Summer Surprise Pt. 05

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Matt, Dianne and Chloe become a regular threesome to the point Chloe abandons her bed. Marty stands up for Chloe, then upsets Yolanda. While this is still a Romance, it fits more in the category of group sex. This chapter contains group sex, including double penetrations, anal sex, regular sex, pegging, lesbian sex and oral sex. There is no STD’s and COVID-19 in this fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his editorial assistance.

A Summer Surprise, Pt 5

A couple days after the Memorial when Matt got home from work and Chloe finished working on adjusting the Memorial for the theater, Chloe was laying in bed with the two of them, naked as usual, but before sexual play had started.

“Dianne, have you ever had anal sex?”

“No, have you?”


“With Matt?”

“No, with Monica. We were quite adventurous in the bedroom. In addition to the bondage we tried based upon the recommendation of Ethel and Georgina, we tried quite a few things.”

“With a strap-on?”

“Not to start. After reading up on it, we decided we should prepare for it first. We used anal plugs to get our bottoms used to having something in them, stretching it out.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Matt asked.

“We both did. The anus has a surprisingly large number of nerve endings, nearly as many as a clitoris. Once we got used to it, we enjoyed it.”

“Are you suggesting I might like getting fucked in the ass?” Dianne asked.

“It’s a definite possibility, if you’re prepared first.”

“So you think you should prepare me the same way?”

“Not just you. Matt too.”

“Wait a minute,” Matt said.

“Don’t be a pussy, Matt. Last night, you fucked Dianne while she and I sixty-nined. Tonight, I expect you to fuck me the same way. She shouldn’t be the only one to have all the fun. If we prepare her ass for anal sex, eventually you’ll fuck her ass while we’re licking pussy and likely mine too. If I enjoyed it with Monica, I’ll probably enjoy it with you. If we’re going to do this thing, we’re going to be a full threesome. Even if I’m more into it because of Dianne, I always enjoyed sex with you. If we’re both going to get fucked in the ass, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be too.”

“Except I’m not gay.”

“What’s that got to do with it. A man isn’t going to be fucking your ass, one of us will, probably me, as Dianne is more likely to suck your cock while you’re getting the ream job. You know the prostate is a pleasure point, both helping you become erect and to cum faster, and if we’re going to do it for you, you can do it for us.”

“She’s got a point, Matt,” Dianne said. “The thought of shoving a big cock up your ass kind of turns me on.”

“What if it hurts?”

“It’s the same for all of us. If something hurts, we stop and don’t do it. If I thought it would hurt you, I wouldn’t suggest it. I’m eventually thinking we could do a double penetration of Dianne and me, with one of us wielding the strap-on and the other hole gets the cock.”

“If I enjoy anal sex, that sounds like it could be fun,” Dianne said.

“I’m also thinking of a Matt sandwich, where he’s fucking one of us while one of us is fucking him.”

“Sounds delicious. I like sandwiches.”

“So what’s it going to be, fight fans. Are we going to do this or not?”

“Please, Matt,” Dianne said. “If I’m going to take your prick up the poop chute, which is larger than Chloe’s strap-on, you should easily be able to accept her toy.”

“When did you see Chloe’s strap-on?”

“She came out to the kitchen for a drink of water while wearing the thing when I was studying. I mean it was about seven inches long, but you had it by an inch in length and some in the diameter too.”

“You do have a robust roto-rooter, Matt,” Chloe said.

“I can’t believe you’re talking me into this,” Matt said.

“I’ll go get the starter plugs and the lube.” Chloe hopped up and went to her bedroom.

“Matt, generally speaking, are you okay with what we’re doing; the threesome thing?”

“I love you and Chloe is Chloe. We both love her. You’re both beautiful and amazing women. It seems like it should be wrong, but it doesn’t feel that way at all. I’m enjoying every second.”

“Me too. I’m having so many orgasms, it feels like Christmas.”

“With a birthday thrown in.”

“Exactly. I never imagined another woman could be so much fun.”

“I heard that, lady and gent,” Chloe said, entering the room carrying what she needed. She dumped it on the bed. They saw two metal plugs and some lube. “I’m always fun. The reading material we read before exploring anal sex recommended always using glass or metal plugs because they were easier to clean and therefore, never started smelling funky. We decided to use metal, so we didn’t have to worry about sitting on them, though glass would probably work unless you fell on your tailbone. Tomorrow, during class, you will be sitting on them. Tomorrow night, we’ll move you up to the next largest size.”

“Just exactly how big eryaman genç escort is that thing?” Matt asked.

“We’re starting with one and a half inches in diameter, and you’ll go in quarter inch increments up to two for Matt and two and a half for Dianne.”

“Why larger for me?”

“Matt is bigger than my strap-on. If he’s going to anally fuck you, you need to be prepared for a larger object in your bum. I figure 12 to 24 hours with each size and you should be ready for your first ass fucking in a few days. Who’s first?”

“I’ll do it, to show Matt it’s not so bad.”

“On all fours on the bed. Let me grease you up and slide it in.”

Dianne got on all fours and felt some cool liquid on her pucker before Chloe rubbed all around her crinkled star, and even pushing a little into her back door. To be honest, Robert had fingered her there occasionally while having sex doggy style and it had felt pretty good, though it was a far cry from a finger to the thing Chloe planned to insert. After being slicked, Dianne felt the tip of something cold against her skin.

“Unclench and relax, perhaps spread your legs a little more, and this should go right in,” Chloe instructed.

Dianne did so and felt the object spread her anal opening, pushing deeper and deeper. It suddenly reached the maximum spread, then it popped in and almost locked against her pucker. It felt odd and maybe slightly uncomfortable, though Dianne felt she’d get used to the feeling.

“How does it feel?” Matt asked, knowing he was up next.

“Not bad. It’s an odd sensation, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Come on, big boy. Assume the position. Let’s get you plugged,” Chloe said, grinning ear to ear.

Matt did as she requested and soon found Chloe smearing him with the same lube. When he felt the metal against his pucker he clenched.

“If I could force this in against that muscular ass, it would hurt like hell,” Chloe said. “Relax, that’s right, a little more. Almost there.”

As Matt relaxed, he felt more and more of the plug going in. One last push and he felt his sphincter close around it. As Dianne said, it wasn’t bad, a bit uncomfortable like he had to use the crapper. His cock was feeling some excitement though. He was half erect and as soon as Dianne started to touch him, it was a raging hard-on.

“That bad boy is going into my cunt, Matt, while you’re licking my lady bits, Dianne. Keep your legs spread for me as I’m going to play a bit with your plug, get you used to some movement in there while you’re cumming.”

Dianne laid on the bed and Chloe got over her.

“Are you sure about this, Chloe?” Matt asked as he lined up behind her.

“I’m sure. You saw how hard Dianne climaxed last night. I have no problem cumming like that. It’s not like you haven’t fucked me before.”

“Are you on birth control?”

“I was on an IUD. It lasts for five years. I never had it removed.”

Chloe lowered her head to Dianne’s pussy and her hips to her mouth, just before Matt pushed his big salami right into her wet core.

“Oh, fuck!” Chloe moaned. “You’re so much bigger than my strap-on. I forgot how much you filled me. You feel like a baseball bat.”

“Do you want me to pull out?” Matt asked.

“Are you kidding? No fucking way. Sometimes big is better. How are you doing down there, Dianne?”

“Better if you’d stop talking and start licking.”

Chloe laughed and she attacked that neatly trimmed pussy of Dianne’s like a barracuda, making Dianne moan enthusiastically. Chloe gave it a few minutes, until after Dianne had a barn burner of an orgasm, then Chloe began to play with the plug in Dianne’s ass, tugging it out enough to stretch the muscular rim, then pushing it back in. Due to the relatively short length of the plug, she wasn’t really being fucked with it in the normal sense of the word. But it was going in and out about an inch and substantially tugging and stretching her tight pucker. It felt odd, but surprisingly good, especially combined with Chloe’s tantalizing tongue dancing with her clit.

Dianne’s orgasms got longer, the interval between them shorter, and waves of pleasure rolled through her, followed by ripples of aftershocks which made her orgasms seem to run together. Dianne didn’t have near the expertise as Chloe in pleasing a woman, but Matt’s cock was doing a bang up job of making up for any lack on Dianne’s part, so her face was inundated with fresh rivulets of Chloe’s cum at regular intervals. Being in such close proximity to Chloe and Matt’s joining was interesting in itself. She’d never been so close to someone else fucking before and inches from her eyes, Matt’s tube steak was squelching into Chloe’s tight twat, then reversing itself, looking as if it was pulling her vagina out with it. Not to mention the heavy balls rolling over her forehead.

It was erotic in a way Dianne couldn’t begin to describe, and with so many of her senses swamped with the sensations of sex, she had no problem detonating in one gigantic orgasm after another. ankara escort bayan Even more amazing was Matt’s guttural grunting signaling his release and the bird’s eye view of his pulsing prick depositing a heavy load of cream in Chloe’s cunt. Nor was she particularly offended when his throbbing stopped, his shaft shrunk and he pulled out, leaving a freshet of salty sperm trickling out of Chloe’s dewy sheath. She gobbled it up as if taking it from the manly source itself. Only when Chloe seemed relatively clean to her discerning eyes, did she gasp and stop licking. Chloe stopped shortly after, taking a few brief strokes of the tongue to lap any liquids she might have previously missed.

Chloe rolled off her and the three of them were panting fairly hard as they collapsed.

“Oh my,” Dianne said. “That was something.”

“Did my diddling of your derrière enhance the experience for you?” Chloe asked. “It seemed to. You were cumming often enough.”

“I was very satisfied,” Dianne said.

“Wait until tomorrow night when Matt’s cock is sharing space with a slightly larger plug. I suspect you’ll be singing like a canary. When we get to your larger size, Dianne, I might wish to join you to prepare for Matt’s hot dog in my buns. Now, leave that baby in there except to defecate. If you do, pull it out, wash it, and put it back in.”

The two women cleaned up all the cum on Matt’s cock before they curled up together to sleep, Matt with a good handful of one of Dianne’s breasts, while one of Chloe’s hands cupped her pussy.


Both Matt and Dianne got up after Chloe left. It felt odd to be walking around campus all day with the plugs inside them and they had to be careful sitting down on any hard seats as the plug would clunk. They found themselves getting used to the sensation. Constant usage ensured that.

Chloe was preparing for the two week run of the play based upon the Memorial. A lot of the same people who provided the voices of the other victims agreed to provide the voices for the Friday and Saturday night showings and the Sunday matinee, but she didn’t have anyone for the Monday through Thursday shows. The other people had their own lives to get back to eventually, and Chloe didn’t begrudge them, but wanted someone to do the other people, not read every story herself. She also didn’t have an unlimited number of mannequins to smash, nor a football field to work with, so Marty’s job was gone. She often went to the community theater before class, and again after class, getting the audio-visual set up she wanted for maximum impact.

To replace the mannequin’s job, she got photos of various bone breaks off the internet. She figured she could run through a series of shots showing the breaks instead of using the sledge on the dummy. Which also meant she had to reorder the slides, which meant a revised script.

At least once during the day, she texted Matt and Dianne to see how they were doing, getting positive responses from both.

Ethel called at one point before supper. “Hello, Chloe. Matt’s whole gang will be there for the opening. Don’t worry about beds. I’ve got hotel rooms for all of us. Georgina and I plan to speak up again when it’s time. How is everything going? I know Monday was rough on you.”

“By and large, it’s going fairly well. The changes I’m making are keeping me busy. My only real issue now is the other victims. The same crew will back me Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but not afterward. They’re all in school and can’t give up their nights for the next two weeks.”

“I see. Would you consider audience participation?”

“What do you mean?”

“Have a sign up in the theater offering tickets for half price to any audience member who volunteers for one of the speaking parts. Hand them their lines and when they’re supposed to jump in to read them.”

“That puts a financial burden on you,” Chloe said, “since you’re volunteering to pay full price for all the seats.”

“Actually, it works out for me. The weekend shows are going to have seats for all the cast paid fully by me. If the audience pays half to get in and fills those seats which would be fully paid for, I’m getting some money back.”

“Wow! That’s a great idea. Adding audience participation usually helps hold interest too.”

“Will anyone be home tomorrow to take delivery of some electronics? I’ve gotten that editing equipment I promised you.”

“I think Dianne is free tomorrow afternoon. I’ll verify and get back to you.”

“We’ll see you tomorrow night then. Good luck.”

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Thornhill.”

“You’re welcome, Chloe. I fully expect to see your name up in lights some day. It will be nice to say I was there when it all began.”

She confirmed Dianne would be at the apartment Friday afternoon after three and texted Ethel the delivery would be fine.


After supper, Chloe worked on the script some more while Matt and Dianne did their homework. Chloe was lucky to be getting some extra credit sincan escort for her one woman shows because the past two weeks had been a disaster school wise. When it was time for bed, Chloe said it was time to trade up to a larger size. She removed the old plugs and plunged them into a bucket of soapy water and bleach for cleaning.

“Now’s the time for any bathroom breaks, boys and girls.”

Matt and Dianne used the facilities, showered and returned to bed. Chloe had already cleaned the previous plugs and had the next two larger sizes sitting on the bed.

“You first, Matt, since Dianne went first last night.”

Matt got on his hands and knees, felt Chloe playing around with his back door again, then another plug disappeared up his rectum. Like last night, he received enough stimulation to his prostate to feel his cock enlarging.

“We’ll put your last size in tomorrow before the play. You can sit on it while watching the play with your family,” Chloe said. “Dianne, you’ll have two more to go after tomorrow, unless you want to skip a size and go straight to two and a half.”

“Let’s see how tomorrow’s goes. If it’s not too bad, I might skip one.”

Dianne took Matt’s place and felt Chloe playing with her bottom, preparing it for the next size plug. It squeezed in almost as easily as the first and she was getting used to having the feeling of fullness inside of her.

“Since I played with your plug last night, Dianne, I’m playing with Matt’s tonight. Would you like his dick in your lunch box or mouth tonight?”

“What are you going to do for your pleasure?” Dianne asked.

“After Matt cums, I’ll probably ride your face while Matt licks you?”

“I kind of liked what Matt’s cock looked like while he was cumming in you last night. I think I want to get up close and personal again, since he’ll lick me afterward anyway.”

It was decided that Matt would lie on the bed and spread his legs slightly so Chloe could get between them and tug on his plug while Dianne put her head on his flat abs and sucked on his shaft. It took no time at all to get Matt all the way hard. She lazily sucked his cock and played with his sack while Chloe manipulated the plug. It didn’t take long for Matt to begin groaning.

“Damn that feels good and odd at the same time.”

Chloe smiled and continued working the plug in and out, not quite pulling it past the wide point before pushing it back in.

Matt growled, “Fuck, I’m going to cum already.”

Dianne pulled back until only the crown of his cock was inside her mouth and watched his balls draw up towards his groin and his cock flex over and over as her mouth filled with his hot, tasty cream. That didn’t take long, and very little work on her part, considering. Now it was Dianne’s turn to lie on her back and as Matt took care of her needs orally, Chloe rode her mouth to several satisfying orgasms. It was a nice contrast between the sperm she could still taste in her mouth and the nectar Chloe gave her.

After they finished, they all collapsed on the bed. Dianne noticed Matt had another erection.

She grabbed it. “I want to feel this in my pussy with that plug in my butt. Perhaps while I ride him, you can ride his face and check out Matt’s oral skills?”

“Matt always knew his way around a pussy. Women needed to get really excited before they let him use his club on them. He’s probably better than you at oral at the moment, though I expect you to catch up soon. There’s nothing like possessing a pussy in learning what makes pleasing one easy to figure out.”

Dianne laughed, then knelt over Matt’s thick stalk and started lowering herself over his cock. As Chloe had suggested, having both his prick and a plug in her was creating some marvelous sensations. She could feel them rubbing together, separated by two relatively thin membranes. As Matt’s cock went in and out, it pushed against the plug, making it move as well. She watched as Chloe settled over Matt’s face. They were facing each other and able to kiss and play with the breasts of the young woman in front of them.

Since Dianne was doing all the work of fucking herself on his cock, Matt could pay close attention to the fluid covered folds gracing his lips. Since he’d cum once already, Dianne was able to give herself a hell of a ride and a half dozen orgasms before she felt Matt throbbing another load deep inside her body. Wow! What a rush.

Chloe was kind enough to take care of Dianne’s cum soaked pussy while Dianne cleaned up Matt’s cock. It was creamy with both hers and Matt’s cum. All of them were exhausted enough to fall into a deep sleep.


Dianne was home when they delivered several boxes of electronics gear the following afternoon. She recognized a couple boxes from Apple, but not the rest of the things left there. The deliver driver pointed to the different boxes against the items listed on the invoice and had Dianne sign for it. Chloe got back at three and looked at the stuff.

“Holy crap!” Chloe exclaimed. “I didn’t think there would be this much stuff. This is amazing. Too bad I don’t have time to look at it all now. I’ve got to get ready for the opening. This is fantabulous. I’m excited. I swear I’d eat Ethel’s snatch right now if she was here and Georgina didn’t care.”

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