Summer Camp

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It was Leslie’s first day back to camp in ten years. The last time she was here was when she was twelve. This time she is back as a volunteer. It is an exciting time for her as she gets to teach the kids the things she learned at camp like her camp counselors did.

She is welcoming them to their first day of camp when she notices someone attempting to put a bug on her. She looks cautiously over her shoulder. “Damn it Bryan!” she shouts.”Why don’t—”

He laughs, “It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other. I guess you and I will be working together this summer.”

Leslie couldn’t take her eyes off him. He is handsome, hot and a body of a Greek god. At least what she could tell from how tight his clothing is, showing off nearly everything, including his large cock.

“I, ah, guess so,” she manages to get out.

“Okay then,” Bryan says. He waves to her, “I’ll be seeing you around then.

She smiles once he is turned away. Her crotch felt wet and she wishes she could put her hand down to feel, but a group of children are staring at her, waiting for instruction.

Leslie manages to get through the rest of the day, even with the distraction of thoughts of Bryan in her head.

The next day during a break she decides to spy on Bryan as he taught a swim class. He is wearing a tight speedo, showing off his firm ass and huge cock. She can’t help herself as she feels her pussy getting wet again.

Would he even be interested in me after all this time?

With one hand she starts to play with her nipples and her juicy pussy with the other. She starts to swirl her fingers around her hard clit through the fabric of her panties. It is hard by this time and she can easily trace the outline of it through the blue fabric and the jolts of pleasure she gets are the strongest she has ever felt.

She has to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from moaning out and reveal her hiding place as she caresses her nipples and clit. Then she slides her hand under her shirt, baring her large breasts and the other into her panties so she can really get herself off.

Quickly, she feels her orgasm building inside her like a wave. Within moments she loses it and the sweet wave comes crashing down on her. She feels her pussy quiver and contract as it pours out, soaking the bottom of her panties. Over and over again she shivers with the wild rush of her release, feeling her knees weaken. Her cum coats three of her fingers to the palm as she swirls and plays with her clit and swollen pussy lips.

By the time she finds her balance and breath, she knows it’s time to make her escape. So as silently as she can she slips away from kaynarca escort the riverside and back to her dorm. She closes the door and strips out of her wet panties and stares at her naked self in the mirror. Her cum is oozing down her inner thigh and her pussy is still throbbing with the beat of her quickened pulse. Her heart is thundering in her ears and slamming against her ribs. All the while images of Bryan’s tight ass and big cock come again and again through her mind. It is then that she knows she has to have him.

Later that day Leslie bumps into Bryan.

“Hi, I, uh,” she says.

“Hi Leslie,” he says back. “Where are you headed?”

“I was just finishing up a class and I got a little free time,” she says.

“Oh, good,” he says with a smile. “Would you like me escort you to your dorm?”

“That’d be nice,” she answers as he takes her hands into his.

“You’re shaking,” he says.

“Well, um.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to put bugs on you anymore like I did when we were kids.”

“I’m still nervous,” she says. His touch set a fire through her and her pussy suddenly begins to pulsate like it did earlier and that is just from his touch.

“What do you think I’m going to do?” he asks.

Before she has a chance to answer, he leans in and locks his lips with hers. They kiss for what seems like forever, but Leslie enjoys it nonetheless. Bryan pulls her in closer, pressing his body against hers. His hand slips down to her ass as his mouth kisses down her neck. Leslie soon feels his huge cock harden and press against her stomach.

She can’t help but reach down and pull out his stiff cock. She is surprised to see just how large it is, perhaps the biggest ever except for ones in porn movies. She starts stroking it, sliding all the way to the base and back up. Precum starts to drizzle out and she licks her lips.

The sound of a snapping branch stops them short. Not wanting to be caught they quickly head off toward her dorm where they hope to continue, but already two of her fellow counselors are already there.

“Tomorrow then,” he says. “There is a clearing in the woods just past the river. Be there at two tomorrow.”

“Alright,” she says before closing the door. She leans against it with a large smile on her face that does not go unnoticed.

“Someone found a hot counselor,” one of the other girls says.

“Oh hush you,” Leslie says and all three of them giggle.

Later that night Leslie finds herself dreaming of Bryan and his big, hard cock and she wakes up with her pussy soaking wet and a couple fingers inside it. She opens her eyes, surprised kaynarca genç escort to see one of her roommates down there.

Amber places a finger to her lips in a shh motion. Leslie nods and lies back. Amber’s touch causes her pussy to twitch more. Amber moves up alongside Leslie and Leslie quickly slips a finger into Amber’s pussy as well. Amber’s lips meet hers and they lock into a deep kiss as their fingers run in and out of each other’s pussies.

They break their kiss and Leslie slips two fingers up into Amber’s hot, wet pussy. Leslie’s juices are already flowing over Amber’s one finger as she places her thumb onto her clit.

“Ahh,” Leslie moans softly as Amber presses against her clit with her thumb.

“Mmm,” Amber coos as she spreads her legs open even further.

As Amber’s legs open, Leslie slips a third finger into her pussy. Amber moans a little loudly as Leslie’s fingers run in and out of her. Amber’s thumb is now stumping on Leslie’s clit as she works her fingers in and out of her pussy causing Leslie to have a quick orgasm.

Amber’s fingers and thumb leave her pussy and Leslie bends over to kiss her nipples. Her lips touch one then the other, as she runs her tongue across her nipples. They harden instantly. Leslie then places a hand around one of her breasts, taking it into her mouth as she curls her three fingers up further into Amber’s pussy.

Amber jerks as Leslie’s fingers curl upward, rubbing against her most sensitive spot. Leslie parts from the breast and slips down to the floor between Amber’s legs and keeps rubbing at that specific spot with her fingers. She pulls her fingers free from Amber’s wet pussy and licks at them, tasting her juices.

“Mmm,” Leslie moans from between her thighs. “This tastes so good.”

Then she buries her face between Amber’s thighs. She licks wildly at her wet pussy lips then parts them with her tongue. Her tongue buries itself deep into Amber’s pussy as Amber moans softly. Leslie licks around Amber’s pussy, getting herself a taste of her before looking up smiling.

Amber takes Leslie’s hands and guides her back onto the bed and up over her face until Leslie’s pussy hovers over her face with Leslie down at hers. Leslie lowers her pussy down and she feels Amber spread her thighs open. Their tongues touch each other’s pussy at the same time.

Leslie starts to dig her tongue upward into Amber’s pussy as her tongue slips Leslie’s pussy lips. Amber then places her chin onto Leslie’s clit and she starts to rock it on there.

“Ahh, Amber,” Leslie moans. “You’re going to make me…”

That is all she gets kaynarca olgun escort out as her orgasm overcomes her. Her pussy twitches then throbs as her juices start to squirt from it. Leslie squirts a nice stream of her pussy juices as she buries her tongue in and out of Amber’s pussy. A minute later Amber arches her back and fills Leslie’s face with sweet cum.

Leslie finds the clearing without a problem the next day. As she clears the three and steps into the clearing she sees Bryan already naked and waiting. She quickly undresses and steps up to him. They lock in a deep kiss then she drops to her knees in between his legs, grabbing his cock and placing it in her mouth.

She takes his long cock in as deep as she can until his cock head hits the back of her throat. Bryan moans and pushes his hands into her hair, gently humping against her mouth as she sucks his cock. His cock seems to grow larger in her mouth and as it does, his movement grows rougher, until he tries to bury the entire length of his thick cock in her mouth. She gags around it and he pulls it out and guides her to her stomach.

The grass feels smooth and slightly cool compared to the warm air. Leslie crouches on her knees, resting her weight on her elbows. She can feel her juices spilling onto her thighs and can’t help moving her shoulders to drag her sensitive, swollen nipples across the grass to feel the sensation it would create. As she lets a moan as she is electrified with a thunderous feeling from the grass dragging against her nipples.

She moans again when Bryan presses his face into her pussy, licking furiously at it. Then he places two fingers into her and begins finger fucking her, slowly at first then fast. Each time she gets close to an orgasm, Bryan seems to know and stops, preventing her from having it.

He spreads her legs apart and starts dragging his cock up and down across her slit and clit until finally slipping it in. Immediately, he begins pounding her pussy. His balls slap against her clit, sending extra amounts of pleasure ripping through her. She orgasms, soaking his cock and making it easier for his to drive it into her. Within minutes she can feel his cock swell up inside her and she knows what’s coming.

“Pour it all into me!” she moans.

Bryan does. His balls contract and his cock pulsates sending a massive load into her pussy. Over and over he blasts her insides. Leslie moves her hips milking his cock for all it has. When she is satisfied his balls are empty, she slides off and wraps her lips around his still rock hard cock, licking both hers and his juices off.

“Is that all you got?” she asks.

Bryan looks down at her, moving a lock of hair from her face and smiles. “There is plenty more where that came from.”

They carried on in the clearing for the rest of the day, missing all of their classes they were supposed to be at, but who cared. Summer camp was going to be extraordinarily fun this year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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