Snowed in with Nothing but Body Heat – Part One

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This is my first story, any criticism and comments are welcome but please try to keep it friendly and constructive. If you enjoy this story then please give it a positive rating and I will write a follow up as I hope to make this into a series. This first part will not include many sexual encounters; however, I plan on including much more as things go on with several more themes coming into it. Thank you and please enjoy!


It was a cold, dark winter’s day at the Mcatee household and the family are spending the day indoors as the white blizzard of snow continuously falls. Not a glimpse of the blue sky or green grass is visible out the front canopy window in the living room. The sound of the wood crackling in the old, Victorian fireplace gives it a cosy aura of relaxation and warmth. A stark contrast to the below freezing temperatures beyond the confides of the three story house. Myles Mcatee sits on the dark brown leather armchair, watching the football on the large flat-screen TV as he waits for his best friend of 16 years, Ollie, to arrive. Myles’ parents are away for the week so he has asked Ollie over to stay, rather than throw a party because of the poor weather it would be too much of a risk. The two boys have the five bedroom, 3 bathroom Victorian house mostly to themselves for the week, apart from Myles’ sister, Leonna, who is two years younger than the 19 year old. She is therefore his responsibility according to his parents, even though the young adult plans to spend the week as far from her as possible while they both remain indoors. The television is soon turned off in rage as his team is beat by a miniscule difference, although the timing is good as the doorbell chimes through, announcing Ollie’s arrival.

Chapter One

Welcoming his friend indoors, out of the cold, taking his heavy jacket from him, and hanging it in the coat closet as Ollie sets down his gear for the week. The two 19 year olds are quite similar in looks but have their differences too.
Myles has honey blonde hair that is a medium length and swept side-wards with short sides. Sporting dark, ocean blue, close-set eyes, which compliment his lighter skin tone. His lips are what would be described as classic with a slightly awkward rollercoaster type curvature to them, resulting in them revealing his teeth most of the time, however his teeth are perfectly straight and frost white. Cheekbones set at a naturally neutral position with a narrow, undefined jaw line and rounded chin with a medium length, slightly upturned nose.
Meanwhile, Ollie has natural dark brown hair with an aggressive pompadour style. His eyes are almond shaped with a chocolate brown colour and he has a darker, olive complexion that comes from his Mediterranean heritage. He has a roman nose and angelic, even sized lips, similar to Myles, his teeth are flawless. Ollie has a more defined jaw line that is squarer, along with his chin, which has only the slightest of points to it. Both young adults have athletic builds, although Ollie is taller by two inches at 6’1ft. Having both been high school soccer players they are not as built as the footballer players but they are far more agile and mostly faster, they are no bodybuilders but their muscles are well defined and strong without being huge.
After setting his things down upstairs in one of the guest rooms, Ollie goes down into the living room where Myles has prepared two shots of Vodka to mark the start of their week. “This should warm us up a bit” Myles comments, his voice is a medium pitch with an upbeat tone, he picks up the shot glass and brings it to his lips, waiting for Ollie. “Don’t you have to look after your sister?” Ollie responds, his voice slightly deeper with a prevailing English accent he got from his mother, despite his question he picks up the glass and drinks it down, Myles following shortly after.
“Well yes but I’m sure she can look after herself at 17” He coos, shaking his head slightly as the shot tickles his throat and gives a slight burn in his stomach. The brown haired male shrugs and nods slightly, “Yeah, she probably doesn’t need a babysitter”. Ollie has always had a thing for Leonna, he practically watched her grow up and flower into the beautiful woman she is now. Ever since she was around 12 he knew that she would become model standard and definitely break many hearts in her teenage years, however, he has never seen her with so much as a male friend never mind a boyfriend despite her drop-dead looks and cheerful, bubbly personality. Maybe she is a lesbian or there are just no guys that interest her. For two years, she was actually the reason that Ollie came around so much, almost every day, he loves Myles’ company but it never compared to the eye candy that is his little sister.

After a few beers and one more shot, Myles is a little tipsy due to the fact he is quite the lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Ollie on the other hand is just feeling a mild buzz, whenever he drinks he seems to become quite relaxed and carefree, the opposite of Myles who is quite loud and jumpy. The snow outside continues to fall as the two men sit in the conservatory, lit only by the television and filled by the sound of music. The thick white powder rests on the glass, only allowing a view outside through the vertical panels. The door opens in one swift movement, out the corner of Ollie’s eye he sees Leonna. His head turns towards the door and his face lights up with a big smile which has a hint of mischief wiped across it.
Leonna is 5ft, 128pounds of absolute lust, she has medium length strawberry blonde hair – closer to the blonde side – which bounces elegantly on her shoulders, softly swept to the side, often described as a ‘blown out beauty’ style. The teen has the same eyes as her brother, dark, ocean blue and wide set. She has higher cheekbones and a thinner, more elegant face that is complimented by her thicker lips that have a wider flare but retains the rollercoaster style curvature. Everything about her face screams beauty and would make any man swoon. Currently she is wearing white cotton shorts, which may as well not be on at all due to the shortness. However, they show off her long and smooth, creamy legs which are nothing but sensuous. Her calves are slightly toned to a perfect amount; her thighs are not too thin nor too large and have a small love heart shaped gap just at the top below where they part. Leading down, her feet are small and delicate looking and her toes seem to have the same fashion, nails painted race car red just like her fingernails. Her hips are wider than her waist, which gives her nice curves, moving up across her flat stomach to her 32B breasts. It is so rare for them both to be the same, exactly in line but when it comes to Leonna, they are. Her black vest shirt surely shows off ample cleavage and reveals that she is braless due to the lack of straps and absence of the outline where the cup should be. Similar to her brother, her skin is quite fair and light, however, it has a slight glisten to it, likely due to some kind of moisturiser or oil.
Myles looks over to his little sister, “What’s up?” He questions.

“Oh, nothing, I was just coming down to see what is going on. I didn’t know Ollie was here, why didn’t you tell me and I would have came to say hello?” She responds, her voice soft and pure. She steps into the conservatory and closes the door behind her.

“Well I didn’t think you had to know, he isn’t really here to see you” Myles counters, bickering with her is a regular occurrence and the siblings often find something to do it over. Ollie chuckles to try to break the tension building in the small room. “Hey Leonna, don’t mind your brother, he is drunk. You know, cause he is a lightweight.” He winks, making sure Myles sees it too so he doesn’t get offended.

Her laugh is cute and giggly, sitting down nervously on the arm of the grey L-shape sofa, closest to Ollie. “Can I get a drink, of wine or something?” She asks, biting her lip. Ollie looks to Myles, who will have to tell her yes or no.
“No, you’re too little” He states, even though she is only a year underage of drinking.

“Oh come on man, let her enjoy herself too, if she gets drunk at least she will be here. Better experimenting with us than going out to a club and getting pissed” Ollie argues, fighting Leonna’s corner for her. His best friend sighs and motions to the rosy wine on the table, not yet opened because it suits neither of their tastes. Leonna smiles and literally jumps up with joy and lets out a little squeal, “Yey!” She grins, picking up the glass and opening up the wine, pouring into the glass until it is half-full. The strawberry blonde teen then sits herself down in between the two young men, slightly closer to Ollie. Both her feet perched on the edge of the cushion, knees to her chest while she takes her first sip, savouring the taste. “How is it?” Ollie asks, getting a nod from her.

“Great!” Leonna answers after swallowing, turning to her brother and giving him a kiss on the side of the forehead, her cherry red lipstick leaving a small mark as her curved wide flared lips leave his skin. Then turning to Ollie and leaning close to his ear as he drinks his beer. “Thank you for sticking up for me” She whispers ever so softly, her warm breath tickling his ear and neck up until he feels her damp lips touch his jaw line, placing a kiss on his clean shaved skin, lingering there for a few seconds and likely leaving a red mark which he decides to keep there. His response is a simple pat on the lap but he adds a gentle squeeze, enjoying the texture of her skin which is almost certainly been moisturised. It is the first time since she has sat down that Ollie notices her sweet aroma of cherry, it is either her lips or whatever she has on her skin, whichever it is – he loves it. Making sure to take deep breaths every now and then, just so it fills his nostrils and lungs for a few seconds more.

Chapter Two

As the night went on, Myles continued to drink while Ollie and Leonna only had a little more. The three bonded well and the bickering between the siblings stopped, evolving into some good laughs and friendly chat. Things went on and Leonna progressively got closer to Ollie until she eventually cuddled into his shoulder, being reassured of his acceptance of it when he proceeded to put his arm securely over her shoulder. Myles remained unaware of it due to his drunken state and sleepy demeanour which soon took over and sent him into a deep slumber. Now it is just the other two still awake, watching a chic flick movie on the TV. Which of course, Leonna put on. “This would never happen in real life, that girl is an idiot” Ollie comments, referring to the main character and the soppy dramas of the movie. Leonna looks up at him, adjusting herself in his grasp so she is pressing tighter to his muscular body. “Oh hush, it’s cute and romantic..” She whispers, moving her head onto his chest and breathing in his masculine scent. In his arms, she feels secure, as if nothing can hurt her. Leonna has always secretly had a thing for Ollie, she has always loved when he comes over to chill with Myles and has tried to show herself off to him and make him think of her as more than just his best friends little sister. There was an occasion when Ollie stayed over and she came out of the shower in just a towel, walking past him in the hallway and accidentally dropping the towel just as she passed. The teen is pretty certain that she saw him looking back at her rounded bubble butt, which has been toned to perfection with squats. “You girls and your romantic chic flicks, always looking for fairytale endings.” He whispers back, pulling her into him and reaching his other hand down under her legs, lifting them up onto his lap and pulling her up onto him so she is cradled against him. Leonna blushes in the darkness as she is mounted onto Ollie’s lap, biting her lip and shuffling a little when she realises she is placed right on his crotch. Ollie ignores the slight shuffle, assuming she is just trying to get comfortable even though it was on purpose but he does not know that. He thinks back to the time Leonna dropped her towel when passing him, the first time he has seen her without anything at all on, before that the most he has seen is what a skimpy bikini reveals. He couldn’t help but look back as she ran off, watching her bum jiggle and tense as she jogged off into her room before slamming the door shut in embarrassment. Later that night she was the sole focus of his fantasy as he stroked one out in the bathroom, imagining her riding him on the lid of the toilet while her family sat directly below them watching a movie.
“Ollie?” Leonna whispers, looking up at him, straining her neck to do so.

“Yeah, what’s up?” He asks softly.

“Do you… do you think I am attractive, I mean, I’ve never had a boyfriend and boys hardly show any interest in me” The female asks, causing Ollie to look down at her.

He stares at her, dumbfounded, “How could nobody show you interest… You are gorgeous and have a wonderful personality. If I was two years younger and wasn’t your brothers best friend then I’m pretty sure you I’d die for your number.” He tells her, lying slightly because he doesn’t really care about the small age gap, it is just the whole best friend thing. Leonna smiles up at him and blushes a bright red, “T-thank you… that’s cute of you to say so” She beams, reaching up and kissing his cheek, leaving a red marking of her lipstick. Her insides flutter at his compliments, it was really just a way of to see what he would say about her because in reality, she gets plenty attention from the opposite sex but pushes them all back. The reason for that is because she has her eyes on someone else, the same someone who has been around for almost all of her life. Ollie, of course. Even though she thinks her chances are next to none, a girl can dream.

The movie comes to a close and the credits begin to roll, Leonna and Ollie are still cuddled up to each other but she has just readjusted herself directly on his lap, facing him. Her feet and legs on either side of his strong thighs, one hand runs down his chest to his abs, feeling the integrity of them through his burgundy sweater that shows off his collarbones. Other hand wraps around the back of his neck, “Thanks for watching that with me and for helping me get a drink” She smiles, feeling confident from some occasional flirting that occurred through the movie. Ollie smiles and his cheeks flush as she touches his body, even if it is through his clothes. “Yeah, no problem. Can’t say I loved the movie but I did love your company” He whispers, putting both arms around her lower waist, hands resting on the bare skin of her back which has been revealed with her tank top pulled up slightly. Fingertips grazing the waistband of her shorts. They stare into each other’s eyes, embracing the warmth of each other’s bodies. Only inches away is Myles, the big brother of the girl sat on Ollie’s lap, gazing affectionately into his eyes. Ollie gulps slightly, if Myles wakes now he will be in deep shit. For that reason, he breaks the silence and speaks out, “We should go up to bed, it’s pretty late and I’m staying all week so there is no need to stay up late. Got plenty time to chat..” He whispers, his lips only inches away from hers. Leonna exhales slowly through her lips, feeling his warm breath touch her skin is exhilarating. Even though he has knocked her back, part of her understands and hopes it is because her brother is within arms length. Ollie is right, there is all week. “Yeah, you’re right. Could you tuck me in though?” She giggles, wrapping her other arm around his neck and resting her head on his chest.
“Sure thing” Ollie laughs, lifting her up almost effortlessly, carrying her through the house and up to the attic room, which is her bedroom. The room is dark and chilly but her body is warm and nice against his torso. Carrying the strawberry blonde to her bed and laying her down before covering her up and tucking her in tightly. “I hope you have a nice sleep and I’ll see you at breakfast, night Leonna.” He whispers, leaning down and kissing her softly on the nose in a rather cute fashion.
Leonna feels her heart melting and stomach erupting like a volcano of butterflies as he kisses her nose in the most adorable manner. “Goodnight Ollie, thank you for the great night!” She giggles, doing so when she is nervous. They part ways and Ollie goes to his bed after covering up Myles on the sofa, he lays his head down on the pillow and thinks about his best friends’ sister. Fantasising about her, imaging her next to him, slowly stroking his hard member after a long half hour of kissing. Rather than masturbate he decides to save it until he leaves, just in case he gets a chance at Leonna. Meanwhile, upstairs in the attic the teen recently put to bed rubs her clit furiously at the thought of Ollie, pounding his length deep inside her from above. Pinning her arms down above her head and thrusting at a hard pace until she comes to a shaking orgasm and he fills her with his thick cum. She pants heavily while the orgasm subsides, still quivering, bringing her wet fingers to her mouth and sucking her milky fluids into her mouth, pulling her fingers out with a pop and then curling up in bed with a smile on her pretty face before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Three

The following morning, the snow seems to have continued overnight and has barricaded the front door up to knee height, the two men have decided to go out through one of the windows and clear it while the snow has stopped. Despite Myles’ hangover, he will have to endure the shovelling. Currently they are both at the breakfast bar eating weetabix with golden syrup. They have already showered but Ollie is still only in his towel, wrapped securely around his waist in hopes of the 17 year old upstairs coming down and seeing his half-naked body. However, Leonna is currently showering, washing her body slowly and then her hair. Once dry she moisturises every inch of herself, loving the soft feeling of her own freshly shaved skin. Her hair in a towel to dry off a bit as she gets dressed into a pair of black leggings with no underwear, purely because they show off her remarkable legs and stunning arse. Pulling on a long sleeve grey crop top, which reveals her flat stomach that is close to having abs but not quite there yet. It may be cold outside but inside is warm because of the central heating that went on not long ago, bringing the whole house to a nice temperature. She heads downstairs, still with the towel on her head and no makeup, if Ollie likes her like this then she will be ecstatic.
Walking into the kitchen, she spots the male with his chiselled God like frame on display, every inch of it looks like pure, hard muscle without an ounce of fat but without being too built. He is lean and muscular, that is the best description applicable. In Leonna’s eyes, he is perfection and she would love to roam her eager hands over every inch of him. Just the sight makes her pussy begin to get wet.
Ollie turns his head, finishing his weetabix just as the teen enters. At first sight, he notices her legs, which create the illusion of never seeming to stop even though she is only 5’5ft. His eyes wander up, examining her abdomen area that he desires to lick and kiss but not as much as he wishes to suck on her perky breasts, biting his lip at the sight of her hard nipples. Then finally, her face, all her features seem to flow with each other perfectly, without a single imperfection. Even without makeup, she is some sight, in fact, he likes the look of her just as much as he does with makeup. From Ollie’s point of view, this teen is a Goddess of lust, desire and sheer arousal.
“Morning boys” Leonna coos, walking towards them and taking the seat between.

“Hey sis, sleep alright?” Myles asks her, getting up and putting is bowl and spoon in the dishwasher.

“Oh yeah, I slept great. What about you two?” She smirks, thinking back to the little fantasy, which brought her to a nice, happy slumber.

“It was good, a little cold during the night until the heating came on” Ollie answers before Myles, remembering waking up from the temperature.

“I don’t even remember falling asleep… Definitely feeling it this morning though” Myles comments, referring to his hangover. Leonna chuckles at her brother, she is used to him getting drunk by now. “Yeah it was pretty chilly huh? If things get any worse we may have to sleep down by the fire like the winter of 2013.” Leonna says, thinking back to that year when her family was forced to sleep by the fire when the temperature dropped so low that only the hot water worked and even then, it was scarce and only at certain times of day. They brought down two of the king size mattresses from upstairs, one for her parents and the other she and Myles shared. “Let’s hope it doesn’t get that cold even though the forecast says it likely will drop to that. It could actually be even worse than 2013, hopefully it won’t be until after mum and dad get home though.” Myles says to his sister as Ollie put his bowl in the dishwasher and his empty coffee mug.
“We should probably make a food run after clearing the front door… just in case?” Ollie suggests, scratching his head as he looks in the fridge and cupboards, which do not have enough food to last more than a week. If the temperatures drop that low and the snow persists then the Mcatee parents’ flight home may be delayed until conditions improve. If that is the case, they will starve to death if they don’t go get food, probably a good idea to get firewood and other supplies too. “Yeah, good plan. Go get ready and we can start. Leonna, can you make up a list of things we might need from the store in case things do go south?” Myles asks his sister but it is more of a demand. Ollie nods and heads upstairs, putting on a pair of dark blue jeans, a grey sweater and a heavy khaki parka with a furry hood. He heads downstairs, puts on his brown leather winter boots and thick black ski gloves before shouting “Myles, come on!” to his best friend who comes out the living room and into the sitting room where the climb out through the window. Ollie puts up his hood and they trudge through the snow around to the garage, opening the side door, which they have to clear with their hands and feet. Once inside they both grab two large snow shovels and get to work clearing the door, making sure that they clear around it as well just so none collapses inwards and covers it again. It will likely snow shut again by the next morning but it will be useful to get the shopping in and out. From the knee down, the men are frozen as that is where the snow reaches, it will only get colder on the walk to the store that they can only hope is open. Letting Leonna know before leaving on the mile walk.

Eventually arriving back about two hours later with two shopping carts full of supplies, including; food, water, batteries, candles, firewood, torches, more alcohol, extra gloves, hats and scarves, a new thick duvet in case they have to go down by the fire and other things they thought may be required. Bringing everything inside and leaving the trolleys outside to bring back to the store when the weather improves, fortunately they brought the shovels to attach to the front so they could push them through. The precipitation of white powder began to fall again about 5 minutes ago and is still doing so now. Leonna is sat in front of the fire reading a book when the men enter, sitting down on the sofa beside her, both sighing simultaneously from the long walk. Glad to be in the warmth at last and seated. “What did you get up to while we where gone?” Ollie asks her.

“I just read this, the internet went out so there isn’t much to do” She responds, glancing to him with a soft half smile. No internet, next it will probably be the power. His house is probably just as bad and his parents are probably a little worried, he should give them a call. It’s not like he can go home considering he lives 45 minutes away by bus and the buses will be off now. Taking out his phone, only having one bar of service but it is enough to get through to his mom. Explaining to her that they have went out and got what they need if things get worse and that everything will be fine. Like any mother would, she tells him to stay safe and look after himself and the others before they say their goodbyes for what will probably be the whole week or more. “How are things at yours?” Myles asks.

“Worse than here, the power, internet and heating are already out, mom said that it’s like a blizzard outside – can’t even see your hand in front of your face. So we will probably be getting that soon cause it will be moving in our direction” Ollie explains, getting up and throwing an extra log in the fire, poking it with the poker and moving around some of the kindle so it is better lit. “We should keep it burning all night, otherwise it will be freezing if the heating goes out” Myles states, pouring the three of them a glass of water each. It is definitely going to be a long day ahead of them. At least they have each other’s company though.

Chapter Four

Leonna made them a nice hot dinner, a stew that her mum taught her how to make that both the men love. She has always been a good cook, a trait that makes her that much more appealing the male gender, especially a food lover like Ollie. “That was great Leonna, you’re an amazing cook!” Ollie smiles, getting up and taking their clean plates and cutlery for them, into the kitchen from the dinning room and into the dishwasher. “Why thank you Ollie, glad you enjoyed it” She says enthusiastically upon his return, sipping her white wine. Myles lets out a loud belch and then a chuckle, boys will be boys, Ollie soon laughing afterwards while Leonna rolls her eyes. “Yeah, it was really nice sis, good job” He praises, rubbing his full stomach. Leonna is clearly chuffed with her efforts at cooking and she has every reason to be, grinning happily, looking across at the two best friends who are situated beside each other. “Just glad it was nice and you both liked it” She says, leaning back, feeling pretty stuffed herself and having to admit that it was extremely good. There is also something about cooking for the two that gives her a sense of satisfaction, like she is serving and satisfying them. It is nice to be praised and feel wanted.

Myles is not one to deny his sisters good looks, he is also completely aware of her interest in Ollie and his interest back. Even though he is her elder brother it doesn’t bother him much because he knows that his friend treats girls well and isn’t a dick, it is a much better thought that your future brother-in-law could be your lifelong best friend rather than some random stranger who is an absolute douche bag. The only problem would be if they got together and things got serious then it ended on a bad note, then there would be issues. He knows that it is only a matter of time before Ollie and Leonna pair up, maybe it will be this week trapped inside, who knows. She is old enough to make her own decisions but he will of course be protective because she will always be his little sister. There is a sense of reassurance knowing she has never had a boyfriend because that means she has never had a broken heart which would result only in an ex-boyfriend with two black eyes – one from Myles and another from Ollie. This moment with just the three of them is nice, he just wishes he had someone else here so he wasn’t the third wheel while the two lovers to be gaze into each other’s eyes from across the table in a deafeningly awkward silence for him. Clearing his throat and speaking up, “We should probably bring the gas heater up from the basement just now, something to pass the time and so we are prepared.”

“U-uh yeah” Ollie says, snapping out of his trance of gazing at Leonna. He gets up and the three of them head to the basement, turning on the light at the top of the stairs. It is freezing down there and very dimly lit, with just one bulb dangling from the ceiling, it would probably be pretty creepy alone. The basement is mostly full of old toys and things from the families past that are no longer used or required, basically junk with a sentimental value. It is quite dusty but they won’t be down there for long, the heater is right in the middle with a gas canister beside. “Leonna, you want to help me with the heater and Myles can get the canister?” Ollie suggests, getting a “Yeah” from them both. They both lift the heater, he could have done it alone but wanted to involve her and make her feel useful, which she certainly is. Carrying the things up to the living room and placing them down, dusting off some of the dust and setting it all up, so it will only take a switch to turn it on when they need it. Ollie and Leonna head back down to the basement to get some board games. “Hey, Ollie, look at this one!” She laughs hysterically, holding up a game. He looks over and reads ‘Tease’, a game with the picture of a woman in fishnet stockings from what looks like a 50s pinup, it is clearly an adult board game. “Oh gosh, what the hell is that?” He laughs, even though he knows the answer, stepping over and having a look.

“We should take it and look at it later… not when Myles is around though because that would be weird on my part” Leonna laughs, putting it in amongst the other games like Cluedo and Monopoly. Ollie isn’t too sure about having a look at it later with just her but what harm will it do? It is just going to be a look. They go back upstairs and close up the basement, Leonna gives him the board games and takes ‘Tease’ up to her room so Myles doesn’t see it.

Inside she wants to play it with Ollie, not just have a look at it, but she doubts that will happen and asking him to play it may be a bit of a push or a step too far over the line. She doesn’t want to take the risk of coming on too strong. Rushing back down before Myles gets suspicious and sitting down on the floor by the fire while they set up Monopoly. She usually wins at this against her family with only the occasional, rare loss.

After about 2 hours of playing, Ollie goes bankrupt and is forced to quit the game, laughing it off, as he isn’t that serious about it. Meanwhile, the two siblings seem to be very competitive about things, probably due to their sibling rivalry and the fact that Leonna usually wins at this game. However, it looks like Myles has won this time around. “Damn it!” Leonna cries out as she lands on one of his lots, having to give him the last of her money, Myles announcing himself as the winner. “I think we can all agree that I won on team player points” Ollie jokes, meaning that he gave them most of his money after landing on their lots multiple times.
“Yeah but I won overall so you both lose” Myles mocks, throwing the fake money into the air above them so it lands on their heads and on the board.
“Only if that was real money” Leonna says with a chuckle, it would sure as hell be a lot of money.

Myles decides to retreat to bed, feeling shattered from the day. Even though it isn’t even that late, Ollie meanwhile is still feeling lively and has energy left in him, probably because Myles was the lead trolley so he had to push all the snow out the way. “So, do you want to go look at Tease?” He asks Leonna, sensing that she is too nervous to ask because she keeps glancing to him as they both relax on the sofa by the fireplace. “Yeah, sure!” She grins, glad that he asked and she saved herself the embarrassment. They head upstairs and into her attic room, turning on the light and sitting down on the bed. Leonna puts the game out on the centre of the bed, opening it up and laying everything out. It all looks quite trivial and confusing right now, Ollie picks up one of the decks of cards and has a look, there are three sections to it for what looks like gender specified instructions and depending on how many players there are. “All players must kiss your cheek” He reads aloud, that one is simple enough but then he looks at the next card, “Your partner must give you oral pleasure for 30 seconds..” He reads, laughing slightly. Leonna glances to him with a visible blush on her cheeks, looking at the cards, realising that to play it you need different extras like blindfolds, edible paint, food and alcohol.
“Do you want to pick a card out and do what it says, just for fun..?” She suggests, her voice quiet and shy, praying he says yes. Which Ollie of course does, “Yeah sure, but just one each and then we stop.. Don’t want to get carried away.” He tells her, shuffling the deck and then holding it out to her. Leonna picks one from the centre and pulls it out, she reads the three options, assuming she is to say the one with the picture of a woman in the corner. “Tell everyone the most orgasms you have had in one day? Elaborate on the circumstances and why you had so many” She whispers aloud, biting her lip, by this point her cheeks are a bright red and her hands are slightly trembling with anxiousness. “Well, go on. This was your idea” Ollie laughs, listening intently, quite curious as to what the answer will be. He isn’t as nervous as he has been with girls before so he is more relaxed and casual unlike the inexperienced Leonna.
“I uh.. 5 orgasm..” She whispers, thinking back to that day which was wonderfully satisfying. “I was home alone and I was just… really horny so I decided to experiment and stuff, I had so many because I was trying out different things” Her voice trembles, looking down at the card rather than at him, feeling his eyes on her, on her face and body. It sends a thrill of excitement through her veins. “Sounds like a fun day” He chuckles, imagining her trying out lots of different things on herself, curious as to what they are, suddenly an erection begins to grow in his pants. “Your turn now, here, pick a card.” çeşme escort Leonna states to try change the subject, her kitty being slightly wet. He picks out a card from her deck and reads, “Your partner must gently trace the shape of your erogenous zones through your underwear…” He whispers, suddenly feeling nervous, showing her the card as proof. The teen audibly gulps and shuffles closer to him, placing her hand on his chest and pushing him down onto the bed so he is laying flat. “Stay like that.” She instructs, mounting his chest in a reverse cowgirl position so he can’t see what she is doing. His member is already rock hard, what will she think when she realises that she has already made him hard? Although, this view of her bum is excellent.

Leonna trembles a little, breathing slowly to try calm down as she snakes her hand down her dream guys’ abdomen, across those perfect abs. Down and down until she reaches his belt, passing over it until her small hand rests gently on his crotch. She gentle traces two fingers over the underside of his shaft, feeling the whole of his length. Biting her lip at the revelation of his erection, ‘Did I get him like this?’ she questions herself with a smirk, moving her two fingers to either side of his shaft, getting a good idea of the length and thickness. Concluding that he is around 8 inches in length and about 6 ½ in girth which she has heard from friends is quite big for a guy but it’s very satisfying if he knows how to use it. The wetness of her pussy begins to soak into her leggings, not having to pass through any underwear. Ollie bites his lip, breathing slowly, feeling his member pulse as she touches it. Then he feels a dampness on his mid section, his eyes widening, ’Is she wet?’ He asks himself, grinning maliciously. Leonna throws caution to the wind and grasps his member through the denim, gently squeezing, “Is that good?” She asks softly, her voice dripping with seduction. “Y-yeah” Ollie gasps, not expecting that or what comes next. Soon his belt is opened along with his jeans and she has pulled out his very erect penis from his boxers, lightly stroking it with short movements. “Leonna, what are you doing?” He asks, even though he knows the answer.

Chapter Five

“Shhh, just relax and enjoy yourself..” The teen replies, rubbing her thumb against the bulbous head of his cock, using his pre-cum as lubricant as she slowly strokes the circumcised penis. The first one she has ever seen in person, it looks quite threatening but she wants to please and satisfy him. Ollie lets out a gasp of pleasure, reaching on hand up and grasping her upper thigh, the other going to her hip and holding her steady as she rests on his chest. The strawberry blonde giggles cutely and brings her hand up to her lips, tasting the pre-cum off her fingers, it tastes better than she expected. Slightly salty but with a sweet hint to it. Her hand returns and continues to stroke, picking up the pace and leaning forwards, swirling her tongue around the tip. “Oh god..” Ollie mutters, releasing a breathy moan. This is the last thing he expected to get from this. Her mouth soon engulfs the tip, making sure to keep her teeth away while still twirling her tongue around like a pro, teasing at the urethra opening and then the underside of the head. She knows that the whole thing won’t fit, not yet anyway but she tries to get down as much as she can, sliding her warm and slick mouth down his shaft until it hit’s the back of her throat and makes her gag a little. However, she controls it, having practiced with ice poles in the past. Her hand still strokes at the base of his cock as her mouth moves up and down, coating his length in saliva. Meanwhile her own intimate spot is soaking wet and obviously gone right through her leggings, it would be a miracle if Ollie hasn’t noticed but he has and decides to take her by the ankles and pull her back so her ass is right in front of him. He reaches up and tries to pull down her leggings but it is too difficult because of the positioning so rather than waste any time, he uses both hands to grip either side and tear them open. “Hope these aren’t your favourite pair” He comments after it is too late, loving how she isn’t wearing underwear and has a flawlessly shaved mound.

Leonna lets out a moan, vibrating his cock in her mouth when he tears open her leggings. The animalistic nature of the action just turns her on even more, wanting to feel his mouth on her. His lips connect with her inner thighs, as close to the lips of her drenched pussy, placing soft kisses around the area until his tongue slides right up the slit. Both hands on her ass, spreading apart the cheeks, his tongue continues down her slit until it goes over her tightly puckered asshole. She pulls off his cock a moment and lets out a lustful moan, wanting more, grinding her body back to signal for it. Ollie obeys and dives his face between her legs, licking at clit slowly, easing into it. Soon he is probing his tongue into her entrance, feeling her tightness around the wet body part. Trying his best to focus on her pussy rather than the brilliant blowjob he is receiving. One hand slides down and grazes over her asshole, which is damp from the previous lick, his index finger on that hand rubbing against it lightly. He darts his tongue in and out of her, then goes to her clit, sucking it lightly while his tongue circles the sensitive spot. After that it wanders up to her ass, moving his finger out the way and probing at the entrance which is far to tight to get his tongue into so he returns to her vagina and clit. Leonna feels jolts of pleasure electrify her body every now and then, suppressing her moans into his dick as she sucks on the head and then bobs up and down on the shaft while her hand continues to quickly stroke. She wants his cum, more than anything in the world. After about 15 minutes the two feel their orgasms building, Ollie knows he can’t hold on for long as he feels it begin to boil in his testicles that she is now softly playing with. “Please give me your cum” Leonna begs, taking her mouth off his dick for a moment to speak and straight after running her tongue up from his balls to the tip and then engulfing as much of him as she can which is about 5 inches. Ollie groans, “I’m cumming..” He mumbles, giving her a warning in case she wants to move away, however, she just strokes faster and sucks harder until jet after jet of thick white cum sprays into her mouth. Most lands on her tongue while the rest goes straight down her throat, making her gag a little. After every ounce is drained Leonna pulls back and sits up straight. She cleans off each finger and swallows the rest of his cum, loving the taste. Her own orgasm grows in her core, grinding her cunt on his face, moaning loudly. “Oh yes Ollie, yes! Fuck, lick my fucking cunt!” She groans, her body crippling forwards and trembling as she cums, juices pouring out into his mouth. The male doing his best to lap it all up, enjoying her sweet taste.

She collapses down beside him and looks to him, even though she has just gave her first blowjob and received her first cunnilingus, she still has not had her first kiss. Reaching down to her pussy and taking some juices onto her fingers, she brings them to her mouth and licks them clean while gazing into Ollie’s eyes. “That was.. Amazing” He pants, placing his hand on her neck, thumb stroking her jaw line.

“You’re telling me” She giggles, leaning in close and wrapping one arm around the back of his neck, hand on his head. She pulls her lips close to his, only millimetres away. Ollie smirks and goes the last bit of the way, connecting with her tender, velvet smooth lips in a heated embrace and kissing them passionately. He flicks his tongue against her bottom lip and she instinctively parts them, allowing his tongue inside. He twirls it around hers and they share a lustful session of making out for about 15 minutes until the sexual bliss from their mutually powerful orgasms begins to subside and exhaustion takes over. Exchanging small pecks on each other’s lips until they both drift off to sleep in each other’s arms, hopefully Myles does not come in, in the morning to find his best friend cuddling his little sister whose leggings are torn open.

Chapter Six

The following morning Ollie wakes first, even before Myles. If it wasn’t for the exchange in body heat last night the two lovers probably would have frozen to death, he covers Leonna up in the blankets and heads for a shower. What a week ahead this is going to be…

At around 11 am everyone has showered, got dressed and has eaten breakfast, a nice fry up curtsey of the 17-year-old girl. It snowed non-stop all night and the door is again stuck shut but to around waist height this time around. Ollie and Leonna are snogging secretively on the sofa while Myles is doing the toilet when there is a knock at the door and then the doorbell is rung. Ollie raises an eyebrow and pulls back, “Who the hell could that be… it’s like Antarctica out there.” He questions, getting up and heading for the door. He unlocks it and pries it open, the frost having sealed it shut. Some snow falls inside onto the mahogany wooden flooring, in front of him is a person wrapped up so much that only their eyes are visible. “Hello?” He asks.
The person reaches up and pulls down the scarf from their face, revealing that it is a she. “H-hey… I’m stranded out here, my car is stuck and none of the neighbours answered their door. I hate to ask but is there any chance I could come inside until I find a way to get home?” She asks, shaking from the cold, looking pleadingly into the males eyes.
“Yeah, sure but this isn’t my house. It’s my friends so you will have to talk to him about staying a while. I’ll go get him.” Ollie says, letting the girl inside, he would say she is in her early twenties.
“Thank you so so much” She smiles, stepping inside and helping him to shut the door and get the snow out from inside. Leonna comes into the hall and looks at the girl, “Hey? I’m Leonna” She says, reaching her hand out to shake. The girl has just pulled down her furry hood, turning to Leonna, “Oh, I’m Valentina. Is this your house?” She asks, shaking her hand.

“Well yes but my big brother, Myles, is in charge. My parents are away on holiday and aren’t supposed to be back until the end of the week – probably shouldn’t have said that though…” Leonna says, mumbling at the end.

“I’ll go get him just now, my name is Ollie by the way.” He tells her, turning to the stairs just as Myles is coming down. He spots an unfamiliar person in the hall,
“Hi, who are you?” He questions, standing at the bottom of the steps.

“You must be Myles, I’m Valentina. Your friend let me in, my car got stuck about 2 miles down the road and nobody opened up for me until I knocked here. I’m just wondering if there is any chance I could rest up here until I can find some way of getting home, it’s freezing out there. I’ll do whatever you want, clean, cook, anything to earn my keep.” The brunette requests, begging to stay in the warm home, there is plenty of room and enough supplies for the four of them so Ollie doesn’t see why not but it is of course up to Myles.

“Well, I guess you can stay. There is a spare bedroom anyway and we have enough to house you, plus, I couldn’t just send you out there into the cold to freeze.” Myles smiles handsomely.

“Oh thank you, thank you!” The young woman jumps to Myles and gives him a tight, thankful hug.

“No problem, please, make yourself at home.” He chuckles, hugging her back.

After about an hour of Valentina begin here, the four of them have chatted with her and got to know her better and made her feel more welcome and comfortable. They have learned that she is 22 and a secretary for a large corporation, she was away visiting her brother when her car got stuck in the snow on the way home, which is a four-hour drive away which she was halfway through. She explains that she should have taken her brothers advice and just stayed until the weather got better but she didn’t want to be a burden on him and his family. Now that she is settled, she went for a shower to warm up and Leonna lent her some clothes, which were too small. She is clearly of Latina descent and has a lovely olive complexion, she is quite voluptuous while not having an ounce of cellulite, however, she the difference in build means that Leonna’s clothes were clinging to her body so she borrowed one of Myles‘ t-shirts, which covers down to her lower thighs. Her thighs are thicker and she does not have the same gap as the teen but her legs are still arousing in their own way. At 5’3 ft and 139pounds, she is healthy and would be described as a curvy woman. She has 34D breasts and a large butt with wide hips. Long dark brown hair that is naturally straight and flows down over her shoulders and back to about mid way. Dark nut brown eyes which almost look black and the facial characteristics close to the ‘celebrity’ Kim Kardashian.
“We should do something to pass the time, a board game or something?” Myles suggests, sitting at the end of the three-seat sofa in the living room with his feet up on the coffee table, Val sat beside him, legs crossed. To the right 90 degrees is Ollie and Leonna on the two-seated love seat, her feet up on his lap as he sits back with his feet also up on the coffee table.
“What about truth or dare spin the bottle?” Ollie suggests out of nowhere, it may be a good way of bonding with their new guest and Myles clearly likes her so it could get them closer. “Sure, why not” Val answers with a pretty smile, feeling quite at ease around the three. Glad that they are close to her age, she may be older but they are all young adults, better than ending up with a pensioner couple and having to listen to their stories all day long.
Leonna clearly likes that idea as she rubs her foot against Ollie’s crotch in agreement, making sure nobody sees. Ollie coughs a little to cover up the startled gasp he was about to release. He is wearing a pair of grey cotton sweat pants so she will have easy access if she wants it. Leonna is again wearing a pair of cotton shorts that reveal the bottom of her bubble butt and show off her sexy legs. Myles nods and gets up, going and getting an empty beer bottle from the kitchen. “Want to move to the conservatory, it more comfortable in there?” He suggests and to which they all agree and move to there. The heating and power is fortunately still working so they turn on some music and sit down on the soft, black shag carpet and place the bottle on a wooden foot stool. Myles spins it first and it lands on Leonna. They established that everyone gets two skips each and then once they are gone they have to do everything from then on, however, there where no limits put in place.
“Truth or Dare sis?”

“Uhh, I’ll start with a truth” Her smile shows that she is excited.

“Okay, did you steal my popcorn last week?” He asks, starting simple.

“Hmm, yeahh~, sorry brosef.” She smirks, remembering how annoyed he was when he couldn’t find it.

Going clockwise it is Valentina’s turn to spin, the bottle seems to spin for a long time, building tension until it finally lands on Leonna again. “You again, what you doing?” Val asks with a sparkling smile.

“Dare this time, gimme a good one”

“Alright, do a shot” She answers, glancing to the alcohol on the table behind them. Myles shrugs, a dare is a dare and there was no boundaries put in place, she smirks and takes a shot glass and vodka. Pouring it in and downing the shot quickly, it doesn’t hit straight away but she knows it will soon. “Easy peasy” She winks, spinning next. This time it lands on Ollie who is to spin afterwards.
“Oooo, Ollie!”

“Truth” He answers quickly with a laid-back demeanour, not able to think of anything that she could ask that will be embarrassing.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” She whispers, looking into his eyes, noticing her brother look to his best friend and raise an eyebrow. Ollie doesn’t hesitate even though he knows his answer may have repercussions with Myles, “Sexiest girl in the room… no offence Val, you’re second place of course.” He winks.

“None taken” Val responds to him while Myles lowers his brow and breathes out, it seems as though he wanted Ollie to say something like that rather than put Leonna down. “Don’t worry Val, I think you’re the sexiest.” He says aloud, patting her lap lightly. She blushes and smiles,
Ollie spins next, feeling Leonna’s eyes on him as if she is examining his body, he can smell her sweet cherry aroma and just wants to pick her up onto his lap and kiss her in front of the other two. She sure as hell wouldn’t mind that either. The bottle stops at Myles this time.
“My main man, what’ll it be?”

“Dare, I ain’t no pussy” He responds with a chuckle.

Perfect, Ollie grins and looks to him, “Alright then.. Take your top off and pour a little vodka down your stomach and then Leonna has to lick it off. Then leave your top off the rest of the game.”

“Hey, no fair! That is a dare for me too” She argues, crossing her arms across her chest and making a grumpy face.

“Not in the rules, come on, get it done or are you both too chicken?” He chuckles, wanting to make his own sister do something odd to her own brother while he, her lover, watches. Valentina laughs at the dare and picks up the drink, “Come on, I’ll pour it on you if that makes you feel better?” She chuckles, getting a sigh as a response then the removal of his t-shirt. Myles lays back and Val looks at his body, admiring the defined abs, pecks, biceps and triceps. She looks at his V-line and bites her lip before pouring a little vodka onto his abdomen where it pools between his abs. Leonna sighs and gets up on her hands and knees lick a dog, moving around to him, making sure she aims her butt towards Ollie, brushing it against him. She leans down and licks the vodka up, surprisingly doing it quite slowly while looking up at her brother. There is just something about doing things to a guy that turns her on, even if that guy is her own brother. She returns to her place and smirks secretively, proud of herself. Myles sits up, wipes the wetness from himself, and glances around, “If this lands on you, you are dead.” He chuckles, spinning the bottle that then lands on Ollie.

“Shit!” He laughs, face laming, the only one it hasn’t landed on is Val.

“Ohhh you’re in deep shit now my friend, truth or dare?”

“Oh fuck it, let’s do a dare”

“Great! You have to put whipped cream on my little sister, wherever she chooses and lick it off slowly” He demands, trying to make the two bond sexually, of course unaware of their previous endeavours last night.

Ollie doesn’t mind that dare one bit and it seems neither does Leonna, “I’ll get the cream” She says, rushing off and returning thirty seconds later with the can, getting down on all fours and pulling down the top of her shorts slightly while facing away from the group. “On my bum” She demands, handing Ollie the can, he laughs and shakes his head.
“I bloody hope you have cleaned well back there” He says as he moves around the back of her and takes the can.

Val watches intently, rubbing her thighs together, she has become quite aroused already from what is going on around her, the thought of watching Ollie licking cream off Leonna’s little bubble shaped ass is arousing never mind the fact that it was the teens own brother who told them to do it. She is gladder than before that they opened the door. The sound of the cream spraying onto the blonde is like a hiss, unable to see exactly where it is being sprayed. She glances to Myles who is laid back on his hands, a peculiar outline visible in his jeans, “Is he hard?” Val giggles to herself. Yes, Myles is hard from watching this happen, he isn’t at all proud of it but there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Chapter Seven

Ollie discreetly pulled her shorts down a little more until he had access to her puckered asshole, spraying the cream onto and around it. If he could, he would dive right in but he moves slowly, tenderly licking the cream up in long, easy swipes. The sweetness of it mixes with the taste of her, giving him a hard erection, which Leonna discretely feels and plays with, with her foot through his pants. He probes his tongue lightly at the virgin hole, making her head drop down into her hands so she can catch the moans in them so nobody hears. Once the cream is all gone, Ollie gives one last lick, making it slower and longer than the others previous, fully aware of her arousal. They return to their positions and Val spins with an agitated look on her face like something is bothering her and there is, her aching clit, begging to be rubbed and petted. Meanwhile Myles tries to cover his own erection by placing a pillow on his lap to rest his hands over but Val already knows about it, the other two don’t though. The empty beer bottle lands on herself and she sighs with both relief and nervousness, unsure of what happens now. “Uhh, does this mean you three come up with something for me?”

“Yeah, but a truth or a dare?” Myles asks her.

“Dare please” She responds, wanting something that will give her a bit of sexual relief. The three all group together at the other side of the conservatory and whisper quietly as she sits there in frustration. They come and sit about a minute later and Myles tells her the dare. “So, Valentina. We’ve decided that for your dare you have to take things a step further and give.. Me a foot job under a blanket for one minute.” He tells her nervously; unsure if she will use her pass or not. Val seems to stare at him for a moment before nodding slightly and glancing at her bare feet. She has never actually given a foot job before, never mind in front of two other people and to a guy she only met today. However, she is up for it, anything to take things up a notch. Myles covers his lap with a blanket and Val shuffles over, the sound of his belt unbuckling and zip going down is barely audible over the music. She feels for his cock, going towards the warmth until it is between the delicate soles of her size 7 (US) feet. She tenderly examines the length with her feet and toes, determining it to be around 7 inches, unsure of the girth. “Can start timing..” Myles whispers, his voice a little shaky. His own sister is sitting right there while he receives a foot job from a woman he just met today. Nevertheless, damn is it good. Her soft skin caresses his dick as she moves her feet up and down, quite fast so she can try to get him off even though that is highly unlikely in just a minute, especially with her feet. Myles lets out a small gasp, cocking his head back in pleasure, he doesn’t want it to stop. However, Ollie soon calls time after a minute of watching the sexual scene occur, getting a sigh of agitation from Myles and a blush from Val. She gives him one last stroke and discreet wink before retreating, Leonna’s turn to spin now.

“Ollie! My sweet brothers best friend.” She smirks as it stops on him.

“Dare again m’lady” He answers, his English accent giving it a sultry sophisticated sound that only makes Leonna fall for him more.

“Kiss me.” She states bluntly, obviously wanting her brother to be aware of this new level in the relationship. Ollie shrugs and leans in, placing one hand on her neck and the other on her waist, connecting his lips to hers and indulging in an ardour kissing session that only lasts a minute but seems so much longer, even involving tongue. He pulls back and winks at her, “Not bad at all” He says, voice dripping with lust.

“Now that you have kissed her at long last, would you please just take her upstairs and get it over with. I’ve been waiting years for you two to finally kiss” Myles laughs, showing his acceptance about it all. Ollie looks to him and frowns, “Don’t make me beg..” Myles adds, motioning for the door.

Chapter Eight

Leonna giggles and gets up, grabbing Ollie by the hand and pulling at him, he almost jumps to his feet and they leave the room. He picks her up in a bridal fashion and carries her all the way upstairs to her room while kissing delicately, once inside he lifts her down onto her feet and pushes her up against the wall. Hand roaming her delicious body, exploring every crevice, kissing down her neck and pulling up t-shirt over her perky breasts. “I have been dying to do this” He groans, wrapping his lips around her hard nubs, sucking lightly and twirling his tongue around them, she moans in response and holds his head in both hands. “Ollie… I don’t want to rush into sex, I want us both… uh, ah!… To explore each other first” She moans erotically, closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the wall.
“No problem there” Ollie mumbles into her boob, switching to the other and repeating the same process on her nipple. Her runs his thumb around the areola of the unattended one until satisfied, pulling back and picking her up like a child. “I want to please you however I can, just tell me what you want” He whispers, staring affectionately into her eyes.
“I want you to finger my ass and play with my pussy” Leonna says without thinking, expressing her desire. He smirks and carries her to the bed, laying her down on the edge and pulling off her tiny shorts in one swift move. “Fucking beautiful” He mutters, kneeling down in front of her clean shaved pussy, running his strong, capable hands up and down her upper and inner thighs, caressing softly. His mouth goes to her wet kitten and he sucks lightly on her clit, diving right in due to the mutual arousal. Afterwards his tongue swipes down her slit and over her entrance, all the way down across her perineum and to her once creamed up ass, his tongue darting along it and probing at the entrance. Getting it wet enough to maybe insert a finger, “Do you have lube?” He asks softly, pulling back a moment after trying to get his index finger into her.
“Uhh, I have body oil but it is water based” She comments, motioning to the end table by the bed. Ollie quickly gets the oil and squeezes some down onto her ass, rubbing it in with his fingers and resuming the pressure on the virgin hole. He moves his mouth to her pussy while applying pressure, bringing his other hand into play and sliding one finger into her vagina, locating the g-spot with precision and pressing against the sensitive bundle of nerves each time he moves his finger back and forth. Making sure not to go too deep so he doesn’t break her hymen. Eventually his other finger slides into her ass up to the second joint, Leonna lets out a relived moan, grinding towards him and muttering, “More” to which he obeys, forcing his finger in all the way to the knuckle. The stimulation to her g-spot from the index finger on his left hand and oral interaction from his mouth and tongue on her clit is likely going to take away from any pain induced as he inserts his middle finger on his right hand into her ass, alongside the index. Again, she groans and arches her back slightly, her ass tightening and convulsing around his fingers. He can barely move them due to the tightness but is able to slightly wiggle them back and forth, in and out. After about 5 minutes of the multiple stimuli, Leonna has a shattering orgasm, her whole body trembles and she moans out loud – close to a scream, he feels her convulsing around his digits inserted in both her holes. Avoiding her clit now as it is likely highly sensitive.

“Get… up” She pants, reaching down and pushing him back, Ollie stands and watches her get on her knees, soon pulling out his rock solid cock. Only moments later, it is in her mouth and she is bobbing back and forth furiously like a woman possessed. Working hard as she can for his delicious cum, stroking the base and playing with his balls while taking him all the way to the back of her throat. Making an attempt at forcing another inch or so into her throat but gagging and coughing on his cock, a few strands of saliva dripping down onto her bare boobs and from there dripping to her lap. Ollie doesn’t tell her to slow down because he is loving this aggression, putting his hands through her hair and pulling it back into a messy ponytail, he begins to move his hips forward towards her movements so he is close to fucking her mouth. Leonna moves her hands onto his butt and pushes him towards her, squeezing lightly as he begins to control the speed and roughness, Ollie breathes heavily, this is the best blowjob he has ever received. “I want to cum all over that pretty face” He tells her, ramming his cock an extra inch into her throat, ignoring the gag reflex which she does well to control. With only two more inches to go, they are making progress but he won’t give her anymore this time around. His breathing accelerates and thrusts become more ravished and wild as he feels the cum building up. Leonna knows he is about to spew his load out onto her, spreading apart his ass cheeks and finding his own asshole, forcing her wet finger soaked in her saliva up into him all the way to the knuckle.

It sets Ollie off and a stream of cum explodes into her mouth, he quickly pulls out and furiously strokes his cock as it fountains with a huge load of his seed, exploding like a volcano onto the beautiful 17 year olds’ face. She has her mouth wide open, some landing on her tongue, cheeks, eyelids, chin and forehead. Ollie groans and makes sure every drop is on her from the tip, shaking any remains on. He then takes out his phone, “Hold still baby” He whispers, that being the first time he has called her anything like that, taking a picture of her and then helping her to her feet and into the en-suite bathroom where they both shower together.

Chapter Nine

Meanwhile, in the conservatory, Myles has Valentina pinned down on the floor, kissing every inch of her extravagant naked body. His lips roaming her whole torso, her legs, feet, arms, neck, everywhere. He looks deep into her eyes as she writhes below him, both completely bare. “Please fuck me Myles… I need to feel your big cock inside me” She pleads, trying to rub her abdomen against his hard 7-inch long member. Myles smirks and holds her wrists down with one hand, using the other to rub the tip of his pre-cum coated dick against her clit, aiming it down towards her entrance and sliding the full length into her in one hard thrust. Both moaning together as he penetrates her, moving back and forth in long, hard strokes. Almost pulling out each time before slamming back in. “Ohh fuck me! More, pound me with your fucking dick!” She groans, grabbing onto his back when he lets go of her wrists and holds her hip for leverage. Her nails dig into his skin, scratching like a cat as he slams into her, a loud slapping sound occurring each time his balls collide with her large ass. He squeezes her breasts and plays with her nipples with his other hand, breathing heavily. A single bead of sweat drips down from his forehead and onto her abdomen, both of them having worked up quite the sweat. After about 6 minutes in this position on the carpet, he pulls out and gets her onto all fours, her back visibly red from the friction. Laughing slightly before grabbing her arse and ramming his cock back inside, kneading her flesh like dough as he pounds her. Her moans are like music to his ears, reaching one large hand up and grabbing a fistful of her silky, long brown hair and tugging each time he thrusts. Myles sends his hand colliding into her arse with a hard spank, leaving behind a red handprint, the pain and pleasure only sends Val over the edge as she comes to a screaming orgasm. Her pussy milks his cock as it convulses, her milky white cum coating his shaft and providing extra lube.

“I’m going to cum deep inside you and make you mine.” He groans, speeding up before her orgasm has even subsided which only makes her cum again but this time even stronger. The Latina collapses forwards, in an ultimate sexual high. She hasn’t even processed what he said until she feels him filling her womb with his rich cum, spurt after spurt, his grunting in her ear as he leans forwards over her back. The young adult pulls his softening cock out of her and his thick white goo pours out of her onto his disregarded t-shirt on the floor below. “You came inside me..?” She pants heavily, reaching back and feeling his cum oozing out of her vagina, the inner walls coated with it. “I- I’m not on the pill or anything.. I could get pregnant” She whispers, despite this there is not a single sound of concern in her voice, bringing her fingers to her lips and tasting his warm milk mixed in with her own juices. Savouring the taste before swallowing. “I’m sure you won’t” Myles comments, leaning back against the bottom of the sofa as he tries to catch his breath.
“Just don’t cum inside me next time, okay?” She pleads.

“I’ll cum inside you if I want to, remember what you said; you’ll do anything to stay. I plan on holding you to that” He smirks cunningly, reaching out and spanking her arse again which makes her yelp but also purr with pleasure. Val sits up and collapses backwards into Myles’ strong arms, she likes the idea of him dominating over her and doing what he wishes to do to her. “I did say that didn’t I… Suppose I’ll have to be a good little slut.” She whispers, cuddling into him and falling asleep soon after.


With both couples asleep, the house falls silent and the snow gradually takes hold of it. The central heating system ceasing up and going out at some point during the night along with the electricity. Overtime the temperature inside slowly falls until morning when it hits rock bottom, from now on all they will have is the fireplace, gas heater and hot water. Fortunately, the cooker and oven are both powered by gas so they will still be able to cook. How will the four fair against the winter storm and how will their relationships develop in the week or weeks to come?

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