Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 07

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According to popular belief, Muslim women are supposed to be dull, boring and submissive. My name is Yasmin Hussein, and I’m a young Somali Canadian Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy and sexy, with an angelic face, pretty dark brown skin, and the kind of thick, heart-shaped ass that can mesmerize the unwary. I’m in the final stages of my studies in my school. I can’t wait to have my degree and start making a name for myself as an educated black female professional in the Canadian Capital.

The way I figure it, Canada definitely needs more educated and successful women of color, especially those from a Muslim background like myself. Although this might frighten quite a few people, one day, Islam will be the dominant religion in Canada, and the rest of the world. The Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Pagans have had their day, but we Muslims are ascending to our rightful place in the world. I am a proud Muslim woman. My faith will dominate the planet Earth in the twenty-first century. And I’ve already chosen the man I want to marry. The burly but sweet and naïve Haitian won’t know what hit him.

I attend Algonquin College, where I study accounting and I live with my boyfriend Steve Salomon, a big and tall, supposedly macho Haitian whom I’ve got wrapped around my little finger. Soon he will graduate with his degree from Carleton University. I am so proud of him. I just wish Steve were a little less naïve when dealing with me. Seriously, I completely dominate the cute and endearing bozo and half the time, he’s got no idea I’m even doing it. Steve is so lucky I love him otherwise I’d make his life a living hell. I’m wicked and tricky, but I am honestly trying to be a better person.

Try as I might, I can’t help loving Steve Salomon. My favorite Haitian holds a special place in my heart. Why? Simply because I know that Steve would do anything for me. The avcılar escort guy got fired from his security job downtown because he got caught fucking with me, and he never blamed me. When I asked Steve about that, knowing that losing his job might mean stopping his studies at Carleton University, Steve told me that I was totally worth it. I love Steve, but I’m a wicked chick, and I’ve got to have my fun.

The other day, just for shits and giggles, I gave Steve a stank attitude all day and just like I expected, the dude did everything in his power to cajole and placate me. Steve took me to the Silver City movie theater, to watch that new horror movie Annabelle and I acted completely unimpressed. The poor guy didn’t know what to do with himself. Finally, once Steve was at his wits end, I decided to give my favorite dog a treat. Hence why I sucked his dick in the family washroom and we got our freak on….unfortunately we got interrupted by theater security.

Always one to improvise, as soon as Steve and I left the movie theater, I suggested we should continue with our fun in the Silver City movie theater parking lot. Steve bent me over the backseat and fucked me real good, spanking my thick and round Somali ass and pulling my hair after yanking off my Hijab while fucking me. I kept my Hijab on while sucking Steve’s dick, knowing how much it turns him on. I swear, if us Muslim girls wanted, we could convert half the Christian male population to Islam using our feminine charms alone.

Steve Salomon and I went home that night, without seeing the end of the movie Annabelle, but we didn’t give a fuck. Once we got home, I still wasn’t sated and told Steve to stop fussing around and satisfy me, just like a real man should. Steve obediently put me on the king-sized bed we share, and I spread my thick, shapely thighs invitingly. The burly Haitian grinned broadly at the sight of my ataköy escort wet, hairy cunt. Eagerly he came to me, and began licking my cunt with gusto.

I lay there, smiling faintly and relaxing as Steve Salomon went down on me, flicking his tongue over my clit and fingering my pussy. My favorite Haitian definitely knows his way around the female body. Steve looked at me adoringly while eating my pussy and for a moment, I felt guilty about the times I’d been mean to him without reason. That’s why I decided to reward him. I stopped Steve, and then climbed on top of him. Make love to me, I whispered into his ear.

Slowly, gently, the burly and sexy young man I called my Haitian King began making love to me. This time, though, Steve Salomon surprised me with his roughness. Typically, I like to dominate him in our bed. I’ve done so MANY things to this young man it’s not even funny. I’ve tied Steve up and fucked his ass with a strap-on dildo. I also inserted my fist up his ass. Sure, Steve has fucked my pussy and asshole dozens of times but always within the context of lovemaking rather than domination. I was curious to see his dominant side. The best way to bring out aggression in a man? Every female knows that one.

While Steve slammed his dick into my pussy, I teased him and told him I barely felt a thing. For a moment, Steve looked shocked, and I saw anger and pain in his eyes. I felt bad for saying such things to him, but continued anyways. Finally, an angry Steve grabbed me by my throat. Shut up bitch, Steve said angrily. I looked up at him and smiled. Only then did Steve realize what I was doing. Shaking his head, Steve smiled, and then proceeded to fuck me roughly, just the way I liked it.

Thus I found myself on all fours, my face pressed against the pillows, with my hands behind my back, as Steve rammed his dick inside of me. Face down and ass up, I offered my bahçelievler escort wet, hairy pussy and later, my asshole, to my conquering Haitian King. This time, Steve Salomon definitely showed me what he was made of. The highlight of the evening came when Steve threw me on my back, and smacked my face with one hand while the other gripped my throat as his thick Haitian cock invaded my tight Somali asshole.

I looked into Steve’s eyes and saw an almost primal aggression in his normally benign facial expression. I had succeeded in bringing out the alpha male hidden deep inside my usually meek boyfriend. As Steve dominated the hell out of me, filling my asshole with his dick, fingering my wet cunt, and calling me every name in the book while topping me, conflicting feelings warred within me. The dominatrix in me hated being topped by a male, but the woman within me loved getting roughly fucked by a worthy man. And Steve Salomon, burly Haitian and undercover macho man, was definitely a worthy man.

Yup, Steve Salomon and I had a lot of fun that night and brought the spark back into our relationship. We decided we’d spend the whole day together. Walking around Algonquin College and the Carleton University campus together, hand in hand. People were surprised to see me, a tall and fine-looking Somali Muslim sister, with a Haitian guy, and a Christian one at that, but I didn’t care. I’m proud of Steve and I. Let them stare if they want. The next day, in gratitude, I took Steve to Renedad, a nice little Haitian restaurant located in the east end of Ottawa, and treated him to a delicious Haitian-style lunch.

We had rice and beans, with plantains, goat meat and Pepsis, and I paid for the whole thing with my CIBC credit card. Yes, I’m the type of female who will spend money on her man. Best thirty bucks I ever spent. Steve Salomon was quite thankful, and he told me I was the best girlfriend ever. So make me your wife already, I muttered under my breath, but in typical Steve fashion, my boo didn’t hear me. Life goes on, I guess. Someday soon I’ll convert my beloved boyfriend Steve Salomon to Islam, the best of all religions. Will this staunch young Christian man convert to Islam to be with me? My sweet Somali pussy never fails. Just give it time. Stay tuned for more, ladies and gentlemen.

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