Spa And Shower Magic

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You arrive at my house and I greet you at the door. As I look at the slim, 30-ish blonde woman standing in front of me I feel the same excitement as when we met, only a few days before.

After making contact through an online sex website and exchanging messages and pics, we had agreed to a short lunchtime meeting last week. The electricity between us was obvious and our too-brief meeting ended with your accepting my invitation to have a spa at my place on the weekend. As we rose to leave our girly hug and air kiss lasted a few seconds longer than I had expected. We finally broke our embrace and walked away in different directions. I had paused and turned around to watch your sexy sway, only to find you had done the same. We waved and parted. All this went through my mind again as I opened the door to greet you.

“Come on through, Kirsty, I have a surprise for you.”

We walk through the house, and I can almost feel your eyes on my bum as I sway sensuously a few steps ahead of you. I’m dressed in a sarong and it is obvious I am wearing nothing underneath; the freedom of wearing little has always excited me.

We escort bayan exit the back door into my very private personal area, consisting of a spa and a vinyl lounge. I have created my own little grotto, with walls and vegetation all around; there can be no prying eyes, and little sound escapes, either.

“Join me?” I ask, as I shed my sarong and step into the spa. You quickly undress and, before I can even gather my thoughts, are beside me in the water, kissing me deeply. I return the kiss and we instantly dissolve into a tangle of moving hands and bodies, trying to touch and probe each other everywhere. I had expected something, but not this intense so soon after meeting you.

Your hands seem to be everywhere, and I can feel both of us approaching orgasm. My clit is as sensitive as yours, and just as swollen, and I suddenly stand up. You look at me with a quizzical gaze as I leave the spa and get us some towels. We dry each other, missing nothing, which only adds to the excitement.

“Lie down on the lounge, Kirsty, I have a surprise for you.”

You lie on your back and watch as I pour some massage bursa vip escort oil into my hands.

I straddle you and start at your neck, working down, spending a long time paying attention to your breasts.

“Ooooohhhh, Diane, you have no idea how good that feels; pinch my nipples, please.”

Smiling, I do just as you ask, and watch your lips part in a smile of pleasure as your eyes shut halfway. My hands are now moving around and under your breasts, tracing their soft fullness as I continue to massage down your body. You feel my warm breath on your belly as my lips trace the path my hands are taking.

As I reach your pussy I avoid directly touching any part of your lips, stroking around the sides and running my fingers along the creases where your thighs diverge. Continuing to ignore your pussy, despite noticing your obvious twitching in anticipation, I gently spread your legs and massage each thigh in turn.

Then, I kneel between your legs and slide my hands under your bum cheeks, lifting your pussy ever so slightly to my gaze. My breath is stronger now, and bursa elit escort you feel my lips approaching your apex of pleasure. Starting at the bottom of your pussy I lick slowly upward, tracing your beautiful slit along its entire length. I lick downward now, probing deeper with my tongue. I find your opening and swirl my tongue around, feeling you move with me.

Breathlessly now, you plead, “Diane, turn around, please. Let me lick you, too. I want to make you cum, too.”

“Shhhhhh, Kirsty”, I whisper through lips that are almost dripping with your wetness. “I told you I had a surprise for you and I haven’t given it to you yet.”

You start to moan a protest which I silence with my first lick of your clit. Leaving your pussy briefly, I ask, “Didn’t you tell me you wanted a ‘Golden Shower’ some time?”

You nod your reply and whisper, “Yes.”

I can feel you jump as I gently suck your clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue unmercifully. You are obviously close to cumming, and I suddenly stop, leaving you temporarily on the edge of your climax.

Then, rising up and kneeling over your pussy, I let go my stream of urine and direct it onto your clit. The warm, strong flow finishes what I started with my mouth and you cum with a scream.

I lay down beside you and hold you as you come down from your orgasm.

“It’s your turn now, Kirsty, to do anything you want to me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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