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Solstice Seed

by ail

Author’s notes:

For those of you who hate stories that drag out and / or are never finished, you’ll be happy to know this story is complete and all here in this single submission.  There are not subsequent chapters to be published.

Disclaimer:  This story contains depictions of sex between men and boys.  If that is not your cup of tea, well you’re in the wrong damn place to begin with!  This story also has an element of incest, though it is not the focus of the story.  Just a warning in case that’s a major trigger or turn off.

This is my attempt to retell a story told to me in person by wonderful gentleman that I met during a recent trip to Iceland.   We had exchanged emails about one of my other stories and when he heard I was coming to Iceland, he suggested that we meet while I was in port.   I was quite anxious about meeting, never having met another guy face-to-face with similar ‘tastes’, but it turned out to be a great afternoon.

We met in town for a drink and then went to a local public swimming pool, where we ogled boys and he told me this tale, which he swears to be true.   I have added some detail for the sake of good story telling, but the plot and characters are true to his narrative.  I am still not sure if he was describing a fantasy of his or something that really happened.  You’ll have to decide for yourself.  I enjoyed hearing him tell the story (he was a great storyteller) and I enjoyed even more writing it down to share.

I am writing this in first person.  The “I” in this story is meant to be Jon, the man I met in Iceland.


Some Icelandic terms/ references that appear in this story that might be useful:

Þorrablót – a feast held in winter

Brennivin – an Icelandic unflavored schnapps

Typpith, Typpi, Oddur – cock, penis

Krona – Icelandic currency;  1 US dollar = about 115 Krona

Skyr – commonly eaten dairy product, much like plain yogurt

Gull – popular Icelandic beer

Hakari – fermented shark (yeah, they eat some weird shit)


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Part 1 – June 9, 2019 – Reykjavik, Iceland – 12 days before the summer solstice

I was returning to my small second floor flat in the evening when my neighbor Freyr stuck his head out his doorway just as I passed.   “Hey Jon, good evening my friend,” he greeted me.   It was always good to talk with Freyr, so seeing him brought a smile to my face.

“Good evening to you to Freyr,” I replied.  “It’s been a long day but I’m home with dinner, finally,” I said, holding up my bag containing tonight’s meal.

“Great,” he answered, shifting nervously from foot to foot and looking away.  “Do you have a few minutes?  I …um…. have a favor to ask you, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course Freyr, anytime.   I’ll leave the door open.”

I had just finished putting the food away when I heard Freyr close the door to my flat.  “Ah, there you are my friend,” I muttered.   I turned to greet him to find him holding up a bottle of vodka.   “Vodka?”

“Yeah Jon, you might need a drink after you hear my request.   In fact,” he said unscrewing the cap, “I better have one before I even ask it.”  He took a swig from the bottle and handed it to me.

I was baffled.


The exchange above took place entirely in Icelandic of course.   Years ago, when I first met Freyr and his cute wife Anna, I would have had to rely on their ability to speak English.  But thankfully, after 9 years on the island, my Icelandic has become quite good.

You see, I am an American man who has been living in Iceland for just over 9 years now.   I came to teach at university for a year while I studied the Icelandic language and culture.   As a linguist and anthropologist, there is no other language in the world quite as interesting as Icelandic.   The language is practically unchanged from hundreds of years ago.  The isolation of an arctic island has prevented it from evolving much, other than adding new words for things when necessary.    Unlike other languages that often adopt English words as new items are invented (computer, telephone), Iceland insists on making official new words for things.  

Anyone that can read Icelandic can pull any of the ancient Icelandic sagas off the shelf and read them without much trouble.  If you tried that with ancient English works the average person would struggle, for the word usage has evolved greatly over time.   Not so with the Icelandic.

I originally intended to stay in Reykjavik for a year and then find a new teaching and research position back home in the states.   But I’ve never left and hopefully never will.  I love it here.   I thought the long dark winters would drive me crazy, but they haven’t.   The culture of the island is fantastic and there is no place safer in the world to live, especially for a gay man like myself.   Iceland has a vibrant gay community with several gay clubs and the Icelandic society is perhaps the most tolerant in the world towards homosexuals.  The gay pride parade each year is truly a celebration for everyone.   That is partly because the natives are always looking for a good excuse to drink, and, well, any excuse at all is a good one.

All of those things were great reasons to stay, but I would be remiss if I didn’t confess that there was one other attraction of living in Iceland:  an abundance of blond haired boys everywhere.    You see, in addition to being gay, I also have an attraction to boys, especially blonds.   I’d never acted on that attraction, other than to look of course.  

And when it comes to ‘looking’, a boy lover can’t do much better than Iceland.   Like many Scandinavian societies, the culture in Iceland has no hang-ups with nudity, especially among members of the same sex.    There isn’t a lot you can do for sport in such a cold climate, so the one thing that everyone does do is swim.   Reykjavik has a slew of public pools spread across the city. Some are indoor, some outdoor and they are all heated of course – courtesy of the volcanoes that rumble beneath the surface of the island.    (Interesting fact: All of the hot water that heats homes, showers, and the pools is supplied by geothermal heat, utilizing the heat of the volcanoes.).

In Iceland, I quickly learned that one thing is taken quite seriously:  showering, naked, before entering the pool.   They have shower wardens that will call you out if you try to sneak past without showering.  Why you ask?  It’s simple.   In the natural thermal pools, there is absolutely zero treatment of the water.   If you don’t shower and wash off traces of fecal matter, urine, deodorants, etc, the water would quickly turn in to a cesspool.   The public pools are treated with a bit of chlorine, but not nearly as much as you would encounter in a pool in the states.   You have to shower naked because if you put your suit on first, it is contaminated with trace body fluids and you’ve defeated the purpose.

The first time I went to a public pool and had men and boys of all ages showering around me, completely unabashed, I was in awe.   The showers are all open as well.  There are no stalls, dividers, or shower curtains.    The concept of being embarrassed at being seen naked is just not one that Icelanders comprehend.   If you go to the touristy natural baths, like the Blue Lagoon, you might find a couple shower stalls or dividers, but even those will have mostly large open shower areas.    It wasn’t until I returned to the states for a wedding after being gone for two years that I realized I hadn’t seen partitions in a row of urinals the whole time I’d been in Iceland.   They simply wouldn’t understand the need.

Relaxing at the public pool quickly became a past time for me.   The hot tubs and saunas were amazing, especially outside on a dark, cold winter night.   And it rarely failed that I got the chance to ogle a cute naked blond boy or two (or ten) in the shower on the way in or out.   It was a few months into my stay that I learned the schools in Iceland take students to the pool during the day for physical education.   Once I realized my off times at university that semester just happened to coincide with the day of the week and time that the local middle-school aged kids were sent to swim, it became an almost weekly routine for me to arrive or be leaving just as they were showering.   I am most attracted to boys just on the cusp of, or just beginning puberty, so there is nothing more satisfying than showering with a group of boys that age and very subtly checking them out.  I even began identifying my favorites after a few weeks: the sexier boys with more chiseled bodies and wisps of pubes.   I even gave them imaginary names so I could fantasize about them later.

I was always amazed at the level of maturity the boys showed in the shower.  Even though a teacher was there to make sure they didn’t horse around too much, none of them really needed to be monitored.  It had been drilled into them from a young age at home the importance of being clean before getting in the water.   The boys carried on conversations and joked while they showered, as if nothing was more natural than showering with your classmates.  And to them it was completely natural.   (Contrasted to my experiences in junior high where it was the most awkward thing ever).

My favorite boy back then was a boy that I named Jake, only I found out eventually his real name was Aron.  He was a noticeably shy boy of 12 or 13.  He kept to himself during the actual swimming, while many of the other boys socialized or cut up.   He was somewhat taller than his peers, and quite skinny, but damn the boy had a dick on him!  Or maybe his skinny frame just made it seem huge.   His uncut member was fatter than most of his peers and curved out over a plump set of balls.   A smidge of blonde pubic hair completed what to me, was the perfect boy package.   His ass was flat but still adorable, with deep dimples on each side.  I swear to god I could bury my face in his crotch and not come out for days.  I jerked off many times thinking about doing just that.

In case you are wondering, I don’t think I ever aroused much suspicion at the pools.  I was careful never to linger too long or stare.   My grandparents were Dutch, German and Swedish, so I looked enough the part of an Icelandic man.  And thankfully, my parents didn’t have me circumcised, so I managed to meld in well.


Freyr and his wife Anna, along with their two boys Johann and Kristjan moved in next to me about 14 months after I arrived.   And were they ever a welcome sight!   The former tenant was an older lady who was not pleasant.    She was grouchy to everyone and was especially unhappy to be living next to a foreigner, considering our outdoor balconies butted up to each other.   If I was out on my balcony in the summer, she would not come out.  If she was out and I came out, she would promptly go back in.

It was about 8 years ago in August when I was sitting on my balcony one afternoon sipping coffee and doing some reading when a wee voice interrupted me.  “Hello Mister,” I heard in cheery little voice.  I looked up to see two blond boys peering over at me from the neighboring balcony.  I promptly put down my reading to look them over.   They appeared to be around 4 or 5 years old, one barely taller than the other.   Both wore sweat pants and hoodies and had short blond hair and blue eyes.   In short they were adorable.  A smile immediately came across my face.

“Well, hello yourselves,” I answered in my best Icelandic, which at the time was still quite shitty.  They both looked at me quizzically.

“You talk funny,” the taller one observed.

“Yes, well that’s because I am from America,” I answered with a smile.

Both of their eyes got wide and they bolted inside.  “Mommy, mommy,” I heard one calling out, “our neighbor is American, like on TV!”    (Lots of TV shows in Iceland are American shows in English.   They don’t have enough population to produce much of their own content and they don’t bother to dub them either.)

“Yeah, he talks really funny,” the other added.  I couldn’t help but to chuckle.

A cute lady of about 30 soon appeared on the deck.  “I’m so sorry for the rudeness of my boys.   I’m Anna.   We’re moving in today.  My husband Freyr is downstairs with the truck.”   And that was a beginning of a fantastic friendship.   

I put on my shoes and spent the day helping them unload their belongings.   After months of living next to a grouch, I wanted to get off on a good foot with my new neighbors.   The fact that the couple had two cute young boys might have been some incentive as well.

Anna invited me for dinner a few days later and we’ve grown increasingly close ever since.   About a year after moving in, Anna got a job as a flight attendant with Iceland Air, who was adding flights like mad and hiring.    Since she was often gone for days at a time, I soon found myself watching the boys occasionally when Freyr couldn’t be home.   The boys quickly took a liking to me, and naturally me to them.   The older boy, Johann, was your typical boy – athletic, noisy, and into video games.  His brother, Kristjan (pronounced like ‘Christian’), who was younger by only 14 months, was more like me – quiet, intellectual, and introspective.  He spent more time reading than he did with video games.

As they’ve gotten old (and cuter), the bond between the boys and I have grown.   They call me Uncle Jon.   The younger one and I talk over books and math.  The older one and I will kick a ball around when it’s warm.   I’ve gone with the family on vacations to the beaches of Spain and to America.   And thankfully, both of them like to go to the pool.   So naturally I’ve seen them naked, dozens and dozens of times.    They have nearly identical penises.    Just an inch or two long with rather long, overhanging foreskins.    All I’ve ever done is look.  Promise.


(Now back to the story…)

I took the bottle of vodka from Freyr and took a swig.   “What’s this all about?” I asked.

“Well,” he stammered, “what you got planned for the solstice?”

“Nothing specific, yet,” I answered.  The solstice is always an excuse for Icelanders to party and get drunk.  As I mentioned before, they are always looking for a good reason to do that.   The solstice this year was on a Friday, so the party in town would be massive.   I had tentatively planned to just hit up the clubs and maybe find a hot guy to bring home and fuck.  “Why?”

“Well, I was wondering if you might want to go somewhere with the boys and I. “

“Perhaps,” I answered, still confused about his awkward beating around the bush and the need for the vodka.   “Where?”

“Well, remember the solstice swim we did a couple years ago?” he asked.  How could I forget!?!  A couple of the pools in town host a father / son swim on the solstice each year.   Only boys and men are allowed in.  It’s not all just fathers with their sons.  Sometimes it is uncles and nephews, or grandfathers, or a neighbor that just acts like an uncle.   Being men only, many of the bathers forego swimsuits that night.   It was great!  I got to ogle cute boys and men of all ages.   In fact, I saw a young man that I was pretty sure was Aron from years before.  He was there with his dad and little brother.   His little brother was about the age that Aron was when I spied him years ago.   The little brother had a big cock just like Aron, but the funny thing was it clearly didn’t come from their father!   The things I notice!

“Yeah sure, you guys doing that again?” I replied.  “I’d go.  Sure.”  I wouldn’t turn down a chance to see a ton of hot guys and boys naked again.  Plus last time we were home by 9:00.  I could do that and still make the club scene in town.  I’d actually been kind of hoping Freyr would invite me to the swim again, for obvious reasons.

“Well, yes and no.   It’s kind of like that, but it’s not at the local pool.   Do you know Gamla Laugin?”

“The old pool?  Up in the golden circle area?” I answered.  I knew it.  It was a natural hot pool that once was used only by locals but had recently become a semi-popular destination for tourists to visit.   I’d been to it a couple times.

“Yeah, exactly,” he answered.  “It’s there.   But it’s not just a swim like we did here in town,” he said, glancing away.

I looked at him, waiting for him to explain more.   But he remained silent.   “Ok Freyr, what’s the big deal.  Out with it.”

He took a big swig of vodka and handed to bottle to me again.   I held it and listened as he continued.   “Do you know the legend of the sólstöðurfræ, solstice seed?“  I shook my head.  It‘s not something I had heard of, even in all my studying of the Icelandic history and sagas.   “The legend is,” he began before pausing, “that the seed from a man that is brought forth just as the sun sets on the solstice has special powers.   If a boy, not yet having reached puberty, partakes of the seed it is said it will cause him to became a man quickly as well as guarantee him lifelong health and strength.”

“Wait,” I said stopping him.  “Seed?  You mean –“

“Yes Jon, semen.   A man’s semen spilled just as the sun sets on the solstice.”

I was dumbfounded.   “So you’re saying you like masturbate or something and then get the boy to eat it?”

He shook his head.  “Not exactly.  It would make sense that a man could just jerk off and combine his seed with some sweet skyr, but the legend also says that in order for it to work, the boy has to have a hand in bringing forth the seed.”

“What the fuck?” I replied in shock.

“Yeah, sorry.  I know it seems quite strange.  But it’s been a tradition on this island for centuries.   Centuries Jon. “

“So wait.  When you were a boy, YOU did this too?”

He nodded.   “My father took me to a sólstöðurfræ ceremony just after I turned 12.  It was in a barn on a farm near my grandparents with a dozen or so other boys and their fathers.   There was a bonfire outside and lots of food and drink.  Then as the sunset approached at midnight, a man walked us all through the steps and told us of the legend and history.  I don‘t know about the other boys, but I felt an immense pride connecting to the history of our forefathers.   It seems strange to you, I know, but it didn‘t to me at the time, nor does it seem completely odd, even now.“

“So you’re telling me you played with your father’s cock and swallowed his load?” I asked defiantly.   At this point I was sure this was a joke of some sort.

“Well, actually I sucked on his cock, or tried to.  I am sure I did it poorly, but yeah I swallowed his load,” he said sheepishly.   

“My god!  Didn’t that gross you out?”

He laughed.  “Have you seen all the disgusting stuff we Icelanders eat?   Sour ram testicles and penises for Þorrablót.   Compared to that, cum is actually not bad.  And oddly enough, Jon, I’d never felt closer to my father than that night.   I know this is all hard to fathom, but it’s true.  It’s been going on here for as long as people have lived here.”

I had so many questions.  “But why?  Do people really think that works? That’s voodoo stuff man.  And why is it a group thing versus something done quietly at home?”

“I don’t know Jon.  There are stories of boys growing hair all over in a matter of a few days, or growing inches overnight.   I know it sounds far-fetched.  But think about the olden days.   A boy was just another mouth to feed on a farm.   A boy turning into a man becomes a steady farm hand that can plow the fields and do real work.   If there was even a chance you could make him grow stronger, sooner, you did it.   And then there is the whole fraternal bond aspect as well,” he shrugged.   “Doing it in a group lends some normalcy to it I suppose.  I’m not really sure how that came to be honestly, I just know that sólstöðurfræ parties are common.   At least for me, it made it seem quite normal.  Everyone was doing it, ya know?”   I continued to look at him in disbelief.    He finally continued.   “And well, it did wonders for Johann last year,” he added.

“Wait! Wait!  You and Johann… already… did this?”

“Yes, last year.   That’s why we didn’t do the swim here in town.   Did you notice how much more mature he was last summer?  He became more responsible almost overnight.   He thought he was becoming a man.   He was great, up until just a few weeks ago anyway.  But now… he is regressing.  He’s blaming himself.”

“Blaming himself?  For what?”

“Well, you see, even though he’s just turned 13, he başakşehir escort still has no signs of puberty.  No hair, nothing.”   I had noticed this myself when we went to the pools.  “He expected it after last summer’s ceremony and most of his classmates have started.   And he’s blaming himself now.   He thinks it’s because he couldn’t get me to ejaculate when the sun came down.  It was 20 minutes later when I was finally able to orgasm and um…feed him.   He thinks it’s because he was bad at it, but the truth is I was nervous.  And a bit drunk.”

“So where exactly do I come into this story.   Why do you need me?”

“Kristjan,” he answered.  “I want to take both boys this year.  I want to give Johann a chance to make amends.  If he does better this year, I think it will help him get over it.   Kristjan is starting to shoot up already.  He’s as tall as Johann already.  If I don’t take him this year, he may never get to experience a sólstöðurfræ.   See, once a boy has reached puberty they can’t attend.  I guess it’s odd, but the ancestors would have considered that inappropriate.”

I still couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  “So basically what you’re saying is that you want me to go with you to a small thermal pool in the hills and help you molest your sons?”

“When you say it like that you make it sound dirty Jon.   It’s not.   I swear,” he answered handing me the bottle of vodka.   “You are here to study our culture right.   I mean there is no better way than experiencing an ancient ritual personally, right?”

I took a swig of the vodka.  This was almost too much.  “You know Freyr, just because I’m a gay man, doesn’t mean I’d enjoy little boys.”   That was a bit of a lie of course, but I had to at least put up a front.

He snorted.   “Well, yeah, but come on Jon.”

“What?” I asked.   Had he some idea I was actually attracted to boys?

“You’re better with my boys than I am.  And especially with Kristjan.   I’ve seen how you watch boys at the pool.  I need you to pair up with Kristjan so I can make things right with Johann.”

“You’re drunk Freyr!” I retorted.

“Yes, well, perhaps.  But it’s ok Jon.   I don’t really care what you might be into.  I know you’d never do anything crazy.   This is Iceland.  We are pretty open to things you know.”

“I think you’re nuts,” I replied, trying to deny his accusation.

“There’s something else,” he started.  “Remember a few years ago when Anna borrowed your PC to do some research when ours wasn’t working?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, she closed a window by accident and asked me to help her find the pages she was on.  So I opened up the history.”   My face went a little pale.   Living alone, I never bother covering my tracks on my laptop.   “Well I saw you had been on a story website, I think it was called.   The name caught my attention.  And well, after she went to bed, I ended up reading the stories you had been reading.   I was, um, intrigued.  There was one about a famous author who moved in near two twin boys who could read minds.    And another one about a whole extended family of kids who lived in a community where they had this ceremony for the twelve year olds to pick a few to service the others for a year.”

“Oh shit.  The kid of Indian spring?” I replied.  “You read that?  All of it?”   It was one of my favorite stories, but extremely long.

“Yeah, I did.   And I enjoyed it.  Their choosing ceremony reminded me I guess of our own traditions here in a way.   The other story was probably better though.  But yeah, I liked them both.  And a few others I’ve found since.”  He paused and then looked up at me.  “So it’s true then, boys hold an attraction for you.”

I guess I was past the point of denying it.  “Yeah, well yeah.  I did some things as a boy that I recall fondly.  Those stories let me relive the past.   But Freyr, I swear, I’d never do anything to Johann or Kristjan.  I love them dearly.”

“I know you do Jon.  But, well, you might do something with them….if you come with me to the solstice?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.   “It’s your one time chance Jon.”

“Can I give it some thought and let you know?” I answered.    I really did need to think on this.   I had visions of the whole party getting busted or something.

“Naturally,” he answered and took another swig of vodka before returning to his own flat.


I nearly burned my dinner than night as my mind raced.   I had so many questions all of a sudden.  How could something so profound and unique not be detailed in the ancient Sagas?  How could this tradition continue into modern times?   Was it just a thing that only took place in the farmlands and rural parts of the island?  Are the women aware of this tradition?  Do they tolerate such a thing?  How could I possibly attend as an American?  Wouldn’t that be sacrosanct?

After I ate my crispy dinner, I stayed up long into the night reading through the ancient sagas.   Sure enough, now that I knew about the sólstöðurfræ, it was mentioned, albeit obscurely.    I was just always interpreting it from an outsider’s point of view.   There were mentions of withholding seed from boys once they reached puberty, but I had assumed it was a metaphor:  That once a boy reached maturity they were capable of providing their own sustenance and were no longer to be pampered by their parents.  There were several other such subtle references, now that I knew.

Thinking about the ceremony that Freyr described had me hard as rock.   A group of cute blond Icelandic boys, all with the cocks of their elders stuffed in their cute little mouths?   Oh god.  I came like a freight train thinking about Kristjan sucking on my hard dick.   I’d managed to not think of either him or Johann in a sexual manner before, but after that night’s conversation, that was impossible.


Two days later, Freyr was knocking at my door.   He must have interpreted my lack of a reply over the past few days as a ‘no’.    “I’m really sorry about the other night Jon,” he said once I opened the door to him.  “I shouldn’t have brought you into this.”

“Shush Freyr,” I answered.  “I’ll do it,” I said, looking at him solemnly.

“You will!?!”  He was clearly surprised.   I am sure he thought he had really fucked up by even asking me.

“Yeah.  You only live once, right?  How can I pass up this chance to see an ancient tradition first hand?  But I have a few questions.  For starters, will they accept me as an American?”

“They wouldn’t, but nobody will know.  Your name is popular here, and well you look quite Icelandic.  And thankfully your accent is gone.  Nobody will know unless you tell them.  And it’s considered taboo to ask people too many questions at a sólstöðurfræ ceremony.”

“Great,” I replied with a sigh.  “Now I’m curious, is this just a rural farmland type of deal now?  I mean the father son swim we went to… is related?”

“Yes, it’s more common away from the city for sure.    And yes, the father son swim night is an offshoot of the old traditions tailored for a more urban environment.  But even at the one here at the pool, if we had stuck around until midnight when the sun set, you would have found a few fathers and sons gathered in a sauna doing the same thing that happens in many places away from town.   We just didn’t hang around long enough to witness any of that.”


Part 2 – June 21, 2019 – The night of the Solstice

We piled in to Freyr‘s car about 7:00pm and headed towards the old pool.  It was about an hour drive, so we would arrive about 8.   Being so near the arctic circle, the sun doesn‘t set on the solstice until three minutes after midnight.  It comes back up less than three hours later.  And the time between midnight and three never really gets dark.   There is always twilight.  

As we drove away from Reykjavik, the boys were not themselves.    Thirteen year old Johann, normally the noisy one, was quiet and appeared lost in his thoughts.   On the other hand, Kristjan, who was on the cusp of turning 12, and usually the  introspectrive one, appeared to be bouncing with excitement.   He was full of questions.   “What will they have for food?  I am starving.“  …. “How late will we be out?”  …… “What games will there be.”

A few days before, I had asked Freyr how much he had told Johann before last year and subsequently how much he had explained to Kristjan this year.   I was surprised to hear that the tradition was to apparently not explain too much ahead of time.   “I told them just what my father told me,” he explained.   “That it was a celebration for men and boys who are ready to become men.   That there would be food and drink and games and there was a special opportunity at the end of the night to make a special bond with their elders and learn a little bit about the birds and bees.   I told them that some things may seem new and strange but they should just do what everyone else is doing.  That everything would be ok.”

“So, Johann had no idea he would be swallowing your cum or sucking your dick?  No idea at all?” I asked.   “Isn’t that setting the boys up for a potentially traumatic experience?”

“Perhaps.  But that’s why these things happen in group celebrations.   You’ll understand more when you hear how it is handled.   The boys get walked through it all.  Listen?  Isn’t a bar mitzvah a potentially traumatic experience for a Jewish boy?  A boy standing up in front of hundreds of people reading a language he doesn’t really know.    That would have been torture to me.   What I did that night decades ago was not a big deal.  It seemed quite normal actually.”  He did have a point.   But I was still surprised there was no warning at all there was going to be any sort of sex play, beyond a mention of learning about the birds and bees.  

“And you don’t think Johann has told Kristjan all about what happened?”   It seemed odd to me that boys would be able to keep something secret.

“I hope not.   The boys are told to keep the details of the final acts a solemn secret.”


As we drove, I wondered to my self why Johann was so quiet.   Was he nervous about repeating the things that happened last year all of a sudden?  Was he worried he would once again fail at getting his father to climax at the right moment?   Was he excited to be going again or ashamed that he had to?  At one point he snapped at Kristjan and he incessant rambling.   “Just shut up already,” he told his younger brother.  “You’ll figure it all out when we get there.”

When we arrived at the old pool there were already several other cars parked outside.   The smell of something tasty filled the air, accompanied by the slight scent of sulfur that always exists around natural hot springs.   Just inside the entrance was a basket for donations to pay for the food and drink.    Freyr had told me the usual donation was around 5,000 Krona (about $40 US) per pair.   I told him that I would take care of the donation for all of us.   Not wanting to be ungrateful, I had brought two 10,000 Krona bills and added them to the basket.   Having one’s fantasies come true was surely worth a couple hundred dollars, right?   Other than my apartment key, it was the only thing I had in my pockets.   I felt not having any sort of ID on me would be a good idea, so I had left my wallet at home.

Judging by the impressive spread of food on tables near the wall inside the lobby door, it seemed unlikely that I had overpaid.    The man who greeted us pointed us towards the locker rooms.   “You can use either one tonight since there will not be ladies present.   Once you’ve disrobed and showered there’s food and drink back inside here.  Just go outside and come in from the pool. ”   There was a room to our left with racks to leave your shoes and socks and we quickly added our 4 pair next to each other and headed into the guys locker room.   Kristjan was leading the way.     Much like any visit to the pool we each grabbed a locker and quickly disrobed.   We’d all been to the pool together so much that there was nothing unusual at all about being naked.   “Let’s hurry up and shower so I can eat,” Kristjan suggested.

The old pool has one open shower room with five showers.   A man and his son were using the two furthest from the door.    I gave them a once over.  They were both a bit on the stocky side.   The man had a hairy bush with an average size cock resting on low hanging balls.   The son was thick, but not fat, with a small penis on two taught balls.  He had shaggy medium length hair.   I couldn’t help but to imagine, how later that night, the dad would be pushing that boy’s face onto his stiff cock.   OK, perhaps I was adding a little too much sexuality into my musings.

I forced the thought out of my mind, not wanting to get an erection in the shower.   With only three showers for the four of us, Kristjan grabbed my hand and asked me to share a shower with him.   It was cute.  We took turns soaping up and rinsing off.   Again I had to force myself not to think of Kristjan’s soft lips wrapped around my swollen cock.    I tried to be subtle about it, but I did do one thing I don’t normally do and I made sure to really wash under my foreskin thoroughly.  I wanted it super clean if it was going to be inside Kristjan’s mouth.

We dried off and (still naked) returned to the main lobby and quickly filled our plates with some wonderful foods.   There was an entire smoked pig that was delicious as well as other Icelandic delicacies that I am not as fond of.   There were the sour sheep testicles normally eaten in February as well as Hakari.   I took a small bit of each just to honor the traditions, but despite my long time on the island, they had never become my cup of tea.   But best of all, like any meal on Iceland, the star of the meal was a fantastic assortment of breads which we all slathered in butter.   That goes well with cold Gull beer which was available in abundance in a cooler, along with juice and sodas for the boys.    I was beginning to wonder if my 20,000 Krona was enough to cover the spread before me.

 There were a dozen wooden picnic tables in the lobby off the pool.   Men and boys were scattered around the tables enjoying their meals.  I couldn’t help but to look them over.  They came in all shapes and sizes and looks.  Some men were bearded, some clean shaven.    Most of the boys were skinny, but a few were plump.   But most all were some shade of blond of course, fitting perfectly my taste in boys.   One set caught my eye immediately.   It was a father with two boys who had to be identical twins.    Both boys were the cutest of the lot that I had seen so far.   Their smooth slender faces were accented by large piercing blue eyes, small noses and full soft lips.   They had neatly coiffed hair.   They were facing me from the next table over, seated across from a man I presumed was their father.   I had just a perfect angle to see their chests from the side.  Smallish nipples dotted their undeveloped chests.  If I tilted just right, I could also manage to see under the table and make out their uncut cocks dangling between their smooth pasty legs.   I had to stop myself from staring.

Other dads and boys were soaking and swimming in the pool.  Soon we had joined them, making room for newcomers to eat.    It was only 21:00, still three hours until sunset.  I was wondering what we would be doing to fill the time until things got interesting.

Much to my surprise, there was actually a lot planned that made time pass quickly.   First a net was strung across the pool and a game of volleyball was started.  Once that got old, two makeshift goals were setup on either end of the pool and a water polo game began.    I especially enjoyed the water polo as it got quite rough.   I loved holding the ball so that naked boys from the other team would climb on me to take the ball way.   Luckily for me, the twins from inside were on the other team and we quickly developed a playful banter.   I let them try to dunk and steal the ball from me, all the while enjoying the feel of their hot bodies against mine.  It was no big deal to get a handful of boy ass as I tried to fight them, or to feel their soft cocks against my torso as they climbed on me.  I pretended to be upset when they finally took the ball from me, but they understood that I was just playing with them.  They eventually got the ball and taunted me back, tossing it back and forth just out of my reach.   I finally just went after one and tossed him over my shoulder, even though he didn’t have the ball.   We were having a great time with this ‘game’, teasing each other back and forth.   We built a rapport quickly, which I loved.  I was having a great time.

Sometime during the water polo match, a large bonfire was set ablaze off one corner of the pool.   Several people broke away from the game to warm themselves near the fire.    Kristjan took my hand and pulled me to the stairs, wanting me to go with him to the bonfire.  I obliged and was enjoying the warmth against my body when I felt a hard smack across my ass.  I turned to find one of the twins giggling.  “I’ll get you back, don’t worry,” I told him with a grin which he returned.

The last game that was played was a relay race.   The gathering, now about 35-40 strong was divided into three teams.   Each person on each team had to jump onto a pool raft and paddle to the other side and back.  The boys all went first and the race was pretty even.   Then, as the men started to make their way across the hot pool, the game transformed.  The boys were still all in the pool and they started to try to knock the men from the other teams off their mats.  It was great fun.   Needless to say, you know who was waiting for me when it came to be my turn to jump on the raft.  Yes, the twins.  By then we had built enough rapport that they felt safe enough to grab me anywhere and everywhere to get me off the raft.    They pulled at my arms and my legs as I writhed to fight them off.   I pushed them on top their blond mops to dunk them to get them to release me, but to no avail and I was soon overboard.  I grabbed one from behind, draped my arms over his shoulders and held him tight.  My cock pressed against his ass crack.   At that moment I desperately wished fucking the boys was part of the agenda.

The game devolved quickly into a free-for-all, laugh-filled dunkfest and all pretense of the relay races was abandoned.   Everyone was eventually back inside to have a bit more to eat.   I had just sat down with Kristjan, Freyr and Johann when someone sat beside me and slammed his hip into me.  I turned to see one of the twins, giggling.   “OK, OK, I call a truce.   Deal?”  I said to him as I looked down at his soft cocklet. 

“OK?” he relented before throwing an arm around me.  “Thanks for playing with me and my brother, Mister.  It was fun.”

“Indeed it was,” I answered, ruffling up his wet hair.   Freyr looked over me and gave me a grin and shook his head.


By the time we’d finished eating and downing another beer, it was nearing 23:00.   Johann had become quieter as the midnight hour approached.   I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.   Maybe he was concentrating on the task at hand?  Maybe he was worried?  I wasn’t sure.  For once I was having a difficult time reading him.

 There was a nervous quiet setting in amongst the men as well.   I noticed that several went back and showered again, understandably wanting to be clean as possible for what was coming.    When Kristjan and Johann got up and returned to the pool, Freyr leaned over to me.  “It will be starting soon,” he whispered.   I decided to use the restroom and quickly visited to the shower to wash again before returning to the warm pool.

 I was just returning when I heard an announcement over the PA system I hadn’t realized even existed.   “Gentlemen, it is one hour to sunset.  It is almost time to get ready for the ceremony.   If you will get with the boy, or boys that you are hosting, we will start in about 10 minutes.    Find someplace comfortable.”

Freyr called the boys from the pool and motioned us all back inside.   “The tables are the best place to be,” he whispered to me.   “It’s warmer inside.”   I noticed some of the men leading their boys to benches that had been setup around the bonfire.  Some took spots on the side of the pool, their feet hanging into the warm waters.   Several men claimed spots on the stairs into the pool.

Inside Freyr led us to the end of one of the tables against the wall.   Johann climbed up on the table and leaned his left shoulder against the wall.   Freyr sat on the seat in front of him.   He patted the table next to Johann.  “Here, Kristjan,” he said to his younger boy, “you should sit halkalı escort here.”    After Kristjan climbed up, Freyr nodded to me to sit beside him, directly in front of Kristjan.   As I made myself comfortable, Kristjan’s cock was now dangling just about a foot in front of me.   In all the times I’d seen the boys naked, I don’t think I’d ever had quite as close-up of a view of their best parts.   The round closure of Kristjan’s foreskin was staring at me like an alien eye.   Motion to my right caught my attention.   Johann was wrapped in a towel and he pulled the end of it around his body and across his crotch.  But not before I realized why.  He was trying to hide a raging boner.

Slowly the room filled with most every spot on every table occupied.  I glanced around.   Boys were sitting on the table tops, legs dangled over.   When I turned behind me, I realized the twin’s father had his back to mine, perched between his two adorable boys.  They both looked at me and smiled.   I wondered if they had anything to do with sitting near me or if it was just coincidence.

I turned my attention back towards Kristjan.  He was looking around the room as well, clearly wondering what exactly was happening.  It wasn’t a look of worry, but more one of curiosity.  I squeezed his legs just above his knees, where I knew he was ticklish.  His bare ass jumped several centimeters off the table.  “Stop it silly,” he said with a grin which I returned.

“Sorry,” I answered and gave his legs a gentle rub.  He started to squirm, thinking I was going to tickle him again, but relaxed when he realized I was just giving him a gentle massage.

Finally the voice came over the PA again.   I don’t know who the man was, or even where he was exactly, but his voice was very soft and calming.  In fact, it was almost hypnotic.  “It’s time to get started,” he began as a hush fell over the entire complex.  “Boys, listen closely please.  This is very important.  What you are about to experience is a tradition that has been passed down for century upon century on this island.   Only Icelandic men get to enjoy the blessing of this, the seed of the solstice.   Tonight you are a boy.  But tomorrow, or sometime very soon, blessed with the seed given to you shortly, you will not be a boy any longer.  Be proud.   For you will soon be an Icelandic man, the strongest of all men on earth.”

I looked at Kristjan.   You could see the wheels turning in his head, trying to comprehend.   The soft voice continued.  “What is about to happen might seem strange to you.   But rest assured, if you are here, then your father went through the exact same ritual when he was your age with his father.  And your grandfather with his father.   And your cousins with their fathers.   And your uncles with theirs.   And so on and so on, all the way back to Ingolfr Arnarson himself, yes?   So do not be alarmed boys.  It is natural for all true Icelandic men to do this, do you understand?   A murmur of ‘ja, ja’ could be heard across the room.

“Now I will explain to you more what this evening is about.  Many of you live on farms, correct?”  Again many of the boys, including the twins affirmed his presumption.   Kristjan looked alarmed, being apparently one of the only non-farm kids present.   

Johann whispered to him, “don’t worry about it, you’ll understand anyway.  It’s not important.”

“Surely by now most of you have helped with the breeding of the sheep or perhaps cows, right?”  It was clear this outing was tailored to the farm crowd.  But most boys agreed.   “And what is it that comes from the ram, or the bull, that makes the ewe or cow pregnant,” the man asked.

“The sperm,” Kristjan answered softly, yet proudly.  Clearly somewhere in his reading or schooling he had picked up the basics of the facts of life.    Around the room other boys answered as well.  Some said ‘sperm’, some said ‘semen’, and others used more slang terms such as ‘jizz’ or even ‘cum’.   You could never accuse Icelandic children of being naïve.

“Yes.  Correct and well done boys.  It’s their seed that does the trick. The seed formed and stored in the testicles of the ram.    And what do we eat during Þorrablót?”

“Sour ram balls!  Blech!” Kristjan again answered promptly, feeling proud of his knowledge.   Again the other boys answered the same, in one form or another.

“Right again.   Because that seed and the balls that form them make us strong, and fertile, and healthier than people from any other place on earth.   Plus it’s a tradition, just like the one you are experiencing  now.”

I was amazed at how well the emcee, or whatever you called him, was slowly pulling the boys in, building on their pride and building up the tradition.   His voice was what did it.  The words seemed to flow in soothing hypnotic intonations.  I still couldn’t figure out how exactly he was going to work them up to swallowing the cum of their fathers, or whomever was with them, but I was anxious to see.

The emcee raised his voice, slightly, trying to build excitement.  “Now, how many of you are ready to shed the chains of boyhood?  Ready to grow taller? To grow hair? To be responsible for yourselves and to make your own decisions?” The hands of boys naturally shot up all over.

“Good.  Then listen closely.   The man you are with now, probably your father, but perhaps an uncle or grandfather… he has seed inside him too.   And today is a magical day boys.   It is the solstice, the longest day of the year.   As the sun sets tonight, something special can happen if you are willing that will bless you just not over the next year, but for your entire life.   If you can coax the seed of your father to arrive just as the sun sets… in 41 minutes and 20 seconds to be exact, the seed of the solstice… that seed will have special powers.  If you can swallow it, several things will happen.    You are likely to grow taller and into a man very soon.   Some boys have woken up the next day inches taller.  It’s true!   Some wake up the next day with Typpi’s twice as long, and thick like their father’s.   But beyond all that, ingesting the solstice seed will give you lifelong health and strength.    The people of Iceland are amongst the healthiest on the planet.   There is a reason for this.”  

“Do you all understand?” the man continued after a long pause.

A boy from across the room interjected.   “You mean were meant to eat our daddies….”  The boy paused, apparently unsure of what word to use.

“Semen?  Jizz? Sperm?  Cum?” the host answered.   “Yes.   It’s ok if you don’t feel up to it.   Just tell your father and you can leave.   BUT!  Know you will be breaking a tradition that is nearly as old as these lands.  AND… just know also that some boys who don’t participate, later wish they had.  For example, when they are 16 and they are still hairless and the smallest kid in their class, or when they come down with an illness at a young age.  Are you will to risk that?”

A murmur of “nei” came across the room. I looked up at Kristjan and whispered to him, “you ok?”   He was a smart boy, so I wasn’t sure if he was going to go along or not.  I could see him calling bullshit on the whole thing.

“Of course,” he quickly replied.

“So everyone is still ready to move forward then, right?” the man asked before a long silence.  Perhaps some of the boys outside bailed, but as for inside on the picnic table, nobody had budged.

“Very well then,” the man continued.   “We are 37 minutes from the solstice.   It’s time to learn a little more about your cock.  Your oddur.  Your typpith.  Or whatever you may call it.   The man with you is going to show you how a man’s cock reacts to being stimulated.   Some of you may already have been masturbating and know this about your penis.  If so, just be patient while the others catch up.   Ok now men, show your boy what happens when a cock is fondled.

I looked over at Freyr.  He’d never mentioned anything about me getting to play with Kristjan’s cock.  He nodded at me, telling me to go ahead as his hand slid up under the towel Johann had covering his dick.

I decided to take it slow, not being sure how Kristjan would react.   I rubbed my hands up and down his bare thighs slowly working them inward from the top.   After a few strokes I let my hands brush his smooth ball sack.   I watched his face for look of alarm.  There was none.   As I brushed his ball sack a second time, this time with a little more contact, his eyes closed and he opened his mouth in a very subtle moan.    I gently rubbed his scrotum with the back of my fingers before reaching up with my thumb and forefinger to grip his boy cock at the base.   I could tell it was already partially erect.   I was more interest in watching his face at that moment so I focused on that as I massaged his boyhood.  I knew I would get a good look at his stiffie soon enough.   As I gripped his boy meat, it stiffened even more, now pointing straight up and arching into his flat smooth tummy.   His eyes remained closed and I gently brought my grip up and down a few times.  “Oooh,” he cooed.

Next to me, Johann was doing more than cooing.   The sounds coming from him as Freyr stroked his cock were legitimate moans.   He’d been hard for a while now, just waiting.   I glanced over.  His 3” of hard boy cock was pointing straight up, at much the same angle as Kristjan’s.   As Freyr’s hand moved up and down over the small hairless spike, Johann’s foreskin was sliding freely over his glans, revealing a shiny pink head.

I turned my attention back to Kristjan’s cock.   It was just a bit shorter than his older brother’s, but as I pulled downward on the skin it was obvious that there was a lot more tension on his prepuce.    A couple gentle pulls and it finally broke free over his swollen head, revealing a bright red cock head.   It was simply beautiful.   It was obvious to me that Johann had been hard at work stretching his foreskin over the past year.   Given how identical their cocks were, I wondered if Johann was as tight as Kristjan when Freyr took him last year.  Had he spent all year jerking off?  Probably!

I kept Kristjan’s foreskin retracted and, wetting my finger, rubbed it across his sensitive cock head, spreading his piss hole.  He jumped a bit.  I looked up at him.  “Ok?” I asked.

“Yes, it just really tickled,” he whispered.   “But it was a good tickle.”  He smiled.

Just then I felt a man brush against me, walking between the tables.   I turned slightly so see an older man, probably in his 70’s, walking up and down, observing.  He had a microphone in his hand.   Ah the mysterious emcee!   As he began to talk again I couldn’t resist turning around to check on the twins.   I had to lean side to side to see around their father, but I got a glimpse of their hard cocks sticking up like tree trunks from their skinny bodies, each one being stroked by a manly hand.   “32 minutes until the sun sets gentlemen.  Boys, look at your cock.   Is it hard? As hard as the hardest rocks you’ve held in your hands? Feel it if you must.”

Kristjan reached down and gripped his cock.   “Yesssss,” he answered to the man.  Other boys gave him affirmative responses too.  Some even answered with a “wow”.   Another from a nearby table answered with more information.  “It’s never been this hard, ever.  Even when I have a wank.”   Several men stifled a chuckle.

“Exactly, boys.  The erect cock of an Icelandic boy is as sturdy and stiff as the columns of basalt below the ground.  How many of you have seen the basalt columns at Reynisfjara?” the man asked.

Several boys responded.  “Look at your cock.  It’s just like those columns, isn’t it?  Massively strong!!   Straight and powerful, right?”

“Now soon, boys of Iceland, the roles will be reversed and you will be caressing the cock of your man.  But there is something else that is even better than touch when it comes to bringing forth a man’s seed.   Your man will show you now how much better it feels to be licked and sucked than just touched.  You might need to know how to do this in order to get his seed to arrive in time.”

What?  Freyr had held back so much detail.  I turned to him. I am sure there was a look of shock on my face.  He shrugged at me and then went down on Johann, promptly taking his older son’s cock into his mouth.   Johann had already known what was coming and had leaned back onto his outstretched arms and spread his legs, making his cock more accessible.

I turned back to Kristjan and lowered my head to his thighs.   I kissed him gently on the inside of each on and slowly worked towards his stiff boy cock.   I put my hand on his chest and pushed him back slightly to give me more access.   I used my face to push his legs apart.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was about to suck on a boy’s cock for the first time since I was a boy myself.   I hadn’t even realized it until I bent over, but my own cock was standing at full attention, poking me in the abdomen.   I briefly worried that showing too much arousal might be taboo.   A quick pull back and glance down to Freyr’s crotch made me realize there was nothing to worry about.  He was just as stiff as I was.

I licked my way onto Kristjan’s rod, stopping briefly to bath his balls with my tongue.  I bathed the stiff boyhood with kisses until I reached the warm tip.   I used my thumb to skin his cock and took the pink head into my mouth, savoring the flavor of boy penis once again.   I was euphoric.   Memories of sucking my friends when I was 11 and 12 flooded my brain.   The feeling of a small cock in my mouth brought all the good feelings from those days back again.

I bobbed up and down on Kristjan’s three inches of boyhood as he leaned back and squirmed in pleasure.   I had expectations for this evening, but this was beyond ANYTHING I had anticipated.   I could die right then a very happy man.

I glanced over with my right eye and could see Johann arching his hips, lifting his butt off the table, pressing his cock deeper into his father’s willing mouth.     He was clearly no amateur at this.   I realized his quietness on the trip up was not fear, or worrying.  The boy was fucking horny and trying to focus on what was going to happen!

“25 minutes until the sun sets.  Gentlemen, you will have to decide when it is time to switch positions.   You know your body better than anyone.   But please make sure you give your boy plenty of time.   Your lad is not your wife’s pussy.”

I decided I wanted to spend more time sucking on Kristjan’s cock.   I may never get the chance again.  As a matter of fact, I assumed I wouldn’t.   I could make myself shoot pretty fast, so I wasn’t worried about Kristjan getting me off, especially with how horny I was at that moment.

Next to me, Johann was getting louder and louder.   It was obvious to me he was about to orgasm.  I glanced up at Kristjan, his mouth was agape as he watched his older brother essentially face fuck his own father, moaning and moaning louder and louder and finally he collapsed back onto the table.  He was done.

“What the heck,” Freyr said, wiping his mouth.  I didn’t have time to ask him what he meant.   Kristjan had decided to copy his brother and was now bucking his hips, poking his stiff nail at me.   I opened my mouth and let him back in.

“That’s it Kristjan,” Johann instructed his little brother.  “Keep at it.  If it starts to tickle and you think you have to pee, don’t stop!  Trust me, ok.”

While Kristjan pumped his dick in and out of my willing mouth, my senses told me several other things.  First, Johann had climbed down to the table seat and Freyr was now up on the table.   Behind me, one of the twins must have reached orgasm because I heard his familiar voice yell out in glee.  Shortly after, the other said “my turn now.”   Oh god.   How I wish I could have seen that, but alas, my attention was on Kristjan and giving him what likely was to be his first orgasm.  

It didn’t take Kristjan very long to get there.   A few minutes later and he suddenly froze, his cock in my mouth twitched and I could feel the muscles in his legs spasm as well.  He let out several grunts and then plopped back onto the table, his breath heavy.     I smiled and kissed him on his chest and raised myself up to him and embraced him.   I whispered into his ear.   “Are you ok?”

He hugged me back.   “That was amazing.   I’m way ok.   Thank you Jon,” he replied before giving me a peck on the cheek.   “I need a drink.”

Freyr must have heard him, because Freyr quickly yelled out “drink” and a man, not the emcee, was there in a few seconds with a tray of drinks.   I grabbed a beer for myself and Kristjan grabbed a Pepsi.    Johann didn’t want anything.   He was already gripping and fondling his father’s cock.

 I helped Kristjan get down and climbed up on the table.   I was sat down and turned around just in time to watch the twin on the left pull his father’s mouth onto his cock and scream out in bliss as an orgasm crashed through his body.   “Told you it was awesome,” his twin commented.  I couldn’t help but smile at them both.

“20 minutes until the sun sets.  20 minutes,” came the announcement over the PA.  Johann was already working on making sure Freyr didn’t come 20 minutes after sunset this year.  In fact, given how expertly he was stroking his father’s cock, I was sure if anything Freyr would be peaking early.

My survey of the room was cut short by the feel of Kristjan’s hand gripping my semi-hard cock.  I looked down at him to see him looking up at me with his jaw open.   “It’s so big,” he said, once he had my attention.

I chuckled.  “Not really.  Pretty average.  Yours will be this big someday.  Probably bigger. “  I leaned over to him to whisper.  “Especially since I never got to attend one of these when I was a boy,” I added with a wink.

He added a second hand and was trying to stroke my cock. He was poor at it, but I didn’t care.  An 11 year old boy was willingly trying to jerk me off!   I helped adjust his hands a little bit and tried to show him how much to squeeze and how far up and down to go.   After a bit, I must admit it was starting to feel pretty damn good.  OR maybe it was just the thought that my cute blonde neighbor was playing with my cock?

I let my attention wander around the room.  All the men had now changed positions and were on the tables, their partners, their boys, seated before them.   I couldn’t see what was going on outside, but I assume the situation was the same.  Then the emcee came around with a box.   To each boy, he placed around their neck a spoon threaded to a ribbon.   Glancing at Kristjan’s spoon, I could see the thing was absolutely ancient.   I pulled it over his neck and inspected it closely.   It was clearly generations old, maybe older.   The metal, possibly silver or brass was tarnished but you could make out rough etching in the handle of a sun, representing the solstice along with the outline of a cock and balls.   These spoons were clearly made just for this ceremony and very old.

“18 minutes now gentlemen.   The spoons have been passed out.  Boys, you can use these spoons to scoop up the seed as necessary.  They are the same spoons used by your forefathers on this very night.”

I liked being up on the table.  It gave me a chance to watch the men around me being fondled by their boys.   And in the case of a few, including Johann and Freyr next to me, the boy had already stopped using his hands and was sucking on the knob of the hairy adult cock in front of him.   Johann was pulling down on the base of his father’s cock, tilting it towards him as he went up and down, letting the top 3 inches slide inside his mouth.   The look on his face was one of solid determination.  

“Should I?” Kristjan asked, clearly wanting to maybe move on to what his bigger brother was doing.  

I nodded.  “Go slowly,” I said in whisper.   “Start with kisses and some licking.  Then you can try to take it into your mouth once you’re ready, ok?”

I leaned back and watch in awe as the blond cherub planted kisses on the base of my cock and then licked my hairy ball sack.  He must have remembered me doing that to him.   He kissed my rod up and down, making it twitch before sticking out his tongue and licking it all over.   “hmmm,” he commented.   Apparently he wasn’t turned off.

I helped skin my cock, revealing my plump head.   He immediately took my cue and began licking the flared tip.  Oh my.   It wasn’t the best blow job I’ve ever had, but yet it WAS the best one I’ve ever had, because a lifelong fantasy was coming true.   Not only had I sucked off a boy, now here was one feasting on my cock.   I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself.   If I let me self get too excited, I would şirinevler escort be spilling too soon.    I reopened them a few seconds later when I felt Kristjan’s mouth engulf half of my cock.

“Oh shit,” I moaned uncontrollably.   I looked to the side where Johann was bobbing up and down on his father’s cock while he worked the lower half with his hand.  I briefly wondered if he’d done some research since last year (i.e. had he watched some porn or something?)  He looked like a pro.  Kristjan was no doubt watching from his older brother and learning from his techniques.

“14 minutes,” came the soothing voice from the ceiling.   I looked over at Freyr and exchanged a glance.  His look told me he was looking good to make it right on time.   Then I made a mistake of checking in on my twins.   What I saw almost made me cream Kristjan’s mouth right then.   Their dad was sitting on the table, legs spread wide and leaning back.  A huge cock of 8+ hard inches was sticking up to the sky.   The twins were each lying across one of his thick legs, their tongues and mouths were eagerly working at their father’s hard cock.   The dad was clearly a ‘grower’ because nothing I’d seen of him outside earlier gave any indication he was a hung stallion.  In their position, both twin’s asses were pointed towards me and the way they had their legs, their clefts were slightly open, giving me a peek at their tight pink boy pussies.   The idea of licking those two boys and sliding my hard cock into them was what almost brought me to an immediate orgasm. 

I had to calm myself.  I pulled Kristjan up off my cock and lifted him up and pulled his chest to mind.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing.  Nothing at all Kristjan.  You’re doing awesome.   Almost too awesome.  If I didn’t have you take a break you’d been getting your seed too early.   A smile of pride flashed across his face.   Looking down, I could see his little boy cock was once again fully erect, pressing against my hair belly.   He slid down and his buttocks pressed against my raging erection.   I had to stroke his back to get my mind off of fucking his tight hole. 

“10 minutes, 10 minutes until sunset,” announced the voice over the PA.   I pushed Kristjan away from me and nodded towards the bench.  He took my hint and climbed back down to the seat.   My cock had softened slightly, but his was still rock hard.    I loved that he was aroused still.   It only made the whole scene hotter.   

I told Kristjan to take it slowly until just a few minutes were left and then to go back to what he was doing.   For a boy not quite 12, he seemed to understand better than I would have expected.   He licked and nibbled all around my swollen cock, occasionally taking the heading into his mouth for a few seconds before releasing it.  I had to be leaking precum by then, but Kristjan never said anything about it.  He either didn’t notice, or just liked it I guess.

I closed my eyes and tried to tune out everything going around me.  If I didn’t, I feared I would ruin it by coming too early, like a man in the opposite corner.  You could hear him bearing down and grunting trying to hold back the inevitable before finally yelling out as his body eventually betrayed him.   He wasn’t that early though, shortly after he quieted the emcee announced the five minute mark.

“Now?” Kristjan asked me.  It was still too soon.

“Couple more minutes,” I told him.   With my eyes now open, I realized Freyr had moved off the table and was now standing and pumping his cock in and out of Johann’s mouth.  I have to say I was a bit shocked at what I saw.   Freyr was face fucking his own son harder than I’d seen done in some of the craziest cruise clubs I’d visited in Berlin.  It was clear he was not going to be letting Johann down this year, but damn, it was almost too much.

Johann was making funny noises and spit was running from his mouth.   Kristjan turned to see what the commotion was about and his eyes about popped out of his head.  “Daddy!” he exclaimed.   Kristjan’s interjection must have been enough to jar Freyr back out of his lust frenzy.   He must have realized how hard he was going at Johann’s mouth and backed off.  He grabbed a towel and wiped Johann’s face then resumed at a slower pace.   Just behind me and to my right another man was grunting through his orgasm.   All through the room men were breathing heavily, pacing themselves towards a sunset release.

“4 minutes.  4 minutes,” the voice of the omnipresent emcee announced.    Kristjan looked at me but I shook my head.  He went back to licking and nibbling at my manly rod, waiting for me to signal him when to begin sucking again in earnest.   I found myself wondering if the men who had come already had really come too soon for it to work.  I mean would a few minutes make a difference?  Then I realized I had actually started to believe in this shit!   I have to admit, it had a way of pulling you in for sure.  I shook my head at myself.

When the three minute announcement came, I put my hand on Kristjan’s soft cheek.   He looked up at me and I nodded.   He pushed my cock towards him and took the top of it into his mouth.   His warm mouth felt delightful on my cock which I realized then, was desperately ready to unload.   I put my hand on the back of his head and very gently guided him to work the top of my cock.  Slowly, every few strokes or so, I pushed him a little bit deeper.    I so wanted to feel my cock lodged into his hot little throat, but I knew that was more than the young guy could likely handle, so I was content with him working the upper half.

 I could soon feel the genesis of an orgasm building deep inside me, which I thought was great timing as the master of ceremonies told us all that the sun set in two minutes.   As I continued to pull his head off and on, I added a little thrust with my hips.   That always helps bring me off.   I kept the motions slow, though, as the pressure from within began to build.   I realized as I watched my cock slide in and of Kristjan’s mouth that I hadn’t blown a load since before Freyr invited me to this thing almost two weeks prior.  

He had told me to save it up, which made sense at the time.  But now that I was on the verge of blowing, I wasn’t so sure that was a good idea.  I am always a heavy cummer, but with not coming in over two weeks, I realized I was going to absolutely flood Kristjan’s young mouth with more than he could possibly handle.  Hell, it would be more than a normal gay guy could probably handle!   I leaned over and whispered to my little cocksucker.   “When I tell you to stop, just stop moving and start swallowing.  My seed is going to fill your mouth.  Swallow what you can.  Don’t worry if you lose some ok,” I told him.

He looked up at me with big eyes that told me he understood.   Then, he returned to my cock, bobbing up on and down faster than he had been before.    Freyr for his part was panting and moaning and gritting his teeth as he continued to rock his stiff dick in and out of Johann’s mouth.   It was obvious Freyr was close, just waiting to let go as close as possible to the zero hour.   Johann’s eyes were starting to water from the assault on his mouth, but his resolve was steadfast.

“One minute, one minute, gentlemen.   Let your climax build and release.  It is time, it is time!” The man called out, showing a sense of excitement for the first time.

So much happened in the next 30 seconds that I had a hard time comprehending it all.   Freyr gave a few more pumps of his cock and then stopped.  He pulled Johann’s head down onto his cock and let out a scream as his ass flinched as his cock released its creamy treat directly down Johann’s throat.  I could see Johann’s throat flex with each swallow.   As Freyr’s orgasm subsided, a small trickle of semen ran out the side of Johann’s mouth and down his chin.  

Across from me on the other table, the twin’s dad was having his own intense orgasm.   The twins were licking his balls as he jerked off onto his belly, leaving a large glob of seed pooled just above his belly button.    “Use the spoons now,” I heard him tell the twins just as announcement of 30 seconds came over the PA.

I watched the twins each scoop up a spoonful of hot semen and bring it to their mouths and that was enough to send me over the edge.    “Stop and swallow,” I frantically told Kristjan as I felt the thick load begin to rise through my swollen cock.  He stopped moving his head.   I gave my cock a couple tugs and let my orgasm come.    I counted as three quick squirts of cum jetted from my hard cock.  I could hear Kristjan swallowing.   He was doing ok until 4 more jets came in quick succession.   He gagged a little and pulled off my cock.   A large mass of steaming hot cum ran down my hard cock, joined by the last remnants of my orgasm that oozed from my cock head.   Kristjan looked up at me.  He looked worried, like he had done something wrong, cum dribbling over his lower lip.  

“Shh, shhh, Kristjan, you did awesome,” I told him.   I hooked my finger in the ribbon attached to his spoon and pulled until the spoon was in my hand.   I used it to scoop the escaping semen from his neck and chin back towards his mouth.  He quickly licked off the spoon each time it reached his lips.   Once I had his chin clean I handed him the spoon.   He took it and tried to gather up the cum running down my still stiff cock.   He gathered up some and licked it from the spoon, but he must have realized it would be easier to just lick if off directly.   I must say he did a yeoman’s job cleaning the rest of the seed from my cock as it softened.   I pulled my skin back to give him full access.  “If you suck the tip, you’ll get a little more,” I told him.  And he did just that, before looking up at me with a pensive look.   I gave him a smile and he leapt into my arms hugging me.

I rocked him as he hugged me.   “You ok Kristjan?  You did so good my boy.”

“I’m fine Uncle Jon.  I love you so much.  That was so cool.”

“I love you too Kristjan,” I said.   Freyr was right.   The bonding aspect of the experience was incredible.   Also incredible was Kristjan’s perfect little cock, still hard and poking me in the belly.


I was so absorbed in feeding Kristjan my load that I missed the actual announcement of the sun setting.   I don’t know if there were announcements of +1 minute, +2, but the next one I was aware of was the one saying it was now four minutes past sunset and that all the men had made their donations and it was time for a toast.

Three men passed out shot glasses of Brennivin to all the participants.   The ones for the boys were only filled half-way or a little less.   It would be the first drink for most of the boys I presumed, but a well deserved one.   We all raised our glasses and drank it down.   I realized Brennivin was a great thing to take a shot of after sucking cock.  It would clear the taste of jizz if you didn’t happen to care for it.   Kristjan looked more shocked at the taste of the booze than he did my load.   “It burns,” he complained as he shook his head and made a sour face.

I wasn’t sure what would happen next.  I kind of figured everyone would grab a bite to eat and get dressed and head home.   I know I was feeling a bit spent.   But when the PA crackled again, the next announcement instantly recharged my batteries.

“OK boys, we’ve had a successful night — so far.   Some of you are perhaps tired and will want to leave, and that is fine.   But there is more to the ceremony and tradition.   The sun will rise again in a little over two hours.   If you want to multiply the strength of the seed you have already consumed, there is a way.   Any additional seed you can manage to swallow before the sun comes up will add to the power of that which you have already swallowed.   It just has to come from a different elder.    If you desire more seed, you need to ask politely.   Sir, may I have a taste of your seed is the proper way to ask.

“Men, I understand you might be a bit spent.   If you need to relax in the thermal pool to recharge, that is fine.   Or if pleasuring the boy who is after your next donation would help get you ready again, that of course would likely be welcomed.”

I looked at Freyr in shock.   This wasn’t over?  And more boys might want to suck my cock?  

“I had to leave some things to surprise,” he said with a smile.   “So I guess you might want to stay a while then?” he asked, with a slight chuckle.  

I couldn’t help but laugh.   Johann had moved up on the table and was sitting beside me.  “Sir may I have a taste of your seed?” he asked me as he gripped my soft cock.   

Kristjan climbed down and hugged his father.   “Daddy, can I have yours now?”


There was no way I could get hard again that fast.  I wasn’t the 19 year old stud I once was.   So I suggested to Johann that I could maybe suck him first while I recovered.  He was clearly enthused by the idea.   I suggested we maybe go to the pool, just for a change of scenery.    As we made our way through out to the pool, I could see the crowd had thinned out a little bit and a few more were heading to the locker room.   If I had to guess, I’d say about a fourth of the people had left after the toast.

Johann sat on the side of the thermal pool, his legs hanging into the steaming water as I bent over and took his cock into my mouth.   He was clearly into getting his dick sucked and was soon thrusting into my mouth.  His eagerness soon had my cock returning to life.   When he climaxed, I realized why Freyr had said ‘what the fuck’ earlier. 

When Johann came, it wasn’t the dry orgasm I had just experienced with Kristjan.    Three small jets of water boy jizz flooded my mouth as he cried out.    As it turns out, Johann didn’t need to be here at all, his was already into puberty!   The lack of pubic hair was a bit of a surprise though, though I have heard some boys can come before they grow any.  

We traded places and Johann went to work on my cock.   This time I didn’t hold back and let my orgasm come quickly…flooding his mouth just a few minutes after he started sucking me.   I assume somewhere inside Freyr and Kristjan were having a similar experience.

Johann left me to get something more to drink to wash down my thick load.  I was floating in the dark pool, relaxing, taking in the final moments of what, I decided then, was the best fucking night of my entire life.    The night was quiet, with not much movement.   That is until I found myself jumped on out of nowhere. 

“What the heck,” I started to say before I realized who it was.  It was the twins. They had slipped into the pool and snuck up on me one last time.   I grabbed both of them and took them down into the water with me and we all came up laughing. 

“Sir,” they said once we had all stopped giggling, “may we please have a taste of your seed?”


Epilogue – July 10, 2019

It was Wednesday and I had just gotten home and cracked open a beer and taken it to the balcony.     It was the warmest day of the summer so far and it felt good to relax in the warm breeze while I enjoyed a drink.   I’d been aglow ever since the solstice, as happy as I’ve ever been.

I’d been outside for just a couple minutes when I heard someone come onto the balcony next door.   I turned to see Kristjan grinning at me.   He was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and clearly he too was enjoying the warm day.   His face was red and sweaty from running around outside.

 Before I could greet him, he spoke.   “I’ve been waiting for you to get home!” he exclaimed.  “I got something to show you.”

“OK, what is it?” I asked.

“I’l l come over,” he yelled as he darted back inside.   A few seconds later I heard him come into my apartment.

I stepped inside to greet him.  “What is it Kristjan?  You seem pretty excited!”

“I am!” he said exuberantly.   “Look!” he yelled as he hooked his thumbs into his waistband of his shorts and pushed them down, taking his underwear with them.   He lifted up his shirt.  “It worked Jon!! It really worked!”

I stood dumbfounded.   The hairless boy dick I had sucked on 3 weeks before was now longer, fatter, and covered with a patch of pubes.   I’m not talking a few strands of sparse hairs.  Kristjan had a legitimate bush framing the top of his dick.   “Well, I’ll be,” I said.   “Congrats Kristjan.  You really are a little man now aren’t you?”

“Yep!” he answered proudly as he pulled his pants back up, much to my chagrin.

“It’s probably because you had an awesome guy to help you out,” I said facetiously as I pretended to pay myself on the back.

“Ha! Ha!” he replied with a smirk.  “It was probably the dad of those twins.   Did you see the size of his oddur?”

“Wait!  You…. and the dad of those twins…?”

“Well yeah.  Johann and I had to find something to do while you were busy with the twins didn’t we?” he responded, trying to sound serious, but failing to contain his grin.  I couldn’t help but to laugh with him.  

I guess it never dawned on me to ask what they had been doing while I was with the twins.   I was with them for quite a while.   Having already shot twice, it took them a little while to get me off.   The twins had me lay on a towel by the bonfire and one of them started sucking me while the other sat on my chest and pumped his cock into my mouth.    They traded places several times before I finally reached orgasm.

“You’re a funny boy Kristen,” I told him.

“I know.  But really, Uncle Jon, it was probably you, really.”

“Awww, thanks.   Congrats Kristjan…you must be really excited” I said, raising my beer to him.

“Yeah, it’s really cool,” he said before a long pause.  “But…” he added.

“But what?”

“Well, now I won’t get to go the ceremony a second time like Johann did,” he replied, looking a bit dejected.    “With this much hair I can’t even cheat like Johann did,” he added before immediately covering his mouth with his hands.

“Cheat?  What do you mean?”

“Nothing.  Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” he replied backing towards the door, trying to escape.

I stepped to him and put my arm around him.  “Now Kristjan, are you really going to keep secrets from me? The man who gave you your first blow job?  Huh?”

“Wellllllll,” he answered, hesitantly.  “You promise you won’t tell my dad or Johann?”

“Of course Kristjan.  You can trust me.”  I pulled him tighter to reassure him.

“Ok then,” he relented.  “A few weeks before the solstice, Johann sprouted a bunch of hairs right around his dick.   Just a few anyway.   Not like mine.  And he shaved them off so he could go to the ceremony again.”

“And how did you know this?  Did he tell you?  He wasn’t supposed to tell you much about it right?”

“He didn’t!  Really!  I just caught him in the bathroom with my dad’s razor when he was doing it.  The dumbass forgot to lock the door.   But he just told me I couldn’t tell dad because if I did he wouldn’t get to go again.   He didn’t tell me what would happen, I swear.  But I knew it must be good if he was shaving his pubes off to go again.  He’d been dying for them to finally show up.”

A light bulb went off.  Freyr had said Johann had been acting weird a few weeks before the solstice.   He assumed it was because he hadn’t hit puberty yet and thought he had failed the prior year.   Apparently that wasn’t it at all.   The boy wanted to go through it again, and was upset at maybe having to miss it.  

I realized I owed Johann a big thank you.  If he wouldn’t have gone, Freyr would have had no reason to invite me.   

“Your secret is safe with me Kristjan,” I said as I picked him up and hugged him.  “Your secrets are safe with me always, no matter what they are.  Understand.”  

“Thanks Uncle Jon,” he replied, arching his back and looking into my eyes.  “You’re the best,” he added and gave me a huge hug.  I could feel his new more adult-like version of his dick pressing into my abdomen.   Then he let go and slid to the floor and ran out.



Author’s closing notes:

I would love your thoughts on this story.   I was a little apprehensive about submitting it.  I hope I managed to capture Jon’s tale well.   I asked him to proof my writing but I haven’t heard back from him, so I decided to go ahead and publish it.  I may amend it if he objects to too much.

Oh, one last thing, after Jon had finished telling me this saga at the pool, we showered and dressed. We left the pool and were just saying goodbye when two blond boys came jogging up the sidewalk.   I was shocked when he introduced me to his neighbors….  Johann and Kristjan….and they were every bit as good looking as he had described….


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