Struggling to Sleep

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Two hundred and thirty one…two hundred and thirty two…two hundred and thirty three…

Alice opened her eyes and gave a frustrated little groan as the imaginary sheep she’d been counting vanished. Rolling over and blinking blearily at the clock beside her bed, she saw the red numbers flashing 02:47. After turning in for an early night several hours ago, she’d just been lying awake and getting gradually more and more annoyed. Why was it that when she needed to stay awake to finish an essay, she would invariably drop off…and now, when she had to get up early for a long day, she just couldn’t seem to manage it? Her roommate Laura had had no problem; she had come to bed about an hour after Alice and been asleep within twenty minutes of turning off her bedside light. Alice opened her eyes wider and looked across the dark room to her friend’s bed. She could just about make out the outline of Laura, lying hunched on her side with her back to the room and facing the wall. Alice sighed and rolled onto her back, staring at the ceiling and cursing under her breath. A lock of her long messy fringe fell into her eye and she blew it away, irritated. She needed a haircut, she thought as she reached up to toy with the ends of her chestnut hair. Yet another thing for her to worry about when she should be dead to the world.

She knew the real reason she couldn’t sleep, but she didn’t want to admit it to herself. Her boyfriend James had gone away for a few days for his brother’s birthday, and she always worried about him when he went out. She loved him – of course she did – but she couldn’t honestly say that she trusted him. Not totally. Not enough to be able to sleep properly, knowing that he could be doing anything right now. James had something of a reputation, before he met her at least. He liked to drink and, with his tall dark good looks, he was always being approached by girls in clubs. And he was friendly, flirty even, never afraid to buy a round of drinks or dance with a pretty stranger. Alice always found herself panicking a little wondering what he was up to. And this time, he’d been away for three days already and she was not only worried but also, lonely. She was used to sleeping at James’ house, giving Laura a bit of privacy in their shared room. But now she was back in her little single bed and feeling more than a little sorry for herself.

She huffed a sigh and rearranged the pillows behind her head. She was too hot. She was always too hot in bed, and normally slept naked or just in her underwear. However, after a pact the girls had made when they first moved in (both habitual nude sleepers, but with enough respect to realise that the other doesn’t need to see that), she’d opted for a baggy old T-shirt and a pair of pyjama shorts. Even these seemed stifling right now. She glanced over at Laura again. The vague shape of her body under the duvet was moving in a steady rhythm in time with her deep sleep breathing, and Alice decided it was probably safe to slip out of the shorts şişli escort at least. She could put them back on in the morning before Laura woke up. She wriggled around as quietly as she could, sliding the cotton shorts down her shapely thighs and kicking them unceremoniously off her feet at the bottom. Already that felt better. She shifted onto a slightly cooler part of the mattress and exhaled deeply. Her bare backside felt nice against the chilly fabric and she gave a little shiver. It felt like there was something a little bit…naughty about lying here half-dressed with Laura only metres away. Even thought her roommate was fast asleep, there was still a secret little thrill about it.

The more she thought about it, the more excited Alice got. It didn’t help that she hadn’t had much action lately, not with James away. They generally had a very active sex life, so it was a struggle to have that ripped away from her. And it was tough when both roommates were around at the same time, as neither had any privacy. It had been three days already and Alice hadn’t masturbated once…not without a frustrating interruption anyway. Yesterday, she’d just been settling down in her bed with a porn video on her laptop when she heard Laura’s key in the door and had to pretend she was just going to watch the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model. It seemed like every time she even thought about getting off, something would pop up to stop her. The walls were so thin that even a quick fumble in the shower was out of the question; Alice could be quite loud. But the urge was overwhelming her now and she was convinced that she could be quiet if she needed to be, especially with a pillow to bury her face in.

While she was thinking over the practicalities, her hands were taking on a mind of their own. They had been resting gently on her smooth flat stomach under her T-shirt, but one was creeping higher now to cup her breast. She was a petite girl in most respects; not tall standing at only five feet and two inches, and with a slim figure that resulted her bemoaning her lack of booty compared to some of her curvier friends but her breasts were enough to make up for that. Not overly large but slightly out of proportion on her body with perky pink nipples which were very sensitive to the touch, she reached up to massage gently at her pert left breast. Her eyes fell closed as her hand moved, her nipple hardening immediately and the sensation beginning to ripple out through her body a little. The heat between her legs increased, but she couldn’t attend to that yet. This would have to be taken slowly, or she’d make far too much noise and even more worked up rather than languorous and sleepy afterwards.

She gave a contented little hum as she moved her other hand to the breast she was neglecting. Her nipples were achingly stiff already and touching them just made them more so. Even when she moved her hands away, the lightest brush of the thin T-shirt against the tight pink nubs made her shiver and escort bayan merter want to touch herself. Not yet. There was time for that. She tweaked gently at one nipple and then the other, emitting the teeniest little squeak of pleasure as she did so. She repeated the action a little harder and had to press her lips hard together to suppress her sounds. Her hands moved again to caress and massage her round full breasts and she bit back a little moan of contentment. She was about to edge one of her hands lower when Laura gave a little murmur and shifted her position, rolling onto her back.

Alice froze, hands still covering her breasts and panting a little. She stayed perfectly still, waiting to see if Laura was awake or merely stirring a little in her sleep. After ten seconds of silence had passed, she was able to risk movement again. Her right hand crept over her stomach, even the gentle brushes of her fingers feeling electric as she got closer. As she reached her hip bones, she paused for a moment just to check that Laura wasn’t going to stir again. Her roommate wriggled a little in sleep, mumbling something that Alice couldn’t understand. This happened a couple of times before she fell silent again. Alice was now convinced that Laura was out for the count, despite her occasional mumbles.

When it seemed apparent that the coast was clear, she dipped her hand lower and let out an involuntary little shuddering moan as her fingers grazed her sensitive outer folds, slick already with lust. She had to pace herself, determined not to rush this no matter tempting it was. She brushed lightly again, feeling a tingle run through her whole body as she teased herself. The hand on her breast was still massaging, tugging and tweaking gently at her rocky nipple. Her legs spread a little wider almost of their own accord and finally she moved her hand to give her clit one quick light flick. Her hips bucked and her back arched, eyes squeezed shut and teeth gritted to stop any noise coming out. She did it again, teasing herself mercilessly. Then she pressed her fingers lightly onto the aching little nub and began to rub slow lazy wide circles that made her entire body flood with what felt like golden light. Her fingers pressed a little harder, the circles became tighter and marginally quicker, and she was unable to repress a low moan of pleasure, louder than before. Her breathing was heavy and her chest heaved a little as she played with her swollen clit, giving a little whimper every now and then in her attempt to stay as silent as possible. Laura had moved a few more times, murmuring unintelligible little noises but clearly still well and truly asleep.

Suddenly, a noise stopped Alice in her tracks. A moan. An honest-to-goodness sensual moan had just come from Laura’s side of the room. Not too loud, but unmistakable. Alice lay in the dark, panting with her hand still clamped against her throbbing clit. Another one. It wasn’t her imagination. She craned her head up a little istanbul escort bayan and stared over at Laura’s bed. The girl was clearly asleep, but having some kind of sexual dream. It had happened to Alice before, and James had laughed at her the next day for the little purrs she’d been making. She waiting a little while longer, although desperate to carry on. No, Laura was most definitely asleep but she was squirming and letting out soft little orgasmic cries as though she herself were masturbating. Alice wasn’t sure what to do. She was so wet, she could feel her juices soaking her still fingers. Both her hands were between her legs, her nipples stimulated by the pressure of the T-shirt’s material against their sensitivity. Her legs were spread wide and her duvet kicked back a little, but not enough to allow any observer a view of the neatly waxed hair of her pussy. Her teeth chewed at her full lower lip, anxious to get back to what she’d been doing. ‘Ignore it’, she thought desperately. ‘So she’d having a nice dream, good for her. She’d not awake, it doesn’t matter’. And she had to admit, the little moans and groans coming from Laura were doing nothing to ease her arousal. If anything, the thought of coming to those sounds was becoming more appealing by the second.

Her fingers began to work again and Alice accidentally emitted an actual moan, louder than any she had before. It was mirrored by one of Laura’s and Alice found herself hornier than ever. She slid two fingers deep inside herself, back arching as the warm wetness enveloped her and she began to thrust her hand in time with the fast hard circles she was making on her swollen clit…and in time with the rhythmic hum of Laura’s deep breathing and her little grunts of pleasure. She added a third finger, allowing herself another little groan before turning to bury her face in the pillow so that she could moan in earnest. Her hips bucked as she felt the pressure inside her rising, flaming hotter and faster than before. With her moans muffled by the pillow, she could hear Laura’s panting and her occasional yelp. It was bringing her closer and closer to the edge and any touch could be the one that finished her off. The fingers inside her pussy crooked slightly to apply pressure to her G-spot and it only took a moment before she was gone. Her body stiffened and twitched as wave after wave of red hot orgasm washed over her, leaving her shuddering and giving desperate little cries of ecstasy. It seemed to last a lifetime before the pleasure subsided and she sank back against the pillows, satisfied. She suddenly worried that she might have woken Laura in that final flourish, but it seemed that her roommate had missed the show. A couple more little moans and a low murmur of, “Yes, oh yes” before silence suggested that Dream Laura had finished not long after Actual Alice.

She closed her eyes and settled down in her bed. She was finally satiated and more than a little tired, glad to have finally found a way to calm herself down and get rid of the tension that had been building. And she certainly hadn’t expected Laura to play such a helpful role in it. She smiled to herself in the dark, glancing over the stilled bed of her roommate. She’d have to make her breakfast or something tomorrow to say thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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