Something Unexpected Ch. 2

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I’m banking on the fact if you like the first one you’ll like the second one too. I wish you good reading!!!

Ben banged his head against the wood panel of his house. His best friend was gay. A man that he had known since college, gone partying with, had told hundreds of jokes with was a fucking fairy. That was like finding out that every thing that he had believed in was a fucking lie. A big queer fucking lie. He watched his friend ha he thought cynically, his friend being sucked off by the captain of the local football team. A team that was he going to lead the way to state. He was so shocked at what he seen that for a minute he couldn’t even move. Isis had come to his side and looked at him. She didn’t see it. He had forgotten that Dan had led Johnny all the way to his apartment. Ben felt sick and funny but mostly he felt betrayed. He felt Isis run her hand up his side and he caught it and squeezed it. “You all right?” she purred into his ear. He gave her a wane smile and said he was fine. “Man, I couldn’t believe I forgot my wallet. It’s a good thing we caught it before we made this blunder before we got to the restaurant huh? Tell you what how about we do this tomorrow?”

She smiled her toothy grin and he instantly calmed a little. “I was just wondering just because you look like Dean Cain doesn’t mean that you are Superman. Though for a sec I felt you muscles tense up and . . .” He leaned down and kissed her deeply cutting her off. His mouth taking full possession of hers’. His tongue foraging in her mouth, pulling her tongue with his, entangling the supple moist flesh with his. It was as if he was trying to reassure him görükle escort self. Because what he saw had gotten him aroused.

Dan looked at B.J. and pulled him closer. Dan opened his mouth as B.J. kissed him letting his tongue blend with his. B.J. pressed his body closer feeling that warm flesh closer to his. Dan touched B.J.’s well developed chest and looked at the muscles bunch when he touched a sensitive part. Dan was thrilled by how responsive he was. He sucked on B.J.’s ear and heard his masculine groan and he smiled. He liked knowing what kind of power he had over a man.

He stroked B.J.’s chest and squeezed his nipple. It hardened immediately and Dan took it into his mouth. “Mmm, I like that.” B.J. smiled as he looked at him. He looked at the bed and noticed all of the clothes on the bed. Underneath one of the shirts was a shinny piece of metal. He stepped a way from Dan and swiped away the clothes from the bed. They were handcuffs. The key wasn’t in visible sight and he bent over to look for it under the pile of clothes. He was looking for the key when he felt Dan tackle him from the back.

“What the fu-?” his voice was muffled as he was rammed face first into the bed. He was momentarily stunned and didn’t feel the cuffs being snatched from him. He did feel his arms being raised and buckled to the head board. Dan had his dick pressed to his face for one glorious second before he moved away. Dan stepped back and admired his handiwork and looked at his captive that he had bent over in doggy style position. B.J. panicked a little and tried to writher away, “Dude, I don’t go for the bondage.”
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“But I do,” Dan said simply.

“Where is the key man?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business.” He said as he ran his hand up B.J.’s smooth ass. B.J. looked over his shoulder and he saw that Dan was going through a bag that he had on the dresser. He took out a tube and a square foil packet. He looked at it and brought it with him. B.J. hid a smile now getting in to the act after knowing that Dan wouldn’t try the rough stuff. But he still didn’t want him thinking that he was going to win easily. He pretended to struggle but Dan just stood on the side of the bed and ran his calloused hand down between his cheeks. He just stood there calm and cool as a cucumber. B.J. couldn’t wait any longer and his act faded to an intense whimper. “Do you feel better now?” B.J. nodded solemnly. “Good,” he said. He walked over to the bed and stepped behind him and opened his ass wide. His tongue flipped between the crevice and circled his anus. B.J. jerked in response to the pleasure and moaned softly. Dan circled more and moved his other hand to stroke B.J.’s hard cock. He made his tongue hard and pushed it deep inside of his hole. He kept the movements of his hands synchronized with the movements of his tongue. B.J.’s back arched as Dan moved his tongue in and out of his ass. B.J. ground his ass closer to Dan’s face forcing his tongue deeper. He felt B.J. tighten; Dan knew he was about to come and come hard. Dan moved away and B.J. emitted a groan as he moved away. He felt the familiar feel of gel on his anus and moaned as a finger bursa escort slipped inside of him. The broad finger was joined by another and B.J. groaned at the stretching. “Please.” He begged, “Please,” he said louder and pushed his sweet ass up to be taken.

Dan was hard as hell. He thought he was crazy to prolong something he wanted so bad. Dan tore open the condom and slipped it on. He moved behind B.J. on the bed. B.J. groaned as he felt the broad head posed at the tip for entry. “Gawd!”
Dan looked at his bulbous head and saw that the entry would be tight as hell and slipped it in slowly. “Jesus,” he expelled on a breath as he felt tightness engulfed him. He slowly slipped more of his length in him until he was buried to the hilt and he and B.J.’s balls touched. Dan had never been surrounded by such exquisiteness and groan slipped from his lips. He pulled out slowly until he almost withdrew and pushed deeply back in. “Fuck me baby!!!” B.J. screamed as he was being rammed in long smooth strokes. “Oh God fuck me hard!!!”

Dan pulled back and slammed into B.J.’s ass hard and he reached out to stroke his hard dick. He slipped in deeper and stroked him faster, the pre-cum making his pole slick and manageable. He groaned and started fucking his hand faster moving his hips and slapping his ass against Dan’s dick. B.J. was so far gone the he hadn’t realized that he was screaming like a woman. Dan loved the fact that he couldn’t control his movements that he was so wild that he was pushing him closer and closer to the edge. Dan moved his hips faster and slamming against B.J. Dan felt the unrelenting pressure build and he exploded deep inside of B.J.’s tight ass. He has so faraway that he didn’t realize that B.J. had come all over his hand and on the bed. He would have also realized that Ben had come into the room and was wearing an expression devoid of any emotion.

To be continued. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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