Smallest Dick At The Party Ch. 01

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She had wanted him to come to the party all week, it was her best friends birthday. Frank didn’t like her best friend much, but he agreed to go along after a great deal of nagging. To cope with what Frank thought would generally be a tedious evening he had several drinks before he even arrived. Unfortunately that meant after a couple drinks in at the party he was well and truly drunk. That was ok with Jane, his girlfriend, though, that’s what she had been hoping for.

Frank had been sitting on the couch for quite a while chatting to a few people there inanely. Jane, his girlfriend, had disappeared with her best friend somewhere else in the house. At least as far as Frank was concerned, of course the reality was far different. Jane had spent most of the last hour at the party sucking off Gary in the upstairs bathroom. Gary was a friend of her best friends boyfriend. They had met a month ago and since then Gary had been seeing her on a regular basis.

Gary had quite a reputation and Jane had fallen for his charms. He was a big muscular good looking guy and after a few drinks Jane had ended up going back to his place. Something she normally would never do. Since then they had been meeting up. He took a particular interest in ridiculing her boyfriend whenever they would get togehter. Initially this had troubled Jane but after a while it began to turn her on a little.

When Gary had seen Frank was drunk and barely conscious of his surroundings at the party, he had dragged Jane off to the bathroom and brazenly pulled his cock out. It was much bigger than her boyfriend Franks, not that much longer, maybe one or two inches, but much much thicker and Gary knew it. Jane was still genuinely impressed whenever she saw his cock and Gary enjoyed her admiration, so when he pulled his pants down in the bathroom Jane was as she had been every time she had seen Gary’s cock since she met him, a little taken aback;

“God, your dick is so much bigger than my boyfriends” she said, giggling as she gripped it.

“I still can’t get over how much thicker it feels, it’s really difficult when he gets his out recently, I have to try and hide the fact that his dick looks pretty pathetic to me now”

Gary moaned, he liked the thought of how humiliated her boyfriend downstairs would be if he knew what was going on upstairs. She began to suck on his cock ferociously, salivating out of the sides of tuzla escort her mouth. It was so big she was having to stretch her mouth over it. The music was pumping downstairs where Frank was still sitting drunk and completely oblivious to what was going on. Others at the party had certainly gauged what was going on, a man and a woman don’t disappear together into a bathroom at a party just to chew the fat. That turned Gary on too, he liked that Frank was the last to know his girlfriend was sucking off another man in the bathroom at a party he was at!

“I’m gonna spunk on your face” he said as he pulled his cock out and squirted a big thick load of cum on her face and hair.

She smiled at him, she wouldn’t be wiping it off. They had planned this for a couple of weeks now, Frank was drunk and it was dark at the party, he wouldn’t notice for the time being but the other guests might. Gary liked that thought.

“Have you got the video then?” she asked keenly

“Yes I do, it’s fucking hilarious, it’s going to be great” he winked at her and they both left the bathroom.

A couple of weeks ago they had made a plan for this night to humiliate her boyfriend, Jane knew it would turn Gary on so she agreed to it. However she had felt a little bad about cheating on him and humiliating him in any way at all. So Gary had devised a plan. He wanted to show Jane that Frank would cheat on her, so she would feel better about doing the same to him. Fortunately a friend of Gary’s ran a local nightclub that Frank would occasionally go to. Frank wasn’t much for clubs but once every few months he would go out with some mates and get drunk there. Gary told Jane he bet Jane he could get Frank on film cheating on her and that if he did she would agree to humiliating her boyfriend the following week at the party. Jane agreed.

Gary had asked a friend of his Brenda, a big girl who would regularly be found at the club sleeping with anyone who came her way, to try and seduce a drunk Frank and sleep with him. Brenda was a brash big breasted girl who said what she thought to whoever would listen, pretty fat and not too pretty but slutty enough to lure most men for a quickie after a few drinks. Brenda had slept with Gary before and was willing to do just about anything for him, she agreed to keep a microphone on her so he could have a recording of Franks misdeeds. Through his friend he would göztepe escort have ready access to the different cameras that were up in the toilets to monitor any untoward goings on. The plan was to end up with a video of Frank doing the dirty!

Last weekend his plan had worked perfectly, Jane had to do some persuading but Frank ended up going out with some friends to the club, where he got drunk and in the end slept with Brenda. When Gary told Jane it happened and he had a video of it, Jane agreed to humiliate her boyfriend the following weekend at the party. Gary had brought the video with him that night and they planned, all week he had been telling Jane that she was “really going to enjoy the video”.

Downstairs at the party things it was getting late, Jane had begun mingling with people and chatting to her bestfriend. Gary’s cum still on her face and hair, it was dark in there but she was sure some people had noticed. Not Frank though, he was still drunk on the couch and looked sleepy.

There was a large television in the corner of the room, it flicked on and there in front of everyone was the scene in the toilets of the local club. The music got quieter as Gary turned up the volume on the TV. There was Frank, stumbling into the toilet with Brenda kissing. They barged into one of the toilets moaning as she began to pull franks trousers off.

Everyone at the party turned and began to watch what was happening on the screen. Frank leaned up and stared astonished.

“Er Isn’t that you bud?” One of the guys standing round said.

Frank just looked on as the camera showed Brenda pull his trousers and pants down to reveal his dick. There was a burst of repressed giggling around the room. Brenda was a big lady and Frank was quite a slim guy, he looked almost childlike next to her and that didn’t help his package to look its best.

“Ok” said Brenda in the video, “Well come on then” she said as she pulled her panties down and spread her legs whilst sitting back on the toilet. Frank watched on in horror as he saw himself insert his dick into Brenda and thrust back and forth quickly into Brenda as he moaned hard.

“OMG” the partgoers around him were saying as they whispered and giggled amongst themselves. Frank didn’t know what to do.

“turn if off” he said abruptly

“Na” said Gary smiling, “it’s just getting good”

Frank frantically üsküdar escort looked round the room for his girlfriend but couldn’t see her.

Meanwhile in the video Brenda didn’t looked too impressed with things and after about 20 seconds of Franks rabbit like thrusting she sighed deeply;

“for gods sake, can’t you do better than that?” she said demandingly

“W-what?” stammered Frank as he moaned and continued to thrust quickly in and out as hard as he could.

“This is hopeless, we’re only 20 seconds in and I can’t feel your dick already” Brenda said dejectingly as Frank pounded away for all he was worth.

The people at the party were openly laughing now at the video, Gary was loving this and he was loving that Jane who was hiding at the back of the room could see it too. Franks slender body thrusting away his cock furiously into Brenda was quite a funny site, Brenda’s size made Frank’s cock look particularly small and weedy by comparison.

After another 20 seconds of Frank trying for all he was worth to get a reaction of out Brenda by pounding away she sighed again;

“Your dick is too thin, this is crap” she announced loudly.

Frank began to moan, he was about to cum.

“OMFG” she exclaimed, “already?….you are fucking pathetic….you’re not cuming in me with that little weedy thing”

With that she shot up, Frank was still about to cum. She grabbed his underwear and pulled it up over his cock as he held it;

“There you go, spunk in there you useless twat” she said giggling as she forced him to spunk in his own pants by holding them over his cock in his hands.

The partygoers by this point were roaring with laughter openly. Frank was frozen, he didn’t know what to do. He was still sleepy and drunk but everyone knew he was awake and watching.

“That was really pathetic” Brenda said as she pulled her underwear up sniggering, “I couldn’t feel your dick and you looked stupid thrusting away like that all focused, as if you had something worthwhile down there”

“Don’t fucking come near me again” she said as she walked off.

Frank leaned back against the sofa, he didn’t know what to say. Jane walked up to him;

“Oh Frank” she said as she looked at him laughing.

The partygoers around were making comments openly as they giggled. One approached Jane;

“I er, hear that your boyfriend has a problem prematurely ejaculating?” he said to Jane as he burst into laughter, Jane giggled back. Frank didn’t know what to do, he laid back on the sofa and closed his eyes. He was just drunk enough that perhaps he could sleep this out somehow.

To be continued…

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