty was getting increasingly teased and ridiculed from women who wanted a hard fuck. Sure size matters, but the hardness matters even more.

It was almost like he was in the same predicament from where he started.

He wasn’t sure where to go. He didn’t know what to do.

So, he called Lola. She told him to fuck off.

He text her and called her repeatedly asking, then begging, for her to take him back. He apologized profusely for his prior transgressions.

She told him–actually jokingly at first–that she would only see him if SHE got to FUCK HIM over.

When Shorty sought clarification of what this meant, she realized she should play along.

She texted him a picture of an online porn model–who looked like her–with a massive strap on cock belted around her tight jeans and shapely ass.

This online model would taunt viewers to jack off while she stroked her fake cock.

She was surprised by his response.

“Okay. If that’s what it takes to get you back, then okay.”

Lola laughed so loud that Clarence asked what she was reading on her phone.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied.


But this power and revenge intrigued her. She was taking the idea seriously now. She didn’t have to take him back, but she certainly could fuck his ass. He deserved to get ass fucked. Asshole. Payback is a bitch, right? It was the least she could do. He had this coming. She arranged a time and date.

When Shorty showed up at Lola’s, he was met with a sharp tongue.

“Drop your pants and bend over,” Lola enjoyed barking at the large and limp cocked Shorty.

She was shocked to see the massive soft dick drooping from Shorty’s groin. Even flaccid, its size was impressive. Then she giggled at the weirdness of the disproportion between the girth of his flaccid dick accompanied by two little hairless testicles. (Shorty hadn’t much noticed his balls no longer sprouted fine strands of pubic hair.)

After applying generous amounts of lube to both her large strap on dildo and Shorty’s butt hole, Lola slid her fake rubber cock in his ass and gripped both sides of his hips. She fucked him against the same wall where months ago the roles were reversed. The only difference was that Lola’s cock didn’t slip out. Not even once.


What–in Shorty’s mind–was originally supposed to only be a peace offering to get his ex-girlfriend back morphed into something completely different. Shorty was getting semi-hard. He was getting horny. Even though the fullness canlı bahis in his butt was something to get used to, the prostate message awakened his region. His previously (almost) dead fuck tool was semi hard.

“Wow, look at you, Shorty. Turns out you are quite the little butt slut! Who would’ve guessed you’d be having so much fun?”

“I…did…nntt…know…I…ungh…unghh…ah…I…would…like…this…” Shorty said grunting and moaning his reply.

Lola wanted to make him feel pathetic. Just full out humiliate him. She fucked his ass hard and deep and constant while he was bent over and continually moaning his pleasure. She figured a fitting finale would be to wrap her hand around his semi-erect cock and stroke him to orgasm.

Lola didn’t know anything about his penile numbness; she didn’t know Shorty was having trouble reaching orgasm.

It was Shorty’s turn to be shocked. The awakening of his prostate somehow awakened his cock. Just barely, but certainly enough. He knocked Lola’s hand away and started stroking his normally numb penis to test for any sensation. Something was definitely happening, but he had to grip real tight and stroke real fast to feel anything.

“Look at you slut! Go for it! Jack that dick while you get butt fucked! Cum you motherfucker! Shoot your cum, you slut!” Lola was having way more fun than she would’ve ever possibly imagined.

Shorty was too busy enjoying a tiny sensation in his shaft to realize how pathetic he might have appeared to Lola. Here he was jacking off while getting his ass pegged deep and hard. It was accurate to say they were both really enjoying this sex.

And then…Shorty came and Lola loudly laughed. He shot sperm bullets in the air for the first time in a long time.

He texted Lola the next day asking, then begging for a repeat performance. He needed to gather more data for potential success in getting his dick working again. Lola refused over and over.


The only thing Shorty could think of doing was to go to a sex shop, buy a dildo and go home and fuck himself. He was desperate. When he saw the variety of choices, he purchased several large fake rubber cocks.

Talk about finding oneself being in a weird situation. How about being a straight man–with a formerly tiny penis–who now butt fucks himself solo by riding a huge rubber cock? And even weirder was how he really enjoyed the rectal stimulation. And how he jerked off a mostly numb semi hard dick–which at the moment–could now cum.

Shorty wished he hadn’t looked at the closet mirror while he was riding the large fake cock. He looked like a pathetic submissive slut so horny he’d debase himself for an orgasm by impaling himself continuously with large rubber dildos. Well, he was desperate. Very.

He just kept fucking himself over and over. Night after night.

At the height of his self-imposed butt fucking journey, Lola texted with an idea.

‘I sorta changed my mind. I have an idea for how you can get more prostate data. How about a threesome?’

It didn’t take Shorty long to justify that having two women fuck his ass would certainly be better than the scenario he was playing out by himself, though he was a little worried who Lola’s friend might be. But if he could get semi hard, maybe he’d get to fuck Lola’s friend?! (Lola made it clear she was never going to let him in her pussy again.)


When Shorty showed up Friday, he hoped Lola wouldn’t notice that his dick was shrinking. It was barely five inches.

In the absence of being able to apply Size Cream daily, Shorty’s dick was looking like a penis again.

At Lola’s apartment, Clarence opened the door to greet him.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” Shorty exclaimed loudly.

“Duh! You agreed to a threesome, remember?

“Uh, well, can’t he just watch?”

“With the number three IN the word, it doesn’t mean a twosome while one watches. Duh.”

“Oh, shit. I thought I was agreeing to getting fucked by two women. Geezus.”

“See what happens when you think? H E L L O. I’m standing right here. You’re talking as if I’m in another room,” Clarence said.

“Come on, Lola. I’m sure you knew I was expecting two partners of the same sex.”

Shorty was beginning to plead now.

“Ah, is that what you agreed to? Two partners of the same sex? Then HOW does Clarence fit in?”

“I guess he can watch…” Shorty replied, grasping for solutions.

“Watch you with two partners of the same sex? Is that what you mean?”

“I guess so. Okay.”

Just then, two of Clarence’s buddies appeared from the other room.

“Oh fuck! This is going to be loads of fun!” Lola boasted triumphantly.

“Wait, WAIT. Please. I’m not into guys. I just came over here to…uh…well…I just came over here to…”

“Get your ass fucked! You came over to get your ass fucked. I know. I know.”

Lola finished his sentence for him.

“Well, it sounds weird when you say it that way. I just thought it was going to be with…”

“You thought it was going to be me and a girlfriend. But I get your same sex request.”

Shorty tried to figure an immediate way out.

“What if we reschedule for another time?”

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