Squeaky Clean

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Big Boobs

The story is a work of fiction. All events, places and characters depicted in this story are fictional. All characters in the story are over 18 years of age. This story depicts graphic female masturbation and lesbian sex. If you are offended by these acts or they are illegal where you are then stop reading now.

A special thanks to Damppanties for prodding me into writing this.


Ashley bumped the apartment door closed with her hip as she entered in a rush. Without looking she tossed her book bag at the kitchen table then set the armload of groceries down on the countertop.

Before putting them away she made a quick trip into the bathroom to turn on the water in the bathtub and close the drain. It had been a long week and she wanted nothing more at that moment than to soak for a while in a hot bath before Lynn got home.

As the tub filled she put the groceries away and poured herself a glass of white wine. Flipping idly through the mail for a minute, she quickly drank off the first glass of wine. After pouring a second glass she figured the tub would be almost full by now so she headed back to the bathroom.

The tub was indeed full so she turned off the faucet and tested the water. Hot… perfect. Setting her wine glass on the corner of the tub she quickly removed her clothes and tossed them into the corner and turned off the light. It was still daylight outside and even with the shades pulled it was still fairly bright in the room but it was better than nothing.

Wasting no time, she settled herself gingerly into the steaming water. She let out a contented sigh as she felt the hot water already working its magic on her tired, sore muscles. She realized that her watch was still on and glanced at as she took it off. Five thirty two, Lynn would probably be home in about forty minutes or so.

Picking up the wine glass, she took a long sip and smiled at the warm glow of the alcohol that was beginning to spread from within her. She absently studied her knees poking up out of the water, noting how her dusky skin stood out in stark contrast to the gleaming white porcelain of the bathtub.

The wine glass clinked softly as she set it onto the edge of the bath and slid down deeper. Her long dark hair settled into the water as she tried to submerge herself up to her shoulders. The tub wasn’t large enough for her to fit completely so she had to fold her legs up a bit to manage it. Another sigh of blissful relaxation passed her lips as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.

Floating in the hot, comforting embrace of the water her thoughts drifted back to Lynn, who for the last several months had been working nightshift down at the lab. As a result of this schedule, the two of them hardly seemed to see each other except in passing. Ashley missed the petite, dark haired Asian girl desperately. A smile spread on her lips as she thought of the weekend ahead of them. They were both off work and had three whole days to spend together. A warmth that had nothing to do with the hot water or wine started to bloom in her core at the thought of how they would spend much of the coming three days.

After some time her legs began to feel a bit cramped and she shifted around, lifting one leg out of the water and setting it onto the edge of the tub for a moment. She heard a hollow ‘plunk’ and cracked one eye to look. At the far end of the tub a bright yellow rubber duck bobbed in the water. It looked back at her with a broad, dopey smile as it floated, drunkenly leaning to one side. Ashley smiled back at the ducky, remembering when Lynn had bought it for her, mostly as a joke, when they were on vacation last summer. She remembered Lynn being irritated Escort bayan that the duck had a tendency to roll over and float upside down. “How hard is it to design a stupid little duck?” Lynn had asked.

Sure enough after a moment or two the little duck slowly rolled over to float upside down. Ashley was amused to note that the little duck had drifted between her legs and now that it was upside down, it appeared to be looking directly at her sex.

“That’s enough out of you, you little pervert” she said playfully, then picked up the duck and gave it a little squeeze, grinning at the ‘squeak’. Setting the ducky back upright, she gave it a push and sent it down to the end of the tub.

She lay her head back and closed her eyes again as her thoughts drifted once again back to Lynn’s luscious body. The heat in her center increased as her thoughts became more graphic. Her head rolled to the side and she smiled to herself as she let her fantasies run wild. In her mind she pictured Lynn climbing into the tub with her. The slim Asian girl’s tight body lowering down onto her, their lips meeting as they embraced. Lynn’s fingers trailed over her body, tracing their way downward ever so slowly, finally making their way down to her needy sex. Ashley let out a sigh as she imagined Lynn’s fingers gently teasing her sex, just barely touching the tip of her clit. Ashley’s hips started to rock of their own volition as if trying to meet the imagined touch.

A soft moan escaped Ashley’s lips as the fantasy running through her mind became more intense. In fact, it was so vivid that she imagined she could actually feel Lynn’s soft touch on her sensitive clit. As her excitement continued to build, something in her distantly realized that there was actually something touching her sex. With a start she sat up and saw the ducky bobbing upside down again directly between her spread thighs. Its little orange bill had been gently touching her clitoris, bumping her with every rock of her hips.

“You really are a little pervert, aren’t you?” Ashley said with a dreamy smile. She pushed the duck away again and closed her eyes, bringing back the mental imaged of Lynn’s delicious body.

Within moments she was back in her fantasy world with her lover. Her excitement that had been briefly interrupted by the ducky returned and quickly escalated to even higher levels. Another moan escaped her as one hand found its way to her sensitive nipple. She gave the firm little nub a hard pinch and shuddered with delight. Without conscious thought her other hand made its way slowly down her stomach and reaching for her sensitive sex…

Ashley gasped with a sudden sharp jolt of pleasure as something pushed hard into her clit. If she hadn’t been so surprised she probably would have had an orgasm right then. But as it was she sat up a bit a looked down in surprise. It was the duck again. Her hand had bumped into the ducky on it way to her sex and driven the little toy’s shiny orange bill directly into her clitoris.

Ashley’s body yearned with the need of the climax that was so close. Her breaths were coming quick and shallow as she looked down and grinned mischievously. “So you like it down there, huh? How about a closer look…” She took a hold of the little rubber duck and spreading her thighs as wide as she could, used it to give her clit a gentle stroke. The smooth rubber of the little ducks bill felt wonderful against her swollen clit and she moaned with bliss. With a wickedly naughty fascination she watched through the ripples in the water as she rubbed her sex with the bright yellow tub toy. She wondered if Lynn had ever imagined the ducky would be used in this fashion when Escort she bought it.

The though of Lynn drove Ashley back to her fantasies and closing her eyes she lay back down. Within a few minutes she was once again on the edge of climax. An intense heat raged inside her core, burning in her sex and searing her chest. With a cry of delight she felt the rapture flood through her. Her back arched and she cried out again with the intense surge of pure bliss that consumed her body. Her hand pushed the little ducky hard into her clit and another shock of hot pleasure shot through her, making her body jerk so hard she splashed water out of the tub and onto the bathroom floor. She moaned loudly and ground the little toy into herself as she rode the crest of her passions.

After a few minutes, the waves in the tub stilled. Some time after that, the waves of rapture in her body receded as well as she floated limply in the steaming water, reveling in her afterglow.

“That was quite the little performance,” said a feminine voice from a few feet away.

Ashley snapped her eyes open in startled shock as she jerked upright, splashing more water onto the floor. Her shock instantly turned to an intense embarrassment as she saw Lynn leaning casually against the doorframe. “Lynn! I… I was just…ah…”

“Fucking your ducky?” Lynn interrupted with a lascivious smile.

“What?! I… I was… no, no I wasn’t… well…I wasn’t…” Ashley stammered as her cheeks burned. She had never before let Lynn, or anyone else for that matter, see her masturbate. Ashley had never felt really comfortable touching herself in front of anyone, even someone she loved as much as Lynn. She had occasionally let Lynn talk her into some mild self pleasuring while they had sex, but only a little stroke here and there. Nothing like what she had just done.

“Yes, you were.” Lynn took a few steps closer. “And it was pretty damn hot.” She leaned down and whispered in Ashley’s ear. “Do it again. I want to watch.”

Ashley’s breath caught in her throat as she felt a shock of something between embarrassment and excitement thrill though her. She could feel her ears heating with her blush. “No… I can’t. Let me get out…” She started to push herself up.

Lynn interrupted her. “Do it.” Her voice was hard and her eyes glinted with desire.

Ashley sank back into the tub and shivered with a desire of her own. She secretly loved it when Lynn became dominant with her. The petite Asian girl didn’t do it very often but whenever she did it never failed to ignite Ashley’s passions. She felt herself slipping into a submissive role even without making a conscious decision to. It was as if her body already knew what it really wanted. She tried to resist one more time. “I have to get out…”

“No.” Lynn said sternly. “I want to watch you fuck yourself. And if you don’t…” She unfastened her pants and let them slide down over her shapely hips, revealing a pair of black satin panties. “…you won’t get any of this tonight.” She ran a finger teasingly over the panties, caressing her sex.

Ashley let out a soft whimper and sank deeper into the tub. She bit her bottom lip as she looked at Lynn’s panties, up to the look of lust in her eyes and back down again to the finger working slowly over the black satin. She shuddered with desire and slowly, haltingly, moved the ducky back to her sex.

Closing her eyes she gave herself a tentative, almost feathery touch at first, getting used to the feeling again. She felt the same shock of stimulation at the touch and sucked in a breath at the erotic contact. After a few strokes, she once again began to lose herself in the feelings Bayan escort and her self-consciousness receded a little. She still felt a deep embarrassment, even shame at what she was doing, but it didn’t seem to matter to her body. Her hand quickly settled into the well-rehearsed movements and her hips started to roll with the same rhythm. A soft moan floated through the small room.

“Harder,” Lynn said.

Ashley opened her eyes and looked up at Lynn. The petite Asian girl was standing there looking down at her with heat in her dark eyes. She had kicked her pants off completely and stood there dressed only in her white blouse and black panties. As Ashley watched, Lynn unbuttoned the top three buttons of the blouse. Ashley moaned as she watched Lynn lick her lips hungrily. An involuntary shudder forced the tub toy even harder into her clit turning her low moan to a gasp at the sharp jolt of pleasure that it caused.

Masturbating in front of someone, even Lynn, made her feel more than a little depraved and wanton but she was surprised to realize how it also made her feel incredibly sexy and empowered. Her passions climbed even higher as she saw Lynn run a finger under her panties to stroke her own sex. Ashley let out a loud, full-throated moan and felt a flush of intense euphoria at the look of lust she saw in Lynn’s eyes at her lewd display. Lynn was controlling her but she was also controlling Lynn by feeding the Asian girl’s wanton need.

Lynn moaned long and low, her finger working more ardently under her panties. “I want to watch you to cum,” Lynn said, her voice thick with lust. “Cum for me.”

Ashley felt her passions flare at Lynn’s crude command. Her hand worked harder and faster between her thighs and her breaths came faster. She could feel herself nearing the brink of ecstasy and rushed towards it heedlessly. She wanted, needed the release. She felt the tightness in her chest and sex and knew that her release was imminent. Her free hand came up and she pinched on her nipples hard as she urgently rolled the ducky’s bill over her throbbing clit, desperate for release. Finally her legs pulled up as her back arched with the tightness and she slid down further into the hot water as an intense orgasm suddenly tore through her, shocking her with its speed and intensity. She cried out with the amazing liberation of her passions even as her body seemed paralyzed, every muscle in her body locked with the intense overload of ecstasy.

After what seemed like an eternity of blissful agony, the sensations faded and Ashley let out a long, low moan of satisfaction. She lay there floating in a hazy miasma of delight until a voice interrupted.

“That was so unbelievably sexy.”

Ashley’s eyes fluttered open to see Lynn kneeling at the side of the tub, leaning over her slightly. She moaned with longing as Lynn leaned in closer and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was a long, loving display of their affections and Ashley sighed contentedly when eventually Lynn broke away. She smiled as they looked deep into each other’s eyes for a long moment. After several long heartbeats, Ashley smiled wickedly and said, “It’s your turn now.”

Lynn returned the smile but never broke eye contact. Her hands came over the edge of the tub and pinched one of Ashley’s nipples firmly. She rolled it slowly for a moment apparently enjoying the soft gasp of pleasure it drove form her lover. She leaned in closer and whispered in Ashley ear, “Then you better hurry up and get in the bedroom.”

Lynn stood up and peeled her blouse off, revealing her beautiful body clad only in her black panties and bra. “You got me so hot with that little display that if you take too long I may have to start without you.” She started walking into the bedroom, leaving Ashley alone in the tub, a new heat rapidly building inside her.

Just as she passed through the door Lynn turned and said with a lusty smirk, “Don’t forget to bring the ducky.”

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