Soccer-Mom: Now Unleashed Sexually

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This is the fourth installment concerning the sexually inexperienced soccer-mom, Dorothy who goes to a swingers club for the first time and it changes her life. The first three installments were from the viewpoints of Frank, her husband, Dorothy and Mark who seduces and fucks her at the club. This installment is about Dorothy’s meeting with her son’s soccer coach. It is told from Dorothy’s viewpoint. The meeting is strictly for soccer team business but then turns into something else (wink).

Thanks to LarryInSeattle for editing it.


Since Frank, my husband and I went to the sex club last week our sex life has been incredibly hot. We are making love every night. It has my imagination running wild as I fight the daily boredom of being a stay-at-home mom. Just to feel naughty, I have stopped wearing panties under my house dress. It thrills me to know I am sexy and desirable. I am taking greater care of my looks, with more makeup and sexier tops that show more cleavage. The men in the neighborhood seem to be noticing me.

Frank and I can’t wait to try the sex club again but we had previously planned a trip this weekend to the state capital for an all-state soccer tournament for Billy, our eldest boy. I am the team secretary and at noon, Cliff, the team’s coach is coming over to discuss the final plans for the team’s travel and accommodation arrangements.

Cliff is an arrogant, self centered guy. But he’s a good coach because he was a semi-professional soccer player himself. I think he drives the boys too hard but they did win the city league and now are on to the state-wide tournament. My guess is that Cliff is about forty years old. He has a good job as regional manager of a national trucking company. He has a bit of grey in his blonde hair but he keeps himself very fit. At the boys’ soccer games, he loves to show off his strong arms with those sleeveless tank tops and his muscular legs with the same satin short-shorts that the boys on the team wear. Not that I would ever do anything sexual with him but a red-blooded girl notices these things. It’s only natural.

This morning I put on a particularly nice bright yellow summer dress that I bought yesterday. I found it in a shop that caters to younger girls. It is shorter and dips lower around my bosom than women my age normally wear but what the hell, you only live once. The weather is so hot that I decided not to wear a bra. Frank tells me I have the breasts of a teenager. Hell, I must be looking pretty hot, the best looking guy at the sex club chose me when he could have had anyone. Not that I am trying to look sexy for Cliff, the coach, but a girl has to look good to feel good. It’s only natural.

When I was trying to decide whether or not to wear panties for the meeting, I finally decided to go without. It’s not like this arrogant guy will ever get to see my private parts. I just like to feel naughty knowing that my bare pussy is so near to this horny guy and yet so far away. Eat your heart out coach.

Aha, I hear the doorbell. That must be him.

He is dressed in the tank top and shorts just like game day. I guess the weather is hot so I can’t blame him. He is carrying a clip-board with the information we need to plan for the trip. “Hi coach, come on in. Great to see you.” He stops and stares at me, then breaks into a big grin.

“Well, hello Dorothy. Boy you are looking really great. Yessireeee. You are the cat’s ass. Why don’t you give Cliff a great big hug?” He pulls me to him and gives me a big hug and presses his hips to mine. What a brazen guy. Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just glad to see me?

I push him back playfully. “Cliff, you bad boy; let’s get to work. We have a lot of things to decide about this trip for the team.” He is staring at my breasts as I talk to him. Wow, is this guy a horny bastard or what? Well, it’s nice that he thinks my breasts are worth looking at. But I am a respectable mother and wife not some tramp or slut that single guys like Cliff pick up easily in the bars.

He continues to flirt, “You can’t blame a normal sex-crazed American guy when he is in the company of a beautiful woman like you. Did you get a new hairstyle or something? You seem different in some way. Whatever you did, it’s great.”

I laugh and say, “Stop it you big flirt.” I don’t say it but he is looking pretty fine today too. I notice that he has some golden colored hair on his chest above the tank top. I guess he is a real blonde. I don’t have to see his pubic hair to confirm it. Hmmmm. Better stop thinking like that.

“But thanks Cliff.” I lead him down the hall to the living room and point. “Why don’t you sit in the armchair and I will sit Zonguldak Escort on the sofa.” We are facing each other and about four feet apart with a coffee table in between. After I sit I think, yes, I do feel different since my husband, Frank, and I had an erotic adventure at the sex club. I feel much more alive and vital. From what Cliff is saying, maybe it shows in the way I am carrying myself.

There is a pitcher of lemonade on the coffee table I had prepared ahead of time and two tall glasses filled with ice. “Cliff would you like a nice glass of lemonade? It is so hot today.” Cliff smiles and nods. I stand up and bend over at my waist to pour the yellow liquid into Cliff’s glass. When I look up to pass it to him, I see his eyes are looking down my top. I look down to where he is staring and see that my breasts are almost totally visible down my top in this position. It is my own fault for not being careful so I just stand up as if nothing happened. Then a little horny devil in my brain says, “Why don’t you tease the guy a bit and give him another peak at the girls.” I bend over quite innocently and fill my own glass with lemonade. This time I bend even further and bring my shoulders together so the fabric of my top is lower so that he can see down to my nipples. My night at the sex club must be turning me into a saucy exhibitionist. I sit down and give him a big smile. “I hope you like the lemonade, Cliff.” I can feel my nipples are as hard as diamonds. I have such prominent nipples when I am aroused and I bet he can see them making two big bumps in the fabric of my top.

Cliff has a big shit-ass grin on his face and there are beads of sweat breaking out on his forehead. He shifts in his seat and I can see a tent start to build at the front of his satin shorts.

“Are you feeling okay, Cliff? You are looking a bit pale.”

“No, I’m fine; just a bit hot. This lemonade should help cool me off.”

I sit back on the sofa and the skirt of my dress rides up to midway on my thighs. This dress is more for young girls that like to show off their assets than for moms like me but I don’t regret buying it for a minute. You are only as young as you feel and act is what my mother used to say.

I can see Cliff’s eyes are drilled into my legs. There could only be a small dark triangle opening between my dress and my tightly clinched knees. He surely can’t see up to my dress to my naked womanly bits. It would be really naughty of me to spread my knees and give him a view of my pussy. As well, it would be much too obvious and I wouldn’t want him to get the wrong idea. But I am in such a naughty, naughty mood today. Hmmm, let me think. That’s it. I will reach over to this side table and grab a box of tissues and innocently spread my legs wide as I reach to the side. HERE GOES!

I return to my original position with my knees locked together and the tissue box on my lap. I take out two and say, “Do you need a few tissues Cliff.” His eyes are bugging open and he has a quizzical look on his face. Hmmm. I think I just rocked his world.

He squeaks out nervously, “No, thanks but no.” I turn and place the box back on the side table and spread my legs again while doing so. My pussy is starting to throb. I can smell the scent of my sex in the air.

I need to stop these games. We had better get down to business. I say, “Okay, I’ve got a list here of the parents that have confirmed their children are coming. I have put a tick mark beside the ones that have also given me signed consent forms. Did anyone give you any signed forms?”

Cliff looks over at me and rises with his clipboard and walks around the coffee table and says as he sits beside me, “Yes, here are three signed forms. Why don’t I sit here? It will be easier to do our work.”

“Good idea.” I pretend to look down at my papers but I sneak a peek at his crotch and see a substantial bulge there. This guy is very well endowed. I can feel my pussy getting juicy just thinking about it. But I shouldn’t be thinking like that. The sex club is one thing but to have sex with the coach of my son’s soccer team would be a real scandal if anyone found out.

He sits very close with our thighs almost touching and he hands me the three pieces of paper. He has a clipboard that could be used to modestly hide his erection but instead he places it beside him on the sofa and spreads his knees until the one closest to me is firmly against my bare knee below the hem of my summer dress. He proudly wants to make sure I see the growing bulge. Oh my God, his wide open legs have opened the bottom of his shorts so I can see the underside of his cleanly shaved ball-sack boldly in Zonguldak Escort Bayan view. He must know that he is exposing himself. What a naughty boy.

My mouth is dry and I gulp nervously. A rivulet of sweat runs down between my breasts. It is getting really hot in here. I can feel my face blushing red. I hope he doesn’t notice that. But I can’t let on that I know what he is doing.

He says in a deep voice, “Will your husband be coming to the tournament?”

I reply in a nervous voice, “Yes, Frank is going to be there. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I just thought you and your boy could ride with me in my car. I really like your company. If, your husband is ever not available and you need a man for anything, just call me any time.” I get it. He moves his elbow to the top of the sofa and puts his hand on my shoulder closest to him. I freeze, not knowing what to do next. My primal brain is screaming at me to simply take my hand and move it to his package that is oh so close. From there, we will surely race to ecstasy and put out the fire that is building in my crotch. My logical brain is saying I should stand up and tell him to leave. That would avoid a scandal. Hmmm. I am beginning to think that this man would keep a secret. Why can’t I trust him? After all he is a coach; a nice guy, a trustworthy man who supervises children.

“Yes, I really like your company.” He reaches behind and places his big hand on the back of my neck and massages it gently. That feels great. I close my eyes and enjoy his touch. I don’t think he will do anything too extreme even though I don’t know what I would do if he did.

“Do you like my company, Dorothy?” I open my eyes and look into his. They are huge dilated black pools that I feel like I am diving into.

“Yes, Cliff. I do enjoy your company.” I feel his hot breath on my neck and chest. Then his strong hand cups the bare knee closest to him with his fingers parting my knees in between. I can feel my legs tremble at his touch like a schoolgirl. I know if I part my knees, there will be no turning back. I am undecided. My heart is racing and my nostrils flare as my breathing quickens. This is all my fault; I shouldn’t have teased him by flashing my private parts. I should have known a strong handsome man like him would try to fuck me.

I’m sure Cliff can see the indecision in my head and my obvious arousal. He slips his hand over my collar bone and down under the front of my dress and cups the full weight of one breast. I let out a big sigh, close my eyes and open my mouth and emit low animal sounds as he freely massages the sensitive orb and hard erect nipple.

He whispers in a low voice, “Does that feel good eh?” I nod a slight amount, enough to give him the okay to go further.

Cliff takes his hand from my knee and clasps mine and moves it to his hard cock. “This feels good for me, baby.”

That was the clincher. My primal brain takes over as I feel the stiff long staff under the satin shorts. I stroke its length and cup his large balls. Since my sex club experience, I have had recurring fantasies about holding new and different cocks in my hand. It is such a horny thing and as a mature woman I know the intense pleasure that a man’s hardness can bring my pussy when he mounts me and gives me a good fucking. I take my hand and reach under the waistband of the shorts and down to the real naked thing within. The shaft has a feeling of soft velvet over granite that is wondrous.

In a hoarse voice, “You love the feel of my cock don’t you babe?”

“Yes, it’s super.”

“Let’s see what we have down here.”

He touches my knees. I am tempted to throw them wide in a flash. I need his touch on my womanhood before I go crazy. But it would be just too slutty. I open them just a bit. He knows I am willing to do anything now. But I can’t just surrender too quickly.

Cliff chuckles like the slick cocksman he is and says, “Aha, a short time ago you had those sweet knees locked together and now you open them a bit to let Cliffy reach in and stroke your sensitive pussy. I understand baby. It’s all good. Now, I want to tell you what is going to happen if you spread your legs wide for me. I am going to stroke your hot pussy until it is on fire. Next, you are going to suck my big cock and lick my balls. Next, I am going to go down on you and lick your slit and clit until you beg me to fuck you. Then I am going to mount you and fuck your hot cunt as you grab my ass and urge me on until we both cum screaming. Now, all you have to do is open those beautiful legs and we can get started. It’s all up to you sweetheart.”

Oh fuck it, I surrender. That sounds like Escort Zonguldak a great plan. I spread my legs as wide as I can, giving him full access.

“Good decision.” He runs his palm up my inner thigh to my wet pussy. “Oh, I think Dorothy is a little turned on.” We both laugh. That is an understatement. He expertly runs his hand from my camel-toe notch to the bottom of my cunny just above my asshole. On the way up, he parts my slit and runs his middle finger over my love hole and between the lips to my super sensitive clitoris. I am going to die of pleasure. He dips his hand and repeats but this time twirls his index finger around my clit. I gasp in sheer pleasure and lean over and bite the skin of his rock hard shoulder.

I feel a sudden urge to taste his cock and I lean my face down to his lap. He knows where I am heading and lifts his ass and pulls down his shorts to below his knees. His pole stands proudly waiting for my lips. I am on it in a flash. I take the circumcised head in my mouth. It has the wonderful salty, musky taste of sex. He is well endowed and I just know this weapon will satisfy my burning need when it splits my cunny. I want to get to the fucking as soon as possible but I must follow his script or he just might stop and I can’t have that. No. There is no stopping.

“Baby, get that dress off. I want to see and feel those nice boobs of yours and run my hand up your pussy while you suck me off.”

God, does it ever turn me on when a man talks dirty like that. I get up and waste no time stripping as the smug bustard sits there stroking his pole and watches me knowing he will fuck me very soon. I dive back to his cock and lick the staff up and down. I am on all fours on the sofa beside him. This gives him better access to my tits and pussy. He is cupping my breast as it hangs down.

“I just love your tits. When you bent over and flashed these girls at me, I almost put you on your back and fucked you right there, you naughty tease.” I take his cock deep into my mouth and bob my head up and down for his maximum pleasure. He pushes my hair back so he can see his cock in my lips. Men are so predictable.

Then he strokes my sensitive pussy and the bad boy even dips a finger knuckle-deep into my asshole. The nerve of the guy! But I love it.

He reminds me, “I think you are forgetting the ball licking part, sweetie.” I lick his clean shaven sack until it is wet and gleaming.

“Okay, now it’s your turn,” he says and flips me onto my back on the sofa with my bottom hanging over the edge and him on his knees on the floor between the V of my legs and my feet high in the air. He starts by licking my entire pussy with a flat tongue from the bottom, over my cunny lips and right to the notch at my pubic mound. Totally delicious sensations wash over my body.

“You taste great woman. You taste like a woman that needs a good fucking.” That jock talk is like Shakespeare to my lust-filled ears. He dives his head lower and darts his tongue into my love hole and twirls it expertly there. Then, as he traces his tongue between the cunny lips, I can feel him insert two fingers into my vagina. He eases his fingers up the canal and then hooks them back and touches a super sensitive spot deep inside. An electric shock of lust explodes in my pussy. Oh my God, that must be the G-Spot they talk about. I take my hand and put it on the back of his head and hump my crotch into his face. He runs his hot tongue up to my clit and a dangerous explosion starts to build in my being.

I scream, “Holy fuck. You are going to make me cum!”

Suddenly he stops and lifts his head. It flashes through my sex clouded brain that he wants me to beg for him to fuck me. Yes, Yes I need that big cock. Okay you arrogant cocksucker, have it your way.

“Please Cliff, fuck me. I need your big cock inside of me.”

I guess the conceited prick was just as horny as me because he doesn’t make me beg any more. He just sits down beside me on the sofa and pulls me onto his cock and lays back and grabs the cheeks of my ass as I hump his perfect staff. I am shouting and swearing like a sailor as I ride that big cock.

“God, that feels great. I love your cock. Let me fuck that wonderful cock. Let me fuck it so nice. I need to cum. Oh fuck yes. That’s it. Just like that. Yes, yes. I’m going to cum. Oh motherfucker! Oh no. I’m going to die! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!.

I can feel Cliff’s dick having spasms and semen drip from my pussy. He must have cum at the same time as me but I was too busy swimming in ecstasy to notice. I collapse onto his chest as he lays there with his cock still lodged in my center.

Later we dress and clean up. I tell Cliff about Frank and me starting the swinging life. He says he is bringing his hot girlfriend to the tournament and will love to have a foursome. I know Frank, my one true love, will be all for it and Cliff is sure his horny girl will agree as well.

Looks like this soccer mom will have a nice weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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