Spiral Ch. 05

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Jim and Alyson woke the next morning a little later than usual, as it was a Sunday. For a few moments they just looked at each other, wondering again at the strange twist of fate that had brought them together. Then they leaned into each other for a good morning kiss. When Jim opened his mouth to slip his tongue into Alyson’s mouth, she suddenly reared away from him.

“Oh yuck, no you don’t.” she exclaimed.

“What… why?” he responded.

“Not until you wash your mouth out with something. That garlic on the carbonara you had last night is definitely not getting into my mouth.” she stated.

“Oh hell, I need to pee anyway.” he said as he slipped off the bed.

When Jim returned from the bathroom, he paused and sniffed the air.

“I smell coffee… I thought Jane was away this weekend.” he said.

“She is,” Alyson replied, “it must be mother.”

Alyson slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom for a shower, while Jim opted to return to the bed for a few moments of lolling. She returned from the shower, stating, “Your turn.” before putting on a bathrobe and heading down the hallway to the kitchen.

Ellen was sitting at the kitchen island wearing a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her head. She looked up as Alyson came in.

“Good morning, I hope my getting up I didn’t wake you.” she said.

“No, it was the coffee.” replied Alyson, heading to the pot on the island.

She fixed herself a cup, then turned and faced Ellen. They looked at each other.

“Did you sleep okay?” Alyson asked.

“Yes, I did.” Ellen replied. She paused, then continued.

“I vaguely remember afterwards… that was you wasn’t it? And not Jim.”

Alyson nodded and then found herself looking Ellen as a woman and decided she was definitely one sexy female. She felt herself getting a little flustered at this, after all, this woman – whom she had gladly chowed down on last night – was her mother.

Ellen caught a hint of her consternation and, in a moment of wickedness, opted to turn her whole body to Alyson letting the robe slip open just enough to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

“You know,” Ellen said with a smile, “I’ve never done it with another female before… and right now I want to do it with you, and…” her smile broadening, “I do owe you one.”

Alyson caught lower lip as her mother rose out of her seat and walked over to her. Alyson turned escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan to put her coffee cup down and felt Ellen move into her back, her arms coming around Alyson’s waist as she buried her lips into Alyson’s neck. Her hands moved up from Alyson’s waist and, reaching beneath her robe, softly caressed Alyson’s breasts. Alyson leaned back into her mother and, reaching to her own waist, untied her robe to give Ellen freer access.

For a few moments, Ellen and Alyson stood at the counter, Ellen moving her hands over Alyson’s breasts while trying to mold their bodies into one entity. Finally Alyson pushed her back and turned to face her, shrugging off her robe. Ellen untied hers and let it join Alyson’s on the floor.

They moved together again, this time front to front, mashing their lips together in a passionate kiss. They broke apart, both breathing heavily. Ellen began planting kisses all over Alyson’s face murmuring…

“Alyson… my baby… my little baby… mama loves you so much…”

Slowly, the kiss inched their way down Alyson’s face… to her neck… to her shoulders… and, finally, her breasts. Ellen’s tongue moved over them softly, with barely a whisper of her lips. Her hands moved to Alyson’s buttocks, just as Alyson moved one hand moved to her buttocks while the other went between Ellen’s shoulder blades pressing her face into Alyson’s breasts. They meshed their pelvises together, mound against mound, bone to bone.

“Oh god, mama,” Alyson panted, “I can’t believe how fuckin’ hot I am… do me, just do me.”

Alyson was surprised when Ellen suddenly disengaged herself and, putting her hands around Alyson’s waist, with surprising strength lifted her onto the island. When her ass hit the cold countertop, she gasped.

“Holy shit, that’s cold.”

Her mother looked at her in amusement and laughingly said, “Suffer bitch.” while pulling Alyson’s legs onto the counter and spreading them wide. She ran her tongue lightly down the inside of Alyson’s right thigh, until it came in contact with her clipped pubic hairs just above her slit. Ellen pulled them into her mouth, slurping her spittle over them until they glistened.

Then, she headed south. Gently she moved her tongue into the space between Alyson’s hood and clit, licking up the nectar gathered there. She gave Alyson’s clit a quick lick before pushing escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan her tongue into Alyson’s cunt hole. Alyson’s lubricating cream almost gushed out onto Ellen’s tongue. Ellen tried to press her face in closer, but realized the towel wrapped around her head was in the way. She stripped it off and dropped it on the floor. Now, she pressed her face in closer, her tongue swirling up Alyson’s cunt as far as she could go, reveling in the taste and smell as her nose bumped into Alyson’s clit.

Ellen suddenly felt a hand slipping between her thighs and, after a moments hesitation, realized that it had to be Jim. She lifted her head and turning to him said, “No, go sit down, I want to really concentrate on Alyson.”

Jim complied. He grinned at Alyson as she returned it with one of her own. He slowly began moving a hand over his cock as he watched his sister and mother.

Ellen had returned to pushing her tongue up Alyson’s cunt. After a few moments she pulled Alyson further forward on the counter, rotating her ups up and placing Alyson’s legs on her shoulder. She now had access to the area behind Alyson’s cunt. Ellen started licking the thin strip of flesh between her cunt and asshole. After a few moments she pushed her tongue into Alyson’s pink rosebud. Alyson automatically clenched her asshole as the tongue began moving into it, but then willed herself to loosen up so the tongue could intrude into it. Ellen began flicking her tongue just inside the entrance.

After a bit she began reversing herself, taking her tongue out of Alyson’s ass, across the strip, slowly up the cunt slip… slowly… slowly… driving Alyson crazy with anticipation. Finally… finally – as Alyson cried out – Ellen caught Alyson’s clit between her lips and started to gently nibble it. Alyson arched her back a bit to press it into Ellen’s mouth. At the same time her hand went to the back of her mother’s head mashing it into her clit, essentially cutting off her breathing.

Ellen pulled herself free saying, “Greedy little girl. If you don’t behave, mama spank.”

Alyson looked at her challengingly, noting the glistening spittle and oils on Ellen’s lower face, saying “You wouldn’t dare.”

Before Alyson could say another word, Ellen had grabbed her legs and twisted her over so she was face down on the counter, her ass exposed to the escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan world. With one arm wrapped around Alyson’s legs, Ellen delivered 3 quick, stinging blows to her buttocks. Then, just as quickly, Ellen flipped Alyson back over into her original position.

Both heard Jim’s laughter. Alyson shot him a look and said, “Your ass is mine…” as her mother began licking her way down the inside of Alyson’s left leg “…later.”

Again, Ellen captured Alyson’s clit and began working it – at her own pace.

She licked it for a while, then nibbled it with her lips, then with her teeth. Every time Alyson felt she was just about to cum, her mother changed the cycle. It was driving her nuts. Finally… finally, she knew that this time she was going to do it. She began chanting…

“God… god… yes… yes… this time… this time.”

She glanced over at her brother who was beginning to pound his meat more furiously as he tried to time his cumming to hers.

“Oh god… mommy… I’m cumming… I’m cumming… MOMMIEEE… CUMMING!!!”

Her body spasmed… and spasmed… and spasmed as it heaved at the jolts of release shooting through it. Slowly she relaxed onto the counter top, her mother flicking her tongue across Alyson’s clit just enough to wring post orgasm gasps from her with every contact.

Finally, Alyson just laid there, a smile on her face as her mother’s face rose from between her legs. She kissed Alyson’s thighs then crawled on top of her to give her a very moist, very flavorful kiss. They broke the kiss and quickly and repeatedly kissed each other on the lips until they turned their heads to rest their cheeks on each other. Both were now looking at Jim.

His cum was everywhere on his torso… his cock, his thighs, his belly, his chest. Ellen looked into Alyson’s eyes, gave her a quick kiss and rolled off her body and the counter to stand on the floor. She walked over to where Jim sat, hand still on his cock, milking the last dregs out of his balls – his eyes tightly closed.

Ellen leaned over him and began licking the cum off his chest – causing his eyes to fly open in surprise. Slowly, she licked he way down his body… his chest… his belly… his thighs… and then up to his cock, where a large pool of cum nested on his hand, still wrapped around his cock. She slurped that off as well, swishing it for a second in mouth before swallowing it. She then proceeded to lick both his hand and cock as clean as she could – eliciting a gasp each time her tongue hit his sensitive cock head.

Finally, Ellen straightened up and taking a look at her daughter – supporting herself on her elbows as she watched her mother clean up her brother, and then her son – who still sat in the chair with a shit eating grin on his face, and asked “Jesus, after this, what’s a person got to do for breakfast around here?”

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