StepDaughter’s Plan Pt. 02

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Monday morning, I was awakened with the feeling of a warm wet mouth sucking on my morning wood. Looking down the length of my body, I saw Maddy look up at me with her big brown doe eyes and her mouth full of my cock.

Releasing my cock from her mouth, she said, “Good morning, Daddy. Did you sleep well? Your big cock woke up first, and I just couldn’t let it go to waste.”

She then sucked my cock back into her mouth and continued working her mouth up and down my shaft. What a glorious way to wake up, I thought.

Maddy’s mouth felt amazing, and she wasn’t shy about stuffing as much into her mouth and down her throat as she could. As she sucked my cock, she took my balls in her hand and began softly massaging them, coaxing them into producing a significant load for her to swallow.

Maddy’s mouth felt great, and I was soon on the verge of blowing my load into my sweet baby girl’s mouth.

She felt me beginning to tense up and pulled my cock out of her mouth just long enough to look up at me and say, “Feed it to me, Daddy, give me your sweet cum I love so much.” With that, she took most of my fat seven inch cock back into her mouth.

That sent me over the edge, and I exploded with a massive load into my sweet baby stepdaughter’s mouth. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking my cock until I was drained dry.

Sitting up and wiping her mouth of the last few drops of cum with her fingers and then sucking her fingers clean, she smiled at me and said, “Yummy Daddy. I would be a happy girl getting to wake up like that every morning. I think I like swallowing your load almost as much as when you deposit in my tight pink fuck hole.”

She then crawled up to me as I pulled her down to me and planted a long deep opened mouth kiss on her.

Maddy immediately wrapped her lean body around me and purred into my ear how much she was enjoying our time together.

Then she sat up and said, “I want to make sure your balls are good and empty before you meet Meg for Margaritas today. You know just in case they get to tingling, and you get the urge to fuck her. “

“Maddy, I have no desire to fuck Meg. I told you, I want to find out when she is planning on moving out. I figured best to get a margarita into her first; hopefully, that will help with her bitchiness,” I said.

That was mostly true, I thought to myself. Saturday, when I walked into Meg’s room to scold her for the way she treated her little sister, and I saw her in a bikini that left her all but naked, human nature took over. The sight of her scantily clad, lean body caused my cock to jump to attention against my attempts to ignore her fantastic body. As we talked, I had to continually remind myself what a bitch Meg is to me most of the time. But then Meg turned towards me too quickly, causing her tits to fall out of her top, and my cock went from slightly erect to throbbing. At first, I thought she hadn’t noticed, but when she hugged me, she ground her hips into my cock and purred her approval into my ear.

I was still wondering what Meg was up to. She had never expressed any interest in spending time with me. I wasn’t lying to Maddy; I did want to plant the seed with Meg that at twenty-two years old, it was time for her to start thinking about moving out on her own. She can’t ride the gravy train forever.

Maddy bounced out of bed, and I watched her tall, lean naked body walk across the room towards the bathroom. My lord, she is a beautiful young woman, I thought to myself, and even after her wake up blow job, my cock was at full attention for her.

Just as she got to the bathroom door, I threw the covers off me, exposing my hard cock.

“UH, Maddy, where do you think you are going?” I said while holding my cock up.

When she turned and saw me holding my erect cock up straight, she smiled and said, “I have the perfect place for you to put that, Daddy.”

She scurried back to the bed and climbed on top of me, wasting no time in lower herself down on my shaft.

She was soaking wet, and even though she has a very tight pussy, she opened up and took my entire length balls deep.

“Oh Fuck Yeah, I love the way you fill up my cunt,” Maddy said.

I grabbed hold of her lean hips and began grinding her back and forth on my shaft. I could feel my throbbing cock head rub back and forth over her cervix.

I reached between her legs and began rubbing her hard clit with my thumb, which made Maddy moan and grunt in pleasure. It wound her up even more, and she started grinding down onto me harder and harder. She was shaking her head from side to side as she got closer and closer to climaxing.

“Fuck my tight young cunt, Daddy. Your big fat cock has my cunt stretched open; it feels so fucking good. Put your gooey load deep inside my tight fuck hole,” Maddy said. Maddy, like her mom, gets into the nasty talk when she is close to cumming.

I could feel Maddy start to tense up, and she was grinding her clit down harder onto my thumb as I continued to massage it while escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli bucking my hips up into her. Driving my cock deep into her tight young pussy.

We were moving in unison, and I grunted out, “Fuck baby, I need to cum inside you.”

“Do it, Daddy, fill your baby girl’s cunt with your hot spunk,” Maddy said.

Hearing Maddy use the term “spunk” caused me to laugh right out loud as I started to shoot my load deep into her pussy. I hadn’t heard that term since I was in college.

As I started pumping my load into her, I felt her tense up. When she jerked her head from side to side, I knew she was climaxing at the same time. She was grunting through clenched teeth as she rode out her orgasm on my shaft.

Then she collapsed onto me, both of us panting as I hugged her tight to me and kissing her forehead. Once she collected herself, she sat up on me, her tight pussy still holding onto my semi-hard cock.

Smiling at me, she said, “No way Meg’s cunt is as tight as mine, or can she fuck you as well as I do. I bet she is a lazy fuck and just lays there on her back with her legs open, total dead fish.”

“Maddy, stop worrying about Meg, you are the one here with me. Now, what time do you have to work today?” I said.

“Well, I wouldn’t be mad if you did fuck her, I mean, hell I would want to fuck her if I had a cock. She has an amazing body and those big tits. I wish mine were as big as hers,” Maddy said.

“Maddy, you are a gorgeous young woman, and I love spending time with you. Yes, even with clothes on,” I said, smiling at her.

She leaned down and kissed me as she then slowly climbed off me. My cock slowly slid out of her tight pink slit, which caused her to say, “Oh, I always hate that part when you are no longer inside my cunt. You feel so good inside there.”

As I watched her long, lean body leave the room, she turned and with a smirk on her face, “I really don’t care if you fuck Meg, she could use a good fucking, might stop her from being such a bitch.”

Maddy ducked into my room shortly after she finished showering and getting dressed.

“See you tonight, John; I should be home around 10 pm. Have a nice day; it is beautiful out already,” Maddy said as she left for work.

It was 0930 already, and the house was empty now. I rolled out of bed and headed downstairs to enjoy some naked time around the pool. Maddy was right; it was already shaping up to be a beautiful day; how could it not. Waking up to a blow job and getting soundly fucked by a gorgeous young woman. I grabbed a bottle of water and headed out to the pool.

I settled in on one of the pool beds with a book and felt the world slip away. Around 1100 I got up and made some food and got a beer. Hey, it was noon somewhere, and I was on vacation. One beer led to two and then my falling asleep on the pool bed.

In the middle of dreaming about Maddy’s and Tasha’s gorgeous naked young bodies, I heard a far off voice calling my name.

“John, oh my God, John, what the fuck?” That didn’t fit in my dream.

I slowly woke up; I had a raging hard-on from the dream. I opened my eyes and came back to reality to find Meg standing at the foot of the bed, staring at me, her eyes shifting from my face to my hard cock.

I immediately reached for a towel to cover up. Not sure why I was so embarrassed, but I was.

“Uh, crap, is it 3:00 already, Meg?” I said, trying to act nonchalant even as my face turned red.

“No, it is only 1:30; I got off work early and thought I would go for a swim and sunbathe for a bit. Sorry for barging in on you, I sent you a couple of texts saying I was coming over early. Did you get them?” Meg said.

She was acting like seeing me naked with a raging hard-on was a common occurrence. Both issues caught me entirely off guard: being naked and her acting like it was no big deal.

I noticed she was acting a bit out of sorts, and her face looked slightly flushed. Maybe she was embarrassed to see me naked or the fact that she wasn’t making any attempt to hide her stare.

Meg went on, “Is it OK that I’m early? I know you like your private time.”

“Ah, sure. Sorry for, um being naked, I didn’t get your text. I hope you know I would have put on shorts if I had,” I said, stumbling over my words.

With a quirky smile on her face that reminded me of Maddy, Meg said, “Oh, well, I’m sorry for barging in on you, I hope I didn’t embarrass you. So is it OK if I hang out and sunbathe before we go to the cantina?”

“Ah sure, let me go put some shorts on,” I said.

“Oh, you don’t have to on my account, I feel bad for interrupting your relaxation time. You looked like you were having an exciting dream. You can hang that way if you want; I don’t mind at all,” Meg said.

Then as she turned to head back to the house, she murmured out just loud enough for me to hear, “I see another reason my mom married you, impressive.”

What escort gaziantep yeni bayan the hell is up with my stepdaughters? Did Meg just really say that?

I sat on the bed, debating whether to put on a pair of shorts or not. Just as I was about to get up and get a pair of shorts from the house, Meg came back out. She was wearing the bikini bottoms from the other day, the bottoms that barely covered her ass and pussy, and she was topless. Her spectacular D cup titties jiggled as she walked towards me. Her dark pink nipples looked to be as hard as rocks.

My jaw must have hit the bed when she came out, and she said, “Is everything OK, John? I just hate tan lines, and well, since you are naked, I hope you don’t mind if I go topless. I picked up some margarita mix and tequila on the way over. It’s in the kitchen if you want me to get you one now.”

She went on, “Besides, you saw my tits the other day anyway, so I hope it is OK.”

Practically choking on my words, I said, “Oh, sure it’s fine with me, not sure your mom or sister would be OK with it, though.”

“Well, I can keep a secret if you can?” Meg said as she smiled at me.

Her entire demeanor had changed, and for the first time in a very long time, I saw how drop-dead beautiful she is. If only she smiled more often, I thought.

Meg then said, “John, can I trouble you to put some sunscreen on my back, please?”

Meg situated herself on the pool bed next to mine and was lying on her stomach. She had purposely laid down with a pillow under her stomach, which raised her fantastic round ass in the air. At the same time, Meg had parted her legs more than what looked comfortable. The itty bitty bikini bottoms she had on were just barely covering her pussy slit. Any sudden movements and her pussy would be in full view.

Meg sat up on her elbows and looked at me while reaching out with the bottle of sunscreen in her hand and said, “John, here, make sure to get my legs too, please. I burn so easily. John, are you using sunscreen as well? Even with your Italian skin, you need to be careful. I can put some on you if you want?”

My cock was rock hard, and I wasn’t sure how to approach this situation with my member sticking out. I hesitated as I looked at her outstretched hand. Her big blue eyes were burning into me with a look of “wanting” in them.

Giggling now and sensing my hesitation, Meg said, “John, I have already seen you naked and your big cock, no need to be embarrassed. Would you be more comfortable if I was completely naked too?”

Before I could answer, she lifted her hips and slid her bottoms off, exposing her pink hairless pussy.

I let out a very loud, “Holy shit, Meg.”

“Oh, come on, John, you’ve seen naked girls before,” Meg said.

Without hesitating, I said, “Oh yeah, but never one that looks like you or has a body like that. You are a ten-plus Meg.”

I was standing now, looking down at her flawless body and ass. My cock was rock hard and twitching as I studied every inch of her body. Her ass was perched on the pillow, lifting it in the air. I could see her swollen pussy lips, which were glistening from her wetness as the sun shined between her parted legs.

She was smiling as she stared at my cock and said, “Well, that is very impressive too, John. Biggest I have ever seen firsthand. Now here put some sunscreen on me before I burn.”

Meg seemed wholly relaxed with the current situation we found ourselves in like we hang out naked together all the time.

That’s when I noticed she had no tan lines. It was clear this was not the first time she had sunbathed naked, that was for sure.

I figured what the hell and moved over to her bed. I took the sunscreen from her and accidentally squirted way too much on her back.

“Crap, sorry. That’s way too much.” I said.

“Well, just make sure you rub it all in, and don’t forget my legs and butt. I don’t want to have a burned butt, ouch.” Meg said with a laugh.

As I leaned down and began rubbing the sunscreen over her back and eventually, her butt, my cock started throbbing. She felt great; her skin was so soft. When I finally began rubbing the sunscreen over her butt, a massive glob of precum dripped out of my cock, landing directly in her hand.

She felt the glob of precum hit her hand, and Meg quickly raised her hand to see what it was. As she did, her hand side swiped my cock, which caused Meg to let out a very naughty giggle, “Oops, sorry.”

But when she lowered her hand back down to the bed, she slowly dragged her hand across my shaft. When she got to the base, Meg wrapped her hand around my shaft.

“Oh my, you are way thicker and longer than Mr. Hoffman,” Meg mumbled into the pillow. Then she let go of my cock.

“What was that, Meg?” I asked.

Meg, still with her face in the pillow, said, “Uh nothing, I just um, was thinking out loud.”

“Meg, I know about you and Brent, OK, just make escort gaziantep zayıf bayan sure Mrs. Hoffman never finds out. She would kill you. As sweet as that woman pretends to be, I have seen her jealous side, and it’s not pretty.” I said.

Then I thought, I hope she doesn’t ask me how I know about Mrs. Hoffman’s jealous side.

Meg sat up on her elbows and rolled onto her left side. At the same time, she bent her right leg up, which gave me a direct view of her very swollen wet pussy. Meg’s pussy was as spectacular as the rest of her body. My cock jumped when I saw how swollen her lips were, and her clit was already protruding out from under its hood. Her clit was even more pronounced than Maddy’s sweet pink clit.

“What’s up? Meg,” I asked, trying not to stumble over my words or blow my load.

Meg said, “Well, Jane, Mrs. Hoffman already knows, she is the one that suggested the three of us explore. Jane had been flirting with me since I started babysitting for them a couple of years ago. Jane invited me to join her sunbathing topless one weekend when Brent was out of town, and her kids were away at camp. She has amazing tits, by the way, almost as nice as mine.”

“That she does,” I said, hoping Meg didn’t question me on how I knew about Jane’s unbelievable tits. I doubt Amy would want her daughter knowing she is bi and that Jane has shared our bed when Brent is out of town more than once.

I was flabbergasted and stared at Meg, waiting for her to go on. I exhaled when I realized she didn’t pick up on my comment.

Meg went on, “One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were making out. Jane wasn’t shy at all; she got me naked in seconds and went down on me. She is very orally talented, I must say. It had been a while since I had a woman go down on me, and I loved it. Brent came home and walked out to the pool just as Jane made me cum. I was pretty embarrassed when I saw him, but then I realized Brent was naked and stroking his cock while he watched Jane eat me out.”

My mind was racing, “what the hell,” I mountain bike with Brent two or three times a month, and he has never once even hinted that he was attracted to Meg, let alone fucking her with his wife’s help. Brent will, for sure, be answering some questions on our next ride together.

Meg said, “Jane just turned to Brent and asked him to come join us, which he did. The three of us fucked and sucked the entire night. I could barely walk when I got home. Remember that day I came home and was walking gingerly? You asked me if I was ok and I told you I was sore from a long bike ride? Well, I was sore from a long ride, but it wasn’t on a bike. When Brent wasn’t fucking me, Jane was using her strap-on on me.”

Meg was smiling at me with a wild look in her eyes.

Here we were, both completely naked, and I was in total shock. All I could think about was Meg getting fucked by Jane and her strap-on. The same strap-on Jane and Amy have used on each other, I bet. Brent Hoffman that lucky bastard. Plus lucky Meg, Jane is a total hotty with a killer body. (Amy and I have both enjoyed Jane in our bed, but that’s a different story.)

I said, “Wait, you dish on Maddy and Tasha all the time about being lesbians; what’s that all about?”

Meg looked up at me, and for the first time, she had the same lust-filled fiery eyes that I had seen Maddy get the past couple of days when she was horny and needed cock.

Meg said, “Well, those two little snits have never once asked if I wanted to join them. That kind of hurts, you know? I didn’t know until the other day that Maddy even knew about Brent and me.”

Giggling Meg went on, “At least she doesn’t know about Jane and me.”

While Meg was talking, I began thinking about the ramifications of what had gone on this weekend. Which had caused my cock to deflate just a bit. Then I refocused on Meg, and my cock twitched, with thoughts of Jane and Meg eating each other out, WOW hot!

Meg noticed my cock twitching, and with her fiery blue eyes burning into me, she reached out and took my cock in her hand and said, “Oh dear, does it upset you I am not a virgin like my baby sister still is?”

Meg slowly began to stroke my cock; her hand was soft and warm; it felt amazing. At the same time, I noticed what a firm grip she has.

I let out a low moan of pleasure as she continued to slide her hand up and down my shaft. Within seconds I was fully erect again, and the throbbing had returned to my member.

“Was that OK? My mom sure knows how to pick them, I see,” Meg said as she released my cock.

My cock, which was semi-hard before she stroked it, was now rock hard and throbbing when she let go.

Meg was still lying on her side with her leg bent up, and her pussy fully exposed.

I heard Maddy’s voice in the back of my mind, “DON’T FUCK HER.” I let out a little laugh to myself as I thought; Maddy didn’t say anything about eating out Meg’s luscious-looking pussy, now did she?

Meg heard my laugh and said, “What’s so funny, John?”

“OH, nothing, just something your sister said the other day popped into my head,” I responded.

Meg reached out and squeezed my fat cock head and said, “It looks like this head needs to pop into something if you ask me.”

With that, Meg shifted her body quickly, and before I realized what she was up to, she opened her mouth and sucked my cockhead into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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