Small Dick Management Problem

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Double Penetration

This is a true story

I’m a man with a very small penis. 3 inches long when erect and not wide. When it’s not erect it’s like a small acorn poking out of my pubic hair.

This happened when I hadn’t long been married. I’d become manager of a new care home and had recruited and trained the staff team. They were mostly young women fresh out of college in their first job and married women in their 40s who’d worked in care for years. There were a few young men, mostly from west Africa. They all got on well; the young women made friends and went out together on dates.

There was a lot of rude talk amongst the women; the older ones could be very outrageous and open about sex and the shortcomings of men. The younger girls compared dates and the boys they slept with which usually came down to how big his dick was. They all seemed to agree that size was important and held men with small dicks in contempt.

One of the married women was openly unfaithful to her husband and told all about her affairs. She said it was because her husband couldn’t satisfy her with his little dick.

There was a lot of jokes about men with small dicks. Not only that they were no good in bed but that any macho, sıhhiye escort aggressive, bullying, sexist man had a small dick: “Typical small dick syndrome”.

The African guys joked that the girls should date black men for the sexual pleasure. It was all in good humour but of course it made me very nervous. And aroused. I was very self conscious and terrified that the size of my penis might show so I kept my jacket done up and wore long shirts.

I didn’t get involved in the banter because I was the manager and recently married. Once they asked me to settle a bet they’d had as to whether I had a tiny dick or not but I changed the subject.

Shortly after the home opened we had a staff party. It was at a house that two of the younger women shared with some other girls. We invited partners. We all brought drinks and a dish each. My wife came along and got on well with all the women. The girls had all dressed up very sexily, as had the older women. We danced and drank and let our hair down. I tried to act like a manager and make an emotional drunken speech about what a great team they were but they told me to shut up and relax and party. Which I did.

I drank sincan escort far too much. One minute I seemed to be articulate and sociable and fun; the next I was a drunken boor stumbling around, dancing badly, saying inappropriate things and being ignored. I remember lying down in a quiet room and then someone putting a blanket over me.

When I woke in the morning my wife was already awake on the other sofa. She asked me if I remembered much about last night. I said it had been a great party. She said she meant later. After I’d fallen asleep and then got up again. I began to have vague recollections.

“Go on. Tell me. What did I do?”

She told me.

After I’d fallen asleep and they’d put a blanket over me the party became quieter with people chatting in the kitchen, hall and living room. Liz was in the kitchen talking with some of the women.

I must have taken all my clothes off in my sleep. Not long after I’d fallen asleep, while most people were still there, I got up, totally naked and wandered around the house. Liz had put a towel around me as soon as she could but not before everybody had seen me.

“So they all saw my dick? Oh my god! Did any of sınırsız escort them say anything?”

She looked at me.

“Yes of course they did. They all thought it was very funny. It was so embarrassing. They even asked me how I coped with being married to a man with such a small willy. That’s why I came to bed. It was awful.”

We got dressed and went into the kitchen where some of the girls were drinking coffee. They all smiled at me when I came in. They asked me how I was this morning. I said I felt a bit rough. They exchanged glances and giggled. Then there was silence.

I tried to break the silence.

“But it was a great party wasn’t it?”

They all burst out laughing.

When I went to work on the Monday I had to endure the giggles and innuendos and women making the little dick sign in front of me. Just knowing that they all knew how small I am was a constant humiliation. Whenever they talked about sex and the size of dicks they looked at me and giggled. Even those who hadn’t been to the party soon got told. I walked in to an office to hear one of the women telling two colleagues “…and he walked in to the kitchen totally naked and he’s got the smallest dick you’ve ever seen. It was so funny…Oh hi Dave, didn’t see you there…so little..” and they laughed.

I couldn’t say much. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it in case my managers found out. I just had to endure the humiliation and the jokes and the teasing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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