Something Primal Ch. 01

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It was late in the afternoon, on the second day of May, and Connor had been waiting all day to get home and meet his girlfriend Nicole. Because of Nicoles subdued sex drive, Connor had to was left with a constant craving. In fact, it wasn’t at all out of the ordinary for her to go days on end without any sex whatsoever. But Connor was a different animal; he needed that release once a day at the very least. So he often resorted to porn so he could satisfy his craving. So why would two complete opposites attract and stay together? Well, Connor really didn’t have much experience prior to meeting Nicole. He fell into the trap that a lot of young men tend to find themselves in; he thought he fell deeply in love with the first gal he slept with.

It also didn’t help that he had no idea how fulfilling his cock could be. His dick was 8 inches long, and nearly 6 inches in circumference. One prominent vein ran along the middle of its shaft, up to his bell-like cock head. His cock was also as straight as an arrow, and circumcised. But Connor didn’t think much of it, really. He watched a lot of porn and almost every guy seemed big, because of the angles they used. He never played sports either, so there were no locker room comparisons going on. Connor was basically oblivious; and thought of his dick as being completely average. He remained oblivious even

after meeting Nicole, but that was because Nicole never exactly voiced her satisfaction.

Nicole had been with a few guys before Connor. She was very attractive; her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair perfectly accented her small defined face and big hazel eyes. Her straight edge nose led the way to her thin lips, and on to her small, square jaw. Nicole had a thin, but somewhat athletic frame from the years she ran track. Her breasts were perky, firm B cups that rested gracefully on her chest, with puffy tan nipples. Her hips were slender, and her ass was small, but both cheeks were nice and rounded. They met through mutual friends when they were 19, and the first time Nicole felt his crotch, she knew he was the whole package. But Nicole had a strategy. They had some common interests, but she really liked his nature; the fact that he was a “nice guy” type. She found him very agreeable, kind, patient, and “obedient” as she put it to one of her friends.

“He listens to me, and avoids arguments…I’ve got this one right where I need him,” she admitted to her friend once, a few months after her and Connor started dating.

Then Nicole continued; “and on top of all that, he’s got a beautiful big cock?! I definitely can’t ever let this one get away!” she said as she tried to control a devious little laugh.

And so far, she hadn’t. It had been about 4 years since Nicole and Connor first started dating, but only a year since they moved in together. Connor had turned 23 a few months prior and it was just 2 weeks before Nicole’s 23rd birthday. But anyway, it was on this day in May, that Connors life was about to change, and he was way overdue for an epiphany. On that day, he was rushing home so he could spend some alone time with Nicole, and get her to fuck him before his step sister Emily moved in with them. Emily had been out of high school for a year, and still didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

She was nearing her second year of community college and she was still kind of lost. She knew she was a decent artist, but she didn’t know where to direct her talents. That didn’t sit well with Connors dad, and Emily’s mother, because they were wanting to make a move to New York for his fathers job. Emily wanted to stay where she was, but she didn’t exactly have the money to get her own place. So it was agreed that she would stay with Connor and Nicole, just as long as she kept attending her classes at community college, and kept her job as a hostess.

They began moving Emily’s furniture and other things in two days prior, and today was when she actually came to stay with them and moved in the last of her belongings. But when Connor pulled into the driveway, Emily’s car was already there and looked empty.

“Fuck!” Connor yelled as he looked out the windshield defeated.

It had been 3 days since Nicole and him fucked and he had it all planned out; a last noise-y fuck session before they had to start keeping things more quiet while Emily was around. Well, they didn’t HAVE to keep things quiet; Nicole just wanted to because she didn’t like the idea of other people hearing her have sex. Connor on the other hand, couldn’t care less.

“Typical; just my shitty fucking luck!” He called out to himself.

Then he let out a deep breath as he tilted his head back against the head rest, while he gripped the wheel. He sat for a few seconds and calmed himself, then got out of the car, walked up the driveway, up the steps to his little bungalow home, and went inside.

“Hey babe,” Nicole called out from inside the dining room, at the table where her and Emily sat.

Connor walked straight through the living room and greeted Zonguldak Escort them both with a hug. Emily was wearing a pair of blue denim booty shorts that stopped just below her ass cheeks. An over sized, purple v-neck t-shirt, one with a pocket near her left breast, covered her upper body. Her hair slightly hung in front of her left eye, as she stepped into her flip-flops before standing up to greet him. He still couldn’t believe how sexy Emily turned out to be. Emily had grown into a petite and curvy vixen. Her juicy thighs trailed up to her wide hips, and her thick ass. Her tummy was slender and tight for a girl with her natural curves, and her luscious, full D cups were accentuated by the loose, thin fabric of her shirt. Because she was only 5’2″ her petite stature made them look even more massive and captivating.

Connor had always recognized that she was cute, but it had been since her high school graduation, that he’d seen her in person. Even then he didn’t realize the extent of how attractive she’d become, because she had that damn gown on through the ceremony. Plus she was dressed so proper when they went out to dinner afterwards, that all he could make out was that she might have had large breasts. Over these last few days though, he was taking in just how luscious his step sister was. Emily had a heart shaped face, with a cute, upturned nose that sloped down to her full, succulent lips. Her big, beautiful blue doe eyes looked radiant, and it was all surrounded by her slightly wavy dark brown hair that hung just passed her shoulders. He couldn’t believe how attractive and desirable she was, she almost rendered him speechless when he first saw her after all those months.

Emily stood up from her chair after he hugged Nicole. She put her arms around his neck, as he took her against his chest and felt her heavy breasts press into him, right above his stomach. Emily was almost as equally surprised to see how handsome and fit Connor had grown to be. She remembered him to be a bit heavier, and not so athletic and toned. Though he now had a fairly rugged and handsome look about him; with a small-ish goatee, a mustache, and stubble on his cheeks. When she first saw him a few days prior, she immediately noticed his slender frame and strong arms, and figured that he had a build that slightly resembled that of a swimmer. When she hugged him hello, she didn’t think he felt or looked overly muscular, just very fit and healthy; a body that was very well taken care of. When she jugged him again on this day, she couldn’t help notice all of this again.

“Hey there Em, all moved in?” he asked with a small smile and a warm welcome in his voice.

“Yeah, just got done unpacking a few minutes ago,”she replied as she hugged him a little tighter.

They let go of each other after a moment, then Connor took a chair next to Nicole and they all sat down.

“You know we’re totally cool with you staying here until you finish school, but we’ve gotta talk ground rules about this living situation…” Connor stated as he spoke in a warm, but assertive tone.

He told her that she could not be partying there; she could bring a few people by when she felt like it, but nothing out of control. Then he told her that the only thing they’d be making her pay for, was groceries. They even offered to buy her some alcohol from time to time, but that she could not leave the house with it. Emily agreed to the rules without question or hesitation, and was actually a little surprised they were cool enough to get her some alcohol.

“Totally understandable,” Emily admitted. “And again; thank you both so much. I would have had to move with them if you hadn’t saved the day, and that would have been like hell…I owe you big time,” she said sincerely.

“No worries Em, none at all,” Connor assured her.

“Yeah; it’s alright…” Nicole said, in a tone that sounded as if she was trying to assure herself more than Emily.

Nicole was not very happy about taking Emily in for the year. She had her control; her way of doing things, and she didn’t like her space being invaded by another woman, particularly one that seemed a little closer to Connor than she was. She loved having her control, specifically she loved having control over Connor, and having him think that he was free. But Nicole knew that her control over him could only be pushed so far sometimes, and this was one of those times.

The truth was that Nicole knew Connors sexual appetite wasn’t in sync with hers, and that it likely never would be. So she figured if she gave into one of his desires every once in a while, then she could stay in control of the sex. Though Connor was slowly beginning to realize that sex wasn’t a problem as long as a couple’s apatite was in sync. But if they weren’t on the same page, then it would eventually cause serious issues. Some small part of Nicole knew that as well, but her denial and selfishness overpowered that realization. She just really loved controlling him and having him think that she wasn’t. Zonguldak Escort Bayan She loved having that power over him.

The three of them ate dinner together that night, and went to bed a few hours afterwards. As Connor and Nicole began pulling back their sheets and slipping into bed, Connor took the opportunity to point out that it was still early and that he was aching for release since their plan didn’t pan out.

“You aren’t the least bit restless, itching for a little release?” Connor asked her with a grin.

Nicole stretched her arms above her head and said with a coy smile; “I don’t know…maybe I am.”

Connor moved in closer to her, reached out, cupped his hand on her leg, and sensually ran it up over her thigh and straight to the hem of her grey cotton shorts that covered just enough of her ass so that the cheeks couldn’t be seen. Then he slipped his fingers under the material and gave her ass a gentle, lustful squeeze.

“I think you are; it’s been a little longer than usual, and those nipples are starting to get nice and hard now,” Connor replied as he observed the imprint of Nicole’s nipples against her white tank top.

“Maybe just a little restless,” Nicole said teasingly.

Connor leaned and kissed her deep for a few seconds before she pulled her lips away. Nicole put her hands on his chest and began to speak again.

“You want it real bad, don’t you?” She asked with a slightly devious and playful rhythm in her voice.

He kissed her again and broke it only to answer her. “Mmm” kiss “I want you” kiss “so bad,” he told her.

Then Nicole pulled away again and began to speak.

“She’s only staying here for a year, right…and we’re gonna help her look for place later on?” Nicole asked him somewhat seriously, with a look like she was expecting him to keep his word.

Connor looked at her slightly confused for a few seconds, wondering why she didn’t believe him.

“Of course,” Connor assured her. “Only until she finishes school, I promise hon,” he said as he began to lean back in towards her lips.

“Now, I think we were right about here,” he stated as he kissed her bottom lip, then opened his mouth to slide his tongue against hers.

Nicole smiled deviously during the kiss, then massaged his tongue with hers as he began to slide her shorts off. Connor knew they weren’t going to be indulging in anything uninhibited, but he was just happy that he could make her cum and finally get a release. He slid her shorts off as Nicole pulled her shirt up for him to get at her nipples. As soon as they were exposed, he dipped his head down and began flicking them with his tongue; alternating between nipples. While he made Nicole’s nipples completely stiff, she reached for his black boxer-briefs and grabbed hold of his growing bulge. Suddenly she let out an involuntarily loud moan as he enveloped one of her stiff nipples in his hungry mouth. She caught herself quickly and he knew she was trying to suppress some of her pleasure.

So as he got one foot out of her panties, he brought a hand to her breast and cupped it as he sucked hard on her nipple, pulling it so that it popped from his mouth. Nicole let out another loud moan, and quickly suppressed it. Connor just smiled and loved how cute she looked trying to keep quiet. By now Nicole was eagerly stroking Connors cock through his underwear, and had it stiff and stretching over his leg, almost to the side of his thigh. She slowly moved her fingers up and felt the waistband of his boxer-briefs, then yanked them down, letting his cock swing free.

He instantly felt the heat of her sex as his cock hovered so closely about her pussy. Connor began to make leave her nipples and kiss between her breasts, down her stomach, and to her thighs. Nicole’s breathing became deeper as he moved his mouth to her lips and planted wet kisses. She gently rested one leg on his back and kept her other slightly bent at the knee, with her foot planted firmly on the mattress. With one, slow, continuous lick, Connor placed his tongue flat between her lips, and licked upward. Nicole shuddered as he neared her clit and began to take it in his mouth. She let out a deep sigh of pleasure as he enclosed his lips around her pearl, and sucked gently.

“Fffuck yes baby!” she spoke, trying to whisper.

Then he released her clit and went to give her another long lick. Her juices were accumulating more now as he drug his tongue again and tasted the faint salt of her skin. It had been a few days after her period, and Connor most loved to eat her out at this time, since her juices seemed to have virtually no taste. But as she gets closer to her period, she tends to taste more bitter. After he sucked her clit again, he felt it swell against his tongue, then released it. He licked more eagerly between her lips, then sucked on each of them for a moment. Then he used the back of his forearm to wipe the juices from his mouth, knowing Nicole never liked to taste herself. They kissed deeply again as Connor Escort Zonguldak began to rub his throbbing cock between her moist lips.

“Baby,” Nicole spoke as she kissed him. “Condom,” she motioned her hand toward the nightstand.

See; Nicole only let him go bareback on special occasions. She was already somewhat paranoid about getting pregnant, so she used it as a way of gauging how much control she had over him. She was fairly happy with the result, as he was rarely able to make her give into it. Connor sighed and rolled off of her, to open the small drawer that held their sex paraphernalia. Among the condoms, were Nicole’s 5 inch vibrator, her bullet vibe, and a small bottle of lube. He grabbed one, bit the end to tear it open, then parted the opening and pulled it out with his forefinger and thumb. He made sure the reservoir tip was right side up, then placed the wrapper on the nightstand, placed it over his head, then rolled it down on his stiff dick.

Nicole kissed him again as she positioned herself; putting her knees on either side of him, then reaching back to guide his cock. She smiled and moaned as she jostled his cock around between her moist lips. Connor breathed deeply, almost meditating. Once again, he managed to forget about the latex that separated them and kept them from feeling pure, unbound bliss. At that moment she lowered herself and came down slowly, taking in his whole length. Connor let out a breath of pleasure and watched as she rode him hard and slow. Nicole leaned in and put her hands on his chest for support, pushing her tits together. Connor basked in the sensation and sight of Nicole sliding up and down on his cock, and taking what she wanted.

She kept that up for a few moments before he put his hands on her hips and began pulling her down and fucking her back. Connor bent his knees and placed his feet closer to each other, then pounded into her balls deep while he sucked on one of her nipples. Only a moment later, Nicole began to shudder and leaned into him breathless. She buried her head in the space left on the pillow where his head rested, while he continued to suck and thrust. Her pussy began to contract and grip his cock as she let out short bursts of howling pleasure into the pillow. Nicole’s orgasm was building rapidly, and within seconds she was cumming all over his cock, and feeling that delightful tingle in her arms and legs. Connor felt her walls contract and expand, which turned him on and brought him closer to blowing his hot strands.

As Nicole’s orgasm subsided, he motioned her on her back in missionary, and began thrusting into her again at a medium pace. Connor held her legs up from under her knees, almost pinning her thighs against her chest. He steadied his rhythm and kept his pace for a few more minutes while she caressed her tits and pinched her hardened nipples. Moments before he knew he was going to explode, he asked her if she wanted to try taking his cum all over her tits.

“Oh, no babe, just cum in the condom like always,” she said wearily.

“Come on hon, it’s been a while since we’ve done it,” his voice eager and reminding.

There was one thing that Connor actually did realize about himself; he came more than anyone he saw in porn. Connor realized this fairly early on, in his teenage years. He was never able to merely shoot his wad into a tissue; he had to start with paper towels. After a few years, it became so much that he began using old t-shirts to catch all of his long strands. He’d use one for about a month, then he’d have to throw it out when it got too crusted with his dried sperm. Once he even used a dixie cup to see how much he could fill it up. Well, he practically filled the whole 3 oz. cup, with only a small amount of space near the brim. Although he impressed himself, sometimes he’d hate himself, and resent himself for his freakishly large loads.

Nicole hesitated for a few seconds, and decided she wasn’t going to compromise this time.

Then finally she said; “We can do it next time, promise, just fuck me baby.”

Connor sighed somewhat angrily before quickening his pace.

Connors thrusts became frequent and rhythmic as he lay on top of her, starting to really give her his cock. Nicole felt his heavy balls slap against her little ass cheeks. His pounding instantly took her away from the uncomfortable thought of his sperm all over her recently moisturized skin. All she could focus on was another building orgasm as she felt his dick throb against her walls. Nicole gripped the sheets and let out a deep moan as her wet pussy contracted again, and her body shuddered. She creamed around his shaft, and Connor saw her juices coat the condom as she clenched around him. Nicole locked her legs around his hips to pull him deeper. She wanted it all, and couldn’t deny his perfect rhythm, or his keen sense of timing.

When Nicole pulled him in, that naturally brought Connor that much closer to the edge. Her grip on the sheets loosened as she breathed heavy sighs of satisfaction from the rolling orgasm she was having. Her nipples were stiff, her chest was beginning to accumulate sweat, and as her orgasm finally subsided, Connor felt the surges of cum building toward his head. Then he let loose as he kept pounding her. Nicole felt the condom bulge inside of her, as it filled up with his thick seed.

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