Slow Hand and a Woman’s Touch Ch. 06

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Becky and Ellen have lesbian sex with Lauren while Jack watches.

Continued from Chapter 05:

“If only Becky wasn’t lesbian, I’d loved to feel her tits while fingering her nipples,” said Jack obviously sexually excited from seeing sexy photos of Becky in various colors and styles of bras and panties, topless, and naked.

As if asking her permission to continue verbalizing his sexual lust for her daughter, he looked at Lauren as if waiting for her to chastise him. Then, when she didn’t, he continued his sexually inappropriate monologue to his girlfriend about her sexy albeit lesbian daughter. Only, this time taking more liberties by getting more sexually and graphically explicit, he escalated his forbidden, sexual lust for Becky.

“If only she wasn’t lesbian, I’d love to feel her naked ass, squeeze her naked ass, and slap her naked ass. If only she wasn’t lesbian, I’d love to feel her tits and suck her nipples while fingering her pussy. If only she wasn’t lesbian, I’d love to fuck your daughter, Lauren. If only she wasn’t lesbian, I’d love Becky to give me a blowjob. I’d love her to suck my cock while stroking my prick. I’d love to cum in your daughter’s mouth in the way that I’m about to cum in her your mouth, her mother’s mouth,” said Jack.

He stared at Lauren with out of control sexual excitement for her daughter. As if her head was Becky’s brunette, pretty head, he put a heavy hand behind her mother’s blonde, pretty head. Yet, after seeing photos of Becky and of her lesbian lover, Ellen in their bras and panties, topless, and naked, Lauren was just as sexually aroused as Jack was sexually excited.

As if her head was his portable pleasure machine, he pulled Lauren’s head closer to him. He impaled her mouth with the entire length of his hard, erect prick. With them both sexually turned on from seeing sexy photos of Becky and Ellen, she stroked him faster while sucking him harder and deeper. She wanted him to cum in her mouth as much as he obviously wanted to cum in her mouth.

Deep throating him and giving him the best blowjob that he ever had, he humped his hips back and forth. As if her mouth was his glory hole and indeed it was, he humped her mouth while fucking her face. Obviously, she was enjoying sucking his cock as much as he was enjoying her sucking his cock. With them both on the same, sexual page, they were both sexually excited over the prospects of having sex with not only Lauren’s daughter but also with Becky’s lesbian lover.

“Did you forget, Jack, or were you not listening,” she said temporarily removing his cock from her mouth to speak? “They’re not lesbian, they’re bi-sexual. They have sex with men and with women,” said Lauren while suggestively staring up at him with her big, blue eyes.

Pulling her head to him and quieting her by putting her mouth where it belonged, on his cock, he put a heavy hand to the back of her head again while impaling her mouth with his erect prick. He continued humping her mouth and fucking her face while she continued stroking him faster and sucking him deeper. Determined to get him to cum, it was only a matter of a few moments before he ejaculated his cum in her mouth.

“Suck me, Lauren. Suck me. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth while pretending I’m cumming in Becky’s mouth. Blow me, baby. Blow me. Almost there, I’m nearly ready to cum,” he said holding her head in both of his hands.

He put his head back and thrusting his hips forward while Lauren sucked him harder. She sucked him deeper. She stroked him faster. She continued stroking him while staring up at him with her big, blue eyes. Then, something he loved to see, she removed his cock from her mouth and licked his cock to tease him and to show him that she was sucking his cock.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, my God,” he said. “Fuck! Suck my cock, Becky. Suck my cock,” he said not only disrespecting her daughter but also disrespecting Lauren. He looked down at Becky’s mother with lust and sexual desire for daughter as much for mother. “I’m going to cum. Lauren, I’m going to cum.

Lauren sucked his cock as if she was her daughter sucking his stiff prick. Then, as if he was saving his cum for this very moment, he exploded a huge volume of warm, oozy cum in her mouth. More cum than he had ejaculated in her mouth before, she had his cum leaking out from both sides of her mouth and dripping down her chin. Obviously, sexually excited, never had he cummed as much and as hard for Lauren as he did while staring at Becky’s sexually salacious, naked photos and imagining her daughter was blowing him instead of her.

“Oh, my God, Jack. Oh, my God,” she said swallowing him and wiping her lips, her mouth, and her chin with his tissue. “What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Where did all that cum come from,” she said laughing. She took his cock back in her mouth and sucked him dry and licked him clean. “Were you saving all of that cum for me or was all of that cum meant for my daughter?” She laughed.

When seks hikayeleri he called out Becky’s name, she knew he imagined her daughter blowing him. Yet, that was okay with her because while she sucked Jack, she imagined Becky licking and fingering her pussy. While she sucked him, she imagined eating her daughter’s cunt. While she sucked him, she imagined having lesbian threesome sex with Becky and Ellen while Jack watched and masturbated himself.

# # #

It was then that Lauren noticed another folder marked Ellen. Jack continued staring at the computer screen while she opened another folder of photos. The next page of photos was all of Ellen in different outfits, in various poses, and at different locations. The next page after that was of Ellen again but this time of her in her in various styles and colors of bras and panties, topless, and naked in the way that Becky had herself photographed in her bra and panties, topless, and naked.

“This is Ellen, my daughter’s lover,” said Lauren. “She’s busty but not as busty as Becky. It looks like she has C cup breasts. And as I already told you, she’s bi-sexual too. She has sex with men as well as with women,” said Lauren staring up at Jack with a sexy look and a naughty smile as if giving him her permission to have sex with Ellen as well as with her daughter.

Jack continued stroking himself while staring at Ellen’s sexy photos.

“Ellen, huh? I like that name,” he said. “She’s a good-looking woman but not as good looking as you and your daughter. She does have a beautiful body though. Now that I see what she looks like, I’d definitely do her. She looks normal. It’s too bad she’s lesbian. If I saw her out on the street, I’d never guess she was lesbian,” he said.

Lauren looked up at him with a smirk.

‘He’s such an idiot,’ she thought. ‘Why am I even with this man?’

She laughed.

“Normal, Jack? She looks normal?” Lauren laughed. “Tell me, what does normal look like? You? Me? No one is normal. We all have baggage, problems, issues, and fears.” She laughed again. “Tell me. I’d really like to know. What does a lesbian look like, Jack,” she said giving him another smirk and a dirty look. “I could be lesbian for all you know. You’d never know that to look at me,” she said.

He looked down at her in shocked surprise peppered with sexual excitement.

“You? Lesbian? In the way that you love sucking cock? You could never be a pussy licker.” Jack gave Lauren a curious look. “Why do you say that?” He looked at her sideways. “Are you lesbian?” He looked at her with disbelief before rephrasing his question and asking her again. “Wait,” he said looking at her hard. “You’re not lesbian,” he said pausing, “are you?”

She laughed again while giving him a sexy look and a naughty smile.

“No, I’m not lesbian but I could be for the right woman. For a brief time in college, I had a few lesbian affairs. After drinking too much wine, smoking too much weed, and being horny, I licked and fingered a few pussies,” she said reminding him of what she confessed to him before years ago when they first met.

He looked at her shocked and sexually excited.

“I had no idea you experimented with lesbianism,” he said.

She laughed.

“It was no big deal. Trust me. It means more to men than it does to women. Most times, nothing more than kissing, touching, and masturbating one another. While attending a women’s college without men, we were lonely, horny, very drunk, and/or very high,” she said laughing. “Yet, now that I’m looking at naked photos of my daughter and Ellen, I could be lesbian for either one of them or for both of them.”

She gave him a sexy wink while looking up at him with as much sexual arousal as he looked down at her with sexual excitement.

“Now that you mention it, I remember you confessing about your brief exploration into lesbianism,” he said getting even more sexually excited. He moved her blonde hair from her eyes while staring down at her. “I’d love to watch you having lesbian sex with Becky. I’d love to watch you having lesbian sex with your daughter. I’d love to watch you having lesbian sex with Ellen, and/or with Becky and Ellen while I watched,” he said.

Obviously with her willing to go lesbian, he looked at her with sexual excitement. He looked at her with renewed sexual lust. He looked at her with curiosity. Now, that he knows her daughter is bi-sexual and has a lesbian lover, he’ll be after her to have a lesbian affair with Becky, Ellen, or with both while he watched or participated in a threesome or a foursome.

“After seeing my daughter having lesbian sex with Ellen, if given the sexual opportunity,” she said with a pause, “I’d do both of them while you watched and masturbated yourself. As long as it was okay with my daughter and with Ellen, I’d allow you to have sex with one or with the both of them too while I watched and masturbated myself,” she said with a dirty laugh. She paused to stare up at him with her big, gaziantep şişman escort bayan blue eyes while feeling his still erect cock through his pants. “Would you like that Jack? Would you like to have sex with my daughter and/or with her bi-sexual lover?”

Jack looked at Lauren stunned. He looked at her with sexual excitement. He looked at her with horniness.

“Really? Don’t be saying that if you don’t mean it. You’d allow me to have sex with your daughter and with Ellen?” He looked at her as if waiting to say that she was kidding. Then, when she didn’t take back what she said, he continued. “As long as you’re okay with it and Becky is okay with it, I’d love to have sex with your daughter. I’d love to have sex with Ellen too. I’d love to feel their big tits while they sucked my cock. I’d love to fuck your daughter and her bi-sexual lover,” said Jack.

Lauren laughed.

“I bet you would,” she paused as if rethinking what she was about to say next. She gave him a sexily submissive look and a naughty smile. “Would you like to watch me having lesbian sex with my daughter and with Ellen? Would you like to have a threesome or even a foursome with me, my daughter, and with Ellen?”

Having pushed all of his sexual buttons as if he was a horny teenager instead of a forty-something-year-old man, Jack looked at Lauren with sexual excitement. He looked at her as if he was imagining her saying what she said. He looked from her to look at the photos of Ellen before opening Becky’s folder to look at her naked again.

“Seriously? Are you kidding me? I’d love to watch you having sex with Becky and with Ellen. I’d love to have sex with Becky and with Ellen too,” said Jack. “I’d love to have a threesome or a foursome.”

Chapter 06:

After Jack left, not expecting Becky home any time soon, thinking she’d be alone most of the evening, Lauren showered and slipped in one of her sexy, low-cut, and shamelessly sheer nightgowns. Not long after Jack left, Becky returned home without Ellen. Instead of coming home in a foul and bitchy mood as she usually does, she entered the house cheerful and happy.

“Hi Mom,” said Becky giving her mother a big smile, a kiss, and a hug. “How are you? I saw you’re home early from work. Are you still going away for the weekend?”

As if Becky had been kidnapped and replaced with an imposter, Lauren laughed with what she was about to say.

“Who are you and what did you do with my daughter?”

Becky laughed with her mother too.

“Ha, ha, very funny,” she said giving her mother a big smile. “I’m just in a good mood,” she said.

Lauren looked at her daughter’s smiling face. As soon as she saw her daughter, undressing her with her eyes in the way that Jack undressed every woman he saw, she imagined her in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. Obviously, Becky was happy because she was just with Ellen. Obviously, she was happy because she was having sex and receiving sexual orgasms. Different than heterosexual men, with lesbian woman able to go all night and have multiple orgasm, maybe they had sex again.

“No, I’m not going away for the weekend. Jack hurt his back but, after making a miraculous recovery, he’s better now that he doesn’t have to spend money on me,” she said with a sad, little laugh.

Not offering her opinion about Jack’s cheapness, Becky turned on her heels and raced up the stairs.

“I have to shower and change my clothes. I have a date tonight,” she said. “I think I’m in love,” she said running up the rest of the stairs.

# # #

Lauren wondered if she had a date with Ellen tonight. She wondered if Ellen was the one that she may love. The images of seeing Ellen naked while eating her daughter’s pussy, haunted her and continued to sexually aroused her. She couldn’t think of anything else but the vision of Ellen’s naked ass and the back of her glistening wet, shaved pussy. She imagined Ellen eating her in the way that she ate Becky. Now, with her having something else to think about, she thought of the photos of her daughter and Ellen in their variety of bras and panties, topless, and naked.

‘I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter. I’m just glad she found someone. Everyone needs to have someone in their lives,’ thought Lauren. ‘Who better to understand what a woman sexually wants and what a woman romantically needs than another woman.’

Lauren heard the shower running in Becky’s bathroom. Unable to help herself, never thinking of her daughter naked before, she imagined her daughter naked now. She imagined taking a shower with her daughter. She imagined taking a shower with Ellen. She imagined taking a shower with her daughter and with her lesbian lover.

She imagined them soaping up one another while kissing and touching and feeling one another everywhere a mother should never touch and feel her daughter and a daughter should never touch and feel her mother. She imagined masturbating her daughter gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan in the shower and her daughter masturbating her. She imagined them having three-way sex in the shower before drying one another off and retiring to her bedroom.

Ready to masturbate herself had her daughter not come home, Lauren made herself comfortable on the couch while photos of her daughter and Ellen in their bras and panties, topless, and naked flashed through her mind. Seeing the photos of Becky in her different bras and panties, topless, and naked sexually aroused her as much as it sexually excited Jack. Obviously, a longtime simmering, bringing back memories of her free sex, college days, she already had a forbidden, sexual attraction to her daughter.

As quickly as her daughter’s sexy photos faded from her mind, she thought of Ellen’s photos. She recalled the photos of Ellen in her bras and panties, topless, and naked. As much as she had a sexual attraction to her daughter, she now had a sexual attraction to her daughter’s lesbian lover too. She’d do Ellen if she could but, in the way that Jack will never have sex with Becky and/or Ellen, having sex with her daughter’s lesbian lover would never happen either.

“Mom? Please come up here,” said Becky.

# # #

Becky had a frightened and panicked sound to her voice as if there was a big spider in her room. She had a fear of spiders. She hated spiders. Armed with a fly swatter, a wad of paper towels, and spider spray, Lauren climbed the stairs to her daughter’s bedroom.

“Where’s the spider?”

Standing in her room wrapped in a towel with another towel wrapped around her hair, Becky rolled her eyes in the same way that her mother always rolled her eyes when with Jack. Lauren stared at her daughter’s towel clad body in the way that her daughter stared at her mother’s sexy nightgown clad body. As soon as she saw her daughter with so little covering her nakedness and as soon as she noticed Becky staring at all that she could see of her through her revealing nightgown, Lauren’s nipples erected.

Tempted to tickle her, as her excuse to touch and feel her daughter’s nearly naked body, she was tempted to pull the towel from her daughter’s naked body while continuing to tickle her. After seeing photos of Becky naked, she’d love to see Becky naked again. With the thought of stripping her daughter naked, she suddenly felt a familiar wetness between her thighs. Something she never was before, after seeing Becky with Ellen, she was so sexually attracted to her daughter now. She was so horny for Becky.

As if she wasn’t wearing a towel, Lauren looked at her daughter as if imagining her naked. She looked at her daughter as if she was hoping her towel would fall. In the same way that Lauren looked at Becky with forbidden desire, Becky looked at her mother with incestuous lust. In the way that Lauren unintentionally teased her daughter by wearing such a sexy and revealing nightgown, Becky unwittingly teased her mother by appearing before her in just a towel.

“There’s no bug,” said Becky with attitude.

As if not believing her, Lauren looked up at the ceilings around the room.

“You sounded like there was a bug,” said Lauren while still looking up at the ceiling.

Becky called her mother’s attention to her computer when she turned to look at her computer. Leaving a trail, she forgot to close the photo pages of Becky and Ellen. Now her daughter knows that her mother had seen her and her lesbian lover in their various bras, topless, and naked.

“I found my computer on and my photo page open,” she said as if she was Becky’s mother and Lauren was her daughter.

‘Shit. With all the sexual excitement of me blowing Jack, I forgot to close her files and turn off her computer,’ thought Lauren. ‘Busted. Now, my daughter knows that I was snooping.’

With all the sexual excitement of seeing the naked photos of Becky and Ellen with Jack, and him masturbating himself before she sucked him, she forgot to shutdown Becky’s computer.

‘How stupid could I be,’ she thought? ‘I’d never make a good corporate, white collar criminal or a spy.’

With her face blushing a bright red, Lauren looked at her daughter with embarrassment. She looked at Becky with shame. She looked at Becky as if she was as perverted as Jack.

“I’m sorry,” said Lauren. “Yes, I was on your computer. I, um, was looking at your photos.”

Lauren gave her mother an odd and questioning look.

“Why were you looking at my photos? Those were my private, personal, and naked photos. Why were you looking at my naked photos, Mother? Not only were my personal and private photos opened but also Ellen’s personal and private photos were opened too,” said Becky. “Were you looking at Ellen’s naked photos too? Why were you looking at Ellen’s naked photos, Mother?”

# # #

Obviously, if she had any hope of salvaging what little relationship she had left with her daughter, she needed to come clean. If she had any hope of having a sexual relationship with her daughter and/or with Ellen, she needed to tell the truth. She needed to tell Becky how she felt when catching her naked and watching her having lesbian sex with Ellen. Forsaking her embarrassment and shame, she needed to confess to her daughter that she was not only sexually attracted to her but also that she was sexually attracted to her lesbian lover too.

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