Society 1.7: Modernus Amans

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Big Tits

Jason spent his evening satisfying the needs of five men. Or they spent their evening satisfying his needs, depending on how one looked at it. Either way, there was a lot of satisfying going on.

No one had any doubt that he was an anal pain slut. He took Erik and Greg’s cocks like a seasoned ass-whore. Even though less than a week ago he could barely fit his finger up his ass.

He wasn’t doing it to impress his Mistress anymore. He was taking all those men because he needed it. It wasn’t just a want. It was a desperate need that made him itch deep inside his core. Even when he had three cocks crammed in his hole, he still wanted more. He wanted her.

Of course he was in love with Erik, too. What needy little ass slut wouldn’t fall in love with that huge, hard man? And his huge, hard cock. Everything about Erik was over-sized. His chest. His hands. His laugh. His heart.

Erik would be a perfect slave for Mistress Elena. The Premier Mistress of The Society. It would take a strong, powerful man to take over her House.

Not yet, of course. First, she needed a beloved submissive. Jason was well aware that he was being groomed for that position. He was starting at the bottom. Literally. And he was loving every second of it.


Elena watched the stunning show with a pensive smile. She was beyond impressed by her sweet boy. Jason was everything she had ever dreamed of, and more. Her beloved Goddess was never wrong.

She knew now why his needs were so formidable. Satisfying those needs would be a test for her, too. She had only scratched the surface of his desires. Tomorrow, she would probe more. Literally.

It was a discipline that she was well-versed in. Soundings. She had the tools, and the knowledge. But there were very few needy ones that needed their cocks fucked. Most of the ones that did need it were perfectly happy with a size one or two probe. She’d never seen a toy take more than a number five.

Considering how amazing Jason’s performances had been thus far, she had to wonder how much he could take. He was already well on his way to the status of Legendary anal pain slut. If he kept this up, he could take both Master John and Master Chu at the Yule Gala.

Sighing, Elena tried to push aside that wish. She needed to be careful of unrealistic expectations. Especially considering her tendency to be just a tad bit impatient. She heard her beloved Goddess’s light laughter, and rolled her eyes toward the ceiling.

“I am trying, You know.” Elena huffed just a little bit while she turned off the television.

Her Goddess responded like any loving mother would. With a warm hug and a kiss to her forehead. Elena’s mind cleared of all its worries. Her eyes closed, and she drifted off into sleep.


Jason’s eyes rolled back in his head. Miguel was pounding his ass. Erik’s hard body was under him; his cock buried deep, and his huge arms holding him tight. Javier was riding high on his hips. His curved cock was pressed against Jason’s prostate by Miguel’s pistoning action.

Jason sobbed from the perfect pleasure, and pain. Greg’s cock slid in and out of his throat with exquisite timing. He kept his mouth wide open for that thick tool, and let the frothing saliva drip down his chin onto Erik’s chest.

He was in a fiery heaven. It hurt. Of course it hurt. Like there was a bonfire in his ass, and his throat. He was spitted between them; taking everything like a perfect punch. Wanting more. He knew he couldn’t take more, but he wanted it.

Miguel gritted his teeth and groaned. “Damn, Jason. Your ass is amazing. Eddie, c’mere. I need your bucket.”

Edward was very eager to comply. He kneeled on the bed next to Jason, then buried his face in the mattress and spread his cheeks wide. Miguel slammed in deep and fast. Just the way Edward loved it. Rippling his ass, he gave Miguel a very nice ride.

“Yeah, baby… Take it. Perfect little bucket.” Miguel sucked in his breath and drove deep a few more times before releasing streams of come. His groans mingled with Greg’s.

“I’m gonna need that bucket in a minute,” Greg warned gruffly. Jason’s throat was almost as nice as his ass.

Erik shook his head. “Nah, back off. Javier, scoot over. Make room for Greg. Let’s see what baby boy can take. Eddie, plug your hole up. The come sucker is busy being a real pretty little punch.”

When Greg pulled out of his throat, Jason whined and tried to follow. Erik slapped his ass hard, then grabbed his hair and forced him to look in his eyes.

“Your ass is gonna be split wide open, baby boy. Hang onto me. You want Eddie’s cock in your mouth?”

Jason nodded frantically and babbled. Greg was already pushing his way into his over-stuffed hole. Jason kept his mouth open for Edward’s cock. When his dazed eyes locked on the long, slender tool, he groaned and lunged for it.

Edward had to laugh, then moan when Jason vacuumed his cock down his throat. He watched in amazed envy while Greg adjusted and shoved his huge cock deep. Jason’s scream was Ataşehir Escort garbled and muffled, but he clearly heard the tone of pleasure mixed with the pain. It was flat-out incredible.

Edward had been in The Society for about four years. He had spent that entire time under Mistress Hannah. She only kept males for guests and the occasional show. Otherwise, she left them to their own devices. Which meant that all of her males had a grand time fucking each other. Since Edward vastly preferred the bottom, that also meant that he took a lot of cock.

But even he hadn’t been able to fit both Erik and Greg in his ass. Edward wanted it. He even needed it. But he couldn’t manage to stretch his hole enough to take it.

Edward watched Jason sucking on his cock like he was raised in a whorehouse. Of course he got it. Why Mistress Elena would want this gorgeous slut for her beloved submissive. He had to wonder how she knew that he would be so perfect. She’d had him picked out even before the auditions.

Shrugging off that mystery, Edward turned to the far more interesting prospects before him. If Mistress Elena was building a House, then she would need a perfect come bucket to catch all that jizz flying everywhere. She would want a handsome, obedient, submissive ass slut who would bend over at the snap of her fingers. Anyone’s fingers, for that matter.

Edward was familiar with her tastes, and with the other toys that she would have easy access to. He figured that he had an ‘in’ already. His Mistress Hannah was in love with her dear slave Maria. Dear Maria was not fond of males at all. She was very fond, however, of a wide variety of pussy. She especially loved dominating other females for the amusement of her beloved Mistress.

As far as he could figure, Mistress Hannah would be looking to get rid of all her males just as Mistress Elena was looking to expand her House. She would want twelve tall, well-formed, handsome men. He was pretty damned sure that he’d be one of them.

The factor that worried him was how quickly Mistress Hannah might be looking to liquidate. And how quickly Jason would be ready to step into the sub slot. He was taking it all like a champ now, his first week in. But Mistress Elena had very high expectations. She wouldn’t elevate him until he was perfect.

Edward tried to push that worry aside. Jason was already fucking perfect. Literally. Edward had to wonder when Mistress Elena would move him on to topping. Hopefully soon. Edward wanted that perfect cock in his hole.

Edward finally snapped back to reality when Jason started squealing around his cock. Focusing on Greg, Edward watched in awed amazement again. Jason wasn’t only taking Greg and Erik, two of the biggest toy toppers in The Society. He had Javier in there too, stretching his hole even more.

Greg wasn’t doing him nice and easy, either. He was slamming in and out in long, hard strokes; almost pulling out before ramming deep again. Judging by the frantic squeals on Edward’s cock, Jason was loving it. Greg stretched it out as long as he could. But his face was screwed up in tortured pain/pleasure. Stuffing himself in and out of that crammed hole had to hurt.

“C’mere, bucket. I need your loose hole. Bend over, Eddie baby.”

Edward pulled out of Jason’s throat eagerly. Miguel quickly took his place; shoving his cock into Jason’s mouth. His soft cock was sucked deep while Edward assumed the position for another filling.

Greg yanked out the plug, then rammed his cock deep in the bucket. He gripped Eddie’s hips hard, and started pistoning in and out. Growling, he let loose shot after shot. He finally sat back on his heels and half-laughed breathlessly while he shoved the plug back in the bucket.

Edward groaned at the perfect abuse. When Greg slapped his ass hard, twice, pre-come boiled up from his bobbing cock.

Greg gave Eddie’s cock a few loving strokes while he watched Javier make sweet love to Jason’s ass. Javier always did it sweet. Even when he was jack-hammering. Javier curled around Jason and whispered in his ear. Jason nodded frantically. Javier reared back, and started pounding.

Jason’s cry against Miguel’s cock was pure pleasure. Ecstatic pleasure. He writhed in Erik’s arms and begged incoherently. Then he seemed to remember that there was a cock in his mouth. He went to work pleasing Miguel.

Miguel groaned. The same calculations ran through his mind. He wanted to be Mistress Elena’s. He wanted this perfect, sweet ass slut to be his superior. But most of all, he wanted to get away from Mistress Hannah’s House. More specifically, he wanted to get away from Maria.

No, that wasn’t quite true. He didn’t really want to get away from her. But he wanted more from Maria than he could ever have. He wanted to get away from that old pain.

And he desperately wanted to get away from Mistress Elena’s ‘chef’. What a bitch. She couldn’t cook for shit, either. The first he could put up with. The second just pissed him the fuck off.

While the other men Bostancı Escort pondered their potential prospects, Jason was having a lovely interaction with his Goddess. It was not a dialogue. More like a blending of thoughts and emotions. A revelation of needs, and a building of faith. He was cradled to her bosom while his ass was stretched and pounded.

When all of the cocks pulled out of him, Jason moaned and reached out blindly for more. He was rolled and positioned. He felt Daddy Erik’s huge cock thrust deep from behind. Groaning, he reached back to spread his ass cheeks, and pushed back for more. But Erik pulled out a bit. Just far enough to make room for his thick fingers to begin their methodical invasion. Jason bucked twice in overwhelmed ecstasy. Then he melted for the pain.

Erik wasn’t shocked anymore by his baby boy’s needs. If he was gonna be Mistress Elena’s senior slave, then it would be up to him to make sure all the needy ones were properly fed. That included her soon-to-be beloved submissive.

Erik drilled his fingers in, then twisted them to tickle at Jason’s stretched sphincter. Yeah, he’d never seen a toy that could take all this so fast. But his baby boy was doing it. And he needed more. So Erik gave it to him.

Jason shuddered hard when Erik’s knuckles started massaging his ring. But he went lax again quickly. His tongue drifted lazily over Miguel’s soft, rubbery cock. He focused more when it began to lengthen. His added attention stroked Miguel into a satiny hardness that he eagerly swallowed.

Once Miguel started fucking his face in earnest, Jason sank back into the zone. Into the bosom of his Goddess. He barely noticed when Erik’s wrist started stretching his hole. Erik’s thick fingers tickling his second sphincter made him sigh when Miguel gave him a second to breathe.

Erik kept up the gentle torture for as long as he could. But Jason’s ass was too tempting to hold out. He shot Greg a little grin. “Scoot over, sweetheart. I need that bucket.”

Greg tried to push down on the excitement from Erik calling him sweetheart. He called everyone sweetheart, or sugar, or baby boy. Erik fell in love with every new ass he shoved his dick in.

Firming his lips, Greg watched Erik pound in and out of Edward with three long, hard strokes. Then he ground his cock deep and swirled his hips to jab deep into Edward’s crevices. Greg had to wonder if Erik had anything left. He’d been fucking Jason almost nonstop for days.

Except for this morning, and afternoon. Mistress Elena tapped Jason for some private sessions today. They all heard her ecstatic screams of pleasure. Twice in the morning, once in her office, and once more in her room. She was obviously very pleased with her newest pet.

Even though they had all day to play, Erik refused to come in any of them. He handled their needs, like a great slave would. But he said that he needed to keep his come in his balls so he could handle his other duties. Which meant, of course, fucking Jason into a pile of quivering slut.

Greg eyed Jason. He was done. Miguel was pulling out of his mouth and chuckling. He rolled Jason onto his side. Javier quickly cuddled up behind Jason and held him close. Cooing softly. Greg’s eyes shot to Erik.

Erik grinned at the sight of Javier being real nice to his baby boy. “Yeah, he needs a little sweet lovin’. So do I. C’mon, sweetheart. Let’s go take a shower.”

Greg’s heart raced, and his face flushed. He nodded wordlessly and stood while Erik pulled his softening cock out of Edward’s sloppy hole. Erik shoved the plug back in, and slapped Eddie’s ass. When Eddie groaned and pushed back for more, Erik laughed.

“Alright, c’mere. I’ll give you a nice spanking.” Erik sat on the edge of the bed and man-handled Edward into place over his lap.

Edward shoved his ass up high, and angled himself so his cock was rubbing against Erik’s thigh. When Erik’s brick-like hand slammed down hard, he moaned. The second strike was even harder to the other cheek. Edward’s cock started leaking again. He needed more.

Erik kept up a steady rhythm of hard, stinging swats. He grinned at the sight of Eddie’s pretty little ass turning bright red. Grabbing his hair, he pulled his head back. “Suck on Greg’s cock, bucket. Get him nice and hard for me. My sweetheart and I need a little alone time.”

Greg’s cock was already bobbing back to attention. He sat on the edge of the bed, then angled himself to put one leg behind Erik’s broad back. His fist joined Erik’s; tangling in Eddie’s thick, silky black hair.

Eddie sucked his cock perfectly, as always. His squeals and panting breaths were pretty sexy, too. But Greg’s mounting excitement was more from watching Erik’s gorgeous chest flex. His arm muscles. His huge hands. Greg wouldn’t mind a nice spanking from Erik. He’d rather have one of those hard hands on his stomach, though. The other on his hip. While Erik drove in and out of his ass and satisfied that itch that never went away with anyone else.

Erik glanced at Greg Kadıköy Escort out of the corner of his eye. His sweetheart’s pretty doe-brown eyes were lingering on his chest, and drifting lower. Erik grinned. He knew that look on Greg’s face. He favored Eddie with three more hard swats before lifting him off his lap and tossing him back on the bed.

“Javier, wake up baby boy and have him get to work cleaning out the bucket. Y’all can fuck around or grab snacks or whatever. We’ll see ya in the morning. C’mon, sweetheart. Let’s go play.”

There were general noises of agreement to Erik’s decrees. He wrapped his arm around Greg’s waist and pulled him close for a kiss before hustling him out the door. While they walked to the bathroom, he let his hand drift up and down his sweetheart’s back; then linger on his very nice ass.

When the door to the bathroom closed behind them, Erik turned and pressed Greg to the door with his body. Rubbing their cocks together, he captured Greg’s face in both hands and began nibbling at his full lips.

“There’s my sweetheart. Mmm… I missed you. You been working out. I can tell. Flex for me, sugar. Lemme see those muscles.”

Greg’s heart swelled with pride. Erik had noticed. Of course he had. Erik backed off enough to let Greg move, but he kept his hands on his hips with a casual possessive touch. Greg showed off the growing muscles in his arms and his chest. His stomach fluttered at Erik’s low, approving moan.

“Mm… yeah, that’s real nice, baby. You get sexier every time I see you. I’m gonna get to see you a lot more when Mistress Elena sets up her House. You’re gonna be mine. You know that, right?”

Greg stared in amazement. His arms dropped numbly to his sides. He whispered,


“I’m gonna claim you. I’ll be the senior slave of the Premier Mistress, and I already know she’s gonna offer me a pet. No one’s gonna tell me ‘no’. So you’ll be mine. My favored toy.” Erik tugged Greg’s hips closer, then pressed him against the door again with his body.

Greg couldn’t even think to talk. He was stunned. He felt every inch of Erik’s hard body where it touched his. Need overwhelmed him.

Erik half-laughed when Greg attacked. His sweetheart was big. Almost as big as Erik. But Erik was well-trained in hand-to-hand combat. There was no way that Greg could get him on his back unless he wanted to be.

Still, he let himself be pushed onto the heated tiles. His hands drifted over Greg’s hard body above him, then settled on thick thighs spread wide to accommodate his hips. He watched Greg arch his back and reach back to spread his ass cheeks. Slipping one hand between them, Erik grabbed his cock and aimed it up.

Greg tried to slide down on Erik’s cock. But he wasn’t properly lubed. He couldn’t just shove it in. Twisting and turning, he bounced and growled with need.

Erik chuckled and patted Greg’s thigh. “I know, sweetheart. I want it, too. Let’s get set up for a good one. Not just a quickie on the floor. C’mon.”

Greg dismounted reluctantly. Then he was thrilled when he was bent over the wide vanity and lubed up with a very long probe. Erik’s huge hands were all over him.

Stroking, tickling, and slapping. His rumbling approval sent shivers up and down Greg’s spine.

“I’m gonna take care of that itch, sweetheart. I know what you need. I’ll get in there nice and deep. Swirl it around for ya. I’ll take real good care of my boy.”

Greg shuddered under Erik’s attentions. He watched his Daddy’s face in the mirror while his ass was thoroughly lubed. Erik’s eyes were glued to his work; a sexy smile curling his firm lips. The probe was set aside. Greg groaned and melted when three thick fingers tickled their way into his hole.

Erik’s smile widened when Greg started backing onto his fingers. “Yeah… That’s my boy. C’mon. Let’s hop in the shower.”

Greg was pulled to his feet, then hustled bow-legged into the shower. Erik’s fingers were still tickling and drilling. “Start the water, sweetheart. I got something else I’m working on here.”

Greg tried to focus enough to get the water going. But he was bent over, and Erik’s fingers were alive in his hole. Spreading and thrusting. When Erik’s other hand moved from his hip to his stomach, Greg groaned and melted. He fumbled with the water blindly until it was hot and steaming. Then he was walked into the shower, and shoved up against the tiled wall.

“Get your leg up on the barre. Nah, the higher one. There. Perfect. Now I got a real nice shot. Spread your legs. Yeah. Here you go, sweetheart…” Erik shoved his throbbing cock deep. Groaning, he wrapped himself around Greg and latched his teeth onto the back of his neck.

Greg grabbed the enema bag hooks to steady himself. Erik’s hard hands were moving again. They roamed while his cock drilled. He bucked back against Erik’s driving hips.

“Ahhh… Damn, sweetheart. Your ass is tighter, too. Sucking on my cock so sweet. That’s my baby. You need more, huh? Position Four. I’ll fuck you good.”

Greg shakily disentangled himself from the barre and Erik. He kneeled, then stuck his ass up in the air while laying his cheek on the wet tiles. Erik’s legs bracketed his. He squatted, grabbing the barre for balance. Then he started slamming his cock in and out. Deep. Hard. Relentless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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