Step Dad’s New Cow

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Amber drove up the winding road toward her mother’s country home. She loved the seclusion of the old manor as a child and found it comforting still. Leaves scattered from the road as the car rolled along. Amber argued with herself about the last time she had visited her mother anywhere other than the city. The irrelevant chronology nagged at her as a way of diverting attention from how little she visited her mother at all. She did not hold all the blame for the sudden lack of time together. When Amber left for college, her mother, Marie, started traveling more and more. Amber did not mind. She was busy with school and friends of her own. She even found it encouraging that after so many years staying in the city to help raise her, Marie had finally decided to travel. Which made it all the more unusual when she received a call from Marie about a big surprise.

Amber’s thoughts turned to her father. He’d had no trouble visiting though. They met once a week for lunch on campus. Amber never told her mother about this for fear of upsetting her. The divorce had not been pleasant, and Marie had not forgiven her former husband for cheating on her. Amber held some resentment for years as well. Her father made his own point eventually, and Amber understood more and more as she got older. Marie had never been exactly affectionate. Amber’s mother had been very pretty in her younger days, but turned plain from age and neglect. It wasn’t difficult for an outsider looking in to see why her father strayed.

The wood on either side of the road cleared, and Amber turned onto the small driveway that led up to the country house. Though it had once been smoothly paved, it too had suffered from years of age and neglect. Huge cracks in the pavement rattled her car as she drove, shaking her teeth slightly. Her father’s sensibilities kicked in, and she grew angry at her mother for letting the property fall into neglect. As she grew closer, she saw the lawns and hedges were growing out of control. At least, the house itself looked presentable. It also seemed that Marie had brought some staff with her.

A handsome man in his mid thirties stood in the flowerbed beside the front stoop. He wore no shirt while working under the autumn sun and apparently did not mind the slight chill in the air. Amber suddenly found herself thinking about the last time she’d had sex. It had been too long. Her last boyfriend had split with her at the end of the previous semester, and she’d turned to her studies in consolation. She hoped the rest of the staff her mother had hired had the same bronze, muscled physique. Amber lost her virginity to one of her mother’s staff in the city, a twenty one year old Brazilian man who kept her mother’s loft pool in chemical balance. The whole thing had played out like a stereotypical porn scene. Amber was lying out in the summer sun before her freshman year of college, her lithe body glistening in the sun. The pool boy took his shirt off to do his work and after watching him for a while, Amber simply walked up and offered to take him to her room. He spoke very little English, but her intent was fairly clear when she pulled down her bikini and pressed his hand into her breasts. Amber took a lot of pride in her exotic first conquest. She knew she would never be like her mother, abandoned for lack of vitality and adventure.

The car rolled to a stop, and she hopped out. “Excuse me! Could you help with my bags?”

The man in the flower bed looked up and smiled, wiping his hands clean on his pants. “You must be Amber,” he said as he walked over.

“Yes, the bags please,” she ignored him and strode up towards the house.

“I don’t think you understand,” the man said as the door opened. Marie stepped out of the house to grab her daughter in a hug.

“Mom?” Amber managed to blurt out before her mother’s arms wrapped around her.

“Amber sweetie! We’re so glad you came! Stand there let me look at you. It’s been ages hasn’t it?” her mother rattled off the words quicker than Amber could react.

“Look at me? Look at you! Mom, what have you done to yourself?” Amber tried to take in the full vision of her mother. The last time they had seen one another, her mother had looked her age in every way — iron gray hair, bags under her eyes, and a general droop to everything on her body. The woman standing on the steps beside Amber looked nothing like that. Marie’s hair had returned to the vibrant cherry red of her youth. Her skin was smooth and toned with a healthy, rosy color. She’d lost weight, and, perhaps it was only a posture change, she seemed taller. The most obvious change jutted out from Marie’s chest. Amber knew they should be fake, but had not noticed the hard feeling of implants pressing into her chest when they hugged. Her mother looked like a pin up girl. “Did you have work done? Botox? A…uh, boob job?”

Marie looked confused. “What? Oh! All this. No, honey, none escort gaziantep vip bayan of that surgery or anything. It’s what we’ve got to tell you about. Well one of the things we’ve got to tell you about. Oh, Amber, I’m so excited you’re here.”

“You keep saying ‘we.’ Who are you talking about?”

Marie pointed down the steps to where the shirtless man stood, one bag on his shoulder and the other underneath his arm. “You’ve already met Marc, I think. He’s your new step-father.”


They went inside. Marie directed her new husband up to Amber’s rooms with the bags. Amber pulled her mother into a sitting room and hissed questions at her. “Mom, when the fuck did you get married?! When did this happen? Where did you meet him? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Her mother sat down with a daydream smile on her face. “No need to be upset, Amber. We married last weekend, in Paris. Marc and I have been seeing each other for over a year. I wanted to be married months ago, but Marc wanted to wait. Let’s see, what were your other questions? Oh yes, where we met. I went to this class with Evelyn. She’s remarried too, you know. The class is about personal empowerment or something, but that’s where she met her husband, Antony. She told me Antony had been with several other young men at the class who all expressed interest in her. Since she and I had a lot in common, she thought I would have similar success. I did. Marc and I hit it off immediately, and we’ve been together ever since.”

“And why didn’t you tell me? You’ve been together for a year and at no point during that did you think your daughter might have some input on getting a step-father? Or, shit, want to go to the wedding?”

“We wanted it to be a surprise!” Her mother feigned a smile. Amber wondered whether she’d also got small collagen injections in her lips. “And, to be honest, we didn’t need you complicating things.”

“Am I a complication now?” Amber whined.

“With that attitude, you are.” Her mother snapped back. “And it’s not like you’ve made the effort to be overly involved in my life lately. You only come round if the credit card has been declined. Forgive me for not wanting my spoiled daughter at my wedding to suck up all the attention.”

Amber’s brow furrowed. Her mother hadn’t spoken to her so harshly since she was a young girl. “You’re different.”

“I am. But I didn’t bring you here to fight with you. Marc wanted to meet you, and I wanted you to meet him. I know the two of you are going to get along perfectly.”

“You haven’t explained why you look so different.” Amber was sullen and thought mostly of storming out, but curiosity had the best of her. If her mother had some new beauty regimen, she wanted to know about it. Amber had the beauty of youth, but not much more. Too much like her mother, she expected to fade into another plain girl sooner rather than later.

Marie looked nervously towards the door. “Marc is a scientist.” Amber waited for a more thorough answer, but Marie didn’t offer one. Before she could prod her mother along, Marc entered the room.

“I think we started off on the wrong foot.” He had found a shirt and washed himself somewhat. He still exuded a scent of earth and sweat that Amber found strangely appealing. Marie drank it in like ambrosia. “I’m Marc.” He offered his hand to her and she shook, limply. “Look, I know this may seem sudden, but your mother and I have been together for a while now. Frankly, we don’t need your approval. We would like it though. Let’s get to know each other first, how about? You don’t have to call me dad or anything. Just Marc.”

Amber felt strange while he spoke. Something in his voice or his smell put her off guard. She felt at ease the closer her came to her. He was certainly handsome, and Amber understood why her mother maintained the daydream smile. A new thought came to Amber almost immediately, “How old are you?”


“Holy shit,” Amber blurted out. “He’s, what, fifteen years younger than you?”

“Age is just a number,” her mother replied. “Don’t be rude.”

Marc clapped his hands together. “Amber, why don’t you go up to your room and get situated for the weekend? I need to take a shower, and Marie, you need to finish getting ready for later. We’ll meet down here in an hour for an early supper. Sound good?”

Amber didn’t like the plan at all. She’d driven all day to spend time with her mother, not be bossed around by some random new step-father. Before she could object, Marie jumped up and hugged Marc, kissing his cheek quickly. “That sounds perfect. Oh, Amber, I can’t wait for the big surprise.” She took Marc by the hand and almost dragged him from the room, leaving Amber in a stupor.

While Marc and Marie disappeared to their bedroom, Amber went to her own. Marc had tossed her bags on the bed escort gaziantep yabancı bayan unceremoniously. Amber had difficulty not throwing a tantrum of some kind. She wanted the attention, not Marc or Marie. Alone in her room, she grew angrier and angrier at the idea of her mother’s new husband. Then she heard sounds coming from downstairs. Her curiosity drove her to go investigate. Something about Marc didn’t sit right with her. Her mother was acting strangely even outside of the bizarre physical changes to her body.

Moving quietly down the stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom, Amber listened intently. She could hear muffled talking. The door to their bedroom was almost closed, but a small gap, wide enough to look through, remained. Amber angled herself around the door as quietly as she could until she had a view of her mother sitting on the edge of the bed. Marc was moving around at the dresser behind her.

“Shirt off,” came the order. Marie immediately pulled off her clothes, almost excitedly. Amber looked away instinctively, but nothing about the situation seemed erotic. It was almost clinical. Turning back to the scene, she saw Marc hold up a small vial and syringe. He took a small cloth and rubbed it on her mother’s shoulder before putting the needle into her arm. Marie didn’t wince, but looked up lovingly at Marc. “It’ll only take a few hours.”

“And then I’ll finally be finished?” Marie asked, hopeful. “Can we go to the machine? They’re so swollen, and I need it.” Marie moved her hands to the engorged breasts and squeezed. Amber gasped as she saw a short spray of milk jet from her mother’s nipple. Amber covered her mouth, but she thought Marc’s head turned slightly. Neither of them moved for a second, but then Marc bent down to Marie’s breast and took it into his mouth, suckling from the swollen teat. Amber’s face turned red. She backed away, scurrying down the hall towards the kitchen as her mind raced.

Should I call somebody? Maybe dad, but why? What the hell was that injection for? Why is she lactating, gross! Oh god, is she pregnant? Can she be pregnant? If she is, she certainly shouldn’t be taking whatever the hell that creep is putting in her arm. She pulled out her phone and scrolled to her father’s number. She started to hit call, but paused. Hang on, what….what is wrong here? If I call dad, he’ll freak out and charge up here. God knows what he’d do to Marc or to mom for that matter…She seems happy. Maybe there’s a logical explanation for all this. God, I’m thirsty.

Walking over to the fridge, she pulled the door open. Her jaw dropped. The three main shelves of the refrigerator were stocked with white bottles of milk. Each had a label. Reaching out, Amber picked one up and read it softly to herself. “October 10th, Marie, Phase III.” She put the bottle back and grabbed another. The label had a different date, her mothers name, and phase II. All of this is my mother’s breast milk? Why….how? There’s got to be four or five bottles to a single day. Reaching further back, she found other bottles with different names with dates coinciding with the other bottles. Phase III was the highest she’d found.

“What are you doing?” Marie asked from the doorway.

Amber closed the door to the fridge and wheeled around to face her mother. “What am I doing? What the hell are you doing? Jesus, Mom, look at you? Are they bigger?”

Marie looked down at her chest, barely contained inside her blouse. The voluptuous flesh surged with each breath, and Amber saw her mother looked even younger. “That’s the other surprise that I wanted to tell you about. I didn’t want you to find out this way, of course. You shouldn’t spy on people, dear.” Marie crossed over to her daughter and gently put her arm around her. “I didn’t do a very good job raising you.”


“You’ve turned out to be quite the little privileged bitch, but I’ve been given another chance. We can fix it and make you the girl you were always meant to be.”

“What the fuck are you —” Amber felt the needle push into her arm, a dull sensation followed by a burst of euphoria. Her mother pulled the needle away, smiling the whole time.

“There, there sweetie, mama’s gonna take care of everything now. Marc is a genius. He’s promised the formula has been compressed into just one dose. He thinks it might be a little rough on you though, so we’re going to take you to lie down. I can’t wait for my last dose to take effect. Amber, can you hear me? Amber, I love you. That’s why I’ve done all this. For you.”

Amber felt strong arms wrap around her and the heavy scent of sweat and wet earth. The world spun for a moment and went black.


Amber woke a few hours later. Her chest felt heavy. As her eyes fluttered open, she didn’t recognize the room. Marc’s rich voice greeted her, “Good morning, escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan sleepy head. Ah, ah, don’t try to move just yet.”

“What…happened to mooo—” she cleared her throat. “To me. What happened to me? Where’s mom?”

Marc sat down on the bed beside her. His body exuded warmth and smelled amazing. She wanted to touch him, to pull him to her and cover him with kisses. Inhaling deeply, she smelled something else, a particularly masculine smell she couldn’t quite place, but knew she wanted it. The smell grew stronger as he leaned over her. He pried her eyes open and a light shone into her pupils causing her to jerk her head away slightly. “Sorry! Sorry. Your mother is resting in the other room. I’m afraid she got a little carried away with our plan. I can’t say I blame her for wanting her daughter to be as beautiful as she is now.”

Amber shook the cobwebs away and realized what the heavy weight on her chest was. She was covered with a sheet, but it did little to hide the huge breasts underneath. Oh my god, look at my tits. They’re fucking huge. How could this happen? Why do they feel so tight? She moved her hand up to touch her new mounds, but Marc gently put her hand back down. She looked at him angrily. “What have you done to me?”

“Nothing that cannot be undone. We had meant to discuss it with you over dinner, but when your mother found you spying on us, she acted…rashly. You’ve been given a strong dose of a unique drug. Your breasts have swollen, and you’ll soon be producing milk if you haven’t started already. Of course, you’re still lacking the activating agent. All of these changes are purely superficial, though the new serum did wonders. If you like your new body and want to keep it, I’ll need to give you one last dose.” He leaned closer. “The thing I need you to tell me, is that you want it. Now, when you’re ready, stand up and have a look at yourself in the mirror.”

The smell overwhelmed her. Amber could barely think straight as the intoxicating scent washed over her senses. As Marc moved away, she swung her legs off the side of the bed as the sheet fell away from her body. She knew she should be embarrassed to stand naked in the room with her new step-dad, but she walked over to the mirror anyway. Her mind struggled to understand who lood back at her. She moved her hand to the swollen breasts and squeezed, and the girl in the mirror did the same. “That’s me?” she blurted out.

Marc appeared behind her. “Yes, that’s you sweetie. Your breasts are double F’s now. You have a thirty eight inch waist which I’m quite proud of. Getting the breast growth is tricky enough by itself, but getting the hips and ass to grow out at the right proportion is nigh impossible. Can’t wait to show that bitch on the ethics committee. Make her reevaluate her opinion on my research.”

“I look…hot,” Amber said. She wanted to say something else, but her mind was fuzzy. Did I almost moo earlier?

“Even sexier than your mother,” Marc encouraged. “My cock is getting hard looking at you. Even if you are my step-daughter.”

The word rang in her head. Cock. That’s what is making that delicious smell. I can almost taste him in my mouth. “I can stay like this?”

“Sure can,” Marc said with a seedy smile. “Only the best for my little girl.” He produced another syringe.

Amber thought she should leave. Marc had clearly done something to her that was well beyond the norm and potentially dangerous. Her concerns did little to override her craving for cock. Her horny thoughts kept overriding any other ability to think. She worried Marc could see her getting wet and wondered if he liked the look of her shaved pussy. “I want it, please give it toooo…to me.”

Marc didn’t wait for another word. He put the syringe into her shoulder and again the euphoric pleasure washed over her body. He led her over to the bed, and she crawled up on all fours as her chest started to tighten. “You’ll start to feel them growing again soon. Don’t worry, Amber, after seeing the doctor, you get a lollipop.” He lowered his pants, and his cock rose into view. Amber’s mouth watered. “Do you want a lollipop, Amber? Your mother is so good at sucking cock, let’s see if her daughter takes after her.”

Her stepfather’s cock bobbed inches from her mouth. The pressure in her breasts was driving her mad, but the scent was too strong to ignore. She parted her lips and let Marc slide into her mouth. Her tongue moved along the underside of his shaft as his hands moved into her hair, roughly holding her head in place as he thrust into her mouth. Amber moaned around the length, admiring how it throbbed with each thrust. I’m a lucky cow. Daddy has such a thick cock. Her breasts dragged across the bed, teasing her swollen nipples until she felt wet spots pooling underneath her. As she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, sucking her stepfather’s cock, her breasts leaked more and more of the creamy milk onto the bed. She loved the feeling of the coarse fabric torturing her nipples. Anything would have been preferable to the aching pressure in her breasts. No, not breasts, I can’t call them that anymore. Teats. Udders. Tits. My fat jugs are so full of milk. I think sucking daddy’s cock is making it worse. God I wish he’d milk me, but my pussy feels so empty.

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