Sneaking a Quickie Ch. 02

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Plot? What plot? If you’re looking for romance, you’re looking in the wrong story.



Christina turned so that only I could see her face, and she gave me rather irritated look. “What the hell happened last night?” she hissed.

Did I do something wrong? She’d seemed to enjoy our sex romp. My blank face did nothing to mollify her.

“You were supposed to wake me up at midnight and you never came. Did you set your alarm? Because that was your big opportunity and I’m not sure we’ll get another one.”

Never came to wake her up? Missed opportunity? What the? And in the corner of my eye, just past Christina’s shoulder, I saw Amy standing in the kitchen looking at us with a gleam in her eye. Amy caught my gaze, and in a horrifying moment, she smiled and winked at me.


I could feel my face go ghost white as the implications raced through my mind. And as if in response to my sudden change in expression, Amy turned and rubbed her ass like she was still in pain.

One option was to look away and pretend like nothing was out of the ordinary. Just go with things and agree that I fell asleep and hope my loving girlfriend would never find out what I’d done to her little sister. But then, I’m not very good at hiding things.

Amy wasn’t the only one to notice my change in expression; Christina turned around and noticed where, and more importantly WHO, I was staring at.

My gaze came right back to my girlfriend’s and a hard look set in her eyes. “Outside. Now!”

We just got out onto the back patio, as if Christina was giving me the grand tour. I noticed that Christina was very careful in showing me around to make sure that every window and doorway was shut tightly, and she kept her voice low to make sure we weren’t overheard.

Finally, she turned to me, “Which room did you go to last night?”

“The first one past the bathroom.”

She was silent for only a few moments as the full implications settled into her brain. The verbal explosion came a second later. “How the HELL do you fuck that up?” I realized from her expression that I was about to be executed.

“The door was cracked open, at midnight, just like you said. The purple, the movies, it all screamed YOU!”

“So we like the same movies and colors. But how can you NOT tell that it’s NOT ME! She’s barely eighteen!”

“She never turned around! It was just a quickie, and I never got a good look at her face. Hell, she even shaves her pussy like you!”

“Fuck!” Christina muttered, and kept pacing. “You and your FUCKING bad night vision!” But then she realized that while no one could hear us, we could still potentially be seen. So she stopped her pacing and fixed her face once again into a model of Asian modesty and calm. “Well, how was she?”

“Uh, well…”

“HOW… WAS… SHE?!?”

I felt my heart sink. But I prayed that the honesty and trust between us would carry me through this situation. “She was pretty good.”

“Did you fuck her up the ass?”


“Was it tight?”


Christina squirmed just a bit, as if picturing the situation. “Gawd dammit! It’s so wrong, but it’s a little bit exciting: the thought of you sodomizing my little sister.”

But then Christina’s hard-set face was back, and she looked back right at me. “You are going to make this up to me.”


The five of us, Christina’s family of four and I, chatted amicably for this Thanksgiving Thursday morning. Amy flirted with me in a giggly schoolgirl kind of way, but always kept herself in check whenever her parents were around. Still, her eyes always had a hidden twinkle in them as she reveled in her little secret.

Then things took a fortuitous turn for us when the girls’ mother realized she’d forgotten several ingredients for the big dinner. So she dragged her husband out the door to go shopping, leaving me alone with two very horny girls for about an hour.

Just enough time for a mid-day quickie, as I soon learned that Christina had in mind. You take whatever opportunities you get.

The garage door closed then a half-second later Christina was dragging me, literally by my jeans, down the left hallway and to her bedroom, which was across the hallway from Amy’s. She’d pulled me away just as I was trying to respond to one of Amy’s suggestive comments, and she fixed her little sister with a threatening glare before marching us away.

We entered in and I saw a nearly identical room to last night’s: shades of purple with various movie posters and pop singers on the walls. And once inside with the door closed, Christina planted her lips on mine in a kiss as ferocious as any other she’d given me in our entire lives.

She was attacking me and stripping my clothes in a hurry, and it was all I could do to just hang on. She was red hot and horny, and I was so overwhelmed by the situation I wasn’t even getting hard yet.

That problem was soon rectified when Christina got me naked and threw erotik film izle me onto her bed. Then she stripped herself off with efficient urgency, and simply vaulted onto my chest to shove her wet pussy into my face.

“Lick me!” Christina demanded.

“Yes’m,” I muttered, and then with her knees planted on either side of my head, Christina lowered her wet nether lips to my face where I eagerly began to lap at her glistening moisture.

“That’s it. Eat me! Shove your tongue up my cunt! Fuckin’ EAT ME!”

So I did.

Looking up, I could see my girlfriend moaning with her eyes closed as I ate her out with desperation. I had to please her, make up for the previous night’s indiscretion, or at least distract her so she wasn’t thinking about the fact that I’d cheated on her just last night with her little sister. And I must have been doing something right in my anxiety because very quickly Christina lit off into a loud orgasm, screaming for the whole house to hear as she dumped a thick load of honey onto my face.

I simply drank it down, and Christina fully intended to stay put, sitting on my face. So gripping her hips and thighs to my head I wrapped my lips around her clit to keep on going.

I was watching Christina palming her own tits, tweaking the nipples high above me when a new sensation caused me to shudder and briefly stop what I was doing.

A hot mouth had enveloped my cock further down along the bed, and I knew that it wasn’t Christina’s mouth. I was paralyzed with fear, panicking at the notion I was somehow cheating on Christina AGAIN but unable to move my way out.

Christina noticed my suddenly inert state, and she glanced around the room looking for the cause. And of course she must have seen her sister now bathing my cock as if it were the most scrumptious lollipop in existence.

“Amy!” Christina’s sharp rebuke shattered the still air. She then dismounted my head, pivoting on one knee until she was kneeling next to me. I was then able to see a fully dressed Amy kneeling over my prick, the shaft still wrapped amidst her hands.

Then Amy’s voice came back, plaintive as she backed away from my erection. “I’m just warming him up for you. Look, YOU know and I know what happened last night. It really was an accident; I wasn’t trying to steal him.” Amy’s hand, however, did not stop pumping my rod.

“Well, why didn’t you stop him then?”

“I was barely conscious. All I knew was that I was in heaven, and he’s so good with his fingers…” Amy moaned breathily.

“Hmph.” Christina paused to picture my fingers running over her own body. “He is, isn’t he?”

“Really, I just have to taste him right now. But I won’t make him cum. I’ll save that for you.”

Christina didn’t say anything for a moment. But she did re-straddle my head, this time facing back towards my feet and towards her little sister. “Fine, but I’m going to watch you… to make sure.”

And then Christina’s wet pussy was once again in my face, and I was immediately tonguing and licking to the best of my ability while I felt Amy’s hot mouth return to my prick.

Amy licked and bobbed and sucked me with an expertise I hadn’t expected. But true to her word, while she brought me ever closer and closer to climax, she never fully got me off.

Meanwhile, I suckled Christina to a new climax, and when she stopped quaking above me I heard her command me, “Lick my asshole!”

That winking star had been right in front of my eyes for the last few minutes, and it was an easy thing to lean up and give Christina’s brown spot a rim job. She was clean and eager, and my girlfriend wriggled above me in a constant state of arousal.

And then finally, Christina got off and moved down to straddle my hips. Now usually, whenever Christina was on top, she would face me so I could see her face contorting in ecstasy. But most importantly, from that position I would watch her tits bouncing and her body splitting in half to accept my rod into her body. But this time, Christina was facing the foot of the bed, where Amy knelt on the floor with her face only a foot away from where my dick pointed up to the heavens.

All I could now see was Christina’s perky ass as she lowered herself down onto my rod, but Christina’s eyes were locked onto the changing expressions in Amy’s face as Amy watched my mushroom head forcefully prying open Christina’s anus, and then both girls gasped when I popped through the sphincter and Christina started descending down along the shaft.

“Aww, fuck, yeah!” Christina moaned while feeling me splitting her petite body in half, filling her nether passage. She wriggled and kept up a steady pressure until her asscheeks were finally flush against my thighs.

I could see the wide-eyed expression on Amy’s face, simply amazed at seeing her big sister getting ass-fucked in broad daylight. And her eyes only got even bigger when Christina lifted herself up to reveal my wet dick in all its glory before lowering once again to cover film izle me up.

My hands were clamped onto Christina’s hips as she rose and fell in my lap. She was panting with a breathless energy, willing her body past the pain and through to the delightful pleasure. “Gawd, it’s so big…” she groaned at a particularly hard thrust.

And then I could feel her diddling her own clit while I took over fucking duties and began to hammer my girlfriend up and down my shaft. I couldn’t see her face, but I could see the way she shook her head from side to side, hair flying as she moaned and groaned and uttered quiet chants of “yes… yes… yes!”

Christina’s naked back, the delicate trail of her spine and the ridges of her shoulder blades, held my attention in their exquisite perfection, like a sculpted goddess with graceful curvature and subtle eroticism. And I reveled in seeing her perky asscheeks bouncing with every impact as I plowed through her tight sphincter over and again.

I glanced over to the side, seeing that Amy’s eyes were tight slits now and she was visibly panting herself. Her arms were vibrating and I assumed she was playing with herself as she watched the fucking unfold before her.

And just when I felt the tightening of my balls, Christina wailed out her climax, her hands going nuts against her own pussy while I blasted away at her ass in rapid, staccato thrusts. Her anal muscles clamped down tightly around me as she trembled atop me. And then Amy’s voice was joining her sister’s in a harmonic howl of ecstasy filling the room.

For some reason, it was that dual audio of feminine orgasms that set me off, more so than the tight anus wrapped around my rod. And the combination of the two tipped me over the edge. So clamping Christina’s body down against my crotch, I felt my cannon blow apart inside of my girlfriend’s body as I pumped load after load of cum deep into her backside.

We all twitched for a few minutes, enjoying the aftershocks of our orgasms. And then Christina turned and collapsed onto her stomach across the bed, her white asscheeks rather pink from abuse and her rosy star now stretched into a gaping wide hole, little white globs of semen leaking out of her slowly.

“Fuckin’ A that was hot!” Amy finally exclaimed, sounding just like my girlfriend.

Christina and I just panted in our exhaustion. But then Amy reminded us of their parents’ imminent arrival. So Christina and I slipped into the shower for a quick cleaning while Amy stood guard.

It took a few minutes for Christina’s asshole to shrink back down, but we got cleaned up and I got my hair dried quickly before we returned to the living areas.

Mr. and Mrs. Wang never suspected a thing.


Thanksgiving dinner went smoothly. We had chicken instead of the American traditional Turkey, and a variety of Chinese dishes also were included in the meal. We stayed at the dinner table for at least two hours. The Wangs caught up as a family and I could feel the warmth and love between them all even through the cultural formality. I surmise they would have been joking around quite a bit and teasing each other, were it not for my presence as a guest.

But after a time, the ladies cleaned up while I spent some quality butt-kissing time with Christina’s father. And then as the evening got late, the parents went to their room leaving us young people to stay up and talk.

Christina and Amy hadn’t spoken much about the two major sexual encounters that had taken place since we’d arrived. But after Amy took a shower and then returned to hang out with us, I sensed a new tension between the girls as our expectations took over.

Basically, I fully expected to sneak into Christina’s room in the middle of the night for the quickie we’d planned for yesterday. On the other hand, Amy looked eager to watch since we’d allowed that in the afternoon, and was hoping we didn’t send her away. As for Christina, I couldn’t read her at all. There were always a few times that I had no clue what was going through my girlfriend’s mind, and this was one of them.

Amy finally decided for herself that we weren’t going to involve her, and as the hour was getting late she announced that she was going to bed. It was at this moment that my girlfriend revealed all.

She held my hand and stared into my eyes with an intensity that had only ever been matched by the anger in her eyes after she found out I’d cheated on her the night before. Amy even caught the tension shift in the room and paused to look at us before she went away.

“I want you to fuck her EXACTLY like you did last night,” Christina informed me. She briefly glanced to her little sister, who just looked in shock at those words. “I want to see everything for myself.”

I hoped to hell that her parents were asleep, because Christina led me away from the couch and then directed her sister to go to her room. Amy blinked and then obeyed, slinking silently down the hall.

We waited a minute, and I had seks filmi izle to remind myself to keep breathing as we followed. And then I readied myself for whatever waited on the other side of the door.


When Christina swung the door open, she held a finger to her lips to remind me to stay quiet. The figure on the bed stirred, but remained with her back to us.

In my anxiety, I wasn’t even hard. But then Christina got down on her knees and peeled open my pants. “I want you to look at her. Remember how soft her skin felt. Remember the tight curves of her body. And think about what you’re going to do to her.”

Christina’s voice was low, but it carried enough in the room so that Amy could hear her, and I saw Amy’s body shift as she also visualized what was about to happen. And between those thoughts and Christina’s warm hand on me, I felt the first stirrings of arousal filling my penis.

“You’re about to fuck my little sister up the ass… again,” Christina reminded me, and then her hot mouth took my cock inside, and I felt my body go rigid at the pleasure shooting through my body. She swallowed me once, then backed away to speak to me again in that low, husky voice. “I want to watch you seize her hips and thrust inside that warm paradise. The same way you did last night.”

She bobbed her head once again, smiling around my dick when my hands moved to her head and pulled her down against me, as if I was picturing thrusting into Amy’s snatch at that very moment. Her tongue felt sooo good trailing along the bottom of my shaft. “Can you see it?” she asked me once she pulled back.

I nodded. I was rock hard now, and Christina’s lavish tongue only fueled the passion inside of me. She took a few more licks and tested the heaviness of my balls, then pulled away and muttered, “Now go FUCK her.”

I stepped forward to the bed, lifted the covers, and spooned in behind Amy’s trembling body. Tenderly, seeking to calm her, I softly kissed the back of her head. It was one thing to be awoken to the pleasantness of sexual activity. It was quite another to wait in anticipation of a strange man to come and ravage your body.

I tried to calm her, stroking her leg and rubbing my palm along the curvature of Amy’s tight ass. And then she let out a low, deep breath as she relaxed and enjoyed my simple touch.

I took that as my cue, and slid the thin strap of her panties to the side and pressed a finger into the moist folds of her pussy. She gasped loudly, a familiar sound, as my middle finger slipped easily into her tunnel all the way to the knuckle, and then I pulled my hand back so that my wet fingertips could start rubbing at her clit.

Amy’s eyes flew open and she saw Christina was now kneeling next to the bed, her sister’s gaze locked to where my fingers were splitting her open.

I kept up my manual assault, now letting my left arm sneak below Amy’s neck and underneath her T-shirt so I could palm a firm breast and tweak the nipple. I hadn’t done this last time, but Amy wasn’t complaining and Christina wouldn’t know the difference anyways. And after a few minutes of my ministrations, Amy came to a small climax, letting out a relieved gasping moan while her thighs trembled. Her sweet voice pierced my brain, so familiar and yet not as I mentally understood that it was Amy moaning.

But the climax did relax her tremendously. Without my prodding, Amy now moved to her stomach, already helping me remove her panties. She simply shoved the T-shirt up around her neck to leave her mostly naked body in a doggy position, eagerly anticipation what was to come.

I reached down and gripped both of Amy’s breasts while I knelt behind her and nudged my erection between her legs. And blindly I moved until I felt the tip had settled into the warm folds of Amy’s pussy. So I leaned in and slowly buried my dick inside her wet tunnel.

Christina actually moaned first, and then Amy joined her as she felt my thickness spearing her pussy for only the second time. She really was a little tighter than her sister.

I flicked at Amy’s clit while I began to pump in and out of her, Amy’s chanting “yes… yes…” sounding just like her sister had hours before. But this time it was Christina who remembered the need for quiet as she pressed down on Amy’s head and planted her little sister’s face into the pillow to muffle the sound.

Amy clued in and did her best to keep quiet, albeit unable to avoid her whimpers entirely. And the sexual act plus the erotic moaning was quickly getting Christina very, very aroused. In the end, Christina just stripped herself naked and then sat beside the bed fingering her own pussy.

Christina whispered in my ear, “Watch! Watch your cock moving in and out of her cunt. Fuck that slut!” I groaned and watched the thick shaft parting Amy’s teenage folds.

“Oh it looks so hot! You’re filling her up, stretching her wide for your big, thick cock!” Christina moaned, strumming her own clit. “Damn I want some of that!”

Unable to resist any longer, Christina mounted the bed, kneeling doggy style right next to her little sister and presenting me with two perfect asses side by side. “Come on baby, give me a little lovin’!” she ordered me.

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