Sophie’s Chronicals Pt. 05

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Hi, my name is Sophie and I’m in my late 20’s. I own a small detached house which i am lucky enough not to have a mortgage for, my car (Audi A7) is also bought outright. All this I owe to an inheritance from my grandparents. However, to make ends meet i have a few part time jobs, but confess i don’t have the same worries as some of my friends.

I am naturally slim, my hair is mousey blonde and to my shoulders and I’m 5’6″ in height. I have been told I’m attractive and have a ‘classy’ look to me, though quite never sure what that means but i assume it complementary. I am not a shy person and I’m happy when in company and able to hold conversation in any situation.

I thought I would share with you some of the aspects of my life so I have started a series of chronicles for you all.


(P.S. I’m not the best at writing so please bear with the grammar and bad spelling).


5. Gala Ball.

Sat in my house with Sara and James one afternoon and Sara asked if I would like to accompany them and their friend to a Gala Ball, for whatever reason their friend found himself without a partner. “You recall Julian, Sophie?” James said, no I thought but said “yes” anyway, with that Sara laughed as she knew I was fibbing. However, the name rang a bell but I couldn’t think why, until James said “he hasn’t got the car anymore” I went pale, that Julian I thought. Six months previous I arrived at Sara’s to find a new Porsche outside and a man just leaving and about to get into it, I can’t recall what he said but I heard it differently and made a comment about his car that wasn’t nice. When he drove off Sara told me I’d misheard him and I was guilt ridden. It was Julian.

So a short time later I found myself arriving at Sara and James’s, dressed in a long red dress which I thought was fitting for the gala, from where James would drive us to the gala via Julian’s house. Sat in the back of James’s car I was thinking of how I should apologise and quite frankly I was a bag of nerves. We stopped outside a house and the car rear door opened and a 50 something distinguished man got in and sat next to me ” hello Sophie I’m Julian pleased to meet you again, Sara, James good evening ” right now I must apologise I thought “hello Julian I’d like to…” Julian interrupted with a lovely broad smile and said ” it’s fine, you were right and I sold it” pheeewwww!!

I still had no idea what I said though.

I think Julian could sense I was nervous and really endeavoured to make me at ease and his small talk was a delight. On arrival at the gala he was very much the gentleman, opening doors and when asked never introducing me in such a way not to imply anything other than a friend, but also with a slight hint of – I’m taking care of her – I can’t explain but either way it was lovely.

I confess I do love these type of events, everyone dressed in their finest, politeness and manners regarded highly. Though it didn’t bother me Julian and I were seated at a table for eight which didn’t include Sara and James however I was the youngest at the table and wondered if I would be out of the conversation loop.

I need not of been concerned as Julian was obviously the man of the table as everyone directed conversation towards him and therefore he did his upmost to include me in every reasonable response. One gentleman in particular was very talkative and was insistent that he thought he knew me, so much so I think his wife was a little concerned however I can honestly say I had never seen him before but concluded that he may have seen pictures of me or he was simply confusing me for someone else.

With the meal over we all moved to an area to allow the food to digest and to allow the dance floor to take shape. I was very much in demand with lots of men saying hello to Julian then requesting an introduction, very flattering and again Julian was the epitome of a gent. Dancing commenced and Julian immediately whisked me onto the dance floor, I was pleasantly surprised as he didn’t dance like ‘my dad’ but was indeed a good mover, I was genuinely enjoying his company.

Sadly, his stamina let him down and I stayed on the dance floor and had many dancing partners for the next 30minutes or so. I did keep an eye on Julian as I didn’t want him to be alone and could see he was holding many conversations, however when our eyes met I made sure I smiled and communicated “ok?” he always nodded a yes in return.

I started to leave the dance floor and immediately Julian leaped to his feet to escort me off, wow I was feeling like royalty! Sara caught my eye and she smiled and winked. She knew I adana escort would appreciate all this. For the first time all evening Julian complemented me and said how nice I looked and he said it in such a way that I knew he meant it. I felt that I ought to apologise over the car incident and told him I had misheard him and reacted wrongly, he had such a lovely personality and he was without doubt gentleman, I was really enjoying his company.

Dance time again and this time I took Julian’s hand and led him to the floor, it was a ‘slow dance’ session so we danced closely, I thanked him and gave him a little peck on his cheek as a token of thanks. Wow that had an immediate effect and I felt a bulge emerging in his trousers, I kept close to him as I quite liked all that was happening. For the first time there was some sexual tension in the air, I knew my dress was occasionally allowing him a view of my breasts, it gaped when we danced and each time I could feel a bulge in his trousers would press against me.

Having moved off the dance floor Julian and I found ourselves in a quiet corner chatting away, I felt very comfortable with him, I allowed my legs to be visible and didn’t bother to stop the top of my dress slightly exposing my breasts. I stood to make my way over to see Sara and as I did Julian stood too, we sort of bumped into each other but as we did I took his hand and kissed him, passionately I may add.

It was nearing the time to leave and we found James and Sara and they drove us back to their house, I had intended to stay at theirs over night however I had not drunk much so thought I would drive home. James had genuinely forgot to drop Julian off so I offered to drive him home.

He jumped into the passenger’s seat constantly saying he would have got a taxi and it was so kind of me to do this. As I drove I was aware that the dress was allowing Julian glimpses of my thigh and my breast, he tried to be a gentleman about it but he couldn’t help but look.

Arriving at his house he politely asked me if I wanted a coffee and I accepted and went into a lovely kitchen that eventually led to a sitting room. He asked what I did for a living and thought before I answered, “do u have a laptop or PC?” he brought his iPad over and I logged onto my email account and showed him the first pictures I had of me modelling. For those of you that don’t know they were clothed but provocative, nothing else.

He liked my short skirt and even shorter dresses and made remarks as to how nice my figure is. I thought for a while then went to my car as I knew I had a dress in the boot that he would like so I told him to stay where he was and went and got it. I went to the bathroom and changed into it for him.

It was a white dress with thin shoulder straps dropping to plunging neckline, almost backless and very short. I started to return to the room Julian was in however before I walked in I told him I had a surprise for him.

I entered the room and his mouth literally dropped, he couldn’t stop saying how nice, sexy, alluring I was, you name it he said it. I sat next to him and thanked him for his comments and kissed him. As we kissed I let my hand drop onto is leg and gently moved my fingers onto his inner thigh, still kissing I moved my hand higher until it was on his bulge.

His cock was very hard and I was able to run my fingers along it over the material of his trousers every time I moved he moaned and I felt it throb. I started to undo his trousers while still kissing him and soon had them open to the point that I could feel and see only is boxer shorts. A little tug and a lift from his bottom and his cock was there for me to see and hold so I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly wanked him while we kissed.

Nothing was said between us but the passion was high and it was a most erotic sensation for me, I so wanted to do something for him so I eased his trousers further down his legs and asked him mid kiss, to remove them.

A few minutes later and he was sat there trouser less and cock hard, I knew what I was going to do and stood up in front of him. I removed the straps off my shoulders and let them fall leaving me topless, my nipples where erect and hard and I knelt between his legs so he could see me and my breasts. I started to kiss his legs all the way up to his cock but never kissed it, each time I moved away making him more and more hard with anticipation, my breasts would touch his legs as I moved up and on one occasion I let them touch his cock as I kissed him on his mouth.

I really wanted to be special for him, I ankara escort stopped kissing and stood up, again very little was said but as I stood there I removed my thong while still leaving the dress around my hips. He couldn’t stop looking and his cock was twitching a lot, I moved so I stood between his legs again and this time I pulled the dress off my hips and stood out of it. He looked me up and down and all he could say was “beautiful” I asked him to sit on the edge of the seat and as he moved forward I told him to look at me, I sat on the floor with my legs towards him and slowly opened them, I caught his eyes and as I did so I put my fingers between my legs and opened myself up for him. I played with myself for a short while, all the time Julian was looking, clearly finding it as erotic as I was.

Whilst I was playing with myself I asked him to stand up which he duly did, cock standing to a very solid attention, I stood up and moved to press my naked body against him and kissed him. I could feel juice on my stomach from his cock and slowly I dropped to the floor so I was knelt in front of him, as I did I let my breasts fall over his erection. Once I was kneeling I placed my left hand under his balls and gently squeezed, I took my right hand and wrapped my fingers around his cock and started to wank him.

My face was close to his hard cock and for the first time I allowed myself to kiss it, he moaned as I did so and I realised he was getting close. I looked up and squeezed his balls more and started to vigorously wank him “come Julian” I said “I want you to come” I felt his body stiffen and his cock got even harder and with my next hand movement he spurted out warm cum onto my chest. I felt it run down me and onto my breast, I still kept wanking him and moved until my mouth was close to his cock then I ran my tongue up the shaft tasting his cum as I did.

Still moving my hand up and down I took it in my mouth and proceeded to wank him into my mouth, every tiny jerk of his cock meant a little more cum on my tongue. When I was sure he was spent I leant back and rubbed what was on my chest into my breasts while Julian looked on. I really wanted him to experience something special and as he looked at me he said “that was the most erotic experience I have ever had, I’m speechless really” that’s nice I thought.

Julian was now limp but I was sure that this would soon change and asked him to take me to bed, taking my hand he steered me to his bedroom. I smiled and said it was ok to take the rest of his clothes off, he somewhat embarrassingly realised he looked silly and took off his remaining clothes. Though older his physique wasn’t too bad at all and I took the opportunity to say he looked good, I climbed onto the bed while he looked on and lay on my back with legs wide open.

Julian went to sit next to me and I stopped him, I told him to stand so he could see between my legs and I started to finger myself whilst he looked on. As I rhythmically moved two fingers in and out of me I could see his cock starting to harden again, I was starting to get very close as I fingered myself and was moaning. Julian was still stood there, I wasn’t sure if he was shy or unsure so I again took the initiative, I sat up and reached my hand out which he took.

Pulling him gently towards me he climbed onto the bed and I positioned him kneeling between my legs, his cock was now erect. “Sophie I can’t believe this” he said, saying nothing I moved myself towards him and opened myself up for him, he looked down at my open vagina “oh my” he said.

It dawned on me that perhaps his extreme politeness may also hide a bit of shyness, hence why he was hesitant, so I continued to make the ‘moves’. Looking at Julian between my legs, his cock hard, I said “fuck me, I want to feel you in me” with that he started to position himself to do just that.

I started to feel his cock push my lips open and I gasped as he did so, I could feel all of his cock sliding into me, it seemed long and wide and very nice. He started to move his hips back and forth making his lovely cock move in and out, it was a gentle movement but somehow he was hitting the spot every time. Genuinely he was fucking me like no other, can’t explain but his movement was so good I soon found that I was starting to loose control. I started to move my hips to match his gentle thrusting, this felt even more sensational to me and my breathing was getting erratic, I was going to orgasm.

Lifting my legs I wrapped them around his waist while he continued to move his cock in and out, “Julian, put your antalya escort hands on my ankles and push them away from you” I shouted. Pausing he did just that, he now had a view of his cock fucking me and I had a view of him looking at me being fucked by him. I started to get to my climax and moved my hips more and more as his cock fucked me, I began to shiver as I started to let myself come as I did I realised that Julian was going to come again. Grinding myself onto his hips I could feel his warm cum enter me as I orgasmed over his cock, shuddering I moaned and moaned, it was so good.

Julian started to collapse with the effort and pulled his cock from me, it was wet with mine and his juices, I reached forward and ran a finger along its length then popped it in my mouth. What a divine taste.

We then settled into bed properly and slept for a while, on waking at 5am, I thought I would slip away to make a coffee though I had no idea how he took it. After what seemed ages I found cups, coffee and sugar and returned to bed, Julian had woken and I presented him with coffee and climbed back into bed. It was nice place to be, and coffee was delicious. Despite his thankfulness for me making the drink it turned out he only drank tea, I offered to go and make one for him but he insisted he would do it.

He returned and we chatted mainly on the subject of the gala, then on to the pictures he saw and the white dress I wore. I was flattered at his comments and realised that just talking about them had resurrected Julian’s desire for more physical activities. As he sat up in bed I laid my back on his stomach and his arms wrapped around me, I could see his cock standing up and dropped my right hand onto it, Julian seemed more forward and cupped my breasts from behind and told me how lovely he thought they were. He had an amazing gentle touch which my nipples responded to instantly, I thought I would see if he would be more adventurous and took his right hand in mine and moved it onto my stomach.

Once I thought he was comfortable with that I moved his hand further down onto my trim pubic hair, he soon responded and slipped a finger along my vaginal slit in his usual gentle but erotic way. It was easy for me to lay back more and allow easier access to my vagina, he soon had two fingers in me and I was starting to get very wet. I was gently moaning as he fingered me and was rubbing his cock with my fingers, he had such a way with his hands and fingers that I soon started to shudder with pleasure. I said to Julian that I was about to come and he slightly sped up the movement of his fingers in me, as he did so I started to orgasm over his fingers my body shuddering with pleasure. He was kissing the side of my cheek as he removed his fingers before he could move his hand to far away I grabbed it and popped the fingers in my mouth. I really love the taste of me and sucked on his fingers, Julian could only say how arousing and erotic he found that.

His cock was still hard and wanting, I wondered what I could do to satisfy him, I even thought of asking Julian but then thought his politeness may inhibit a response. So I decided that I would turn to face him and sit on his hard cock. Looking at him directly in the eyes, I gently lowered myself onto his erection, there is something satisfying about being on top of a man and feeling a hard cock deep inside me. I gently moved my hips in a circular motion and could feel his cock touching ever bit of my vagina, Julian was moaning quietly as I did so, I did so like his cock in me.

I didn’t want to simply fuck him so I asked him what his fantasy was, somewhat embarrassingly he replied with “I like the idea of you being with several men”, oh god I thought that’s erotic. As he said that I could feel his cock harden even more, “how many Julian?” I said grinding more on his shaft. Clearly he liked this and his response was “3 or 4?”

Oh god I thought I could would so like that, “tell me how they would want me?” This clearly hit an erotic nerve of his and he responded immediately “on your back, one in hand, one in mouth, one in you and perhaps one wanking onto you..?” My mind was racing “and which position would you want Julian?” I said, his hips where now moving upwards pushing his cock in me I could feel he was on the cusp of coming “I’d like to watch them fuck you and when they have all gone home I’d fuck you” oh god I liked that, “mm mm” I started to come as he did, I felt my juices rush from me just as his warm cum entered me, god that was so nice.

I roll over and kissed him and realised he was slightly embarrassed, I tried to take any of his embarrassment away by telling him how much I enjoyed what he had said. We lay for another hour before I had to go.

Julian saw me to the door and I drove off to home, my head filled with thoughts of last night and how I would have never have thought that it would have turned out like that.

Sophie xx

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