Spying on Jennifer

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It was the persistent flies on the beach that sent me packing. They were Jersey flies, as big as an airplane as has been said by no less than Bruce. Okay, maybe as big as a bird. A butterfly? Hell, they were big, and they found their way toward my body no matter how much goop and stuff I rubbed on myself.

Clearly I must have been good eating, because nobody else seemed to be bothered by the flies that quiet Wednesday near the surfside state park. No, everyone else was immersed in their book, playing in the sand or looking for sea shells. Some were even were in the water.

Packing up was quick, as I didn’t have much more than a pair of towels and a mystery novel with me. I gave several looks around, taking one final good look at the girl from down the street that wore something that was less than skimpy. Sauntered home, washing off in the outside shower before treading the 21 steps to the door.

Inside, I noticed my niece Jennifer’s room door was closed, figured she was changing from her beach jaunt. How I missed her leaving the beach who knows?

I went into the master bedroom and lie on the bed for a minute before a formal shower and changing of clothing. That minute turned into an hour as I nodded off into a fitful slumber. Only sounds of the shower woke me, and as I thought I’d have to wait a few minutes after the person was done to take mine.

That’s the crazy thing about the fire detector on the floor. Too much heat and humidity or something from the shower and the whirling noise of the detector was tripped. Go figure.

Hearing the shower stop I started my internal clock. From past experience I decided that I probably needed to wait at least five minutes, so I just relaxed looking at one of my wife’s trashy magazines to pass the time. The articles were good, so more than enough time had elapsed and I started toward the bathroom. Damn, now come she never used one of the “27 ways to make your man putty in the bedroom”.

I noticed Jennifer’s room door ajar, soft music coming from playlist. She’s such a cutie, that Jennifer. Just 19, a buff body and a pleasant personality. Light brown hair and an infectious smile. I bet she’s a lot of fun to be around at a party. Smiling to myself I started canlı bahis toward the bathroom door when something stopped me. A groan of some type was coming from Jennifer’s room.

I didn’t want to intrude, but I wondered if she was alright. Stopping I could not see into the full room, but I did notice I could see her reflection on the wall mirror.

Jennifer was lying on her bed naked as the day she was born, legs spread akimbo, and her hand working her hairbrush in and out of her nicely trimmed pussy. Honestly, she must not know I was in the house, or anyone for that matter, because her door was open a bit. And she was personally pleasing her pleasure pit with eyes closed.

Slowly she worked that hairbrush, damn I wished it were me. She slid it up and down, then worked on the nub above her neatly trimmed slit. Clearly that was a perfect action for her.

I stood there, eyes riveted on the mirror watching my young sexy niece taking care of her sexual needs. It was an awesome view. Flimsy red panties were next to her on the bed, and her head was propped up on a couple pillows. Her legs were spread wide and she worked that hairbrush with military precision.

It felt so wrong, watching my niece. A voyeur, but in my own house so I said to myself it was okay. Still, I should have but could not stop. My eyes could not leave the lovely girl’s body. Young, curvy and sexy, and when she lifted her top, displaying her breasts, I almost came in my pants. My dick was throbbing as I watched the girl masturbate.

Worried someone might come home from the beach and catch me in an uncompromising position I sleuthed over to the door and locked it, then returned to my voyeuristic perch. Jennifer hadn’t left, thank goodness, she was still playing with her wet pussy. I could see the wetness from my vantage point, so I knew she was enjoying.

Quickly I snapped several candid photos of her performance before switching the phone to video to capture more of the action for future reference.

Of course, I like most men can’t do two things at once, so working the cell phone in such a sleuthing manner was not something I had a lot of experience with. I had to concentrate on getting the right buttons pushed, a task bahis siteleri that stopped quickly when I heard a scream.

What’s good for me was also the avenue for Jennifer to see my reflection in the mirror. “On my god, close the door!” screamed the girl. “What the hell are you doing.”

“It’s okay honey, it’s just me, Uncle Rob, I was worried something was wrong. You woke me up from my nap.”

Apparently Jennifer had seen my reflection, but not exactly what I was doing or how long I’d been there. Opening the door, I looked in as she pulled her cover up and pulled a towel over her midsection.

“Are you okay, Jen?”

The teenager stumbled but said yes. She said she didn’t know anyone was in the house. She said she was sorry.

“For what, young lady, doing what is natural? It’s okay, all girls do it at one time or another,” I said with a calming smile. “I’m sorry I stumbled upon you, but it’s okay.”

Clearly I hadn’t shut the door or left her with some privacy, but my voice was quiet and calming I suspect to someone caught as she was. Somehow I was able to calm her down, and soon we were talking like friends.

Jennifer asked if Misty, my wife, did it, and I said I thought so. I said years ago Misty had even done it in front of me and it was very hot.

“She did? OMG, that’s hot, she did it in front of you? Did you jump her bones?”

I told her that no, I simply watched. But that was a time long ago. I’ve tried several times to get her to do it for me again, but she hasn’t agreed.

I could tell the wheels were going in Jennifer’s head. Smiling at her, I asked if she’d finished her earlier task?

“No, I looked up and saw you right before, well, you know, right before.”

I told her I’d lock the front door and make a retreat to my bedroom to give her some privacy. Better yet, I’d go upstairs and watch for oncoming family, giving her fair warning of their arrival.

What came next was priceless.

“Uncle Rob, if you promise to keep your hands to yourself, well, uh, you could watch from that chair while I finish,” she said with an infectious smile. “That would be so naughty, so very hot for me.”

I could not believe my luck.

“Okay? It will be out bahis şirketleri secret.” “You bet.”

Sitting in the room chair, I watched as Jennifer undraped and began working her hands all over her body. She started with her legs, rubbing each, moving her hands up and lifting her cover-up top, smiling at me. She played with her breasts as I wiggled in my chair.

“No touching me, but if you need to drop your pants it’s okay,” cooed the girl. “There’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

No argument there on my part, down came my bathing suit and up popped my cock into view of the 19-year-old beauty. Damn, this was hotter than hot, red hot.

Jennifer watched my cock as she reached over and grasp the hairbrush, rubbing it up and down her slit. She repeated the action, eyes fixated on my bulging manhood. Soon, with one hand caressing her boobs the other maneuvered the hairbrush into her juicy pussy.

I asked her to turn off the music, obsessively to hear if someone were coming up the steps, but in reality to hear the juices of her snatch. And it was juicy, as I could hear the hairbrush working its way in and out of the lovely girl.

Unable to help myself, I grasp my dick and began stroking it. That brought a groan from my niece, who was staring at the stroking with desire as she worked her snatch with practiced perfection. I swear the fake cock was working faster as I stroked my cock faster. As if we were doing each other.

Little groans escaped her mouth as my eyes took memory photos of her actions. She was more than beautiful, the way she writhed and moaned.

Soon I couldn’t take anymore and I mouthed that I was going to cum.

“Cum in my panties, Uncle Rob, cum in my panties,” said the girl, throwing them to me from her side.

Wrapping the silky nothings around my cock I threw my head back and roared that I was going to cum just as Jennifer grunted that she was Cumming as well.


Those panties were filled with my sauce, and I longed to be that hairbrush. When I came down from my orgasmic state I couldn’t help staring at my niece whose hand was still slowly maneuvering the fake cock in and out of her snatch.

Opening her eyes, my niece Jennifer looked at me and smiled.

“This will be our little secret, right Uncle Rob?” “Only if we can do it again,” was my reply.

The girl looked, smiled and said, “Okay.”

It was the start of a great, memorable vacation.

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